33 Stunning Shiplap Ceiling Ideas To Revamp Your Home

Shiplap Ceilings in a Kitchen

Ceilings don’t need to be painted all the same color, adding nothing to your room. Instead, today’s interior designers use molding, trim, and even shiplap ceilings to take a room’s style to the next level.

Ceiling shiplap (also called tongue and groove) instantly adds an element of design to a room and can go with any style. While this design is often associated with farmhouse-style homes, we’re now seeing it being used in spaces with modern, contemporary, and transitional designs.

White painted shiplap ceilings typically go with a bright modern style, while natural wood establishes a rustic farmhouse design. Of course, the room style will also play a part in your right ceiling choice. For living rooms with vaulted ceilings, a wood shiplap is a great way to add charm and help make the space feel cozier.

Don’t forget you can also play with the shiplap pattern to create different effects. For example, running a shiplap parallel to the room will make it seem longer, while an angled shiplap can create a unique design element. Regardless of your style, there is a shiplap ceiling for any home.

Check out our gallery of 31 shiplap ceiling ideas below to find your next home makeover project.

1. contrast a white shiplap ceiling with black beams

White Shiplap Ceiling With Black Accents Jpg
Photo: fivefootflip

This bedroom creates contrast with its white shiplap ceiling by adding black beams. The colors in the ceiling are accented across the room and create a visually beautiful design. While white shiplap is usually the safest option, don’t be afraid to mix and match colors.

2. Paint Wood Beams to Match a Kitchen Shiplap ceiling

White Kitchen Shiplap Ceiling With Painted Beams
Photo: readypine

To create a farmhouse style, try whitewashing wood with a lot of knots. This easy DIY project leaves you with white shiplap that looks rustic thanks to the knots and natural imperfections in the wood planks that can shine through. This kitchen uses whitewashed shiplap on the walls and ceiling to complement its farmhouse style, while black accents are used throughout to create contrast.

3. Accentuate a Hallway with Wood

Hallway With White Oak Shiplap Ceiling
Photo: homeonanashvillehill

Who says shiplap is only for your living room? We love this white oak hallway ceiling shiplap that matches the home’s floors. Adding shiplap to the ceiling helps to evoke warm hues in the hallways, balanced by the white walls.

4. Use Ceiling Beams with a Vaulted Ceiling

Living Room Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling
Photo: onshore.real estate

This living room adds a shiplap to its vaulted ceiling with white beams to help balance the modern furniture. Plenty of natural light floods the space adding to the brightness of the white shiplap.

5. Contrast White Shiplap Ceilings with Wood Beams

White Kitchen Shiplap Ceiling With Brown Wood Beams
Photo: afpdesign

Layering wood beams is one of our favorite kitchen shiplap ceiling ideas this year. Not only do wood beams help evoke a sense of warmth in the space, but they also add depth to the ceiling. This kitchen perfectly matches the wood beams, cabinets, and hardwood floors for a seamless design.

6. install Shiplap walls and ceiling for a stunning effect

Coastal White Vaulted Shiplap Ceiling And Walls
Photo: casually.coastal

While coastal may not be the first style you think of when it comes to shiplap, this home nails it. The wide white plank shiplap on all the walls and ceiling is accented by pastel-colored furniture that makes us want to go to the beach. Wood beams over the shiplap ceiling make the room feel taller than it is, while plenty of natural light floods in from the balcony doors.

7. Grey-painted ceiling in a white kitchen

Grey Shiplap Ceiling In A Kitchen And Dining Room
Photo: ufpedge

Are you tired of white shiplap ceilings? Try painting your shiplap to contrast your home like this grey kitchen ceiling. The grey-painted ceiling matches the wood floors and accents throughout the space, while white kitchen cabinets add contrast.

8. Cedar Beams over Grey painted Shiplap

Grey Shiplap Ceiling With Light Brown Beams
Photo: readypine

This living room combines grey-painted shiplap with wooden beams to create a rustic look that feels cozy. We love how the grey living room couch accents the color of the ceiling while the wood beam stain is carried throughout the home.

