26 Bathroom Ceiling Ideas For a Unique Look

Bathroom Ceiling Ideas with wood and marble

The ceiling is the most underrated part of your bathroom design; it also holds a world of possibilities. With so many different bathroom ceiling ideas, it’s tough to know where to start, but adding subtle details like molding or lighting can transform your space.

Whether you’re designing a modern bathroom and want a spa-like feel or a farmhouse-style space with shiplap, you can complement your style using your ceiling. Don’t just settle for a dull white ceiling; design a beautiful space you love using every day.

Check out the gallery below of our favorite bathroom ceiling ideas for every style!

1. Modern Bathroom Ceiling Ideas with slotted ceiling

Modern Slotted Bathroom Ceiling
Photo: ad_design_journal

We love using wood on a ceiling since it adds warm tones without overpowering your design. This modern bathroom uses slotted wood planks to the ceiling to add texture. Lighting on the wall extends to the ceiling illuminating the space and highlighting the detail. Grey tiles are installed for a clean look.

2. Add a Chandelier for a Glam Look

Chandelier Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Idea
Photo: claudialoveshomedecor

For a glam design, try adding a chandelier to your bathroom ceiling. This is an easy update that can take your design from boring to amazing. Natural light in this space also helps illuminate the light colored tile on the walls.

3. Ceiling Molding in a Luxurious Bathroom

Molding On Bathroom Ceiling With Recessed Lights
Photo: yashconstruction65

This gold bathroom uses molding on the ceiling with recessed lighting for a unique design element. Molding is a great way to add texture to a bathroom, but be sure to use water-resistant materials since the high humidity from showers can warp traditional wood.

4. Wood Beam in a Bathroom with brick floors

Wood Beam As Bathroom Deciling Decor
Photo: rugbytilebathroom

A simple wood beam in front of the shower adds to the rustic design of this brick-floor bathroom. The stool helps accent the wood stain and brings a warm tone into the room, while green walls brighten the room. In addition, the green tile in the shower creates a unique look in this space.

5. Thick wood beams above the shower

Wood Beams On The Ceiling Of A Bathroom
Photo: stylepeacock

Hanging plants from your bathroom ceiling is a great way to add a pop of natural color. Plus, plants love the high humidity from showers, so they’ll thrive in the space. The thick wood beams above the shower add more neutral hues that brighten this space.

6. Dark painted ceiling to match the walls

Dark Green Bathroom With Matching Painted Ceiling
Photo: topootor

For a moody look, use dark paint and match your ceiling to your walls. This bathroom balances its dark green walls with white tile and gold accents. While it can seem scary to paint a room dark, it creates a beautiful effect if you fully commit. This bathroom embraced the dark color painting the molding, trim, ceiling, and walls.

7. Hang lights from the bathroom ceiling

Lights Hanging From Bath Ceiling
Photo: vintagetub

Hanging lights from your bathroom ceiling is a fun way to make a unique look without a lot of work. This bathroom combines gold hanging lights with sconces on the wall. The antique look of the light fixtures contrasts the pebble floor and modern bathtub.

8. Use pendant lights for A bathroom vanity

Pendant Lights In Bathroom Above The Sink
Photo: lotusgeneralcontracting

If you’re having trouble finding the right fixtures, try using pendant lights over your vanity. Because of their size, pendants make a statement in any bathroom and are available in various designs.

9. Built-in Lighting with a wood ceiling

Slotted Modern Ceiling With Lighting Above Bathtub
Photo: urbanhamam

We love bathroom ceiling ideas that include integrated lighting. While it’s inexpensive to add, it will highlight your beautiful design with indirect light. This bathroom uses perimeter lights that set the mood for a nighttime bath.

10. Ideas for a Black and White Marble Bathroom

Black Ceiling With Lights That Look Like Stars In A Marble Bathroom
Photo: acherno.design

This black and white marble bathroom oozes luxury at every turn. The highlight of the space is the black ceiling with lights that are designed to look like stars. Natural stone on the walls adds to this bathroom. While we can’t even imagine the installation for this design, regardless this is the bathroom of our dreams!

11. Wood Beams with a Sloped Shower Ceiling

Wood Beams With A Sloped Ceiling Over A Shower
Photo: isoboard_sa

This rustic mosaic shower adds wood beams below the shiplap shower ceiling accentuating the country style. Introducing natural woods is the perfect way to create a rustic vibe while also brightening your bathroom.

12. Match the bathroom wall paint with the ceiling

Ceiling Paint Matching The Walls In A Bathroom
Photo: doranevignando

The Earthy tones in this bath area are carried to the walls and ceiling with matching textured paint. For neutral bathrooms, painting your ceiling is a great way to take your design to the next level. Large natural tiles provide durability and accent the rooms look.

