34 Striking White Subway Tile With Gray Grout Designs

White Subway Tile with Gray Grout

Subway tile is one of the easiest designs to style in your home – whether for your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, white subway tile looks beautiful. While black grout with white subway tiles is very common, if you’re looking for a more subtle look, white subway tile with gray grout is your answer.

Whether you’re creating a subway tile backsplash for your kitchen, or a tile shower in your bathroom, gray grout adds a beautiful contrast. For larger spaces with a lot of tiles, black grout can become overpowering, while gray grout adds just the right amount of contrast.

For inspiration, scroll through our gallery of white subway tile with gray grout designs.

1. Gold Hardware in a White Subway Tile Shower With Gray Grout

Gray Grout Shower With Gold Fixture
Photo: classichomeimprovements

This beautiful white subway tile shower is surrounded by a bold black and white shower curtain, creating an eye-catching contrast. The tiles have grey grout that complements the white tile while adding texture to the walls. A gold showerhead and faucet give this shower a luxurious feel.

2. Gray Countertops and Gray Grout

White Subway Tile Backsplash With Gray Grout
Photo: cabinetdesigners

This kitchen features a white subway tile with grey grout as a backsplash behind the sink. The grout matches the grey countertop and stainless steel faucet.

3. Farmhouse Shower with White Subway Tile

Farmhouse Shower With Glass Walls And White Tile
Photo: homesweethartwell

This stunning farmhouse-style shower is tiled in classic white subway tile with gray grout, giving the room a bright and airy feel. The shower is framed by a glass door that allows plenty of light to enter. A wall of the shower is a unique combination of half farmhouse molding and half glass, making this an attractive addition to any bathroom.

4. Stainless Steel Hood with White Subway Tile Backsplash

Dark Gray Grout And White Tile Behind Stove
Photo: spruceandlinen

A stainless steel range hood hangs over a steel and black stove. White subway tile with dark gray backsplash accents the white countertops. Brown lower cabinets are used, while white upper cabinets brighten the kitchen.

5. Subway Tile with Gray Grout and Brick Wall

Brick Wall And White Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo: scpdesign

The brick wall in this kitchen provides a unique, rustic aesthetic to the room, perfectly complemented by the subway tile white backsplash with gray grout. The subway tile backsplash features a built-in shelf, ideal for displaying decor or storing small items. The centerpiece of the kitchen is the beer tap atop the stunning white veiny countertop. Black cabinets accent the dark grout used.

6. Floor to Ceiling White Subway Tile with Gray Grout

Grey Grout With White Subway Tile Shower
Photo: trendceramics

This beautiful bathroom features a white and black bathtub surrounded by white subway tile that goes to the ceiling. Dark grey grout is used to accent the bathtub and grey floor tiles.

7. Gray Cabinets and Gray Grout in a Modern Kitchen

Gray Grout Matching Gray Kitchen Cabinets
Photo: from_hatfield_to_home

White subway tile backsplash with gray grout is used halfway up the ceiling in this kitchen. The grout matches the gray lower cabinets, while the adjacent wall features floor-to-ceiling white cabinets. Open shelving helps to separate the wall from the tile backsplash.

8. Bright White Subway Tile And Dark Grout

White Subway Tile With Dark Grout And White Cabinets
Photo: the.pentlands.home

This bright white kitchen contrasts with a dark grey grout that matches the stainless steel appliances. Grey jars and a toaster are used for decor to match the kitchen.

9. herringbone Niches in a White Tile Shower

White Subway Tile Shower With Herringbone Niches
Photo: thecopefarmhouse

The classic look of this white subway tile contrasts beautifully with the modern grey grout and adds a timeless yet modern appeal. For added convenience and style, three large niches have been included in the design, each featuring a unique herringbone tile design that adds texture and visual interest to the room.

10. Black Hexagon Niche in a White and Gray Shower

White Subway Tile Shower With Gray Grout And Black Niche
Photo: thefixerco

This subway tile white shower provides a timeless feel, while the gray grout gives a subtle hint of lightness. In addition, the black hexagon tiles in the niche create a bold contrast against the white, making it stand out.

