30 Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas For Any Home

Vaulted ceilings add height and dimension to any room, but don’t forget the lighting. With all that space, lights in a vaulted ceiling are the perfect opportunity to make a striking statement.

Depending on your style, you can choose from various light fixtures, including chandeliers, pendant lights, or angled ceiling lights. All these types of lights can accent different styles and make a unique statement in any room with a vaulted ceiling.

Based on the height of your room, you’ll want to determine the length and size of your vaulted ceiling lighting. With higher ceilings, you’ll typically want a larger light to fit the room’s scale.

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the perfect light for your vaulted ceilings. Our gallery includes 30 stunning vaulted ceiling light ideas.

1. Modern White and Black Chandelier

Modern Living Room With Large Windows And A Hanging Chandelier
Photo: landondevelopment

This stunning modern living room features an oversized white couch with rounded accent chairs. A black marble fireplace extends with vertical shiplap to the ceiling. The vaulted ceiling has a white and black chandelier hanging as the centerpiece of this room.

2. Farmhouse Shiplap with a French Country Chandelier

Vaulted Ceiling Lighting In A Farmhouse
Photo: thosedecorideas

This farmhouse bedroom features beige tones with a layered bed. The bench at the end of the bed matches the rustic rug on the floor. A black chandelier hangs from the shiplap ceiling.

3. Two Pendant Lights And A Chandelier

Rustic Farmhouse With Cathedral Ceiling Lights
Photo: carterfamilyranchhome

A round black chandelier acts as a vaulted ceiling light hanging from the wood beams in this beautiful living room. Mixing wood beams and metal lighting fixtures is a great way to tie into kitchen hardware or other accents. Alternatively, if you don’t want to hang a chandelier, you can install recessed lighting in your ceiling or wood beams.

4. Moody Black Net Lights with Sconces

Brown And Black Vaulted Ceiling With Black Net Lights
Photo: octagon_bespoke

Black tile floors give this living room a moody feel. While white sconces help to balance the black net lights hanging from the ceiling. Large windows add an abundance of light to this room.

5. Chandelier in a Farmhouse Cathedral Ceiling

Farmhouse Vaulted Ceiling With Chandelier
Photo: troylighting

A gold farmhouse chandelier hangs from a high barn ceiling covered in white shiplap. Warm oak floors balance the shiplap and white wood beams in the space. Beige couches and black glass coffee tables are used as furniture.

6. Modern Sloped Ceiling Living Room

Modern Globe Light Chandelier In Vaulted Ceiling
Photo: greenliliart

A modern Japanese style living room features a low beige couch and white oak coffee table. The round ball-like chandelier is used for lighting in this modern vaulted ceiling. Large windows are outlined in black metal.

7. Pendant Lights in a Tall ceiling

Dark Brown Vaulted Ceiling With Pendant Lights
Photo: peakedesign.ca

This farmhouse kitchen with a vaulted ceiling features two brown pendant lights. Dark wood beams in the ceiling match the kitchen island. White cabinets contrast the island, and chairs are used for seating.

8. Crystal Chandelier in a Rustic Space

Crystal Chandelier Vaulted Ceiling Light In A Modern Barnhouse
Photo: thepsychologieofhome

A crystal chandelier hangs from this massive cathedral ceiling. Brown rustic wood accents are used on the walls, while tall black windows allow natural light. A grey couch with multi-colored pillows is used for seating.

9. Modern Farmhouse Living Room Chandelier

Black Hanging Chandelier Used As A Living Room Light
Photo: realestateredesigned

Two beige couches flank this living room, with a tufted black coffee table in the center. A white brick fireplace gives the space a farmhouse style. A modern black chandelier hangs from the high ceilings in this living room.

10. Angled Up Lighting with Wood Beams

Up Lighting In A Vaulted Ceiling Living Area
Photo: thepsychologieofhome

Built-in angled up-lighting is used in this vaulted ceiling as an alternative to recessed lighting. We love these feature lights since they direct the lightbulbs upwards for a unique effect. In addition, a large window frames the lake view from this dining room.

11. Very Tall Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

High Circle Chandelier Used In A Very Tall Living Room
Photo: makingthemorrows

A large brick fireplace with a grey couch appears in the living room. Two mouse heads hang from the walls next to the fireplace. A round chandelier hangs from a stained wood beam in the vaulted ceiling. While we love this design, with the high ceilings in this space, they could opt for a larger chandelier to make an even bigger statement.

12. Cottage Kitchen Pendant Light

Cottage Kitchen With A Four Candle Chandelier Hanging From Vaulted Ceiling
Photo: windowboxcottage

This cottage kitchen has cream-colored cabinets, an antique stove, and a red hood. A black pendant light hangs above the kitchen table from the vaulted ceiling.

13. White Light Fixture in a Modern Living Room

White Vaulted Ceiling Lighting
Photo: brusharborhomes

Two chairs sit in front of the fireplace with a grey table. White built-in cabinets are installed along the wall. A light metal chandelier hangs from the wood beams in the vaulted ceiling.

