42 Modern Shiplap Fireplace Ideas For Any Style

Modern Shiplap Fireplace

A modern shiplap fireplace is a stunning design element in any home. The best part of shiplap is it can be styled for any style, from farmhouse to modern and contemporary designs.

From whitewashed to dark-stained wood, there are plenty of options when designing a shiplap fireplace. Add some rustic charm or keep it minimalist – the possibilities are endless! This versatile design feature can be dressed up or down to accommodate any aesthetic, from country-chic farmhouse vibes to sleek and contemporary.

With the rise of bold color trends like grey or black, shiplap walls have become a statement piece that adds drama and sophistication to any space. For those looking for something more rustic yet charming, traditional white shiplap panels offer natural warmth and create an inviting ambiance in a room. For a more modern look, black shiplap fireplaces and accent walls create a striking contrast. The choice is ultimately yours — whether you prefer calming neutrals or vibrant hues – as either can be perfectly combined into one enhancing living area!

For more design inspiration, check out the gallery below of our favorite modern shiplap fireplaces.

1. Bright White Living room with a Shiplap Fireplace

Modern White Shiplap Fireplace With Artwork Above The Mantle
Photo: homebyjulianne

This modern living room has a white shiplap fireplace and a light wood beam mantle that serve as the focal point. Above the mantle, bold artwork hangs on the shiplap, adding a pop of color to the space. To complement the white fireplace, white furniture and neutral decor accents create a stylish look that brings the whole room together.

2. Angled Shiplap for a unique design

Angled White Shiplap Fireplace
Photo: mynashvilledreamhouse

Want to make shiplap more exciting? Try a new pattern like this stunning chevron-angled shiplap fireplace. Instead of installing the wood panels horizontally or vertically, this design angles the pieces creating a stunning accent wall.

3. Modern Wall with A Shiplap and Brick fireplace

Modern Shiplap Fireplace With Brick Inlay In A Vaulted Ceiling Room
Photo: farmhouseinthefield

This cozy living room has a warm and inviting rustic charm. The brick fireplace is the room’s focal point, with white shiplap reaching up to the ceiling, framing it beautifully. A white built-in beside the fireplace offers ample storage and extra seating, perfect for movie night or gathering with friends.

4. Shiplap behind a Country Mantle with decor

Shiplap Behind A White Fireplace
Photo: decorsteals

This white fireplace features a shiplap surround, giving it an elegant yet rustic look. The mantel is decorated with country-style decorations that add a cozy, homey feel to the room.

5. Black Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas

Black Glossy Modern Shiplap Fireplace
Photo: kelly.e.stone

This contemporary black fireplace uses a high-gloss paint that reflects light giving the wall more depth. A wood beam mantle adds warmth and matches the hardwood floors. A TV is mounted above the mantel.

6. Whitewashed Brick and White Shiplap

Shiplap Fireplace Wall With Brick Hearth
Photo: thethriftedcottage

This stunning whitewashed brick and shiplap fireplace will stand out in any rustic farmhouse home. The center of the hearth is surrounded by a classic shiplap accent wall, complemented by a beautiful wood beam mantle. Rustic farmhouse decor like a pony, fireplace tools, and candles are added around the fireplace for an inviting and warm atmosphere. This brick and wood combination gives a cozy and welcoming vibe we love.

7. Open shelve built-ins next to the shiplap

Brick Fireplace Hearth With Shiplap
Photo: kenna.rose.thompson

Open shelves and built-ins next to this shiplap and brick fireplace add storage and highlight decor that matches the modern farmhouse style of this home. While the shiplap adds a modern design to the space, the brick makes it feel cozy and inviting.

8. living room Tile and Shiplap Fireplace

Shiplap Modern Fireplace Surround With Built-Ins
Photo: karagriderdesign

The modern shiplap extends above the fireplace and built-ins to accentuate the tall ceilings in this living room. In addition, the white built-ins flanking the fireplace are the perfect display area for decor.

9. Black shiplap fireplace with tall ceilings

Horizontal Ship-Lap To The Ceiling In A Built-In With An Electric Fireplace And Tv
Photo: blacksuburbanfarmhouse

This modern black shiplap fireplace is the perfect centerpiece for this tall living room. The sleek, black shiplap creates a dramatic and stylish look that goes up to the ceiling, making it a stunning focal point. A flat-screen TV and sound bar are mounted on the shiplap, providing easy access to entertainment while the fire blazes in the background. Without a mantel, this contemporary design is streamlined and clutter-free, giving it an inviting yet sophisticated appeal.

