22 Shiplap Bedroom Accent Wall Design Ideas

Green Shiplap Bedroom Accent Wall Design

A shiplap bedroom accent wall is the perfect way to help add dimension behind your bed without breaking the bank! This simple DIY project can even make your headboard appear larger!

Shiplap is a wood paneling style that uses tongue and groove planks commonly installed horizontally or vertically. Spaces between the wood planks create lines that add texture to the shiplap. And you can easily paint a shiplap accent wall to fit the design of your room.

The wall behind your headboard is one of the hardest to style because there’s so much space. Building a shiplap accent wall is a great way to fill that space and add a focal point for the room. Whether you want a white bedroom shiplap wall for a modern look or a rustic farmhouse shiplap, this design element can work with any look.

Take a look at our favorite shiplap bedroom accent wall design ideas (#11 is a personal favorite) for more inspiration.

1. Vertical Half Wall Shiplap As a Headboard

White In Color Bedroom Shiplap
Photo: vjplusvjsheets

A vertical white shiplap design on half the wall acts as a built-in headboard in this modern bedroom. Using shiplap in this space helps add texture, while the white wall above gives it a clean contemporary look.

2. Fill your space with a farmhouse look

A White Farmhouse Bedroom With Horizontal Shiplap
Photo: mandyrbritton

This shiplap bedroom accent wall helps fill the ample space behind the headboard and exudes a farmhouse style. Antique night standards add to the country charm, while a ruffled comforter offers feminine vibes. Mixing and matching textures in a space while sticking to a common color palette is a great way to create dimension without overpowering your design.

3. Green and Leather Accents for a Funky Style

Dark Green Bedroom Shiplap Accent Wall With A Green Headboard
Photo: greendoorhomestaging

A dark green vertical shiplap creates a beautiful accent in this eclectic-style bedroom. The green headboard is a few shades lighter than the wall creating depth, with leather pillows on the bed to add warm hues. A white comforter and table lamps help brighten and balance all of the green in this design.

4. Rustic Wood Shiplap for a Cabin Vibe

Rustic Wood Shiplap Wall Behind A Metal Frame Bed
Photo: comptoncurated

Rustic wood with lots of knots is used as shiplap behind this simple metal frame bed. The simple furniture and matching wood nightstands accent the cabin style of the space.

5. Black Shiplap Bedroom Wall for High Contrast

Black Vertical Shiplap Bedroom
Photo: ldshoppe

This modern shiplap bedroom wall is painted black to contrast the white furniture and walls. A grey rug and bench around the bed add to the neutral color palette. While adding a black shiplap wall can feel overwhelming, balancing the dark color with light accents can create a stunning contrast that completes your space.

6. Pink Shiplap for a Girl’s Room

Pink Shiplap Bedroom Accent Wall
Photo: peony_and_fig

Add color with a pink shiplap accent wall behind the bed in a girl’s room. This is the perfect way to create a girly vibe without painting the entire room pink. To blend the accent wall into the design, pink accent pillows are placed on the bed, and a red rug underneath features pink highlights.

7. Grey Shiplap with Natural Wood Furniture

Accent Wall Darkgrey Shiplap Bedroom
Photo: ufpedge

This bedroom featuring natural wood furniture uses a grey shiplap accent wall behind the bed to add to the rustic charm. Wicker baskets placed at the end of the bed continue the neutral color palette and are helpful for storing bedding.

8. Wood Frames on a White Shiplap Bedroom Wall

Horizontal White Shiplap Accent Wall 1
Photo: texasforeverfarmhouse

Having a bedroom with shiplap accent wall designs doesn’t have to exude a farmhouse style. This white bedroom shows how to create a coastal look with neutral picture frames and accents behind the bed.

9. Brown and Gray with Bedroom Shiplap

Shiplap Accent Wall In Bedroom
Photo: ufpedge

Brown color vertical shiplap adds warm hues to this bedroom, accented by the throw pillows and blankets on the bed. A nearby desk with a mid-century modern chair continues the brown and grey color palette.