9. Accentuate your style with modern accents

Bedroom With A Vaulted Shiplap Ceiling
Photo: whiteberryhome

The modern light fixture balances the farmhouse-style planked ceiling in this bedroom. Installing shiplap instead of leaving a plain drywall ceiling is a great way to add an extra design element to any room without breaking the bank. While traditional crown molding or tray ceilings can be more expensive due to the complicated installation process, shiplap is typically cheaper since it’s easier to install.

10. Use high-gloss paint to reflect light

High-Gloss Shiplap Ceiling In A Kitchen
Photo: empirekitchenandbath

Using high-gloss paint on this kitchen’s shiplap ceiling reflects lighting creating a unique design. While the white cabinets and countertops feature a flat finish, the top adds a luxurious feel thanks to its sheen.

11. White Shiplap Ceiling Kitchen with a Black Island

Shiplap Ceiling In A Kitchen
Photo: woodharbor

This shiplap ceiling kitchen is a decorator’s dream, with brick backsplash adding warmth to the space. The black island brings contrast into the area, while the wood stools help fuse the room’s look.

12. Match Your Cabinets and Ceiling

Shiplap Kitchen Ceiling With Wood Beams And Floor To Ceiling Backsplash
Photo: ashleywebbinteriors

This shaker-style kitchen features the most popular trends this year with light wood accents and a white subway tile backsplash. The white-painted shiplap ceiling runs horizontally to the wood beams creating a stunning effect.

13. Mix and Match Colors

Navy Island With A White Shiplap Kitchen Ceiling
Photo: christielewisinteriors

While there are plenty of shiplap ceiling ideas out there, this kitchen perfectly nails the classic look. The contrast created by the blue island is stunning, while the pendant lights perfectly match the coastal style high-chairs.

14. Match Wood on the Ceiling and Floors

Rustic Wood Shiplap Ceiling In A Small Dining Room
Photo: white_pine_cottage

While Instagram is full of large swoonworthy rooms, we love this simple dining room with a wood shiplap ceiling that matches the table and hardwood floors. The minimal decor in this room only makes it feel cozier.

15. Use Light wood to brighten your space

Light Wood Shiplap Ceiling In A White Living Room
Photo: vintageideasltd

This living room features a light wood tongue and groove ceiling similar to plywood. While it’s difficult to see the specific type of wood, we assume this is a rough-cut white oak. Regardless, we love the brightness it adds to this living room while still bringing a rustic feel.

16. Shiplap Walls and Ceiling for cabin vibes

Wood Paneled Walls And Sloped Ceiling With Black Windows
Photo: readypine

Can there be too much wood? This cozy cabin would say no thanks to its natural wood shiplap walls and ceilings. While this may not be everyone’s style, it evokes an unparalleled cabin style. The black windows in this room add a modern accent to this rustic room.

17. Balance the room

Farmhouse White Shiplap Ceiling In A Cream Colored Kitchen
Photo: provincialfarmtouch

Creating a balance in a kitchen is all about finding the right combination of colors. This space perfectly blends the navy kitchen island, cream cabinets, and white shiplap ceiling. Brown accents, including the leather chairs, are carried throughout the space for a cohesive look.

18. add a pop of color to the ceiling

Blue Painted Shiplap On The Ceiling In A White Dining Room With Molding
Photo: marchandhomes

For a pop of color, a blue-painted shiplap ceiling accents this white dining room. Beautiful chandeliers hang from the ceiling and add to the luxurious feel of the space. The abundance of windows and natural light brightens the space.

19. add contrast with Navy bathroom shiplap ceilings

Navy Shiplap Ceiling In A Bathroom
Photo: femmenfiercehomes

This navy shiplap bathroom ceiling contrasts the white walls and marble sinks, creating a beautiful effect in this small space.

20. create a rustic charm

Natural Wood Shiplap On A Vaulted Ceiling
Photo: windowboxcottage

This natural wood living room shiplap vaulted ceiling is perfect for any mountain home, with the wood stain carried throughout the house. In addition, these homeowners embraced the rustic style with a stone fireplace and farmhouse decor throughout the space.

21. Beams on a Vaulted Ceiling

Bedroom Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling Painted White With A Ceiling Fan
Photo: equitycontractors

Adding beams to this bedroom’s cathedral ceiling with white shiplap is the perfect way to create depth while still accomplishing a farmhouse style. In addition, dIn addition, dark wood floors and earthy colors are added throughout the space, contrasting the white room.