10. Electric fireplace with black shiplap

Horizontal Shiplap And Wood Bream With Electric Fireplace In A Small Room
Photo: nickscustomwoodworks

This electric fireplace with shiplap surround is the perfect way to create a modern accent wall that’s also functional. Even if you don’t have a fireplace in your home today, you can easily build a shiplap accent wall and integrate a fireplace. Typically this is a DIY project most homeowners can tackle, but if you’re not comfortable, you can also hire a professional. We love electric fireplaces because you can control the amount of heat regardless of the flames.

11. Black Modern Shiplap Fireplace with a Chevron Pattern

Modern Black Chevron Shiplap Fireplace
Photo: kublykarpentry

This corner shiplap fireplace is the perfect way to utilize unused space. The black shiplap gives it a modern design, while the white tile around the gas fireplace unit creates contrast. Instead of installing the shiplap horizontally, this design angles the wood panels creating a chevron pattern.

12. Cozy cottage Shiplap fireplace design

Cozy Cottage Fireplace
Photo: vivianaventers

The vaulted ceilings in this cozy cottage living room go perfectly with the tall modern shiplap fireplace. Grey wood around the fireplace unit adds a rustic touch that contrasts the white shiplap and natural wood beam. For seating, these homeowners installed a bench next to the fireplace.

13. Beautiful Farmhouse shiplap fireplace and built-ins

White Built-Ins Next To Farmhouse Modern Shiplap Fireplace
Photo: kristina.roy

This modern white farmhouse shiplap fireplace is a statement piece with its crisp white finish. The built-in next to it is equally impressive, featuring traditional farmhouse-style doors on the cabinets and open shelves providing plenty of space for storage or display. The perfect combination of form and function, this fireplace will create a cozy atmosphere in this living room.

14. Dark Wood shiplap with artwork hanging

Black Shiplap Fireplace With Artwork Next To Mudroom
Photo: ldietz406

Painting the wood panels dark on this shiplap fireplace gives it a modern appearance, while art hangs above it with an antique gold frame. Next to the fireplace is a mudroom bench since this fireplace is near the door to enter the house.

15. vertical green shiplap Fireplace

Green Vertical Shiplap Fireplace With Open Shelves
Photo: 5starprojects

This green vertical shiplap fireplace is a beautiful and modern addition to any living space. The white open shelves on either side provide ample storage space for books and decorations. The light wood LVP floors of the living room add a touch of warmth and contrast nicely against the bold statement of the green fireplace. Together, they create an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing.

16. Marble hearth with white shiplap

White Shiplap Wall With Marble Fireplace
Photo: sandysahninteriors

This modern marble fireplace and surround are on a white shiplap wall that extends around the entire living space. The black marble with white veins contrasts the shiplap while instantly drawing your eyes toward it. A large TV hangs above the fireplace making this room great for families.

17. black wraparound shiplap with a flat-screen TV

Black Shiplap Fireplace With Flat Screen Tv
Photo: _lifeatdallas

This black shiplap modern fireplace creates a bold focal point in the white living room. The sleek black panels stand out against the bright white walls and light-colored trim, providing a striking contrast. A blue coffee table adds a pop of vibrant color to the room and complements the warm tones of the fireplace.

18. bright white shiplap fireplace with black accents

White Modern Shiplap Fireplace With Frame Tv
Photo: thedrake_house

This bright white shiplap fireplace helps to break up a large wall and add dimension. Black modern sconces on both sides of the fireplace contrast the shiplap. A wood beam is used as a mantel for a rustic look.

19. White oak accents with grey shiplap

Grey Shiplap Fireplace With Wood Accents
Photo: the_robinsonfamily_abode

This modern grey shiplap fireplace with a white oak wood beam mantle and TV mounted above is the centerpiece for this living space. The fireplace has a cozy and inviting feel while maintaining a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. The white oak shelves on both sides of the wall provide extra storage for books, magazines, or other items. The grey color helps the fireplace wall stand out while still being subtle.

20. shiplap with a stacked stone heart

Rustic Shiplap Fireplace With Stacked Stone Hearth
Photo: southernlivingdecor

The fireplace’s large stone hearth provides plenty of seating, making it ideal for gathering around on chilly nights with family and friends. The stacked stone helps give it a natural country-style look, while the white shiplap adds charm.