10. Rustic Wood Shiplap in a Kid’s Room

Shiplap Accent Wall In Bedroom For Kids
Photo: Mytimeisyoursco

The rustic wood shiplap accent wall in this kid’s room brightens and fills the space, plus it’s a durable option! Unlike expensive artwork or molding, shiplap can easily be painted or re-stained when it gets dirty from kids.

11. Bedroom Blue Shiplap Accent Wall

Light Blue Shiplap In Bedroom
Photo: fiveatnumberthree

A grey tufted headboard sits in front of this bedroom’s blue shiplap accent wall for a pastel pop of color. The whale-themed throw pillows on the bed continue the light blue hues.

12. Navy Shiplap Accents with a Vaulted Ceiling

Accent Wall Window Shiplap Bedroom
Photo: vintagerescued

This vaulted ceiling bedroom creates a stunning accent with a navy horizontal shiplap behind the simple white bed. Wood nightstands with metal accents add a warm contrast while also introducing a farmhouse style.

13. Black and White Kids Room

P Letter On Navy Shiplap On Bedroom Wall
Photo: ufpedge

This boy’s room adds a stylish but modern detail with a black glossy shiplap behind the bed. A large letter above the bed complements the pillows and is a fun addition to the space.

14. Country Charm in a Primary Bedroom

White Shiplap Bedroom Accent Wall
Photo: shanwilliamsco

Chandeliers hanging on this primary bedroom’s shiplap accent wall give a country vibe that is continued by the wood bench and fur throws at the end of the bed. Wood blinds on the black windows help tie into this space’s natural tones.

15. Wood Beams and White Shiplap

Wood Beams White Shiplap Bedroom
Photo: growingupgowler

Wood beams stained to match the floors add to this farmhouse bedroom’s design. To fill the wall behind the king-sized bed, a white shiplap is installed. Since the wall behind your headboard is usually the focal point of your room, adding a shiplap design is a perfect way to upgrade its look!

16. Green Half-Wall Shiplap with Chair Rail

Green Half Shiplap Wall
Photo: keelieslife

The green shiplap extends halfway up the wall with a chair-rail topper behind the bed. Half-shiplap wall paneling lets the white upper half connect the design to the rest of the room. This is also a great way to avoid overpowering a space with your accent color.

17. Oak Shiplap Bedroom Accent Wall

Shiplap Accent Wall In Bedroom With Window View
Photo: fuzion430journey

This shiplap bedroom accent wall builds the actual mattress into its design, creating a day-bed-like feel. Surrounding the bed with shiplap also adds a cozy feel that is warm and inviting for any guests.

18. Mix Wood Colors for a Country Look

Wooden Shiplap Bedroom Accent Wall
Photo: pabs2007

This modern farmhouse bedroom features a mixed wood-shiplap accent wall behind the bed that echoes the colors of the hardwood floors. Using different stained wood planks in the shiplap paneling creates a rustic feel and makes a bold statement. Decor around the room continues the natural wood accents completing the country style.,

19. White Shiplap Ceiling and Wall

Decor For Your Bedroom Shiplap Wall
Photo: Restoredcobyhailey

The white shiplap wall behind the bed is continued around the room, matching the painted hardwood floors. Since this bedroom features a sloped roof, continuing the design with a shiplap ceiling is an easy way to make the space feel larger and homier.

20. Navy Shiplap Accent Wall in A Guest Bedroom

Bedroom Decor Shiplap Idea
Photo: Restoredcobyhailey

A navy shiplap accent wall is the backdrop in this guest bedroom, with a metal frame and wood nightstands. Plaid and leather throw pillows accent the shiplap wooden planks on the wall and round out the country farmhouse style of this bedroom.

21. Rainbow Shiplap Nursery Wall

Shiplap Wall Rainbow In A Baby Room
Photo: bethanyblaine_

This nursery uses rainbow-colored shiplap wall panels to create a stunning gender-neutral accent wall. While this may seem like a complex design, achieving the same look is actually easy. The key is to paint the wood shiplap boards before you install them on the wall. We’d recommend laying out the boards to ensure the design looks right before mounting them on the wall.

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