32 Stunning Vaulted Ceiling Beams And Designs

Vaulted Ceiling Beams in a Open Layout Home

Adding vaulted ceiling beams is a great way to accent your home’s high ceilings and give your space a cozy feel. Since rooms with vaulted ceilings can sometimes feel overwhelming, adding wood beams helps fill the area and complement your interior design.

Wood beams can be installed in any vaulted ceiling, even if they don’t exist today. Most homes you see actually have faux wood beams made of styrofoam that are painted to look like wood. They can even add knots and other natural features, so your faux wood beams have a rustic look!

For a more industrial style, you can opt for metal beams that bring cool tones into your room. While you won’t get the warmth of a wood beam, metal can instantly transform your space into a modern style.

For inspiration, check out our favorite vaulted ceiling beams below and how they work in each space!

1. Arched Wood Beams with White Shiplap

Arched Wood Beams In A High Ceiling Living Room
Photo: margaretdonaldsoninteriors

Arched wood beams soften the angles in this double-height living room and are repeated on the overhang outside. While the installation of arched beams is a bit more complicated, it can add a unique design element and break up squared edges in a space.

2. Rustic Wood Vaulted Ceiling Beams

Rustic Farmhouse Style Wood Beams In A Kitchen With White Vaulted Ceilings
Photo: _phil_stones

This kitchen’s dining table accents the rustic wood beams in the vaulted ceiling, adding warmth to the space. Large windows open to the outside, while the light green kitchen island accents the greenery around the home.

3. Black Beams contrasting a white ceiling

Black Ceiling Beams In A White Vaulted Ceiling
Photo: alturashomes

Create contrast with black wood beams on a white vaulted ceiling. The dark wood stain is matched on the stone fireplace mantel, while a grey couch helps blend the color scheme.

4. Modern single beam in a vaulted ceiling

Single Vaulted Ceiling Beam In A Black And White Living Room
Photo: the_broadmoor_house

This modern family room features a single wood beam that extends across the room into the black shiplap fireplace with a TV. A gold chandelier hangs from the vaulted ceiling and adds to the warmth from the beam. Natural woods and gold accents are a great way to bring warm hues into black-and-white color schemes.

5. Metal Beams for an Industrial Look

Metal Beams In An Industrial Bedroom
Photo: jackiejohnsondesign

Metal exposed beams stretch across this vaulted ceiling bedroom to give it an industrial look. The black metal bedframe continues the contemporary design, while blue pillows and yellow stools add a pop of color.

6. Accent furniture with beams

Dark Brown Beams In A White Bedroom
Photo: kensington_builders

Dark brown wood beams running across this vaulted ceiling accent the leather furniture found in this space. A grey rug helps brighten the room and break up the brown tones in the sofas and hardwood floors.

7. Exposed beams with warm wood

High Windows With Vaulted Beams In A White Living Room
Photo: bevanbuilders

Exposed beams in this living room bring in a dark brown color that helps contrast the white walls and beige furniture. A rustic dining room table emulates a farmhouse style, continued by the wood floors.

8. Use the same wood stain throughout the space

Family Room With Wood Beams That Match The Open Shelves
Photo: kseniya.tamparealtor

This home matches the wood stain on their vaulted ceiling beams with the open shelves across the living room and kitchen, creating continuity across the rooms. In addition, open shelves next to the fireplace provide plenty of space for decor and help add warmth to this all-white home.

9. barn style Wood Beams for a unique look

Barn Style Wood Beams In A Dining Room
Photo: country_modern_build

Barn-style wood beams bring a rustic touch to this dining area with large exposed windows. Plenty of natural light helps brighten the space, while the warm wood furniture adds a cozy feel.

10. arched wood beams in a cathedral ceiling

Arched Beams In A Cathedral Style Ceiling
Photo: plintzrealestate

Adding arches to the dark wood beams in this cathedral ceiling home softens the edges and connects the style to the large double doors.

11. Match kitchen cabinets for a cohesive style

Vaulted Living Room And Kitchen With White Oak Beams
Photo: carterfamilyranchhome

Matching the wood beams in this vaulted ceiling living room with the white oak kitchen cabinets is a great way to tie the two spaces together. With open-layout houses, bringing a few design elements across rooms is important to help the spaces feel connected.

12. Bring the outdoors inside

Natural Wood Beams In A Living Room With Large Windows
Photo: creekview.acres

This living room with large windows that match the shape of its vaulted ceiling uses rustic wood beams to help bring the outdoors inside. A large deck outside features a wood-paneled ceiling, while a similar stain is continued on the beams inside.

13. Black and White Home with Faux Wood Beams

Faux Wood Beams In A Black And White Living Room
Photo: myrusticmodernhome

This white and black living room uses faux-wood beams in the vaulted ceiling to bring in warm tones accented by the brown leather couch. When designing neutral spaces, it’s important to add warm elements that help your room not feel sterile.

14. White oak wood beams

High Vaulted Ceiling With Wood Beams
Photo: innotechwindowsdoors

White oak beams fill this tall vaulted ceiling living room with black windows. Hardwood floors beneath have a similar tone to the beams above and create an inviting space.

15. Shiplap ceiling and white painted beams

White Shiplap Ceiling With White Painted Wood Beams
Photo: novelinteriors

Painting the beams white in this vaulted shiplap ceiling is a great way to add depth without taking away from the room’s aesthetic. For color, this sitting room features gold accents across the throw pillows, mirror, and framed photographs.