21. black fireplace with white built-ins

Black Shiplap Fireplace Next To White Built-Ins
Photo: thetailoredreinvestor

This living room contrasts its white built-ins and walls with a sleek black shiplap fireplace that adds a modern touch to this farmhouse design. The wood mantle is connected by black metal clamps that add to the rustic style, while natural wood shelves add warmth to the room.

22. rustic shiplap fireplace in a dining room

Country Shiplap Fireplace In Front Of Dining Table
Photo: bigcitysmallfarm

This dining room fireplace features a white shiplap design that creates a feminine farmhouse style. A brick surround inside the mantle adds a rustic charm, while lots of plants and decor fill every nook of this room.

23. Simple shiplap Fireplace Ideas

Electric Fireplace Built-Into A Shiplap Wall With Tv
Photo: stylish_fireplaces

Adding a shiplap fireplace doesn’t need to be complicated. This space does a great job of adding shiplap behind the electric fireplace with a large tv mounted above. Base molding and crown molding help give the room a finished look.

24. black shiplap surround with a vaulted ceiling

Black Wood Shiplap Fireplace With A Mounted Flat Screen Tv And Wood Beam
Photo: jessyrhome

This modern living room features a stunning black shiplap fireplace surround, providing an elegant contrast against the bright white walls. On either side of the fireplace are built-ins with plenty of space for books and decorative items. In front of this cozy setup lies an oversized, comfortable couch flanked by two armchairs, providing ample seating for family and friends to gather in front of the warmth of the fire.

25. modern Living room with white shiplap

White Shiplap Fireplace And Hearth With Sound Bar And Tv
Photo: dc.decoanddesign

This modern living room adds texture with a shiplap fireplace and hearth for seating. The sleek fireplace insert features grey rocks that match the decor in the room and the wood mantle. White oak hardwood floors brighten the space.

26. shiplap with stone tile fireplace

Stacked Stone Fireplace With Shiplap Wall And Built-Ins
Photo: simplysummerjenn

Combining natural stone with a shiplap accent wall helps to give this fireplace a modern farmhouse style. The painted wood mantle also matches the molding around the room, while the built-ins next to the fireplace feature the same shiplap planks that bring a rustic feel to the room. In addition, the natural stone brings an earthy and timeless element that ties it together for a beautiful and classic look.

27. stacked stone fireplace with white shiplap

Stone Fireplace With Shiplap And Wood Beams In A Sloped Ceiling Room
Photo: thelakesidefarmhouseproject

This attractive seating area is the perfect spot to relax and unwind. The stone fireplace surround creates a cozy atmosphere, while the white shiplap wall adds a touch of modern style. A wood beam mantel with a mounted television makes an eye-catching focal point. Natural wood shelves on both sides of the fireplace match the mantel and provide space for decorations or books.

28. Black accents with An artwork light above the TV

Vertical Shiplap Fireplace Surround With Art Lighting Above Tv
Photo: elpetersondesign

The vertical shiplap boards above this modern fireplace help accentuate the tall ceilings in this living room. A black tile surround matches the shiplap, while a wood beam mantel helps to bring warmth into the space. We love the gold art light above the TV for a fun and functional accent.

29. modern farmhouse shiplap with shaker-style molding

White Horizontal Shiplap Fireplace With Molding And Tile
Photo: heatnglofireplaces

This modern shaker-style shiplap fireplace combines molding and natural textures to create a rustic feel complemented by the white-painted mantle and shiplap. To keep costs down, this fireplace uses a faux stone tile that creates the same effect. While real stone is visually stunning, for smaller rooms or budgets, stone-look tile is a fantastic option.

30. Rustic shiplap wall with a stone fireplace hearth

White Shiplap Fireplace With Stone Hearth
Photo: decor8thehill

This rustic mountain-inspired fireplace features a stone surround and hearth with a white shiplap above the large wood mantle. The width of the fireplace surround gives this space a warm and inviting feeling.

31. White modern shiplap fireplace wall with stairs behind

Bright White Modern Shiplap Fireplace
Photo: babesinfarmland

This living room features concrete floors, which give the space a cool industrial feel. The modern white shiplap fireplace and stairs behind it provide a unique focal point for the room. Below the TV is a reclaimed wood mantel which adds texture and warmth to this stylishly modern living space.

