33 Stunning Stone Fireplace Ideas To Warm Any Home

Cozy evenings spent by the fire are essential to a home, and stone fireplaces add another layer of grandeur to any living room. Gatherings around its flickering flames provide timeless moments for friends and family alike.

Whether you want a stacked stone fireplace with large rocks for a rustic look or a more modern white stone fireplace that compliments neutral colors, the possibilities are endless. We also love the look of stone hearths and mantles that are more contemporary (#28 is a favorite). You can also add decor along a wood beam or stone mantle to tie in your fireplace with the rest of your room. For a functional addition, mount a TV above the mantle, so your fireplace becomes the natural gathering place for your family.

Check out our gallery of the most stunning stone fireplace design ideas you can use to transform your home.

1. Wide Stacked Stone with a Beautiful Hearth

Stone Fireplace Design With Round Chandelier
Photo: theoandcodesign

This large living room boasts a stunning modern stone fireplace with a white hearth. The rich wood floors and matching white furniture complement the contemporary design. A large flat-screen television is mounted above the hearth, giving the entire room an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing after a long day.

2. Add a Wood Beam to Natural Stones for more texture

Stacked Stone Fireplace With Mounted Tv And Wood Mantle
Photo: kldinteriors

This stone fireplace is the centerpiece of this living room with its wood beam mantle, and large TV. The double-story ceilings in this room allow the fireplace to take center stage, drawing attention to its extraordinary character.

3. Grey stone in a white living room

Grey Stacked Stone Wall Fireplace With Light Wood Beams
Photo: bigstyledesign

A grey stone fireplace compliments this beautiful dining room and living room. The natural wood beam mantle matches the wood beams in the vaulted ceiling. The artwork sits on the mantle to add a pop of color.

4. Neutral Stone and Wood Built-ins

Neutral Stone Fireplace With White Oak Built-Ins
Photo: creativemines

We love the neutral-colored stones used on this fireplace that complement the white oak cabinets and shelves on both sides. The wood beam mantle adds a rustic charm to this space that balances the modern neutral tones.

5. White stacked stone with a mounted tV

White Stone Fireplace With A Tv
Photo: terrebarn

This white stone fireplace takes center stage in a cozy southwestern-themed living room. The rough-cut stacked stones give the room an inviting and rustic feel. The white color of the rocks gives a more modern feel to this rustic space.

6. Stacked Stone Corner Fireplace that maximizes space

Corner Fireplace In A Home
Photo: sammarco.stone

The stacked stone fireplace in the corner of this home is a timeless and cozy addition. Its beautiful gray stones add just the right amount of rustic charm and are stacked to maximize its beauty while still keeping a clean aesthetic. Putting the fireplace in the corner helps maximize unused space while creating a focal point that draws the eye.

7. Natural wood and a Beautiful Stone Hearth

Stacked Stone Fireplace With Black Screen
Photo: laurenmilligandesign

This beautiful large stone fireplace with a stone hearth brings a touch of rustic elegance to this living room. The hearth has storage underneath for firelogs while offering to seat near the fire. Blue shaker-style built-ins are on both sides of the fireplace providing additional storage and helping to tie the whole look together.

8. Limestone hearth with incredible detail

Limestone Hearth Stone Fireplace With Tv
Photo: architecturalstoneelementsaz

This beautiful limestone fireplace and hearth feature intricate details that make it the focal point of any home. The smooth surface of the limestone is accented by ornate carvings, while the hearth is finished with a sleek gray tile border. The black built-ins beside the fireplace provide a modern contrast, adding to its contemporary charm. This luxurious fire feature will bring warmth and sophistication to any home.

9. Add A faux stone fireplace to any space for a modern look

Modern Faux Stone Tile Fireplace With White Wood
Photo: handymanfelipe1

This electric fireplace is framed by white wood and faux stone tile, providing a cozy ambiance in a modern living room. The grey tones of the faux stone contrast against the light grey walls and provide an eye-catching centerpiece in this contemporary space.

10. Rustic fireplace with a Warm wood beam

Natural Stone Fireplace With Wood Mantle
Photo: sunlitmountainhome

This rustic stone fireplace features gray stacked stones that help also give it a modern feel. The natural wood beam mantle adds a warm tone and is the perfect place for decor like framed art.