13. Use patterned ceiling Tiles to make a statement

Patterned Bathroom Ceiling
Photo: halifaxpapertrails

Patterned tiles aren’t just for your floor! To make a statement use tiles on your walls and ceiling. This is a luxurious look, but it also comes with a price tag. Because tile or stone is more expensive than traditional drywall, using it anywhere besides your floor adds up quick.

14. Wood paneled ceiling in a farmhouse bathroom

Wood Paneled Ceiling In A Modern Bathroom
Photo: southerngraceinteriors_

This natural wood bathroom with black accents is one of our favorite ceiling designs since it perfectly blends modern and farmhouse styles. The black hexagon tile contrasts the black trim found throughout the room, while the wood-stain vanity adds a comfy feeling to the room.

15. bathroom ceiling with a chandelier

Glam Chandelier Outside The Shower
Photo: joyoflivingdesigns

Go glam with a crystal chandelier hanging from your bathroom ceiling. The simplicity of this design lets you focus on the beautiful soaking tub and shower.

16. Luxury White wallpaper on the ceiling

White Scaloped Ceiling With Molding In A Bathroom
Photo: ritzychristensendesigns

Matching the scalloped design of the floor to the ceiling creates a visually stunning effect in this bathroom. The oversized bathtub combined with the all-white style gives a fairytale look to this room.

17. Natural wood Planks above the bathtub

Natural Wood Panels In A Farmhouse Bathroom
Photo: housinginfo

A large soaking tub with gold hardware is accented by a natural wood ceiling design. We love bringing wood into a bathroom for a warm aesthetic, but it’s also important to consider humidity when building. Natural wood may warp over time when exposed to humidity from your shower or tub. This is why so many homeowners opt for stones like granite or marble. You can still achieve the wood look using waterproof materials that will last in a high-moisture environment.

18. Sloped wood ceiling with a skylight

Sloped Ceiling With Wood Panelling
Photo: taborinteriors

This tall bathroom with a sloped ceiling and skylight offers an abundance of natural light which pairs perfectly with the white subway tile shower. Black accents around the room contrast the all-white look, while the light wood panels on the ceiling add warmth.

19. bathroom ceiling with built-in lighting

Square Recessed Lights In A Modern Bathroom
Photo: souren_interiorista

This contemporary bathroom uses a false ceiling to hide the light strips and recessed lights above. This is one of the easiest ways to save on electrical installation since it won’t require as much drywall work.

20. DIY wood beams on a bathroom ceiling

Thin Wood Beams In A Simple Bathroom
Photo: deqoa_

For a quick DIY update anyone can do, try adding wood beams to your bathroom. You can purchase waterproof MDF or foam that can be stained to look like wood. These materials are also much lighter than solid wood, making them easier to install.

21. wallpaper on the ceiling and walls

Busy Wallpaper On A Bathroom Ceiling For An Eclectic Style
Photo: halifaxpapertrails

This eccentric bathroom contrasts the blue half-wall paneling with bright orange wallpaper that extends to the ceiling. While this style may not be for everyone, installing wallpaper on your ceiling is a fun way to add a design without breaking the bank.

22. perimeter lighting in the bathroom ceiling

Lighting Built Into A Bathroom Ceiling
Photo: nasza_idealna_stodola

Lighting around the perimeter of this bathroom ceiling adds a soft natural light. The warmth is accented by wood paneling on the walls and ceiling. Large white tiles are used on the floor for a clean look.

23. Natural wood in a shiplap farmhouse bathroom

Bathroom Ceiling Ideas With Wood For A Modern Look
Photo: abbbclark_homeee

This farmhouse-style bathroom mixes shiplap walls with a light wood ceiling. Open shelves and black accents accentuate the country-chic style.

24. white Shiplap and wood beams

Shiplap Ceiling In A Country Bathroom
Photo: isoboard_sa

The beams on this shiplap ceiling help add depth to the space, while gray walls focus your attention on the farmhouse soaking tub. Exposed pipes make this cottage bathroom feel authentic.

25. spa-like bathroom with wood ceiling and marble

Spa Like Bathroom With Marble And Wood
Photo: siparila

White marble floor tiles are contrasted by black accents and a rich wood ceiling that all add to the spa-like feeling of this bathroom. The large shower features a glass door to make the space appear larger. When renovating your home, it’s important to have a vision of what you want your space to look like. This will then help you narrow down bathroom ceiling ideas to meet your goals.

26. white oak ceiling to match the vanity

White Oak Ceiling That Matches The Vanity In This Neutral Bathroom
Photo: ufpedge

The white oak vanity in this bathroom accentuates the earthy tones of the floor tile. A light wood ceiling matches the shade of the vanity, creating a cohesive look. When building a bathroom with wood, ensure it is water-resistant to avoid mildew and mold.

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