11. Light Gray Grout with High-Polished Subway Tile

High Gloss White Subway Tile Backsplash With Gray Grout
Photo: keelysheehandesign

Behind a large stainless steel range is white high-gloss subway tile with light gray grout. The tile’s gloss reflects light and adds a charming look to this modern kitchen. Black countertops add contrast to the white cabinets and tile.

12. Gray Floor with Floor to Ceiling Subway Tile

Floor To Ceiling White Subway Tile In Bathroom
Photo: ruthieharris_

This contemporary bathroom has a modern feel, with grey floor tiles and white subway tile from floor to ceiling with grey grout. The glass shower enclosure reflects the light and creates a luxurious atmosphere. A large soaking tub sits in one corner of the room, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

13. Herringbone Subway Tile Backsplash with Dark Gray Grout

Herringbone Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash With Gray Grout
Photo: homeatwingsfold

This herringbone white subway tile backsplash has grey grout to match the grey cabinets and large stove in this luxurious kitchen. While herringbone patterns are more expensive to install, they are a beautiful design element in any space.

14. bright White Herringbone Backsplash with Light Gray Grout

Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash With Light Gray Grout
Photo: foursideddesign

This kitchen features a large, built-in stove with white cabinets and a white quartz countertop. The herringbone subway tile backsplash is white with light grey grout, making for a timeless look in this modern kitchen. The neutral palette creates an inviting atmosphere that encourages cooking and entertaining.

15. Shaker Style Cabinets and Light Gray Grout

White Kitchen With Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo: dorsayinteriordesign

A white kitchen with plenty of storage has a grey island for contrast. Subway tile is used for a backsplash, and grey grout matches the island. Natural wood floors add warmth to this space, while pendant lights over the sink and island illuminate the room. Adding a different color island, like blue or grey, is a great way to accent a white kitchen.

16. Concrete Countertop laundry Room with Subway Tile

Laundry Room With Concrete Countertops And Tile Walls
Photo: hemingway_interiors

This small laundry room space has subway tile that goes partially up the wall. A folding area has concrete countertops with a white cabinet and hampers underneath for storage.

17. Glass Shower with Gray Accents

White Bathroom With Glass Shower And Subway Tile
Photo: classichomeimprovements

This modern bathroom boasts a large shower with white subway tiling that reaches the ceiling. The gray grout between the tiles matches the mosaic floor of the shower, creating a uniform, elegant look. A glass wall in the shower further enhances this look while making the bathroom feel larger and more spacious.

18. Large Shower Niche with Subway Tile Accents

Small Subway Tile Shower With Large Niche
Photo: tookthelongwayhome_

A large niche for storage is shown in this white subway tile shower with thin gray grout. To add contrast, black accent tiles are used on the walls and on the mosaic floor. Gold handles and a gold showerhead make this shower design luxurious.

19. Patterned Subway Tile with Gray Grout

White Subway Tile In 90 Degree Pattern With Gray Grout
Photo: scout.interior.design

This bathroom uses a white subway tile in a 90-degree pattern on the walls for a unique design. The dark gray grout matches the black and white bathtub. A brown vanity with white countertops and gold fixtures added warmth.

20. Farmhouse Prep Sink with A White Backsplash

Gray Cabinets With Farmhouse Sink And Tile Backsplash
Photo: from_hatfield_to_home

The gray cabinets and open shelves above the farmhouse sink in this kitchen area provide plenty of storage. The white tile backsplash with grey grout complements the cabinets. The deep basin of the sink offers plenty of capacity for washing dishes and food preparation. With its classic farmhouse design, this sink will make a beautiful statement in any kitchen.

21. Glass Shower with a Gray Ceiling

Floor To Ceiling White Subway Tile Shower
Photo: surrinaplemonsinteriors

Floor-to-ceiling white subway tile with gray grout is used surrounding this ceramic bathtub. A glass wall is installed instead of a shower curtain. A small niche in the shower provides storage space.

22. Hanging Plants in a White Tile Shower

Modern Tile Shower With Bathtub In A Small Space
Photo: the.furzes.at.no.6

This farmhouse bathroom has a bright, airy feel thanks to the large glass shower and plenty of natural light. Shiplap surrounds the shower, creating a rustic yet modern look. Hanging plants are used for greenery and offer freshness to the room. The floor features an eye-catching patterned tile for a pop of fun and eccentricity, making it unique and welcoming.