14. Rustic Ski Lodge with Plenty of Wood

Ski Lodge With Antler Chandelier Hanging From A Vaulted Ceiling
Photo: dogtrotacres

This mountain ski lodge living room features big wood beams and a stone fireplace on each side. A white couch sits under the antler chandelier that hangs from the high vaulted ceiling.

15. Two-tier round chandelier

Two Tier Round Chandelier Hanging From A Wood Beam Vaulted Ceiling
Photo: lindafrederickinteriors

A southwest-themed living room and kitchen feature a light brown leather couch and wood chairs. A two-tier round chandelier hangs from natural wood beams.

16. Gold Living Room Chandelier

Round Gold Chandelier In A Brick Living Room With Shiplap
Photo: jennifersusanstyle

White couches and an armchair sit on the grey tile floor with a beige rug. A gold chandelier with white lampshades hangs from the shiplap vaulted ceiling with beams.

17. Pendant Light in a modern vaulted ceiling

White Sofa With A Modern Fireplace And Basket Pendant Light
Photo: chesneysfireside

A white fireplace and flat-screen tv sit in front of a light grey couch in this beautiful living room. A basket pendant light and track lighting hang from this modern sloping ceiling.

18. Rustic Farmhouse Cabin Light

Black Rustic Chandelier Hanging From A Vaulted Ceiling
Photo: remingtonranchfarmhouse

A brick fireplace extends to the shiplap vaulted ceiling with wood beams. The black chandelier provides lighting to the room. A creme-colored couch is covered in pillows and flanked by accent seats.

19. Mountain House Chandelier

Black Iron Vaulted Ceiling Light Fixture
Photo: creekview.acres

A large window provides mountain views in this white living room. Grey couches provide seating next to the stone fireplace. A black metal chandelier hangs high above the furniture from the vaulted ceiling.

20. Farmhouse Kitchen Chandelier

Simple Black Candle Light Hanging In A Shiplap Farmhouse
Photo: stayfoxx

A black chandelier is used for vaulted ceiling lighting in this farmhouse living room that connects to the kitchen. White couches and chairs sit on a classic red rug. A white kitchen with a black island is pictured.

21. Modern White Vaulted Ceiling

Starburst Light In A Modern White Vaulted Ceiling Playroom
Photo: ozasabbeth

White oak floors and walls bring a bright and airy feeling to this children’s playroom. Pocket doors open the space to the outside. A black starburst chandelier light hangs from the sloped ceiling.

22. Ceiling Fan and Black Lights

Black Wet Bar With Black Pendant Lights Hanging From The Ceiling
Photo: jennverrierphoto

This home bar features a black bar with metal shelving and a sink. Black coffee tables sit in front of a grey couch for seating. A ceiling fan and black pendant lights hang from the white vaulted ceiling with wood beams.

23. White Oak Ceiling with Off-Center Light

Off Center Light Hanging From A Vaulted White Oak Ceiling
Photo: dagandesign

This open-concept living room and dining room feature white oak hardwood floors. The matching wood dining table sits in front of the blue cabinets. A black metal light fixture hangs from the sloped ceiling.

24. Stunning White Living Room

Round Gold Chandelier In Front Of A Modern White Living Room And Fireplace
Photo: raykon_construction

An all-white living room features wood cabinets and accents in front of the white brick fireplace. A gold round chandelier is used for lighting connected to the high ceiling with wood beams. Plants are used to add a pop of color to the coffee table.

25. Modern Wood Beams and Big Windows

Light Wood Beams And Chandelier In A Dining Room
Photo: farmhouselifestylee

This dining room has a black table with bench seating overlooking the large black windows that bring in plenty of natural light. A modern crystal chandelier hangs from the center of the vaulted ceiling with wood beams.

26. Modern Wine Cellar with Vaulted Ceilings

Black Global Light In A Wine Celler With Vaulted Ceiling
Photo: albionnord

While not your traditional vaulted ceiling, this wine cellar offers a unique design. A black round light fixture hangs from the brick barrel-style arch.

27. Vaulted Ceiling Hallway Light

Vaulted Ceiling Hallway Light
Photo: thepsychologieofhome

Glass pendant lights are used as lighting in this vaulted hallway. Benches sit along the wall for seating. White rugs on the black wood floors match the white walls and ceiling.

28. Rustic Mountain House Cabin

Brick Fireplace With Black Chandelier And Doors
Photo: carterfamilyranchhome

A rustic cabin living room with a stone fireplace and mounted TV. The white couch and brown leather chairs are used for seating. A simple black light hangs from the wood ceiling.

29. Matching Pendant Light and Chandelier

White Oak Beams In A Vaulted Ceiling With Lights Hanging
Photo: myrusticmodernhome

This living room features a whitewashed brick fireplace adding character to the space. A brown leather couch and white chairs sit under a big round black metal chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling. The living room light fixture matches the pendant light above the black kitchen island.

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