11. blue cabinets and a dark stone fireplace

Rustic Stone Hearth Fireplace In A Living Room
Photo: cherylbaffordinteriordesign

This dark stone fireplace matches the wood beams in this living room. A blue built-in with black hardware sits next to the fireplace, offering additional storage. Large windows provide plenty of natural light to brighten this space.

12. Use large stones for a more natural look

Mountain Cottage With A Large Stone Fireplace
Photo: themtnbrook

This cozy lounge area is perfect for relaxing and unwinding in. The large fireplace, with its characteristic rustic feel, is comprised of stones, giving the room a warm and inviting atmosphere. Seating accents the fireplace, with plush chairs and sofas, arranged around it, while the wood ceiling adds to the overall rustic charm. The stone hearth provides an area for toasting marshmallows or gathering with friends and family.

13. Outdoor stone fireplace with TV

Large Outdoor Stone Fireplace With Tv
Photo: borst_landscape

This large outdoor stone fireplace is perfect for gathering and entertaining with friends and family. The fireplace is made of natural stone and has a built-in mantle to keep your drinks or snacks close at hand. Above the fireplace, a television is mounted so you can enjoy movies or sports games outdoors. A comfortable outdoor seating area surrounds the TV, providing plenty of room for everyone to relax and enjoy the warm firelight on cool nights.

14. Modern stone fireplace with built-ins

Stone Fireplace With Built-Ins And Decor
Photo: alairhomes.aurora.newmarket

This stone veneer fireplace stands out from the wall adding texture to this living room. A painted wood mantle stretches across the fireplace and helps it tie into the arched built-in bookcase nearby.

15. paint stone black for a high-contrast look

Black Brick Fireplace With Pyramid Design

This black-painted brick fireplace has a unique pyramid-like design where the chimney forms in the living room. To balance this design, the living room is furnished with simple contemporary items. While this may not be everyone’s taste, this fireplace will make a statement in any home!

16. farmhouse stone fireplace with TV space

Natural Stone Fireplace Ski Cabin With Farmhouse Tv Area
Photo: lifeonmillsstreet

This farmhouse living room features a shiplap enclosure for the TV above a natural stone fireplace. The multi-colored stones in the fireplace accent the brown leather furniture.

17. country fireplace with A rustic mantle

Stone Fireplace With Wood Mantel And A Lit Fire
Photo: maryprealtor

This rustic fireplace features stones randomly placed throughout and a worn wood beam mantel. With it’s mountain cabin vibes, this fireplace makes us want to cozy up on its stone hearth and enjoy the warmth.

18. Stones used for A Large Fireplace Surround

Stacked Stone Fireplace With Mantel And Wood Storage
Photo: hooblerstone

This southwestern-styled fireplace features natural color rocks and a large wood mantle that give the room a rustic charm. The stone surround features a built-in area for wood storage and plenty of seating in front of the fire.

19. White Built-ins and Stone

Artwork Hanging Above Fire Place In A Modern White Home
Photo: thomascallawayassoc

The multi-colored stone fireplace in this white kitchen and living room stands as a focal point, with its wood beam mantle that draws the eye up to the artwork hung above it. The living area is warm and inviting, with plush seating and plenty of natural light pouring in from the windows. We love the combination of modern white details with natural stones.

20. A Shiplap Ceiling and Stone

Stacked Rectangular  Stone Fireplace In A Bright Living Room
Photo: ns_interiordesigns

A stone fireplace surround with no mantel extends to the vaulted ceiling with shiplap in this mountain cabin. A flat-screen TV and sound bar are mounted on the stone, making this fireplace the center of the home.

21. White stone and Nal Wood

White Stone Fireplace With A Thin Wood Mantle
Photo: horneysmasonryllc

Whitewashing this stone fireplace brightens up this wood cabin, giving it a more modern look while still retaining its charm. Painting stone or brick fireplaces are a great way to match your space without an expensive renovation.

22. Floor-to-ceiling stacked stone with artwork

Floor To Ceiling Stacked Stone Fireplace With Artwork
Photo: asidnj

This living room draws your eye with a stacked stone fireplace extending to the ceiling in this tall space. Matching built-ins with open shelving and large artwork sit on both sides of the fireplace.