22. match shiplap molding to the walls

Stone Fireplace And A White Shiplap Ceiling In A Dining Room
Photo: muskokavirtualtours

Running the shiplap planks perpendicular to this room helps it seem longer and connects the dining room with the living area. Molding layered on top of the ceiling helps to add dimension and is a beautiful accent.

23. match your shiplap with your range

Modern Kitchen With A Navy Island And White Painted Shiplap
Photo: precisionwoodcraftplus

For a designer touch in your kitchen, match the shiplap on your range hood to your ceiling. This helps create a cohesive vision that looks high-end without costing much.

24. create an elegant space

Formal Sitting Room With White Shiplap Ceiling And Furniture
Photo: theadmiredhome

This formal sitting room uses thin shiplap boards to create dimension without detracting from the beautiful view. By running the planks in the direction of the garden doors, it instantly tracks your eyes outside.

25. embrace natural wood

Sloped Ceiling With Light Wood Shiplap In A Kitchen
Photo: scandicbuilt

Photo Description

26. mix textures across the room

Sunroom Shiplap Ceiling With Molding
Photo: blackdoghomes

This sunroom shows that combining textures doesn’t need to be complicated. All these design elements, from the stone fireplace to the white oak cabinets and shiplap ceiling, help the space feel warm and inviting. While it can be intimidating to mix and match different colors or textures, we recommend adding one at a time to ensure it fits your space before moving on to the next.

27. use shiplap in tray ceilings

Kitchen With White Oak Cabinets With White Shiplap Inside Of A Tray Ceiling
Photo: roisumresidential

A shiplap tray ceiling with crown molding is a fantastic way to create layers in your design. In addition, running the shiplap horizontally (or across the room) in this kitchen helps the space feel more expansive. Plus, the ceiling matches the white subway tile and black grout.

28. contrast a white ceiling with black lighting

Vaulted Ceiling With White Shiplap
Photo: redlinginteriors

If you’re a fan of color, try painting your walls white while adding colorful furniture. The neutral tones of the walls and white ceiling in this home provide a blank canvas for the multi-colored furniture beneath.

29. add even more height to a vaulted ceiling

Tall Vaulted Ceiling With White Shiplap And A Large Brown Fan
Photo: thebranchranch

Want to make your vaulted ceiling seem even taller? Add shiplap! This stunning living room keeps drawing your eye with its shiplap fireplace and ceiling.

30. Create a barn feel

Barn Style Roof With Shiplap
Photo: littlerusticfarmhouse

The raw wood shiplap in this barn-style space makes the room seem even bigger while still evoking the rustic style of the home. Large windows bring in plenty of natural light that helps highlight the wood’s natural character.

31. Add depth to any kitchen

Pvc Shiplap Ceiling In A High-End Kitchen
Photo: ala_interior_design

Running the shiplap boards in the same direction as the island and floors in this kitchen helps make the space seem longer. The dark wood floors add character to this space while providing contrast.

32. extend shiplap ceilings to the walls

Matching Shiplap Walls And Ceiling In A Kitchen
Photo: newenglanddesignworks

Try extending the design down the walls to take your shiplap kitchen ceiling ideas to the next level. In the kitchen above, this style helps make the room seem even longer and is a great way to add an architectural element to your walls. In addition, this kitchen seamlessly blends the white marble backsplash with the shiplap.

33. add wood beams for warm hues

Wood Beams And Pendant Lights On Shiplap Ceiling
Photo: kimberlyparkerdesign

Rich wood accents perfectly balance the all-white design of this kitchen. While white kitchens have been on trend for the past few years, we’re seeing a big surge in natural woods that can add warmer hues to a space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Shiplap look good on ceilings?

Yes, shiplap looks fantastic on ceilings since it adds depth to the space. For even more dimension, try adding wood beams or molding. By layering different design elements, it gives your room an intricate look.

What type of shiplap is used for ceilings

Painted MDF is the most common material for shiplap ceilings because it’s lightweight. You can also use plywood or solid wood boards, but these are more expensive and heavier. If you’re planning on painting your ceiling, you can also opt for primed planks. These boards are ready for paint with no prep required.

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