32. shiplap wall with a mirror Above the Fireplace

White Shiplap With Electric Fireplace Next To Tv Entertainment Unit
Photo: texasshiplap

This cozy space features a white shiplap wall that extends to a nook beside the fireplace. An electric fireplace offsets the shiplap with a light-colored wood mantel and a large mirror. In the nook, there is a mounted TV above a stylish black entertainment unit, providing plenty of storage with an area for dogs.

33. Vertical Black shiplap wall with a Limestone fireplace

Limestone Heart With Vertical Black Shiplap
Photo: puredevelopmentsyxe

This beautiful fireplace combines textures and colors for a stunning appearance. Black marble with white veins surrounds the fireplace, while the limestone mantel contrasts the marble and black vertical shiplap. To complement the vertical shiplap, tall sconces are mounted, adding lighting.

34. White Shiplap Fireplace with a Wood Beam Mantel

White Shiplap Modern Fireplace With White Oak Accents
Photo: thecollinscollective

The farmhouse living room features a white shiplap fireplace, creating a cozy atmosphere. The light wood mantel hangs above the fireplace, displaying a collection of decorative items such as candles and trinkets. Above the mantle hangs artwork for a rural charm in this room. Neutral furniture and decor give the living area an inviting, homey feel, perfect for entertaining family and friends.

35. White oak cabinets and white shiplap

White Oak Cabinets Next To A Shiplap Fireplace
Photo: chadesslingerdesign

This stunning kitchen features white oak cabinets and shelves matching the light brown wood mantel. The fireplace helps connect the kitchen and living area with a shiplap accent wall and patterned tile surround. We love the warm, rich tones used throughout this space.

36. Modern Horizontal shiplap Fireplace wall

White Shiplap Wall With Tv And Built-In Electric Fireplace
Photo: markanwoodmillersinc

This black fireplace is inset in white shiplap for a high-contrast design that immediately draws your eyes in. A dark brown wood beam is used as the mantel underneath the TV, inset in the shiplap wall, creating an eye-catching contrast between traditional and modern elements. Adding an electric fireplace can bring sophistication and comfort to any room in your home.

37. Modern corner Shiplap fireplace

Corner With A Modern Shiplap Fireplace And Tv
Photo: sagephillipshome

This inviting living room features a corner fireplace with white shiplap walls. The wood mantle frames the warm fire and provides the perfect spot for decorating with family photos. Above the mantle hangs a large framed TV, contrasting the white shiplap and adding a modern touch to the cozy room.

38. Shiplap with accent wall sconces

White Shiplap Fireplace Unity With Tv And Sconces
Photo: maddieclarkeinteriors

The living room is an inviting space with a modern yet cozy feel. The room’s centerpiece is a white shiplap wall featuring an electric fireplace and TV. The bright white wall provides a light and airy atmosphere, while black sconces on either side lend contrast and boldness to the design. The electric fireplace brings warmth and creates an ideal spot for gathering with friends and family. This living room offers the perfect balance of modern style, comfort, and convenience.

39. White Brick and Shiplap Fireplace

Brick And Shiplap Fireplace
Photo: bayhomedecor

This family room features a white brick and shiplap fireplace that is simple and modern. A large Frame TV sits above the fireplace and can look like a framed picture when unused. The width of the shiplap makes this space seem even bigger. Using wider wood planks makes accent walls seem even bigger.

40. Black Shiplap Fireplace on a White Wall

Black Shiplap Fireplace With Natural Wood Beam
Photo: alteredwalldesign

This living room features a black fireplace with a black shiplap, adding a contemporary touch to the space. The large TV mounted above it complements the modern look. A gold mirror next to the accent wall provides a neutral backdrop, helping to make the space appear larger and brighter.

41. Neutral accents on white shiplap

Traditional White Shiplap Fireplace
Photo: emie.tm

This neutral shiplap fireplace accent wall features light-colored wood with white planks. The mantle is a white oak wood beam that matches the hearth.

42. Grey Built-Ins with White Shiplap

Grey Bult Ins With White Shiplap
Photo: shiplapjoeandmore

This electric fireplace accent wall will make a statement in any home. It features two types of shiplap – a classic chevron pattern around the fireplace and a traditional horizontal shiplap above the wood beam mantle. The chevron shiplap offers a unique design element to the wall, while the horizontal shiplap provides an understated backdrop for the TV mounted above the mantle. On either side of this beautiful feature wall are grey bookcases, providing extra storage space for all your belongings.

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