23. Cottage fireplace with rough wood beams

Rustic Stone Fireplace With Candle Lighting
Photo: joseecoutureremax

This seating area near a large stone fireplace has a beautiful wood beam mantle that matches the wood pillars of the home. The warm crackling fire provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for relaxing with family and friends. This comfortable space is lit by two wall sconces on either side of the fireplace, creating an intimate ambiance. In addition, the stone fireplace gives off a rustic charm, making this area feel like a classic country cabin in the middle of your home.

24. Mix Natural Stones and White Details for High Contrast

White Mantle On A Stone Fireplace With Built-Ins
Photo: realtor_in_ny

This small seating are uses a stone fireplace to bring in natural tones that balance the light-colored modern furniture and quartz island. The built-ins next to the fireplace offer storage and add a modern feel to the accent wall.

25. Stone Surround with plenty of wood storage

Large Stone Fireplace And Surround With Log Storage
Photo: rippyhomes

This large living room boasts a sloped ceiling with a stunning stone fireplace taking center stage. The fireplace features a large hearth and an impressive wood beam mantle that extends across the entire surround. The wood storage built into the fireplace surround provides ample storage for all your needs, making it the perfect practical addition to this elegant and classic space.

26. Farmhouse fireplace with shiplap

Shiplap With Stone Fireplace
Photo: decor8thehill

This farmhouse stone fireplace is the perfect focal point for any living space. It features a wood beam mantle with shiplap above that matches the warm tones of the wood floors, creating a timeless and cozy atmosphere. The large hearth is perfect for seating friends and family during chilly nights spent by the fire. The natural stone brings a rustic charm to this homey setting, making it an inviting gathering place.

27. Vaulted Ceilings and a Tall Fireplace

Wood Beam Mantle On A Rock Wall With A Fireplace
Photo: quinnsmasonry

This tall stone fireplace is the centerpiece of this living room, with stunning views. The wood beam mantle adds a rustic charm to the space and creates an inviting lounge area. The large windows around the room provide lots of natural light that highlights the gray stones in the fireplace.

28. Contemporary stone fireplace Hearth and White Brick

White Hearth In Front Of A Stone Fireplace
Photo: stonemountaincastings

This white limestone fireplace adds an earthy feel with large whitewashed stones behind it and artwork above. Seating areas on both sides of the fireplace look cozy and inviting and offer storage for fire wood.

29. White Stones and a Black Chandelier

Rough Wood Beam On A White Fireplace With Large Black Chandelier
Photo: dogtrotacres

This mountain cabin dining room is simple but elegant, with a large white stone fireplace next to the dining table. A black chandelier and black decor help to contrast the white stone, while brown wood floors create warmth.

30. Modern White Stacked Stone

Modern Stacked Stone Fireplace Outside
Photo: stoneexteriors

A neutral-colored modern stacked stone fireplace helps bring the outdoors inside this sunroom. White oak contemporary chairs with blankets offer seating in front of the fire.

31. Stacked Stone fireplace with a mounted TV

Modern White Stacked Stone Fireplace With A Big Tv
Photo: outwest_photo

This tall white, stacked stone surround with a black fireplace is a great design idea to create contrast. The white fireplace stands out against the neutral colors in this living room, including white walls, natural wood floors, and gray furniture.

32. White Stone Fireplace with no mantel

Modern Neutral Living Room Fireplace Made Of Stone
Photo: stoneexteriors

This neutral-colored contemporary living room has a beige stone fireplace and black inlay. The neutral stones compliment the living room furniture and room while still adding texture to the space.

33. A Contemporary Living Room with Stone Accents

Wide Stone Fireplace Modern Living Room Jpg
Photo: inhabitat_interiors

This modern seating area features a beautiful natural-colored stacked stone fireplace that brings warmth and visual appeal to the room. An open-concept living room boasts glass walls with stunning views of the outdoors, while concrete floors lend a chic industrial feel. Comfortable furniture provides ample seating, while stylish accessories and accents give the room an inviting, cozy atmosphere.

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