23. Big Gold Showerhead in a White Tile Shower

Big Gold Shower Head In A Small White Tile Shower With Niche
Photo: haganhomestead

The white subway tile in this shower frames the oversized gold shower to make a statement. A plant and bottles sit on the niche, adding a pop of color and decor.

24. Gray Shower Niche in a White Shower

White Mosaic Niche In A While Tile Shower With Silver Faucet
Photo: classichomeimprovements

This shower’s gray niche contrasts with the large white subway tile. In addition, the gray tile grout helps to match the niche and accent the polished silver showerhead.

25. Grey Grout in a Modern White Laundry Room

Modern Laundry Room With White Subway Tile
Photo: _wrightonthecorner

This modern laundry room features wood-look luxury vinyl plank (LVP) floors and white cabinets, creating a bright and airy feel. Off-white subway tile runs along the backsplash, with gray grout providing a subtle but classy contrast. The space is practical yet stylish, making it an ideal spot for tackling everyday laundry tasks.

26. Gold Cabinet Pulls with Herringbone Subway Tile

Herringbone White Subway Tile Backsplash With Gold Hardware
Photo: just_anotherrenovation

This luxurious kitchen features white cabinets with long gold handles. A white herringbone subway tile backsplash with white grout accentuates the marble countertop.

27. Modern Range Hood with White Subway Tile Backsplash

Shaker Style Kitchen With White Tile Backsplash
Photo: scott_farrell_tiling

This shaker-style kitchen has a timeless yet modern look with its beautiful gold handles and electric cooktop. The range hood is a sleek black, adding an updated element to the traditional design. The white subway tile backsplash is contrasted by dark grey grout, creating an eye-catching detail in the space. This kitchen will be sure to make any chef feel inspired!

28. Blue Shaker Style Cabinets and Big Tiles

Light Grey Grout With White Tiles In A Modern Kitchen
Photo: ourfallowhome

The blue shaker-style cabinets in this kitchen create a beautiful contrast with the white subway tile backsplash, further highlighted by the under-cabinet lighting. The combination of light and dark colors creates an inviting, stylish, and functional atmosphere.

29. Marble White Subway Tile With Grey Grout

Marble White Subway Tile With Dark Grout
Photo: hillfieldreno

This bathroom is modern and sleek, featuring white marble subway tile with dark gray grout around the shower and toilet. The shower has a black glass panel contrasting with white marble and dark accents. The black accents bring out the richness of the gray grout, adding a touch of sophistication to the room.

30. Simple Tile Backsplash and a Stainless Steel Hood

Light Gray Grout In A Kitchen Backsplash With White Tile
Photo: stumpff_homeworks

A bright and modern white subway tile backsplash is the perfect way to highlight this stainless steel stove and large range hood. The crisp white of the tiles provides a classic look, while the red salt and pepper shakers on the countertop offer a bold pop of color.

31. Large shower with Floor-To-Ceiling Subway Tile

Large Shower With Two Showerheads And White Tile
Photo: ourmodernhomestead

This large tile shower contrasts black and white with large black glass doors and a mosaic floor. Two black showerheads sit across each other on the white subway tile walls extending to the ceiling. Light grey grout is used to add contrast without overpowering the room.

32. Light Gray Grout in a Small Shower

Light Gray Shower Tile Grout With A Niche
Photo: lindsayjaydesigns

A hexagon shower niche stands out against the white subway tile surround with gray grout in this bathtub. A grey and white shower curtain adds to the design.

33. Gray Grout and Countertops

Gray Countertops And White Subway Tile Backsplash With Gray Grout
Photo: thehoneycombhome

Polished grey countertops with white cabinets match this kitchen’s white subway tile with gray grout. White jars and a cake stand are used for decor.

34. White Kitchen with Light Gray Grout Backsplash

White Subway Tile With Light Gray Grout
Photo: skinnyhouseinteriors

This cozy farmhouse-style kitchen features white cabinetry with small black round cabinet pulls. The stark contrast of a black countertop is highlighted by white subway tile, with light grey grout to complete the look.

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