16. Rustic wood beams in a drywall ceiling

Rustic Wood Beams In A Kitchen With A Drywall Ceiling
Photo: studio.at.jericho

Rustic wood beams on this drywall ceiling accent the stone floors in this simple kitchen. Large windows continue the theme of bringing the outdoors inside for this home.

17. cottage-style living room with high ceilings

Cottage Living Room With A Stone Fireplace And Vaulted Ceiling Beams
Photo: white_pine_cottage

A large stone fireplace extends to the rustic wood beams in this cottage’s living room. Everything about this space screams cozy. When choosing the stain for your wood beams, it’s important to consider the style of your room. Lighter colors can help brighten modern spaces, while more natural wood will give your room a rustic feel.

18. open floor plan home with wood beams

Large Open Style Home With Wood Beams Spanning The Entire Space
Photo: build_wny

This large open floor plan home uses wood beams to avoid feeling like a warehouse. In large spaces, it’s essential to connect the rooms together using similar colored accents.

19. Real Wood Beams in a kitchen

Real Wood Beams In A Kitchen
Photo: hammondbrandt

These real wood vaulted ceiling beams bring a sense of nature into this luxury kitchen. The stain on the beams is coordinated with the wood floors, while white cabinetry brightens the space.

20. white oak with a marble fireplace

White Oak Vaulted Beams In A Living Room With A Marble Fireplace
Photo: soldbyremaxsteve

White oak beams extend across this vaulted ceiling living room leading your eye to the stunning black marble fireplace that is the center of this space. White and black accents continue throughout the area giving this room a beautiful modern style.

21. shiplap and wood beams in a country living room

Farmhouse Living Room With Shiplap Ceiling And Beams
Photo: carterfamilyranchhome

White shiplap and warm wood beams adorn this low vaulted ceiling living room, while a brown leather couch accents the colors from the ceiling. Large windows bring in natural light, brightening this space.

22. stone fireplace with wood beam vaulted ceiling

Stone Fireplace With A Single Wood Beam
Photo: bh_construction_llc

This single wood beam vaulted ceiling leads the eye towards the stone fireplace in this living room. Open shelves next to the fireplace and a navy accent wall make this area the home’s focal point. White oak kitchen cabinets match the shelves giving this open floor-plan home a cohesive look.

23. skylights in a vaulted ceiling

Skylights In A Vaulted Ceiling With Wood Beams
Photo: shorelinemv

Skylights in between the wood beams in this vaulted ceiling bring in natural light and help this cozy living room look bigger. A blue couch accents the drapes on the window for a pop of color.

24. rustic cross beams bedroom

Cross-Beams In A Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom
Photo: themadebyleahhome

Cross beams connect this narrow bedroom and add a rustic charm to this space. Board and batten half-wall paneling behind the bed helps add a modern touch and fill the large wall.

25. A-frame home with wood beams

A Frame Kitchen With A Rustic Wood Beam
Photo: crois_riabhach_cottage

A-Frame homes are notorious for having exposed beams that can add plenty of charm to a space. This kitchen capitalizes on the vaulted ceiling by staining the beams a natural wood color that brings neutral tones into the white kitchen.

26. painted beams in a vaulted ceiling

Painted White Beams In A White Living Room
Photo: mcnultysmythassociates

Painting the vaulted ceiling beams in this white living room adds dimension while sticking with the space’s modern design. Black windows are accented throughout the area, with a large bookcase and coffee table.

27. Farmhouse kitchen with a shiplap ceiling

Shiplap Kitchen Ceiling With White Rustic Wood Beams
Photo: teelspaces

This small farmhouse kitchen uses a natural wood island to introduce neutral tones into this all-white space. A white shiplap ceiling complements the style, while beams spanning across the room add depth.

28. stone fireplace and large wood beams

Natural Wood Beams With A Stone Fireplace In A Home With High Ceilings
Photo: sorentocustomhomes

A stone fireplace is flanked by large wood beams stained in a neutral color to match the hardwood floors. A mantel on the fireplace fits the beams, while a black island contrasts the bright colors.

29. white painted beams in a bedroom

White Exposed Beam Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom With Shiplap
Photo: kruegerbuilt

A shiplap ceiling bedroom with painted beams creates a farmhouse style with a black metal bed and light bedding. A tufted bench at the end of the bed adds a place to get dressed in the morning.

30. White oak cabinets and ceiling beams

White Oak Beams In A Kitchen With Vaulted Ceilings That Match Cabinetry
Photo: neworleansfarmhouse

This transitional kitchen uses white oak wood beams to match the cabinetry on the island for a light and airy look. Sleek white appliances with gold hardware add to the neutral style in this space.

31. vaulted ceiling beams with skylights

Skylights Next To Wood Beams In A Vaulted Ceiling
Photo: seacoast_abode

Skylights in this vaulted ceiling living room bring abundant natural light into the space, highlighting the natural wood beams spanning the room. Wood accents across the space complement the beams.

32. Small living room with vaulted wood beams

Small Living Room With Vaulted Ceiling Wood Beams
Photo: xoallyb

Who says wood beams don’t work in small living rooms? This space complements its low vaulted ceiling with thin beams to add depth and accent the hardwood floors.

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