32 Half Wall Paneling Ideas To Revamp Any Room

Half Wall Paneling Ideas

If you want to add a bit of style to a room or want to fill an empty wall, we’ve got all the half-wall paneling ideas to make it happen. Whether you’re interested in shiplap, board, batten, or wood paneling, the possibilities are endless.

Molding is one of our favorite ways to style a room because it works of any size space. In small rooms, wall paneling adds depth and dimension, while in large spaces it helps fill big blank walls.

After moving into our home, we decided to add board and batten to our powder room, since it featured a large blank wall. This easy DIY project cost us less than $100 and completely transformed the bathroom.

Whether you’re updating an existing room or designing a totally new space, we’ve got our favorite half wall paneling ideas in the gallery below.

1. Grey Wainscoting in a White Bedroom

Half Wall Paneling Behind Bed
Photo: athomewiththegreenwoods

This neutral bedroom adds a board and batten paneling on half the way, accenting the colors in the room. Painting the molding a similar color as the furniture makes it seem like an extension of the headboard. Board and batten are also one of the easiest moldings to install in your home.

2. bathroom Beadboard Shiplap with Wallpaper

Half Wall Bead Board In A Small Bathroom
Photo: _houseonthemeadow

No matter the size of the room, you can still have style! This small bathroom proves this to be accurate by using craftsman-style shiplap and wallpaper to help distract from its size. The busy wallpaper mixes perfectly with the simple vertical shiplap.

3. Half Wall Paneling in a Farmhouse Living Room

Partial Wall Paneling Idea With Shaker Style Design
Photo: inside_no_226

This modern farmhouse uses half-wall paneling to add to the room’s character while matching the color scheme. Adding molding is a great way to fill the space for large empty walls. After moving into our home, we added full-height and half-wall molding in multiple rooms and it helped complete our room.

4. White Wainscoting Panels for a Mudroom

Farmhouse Mudroom Wall With White Panels And Black Accents
Photo: dry_creek_farmhouse

Adding hooks, a bench, and a shelf to this white wainscoting wall turns your molding into a functional area. The black hooks and wood accents contrast this white mudroom area.

5. Dropzone with White Wall Paneling

Farmhouse Half Wall Wood Paneling In A Drop Zone With Brick Floors
Photo: thosefarmhouseideas

The white wood paneling covering two-thirds of the wall is the perfect accent to this grey bench and brick floor drop-zone area. Adding sconces above the paneling is a great way to complete the design and add lighting.

6. Half Wall Wood Paneling in a Stunning Hallway

White Half Wall Paneling In A Hallway With Grey Walls
Photo: dm_signature_remodeling_inc

Modern farmhouse wainscoting is used in this hallway and matches the shaker-style cabinet design in the kitchen. Adding paneling is a great way to give a finished look without spending too much on decor for long areas like hallways.

7. Horizontal Shiplap with Wallpaper in a Country Sitting Room

Farmhouse Shiplap On Half The Wall With Wallpaper Above
Photo: homes_antiques

This rustic dining room uses horizontal shiplap on the wall to add a farmhouse charm, while the wallpaper above adds character. Mixing half-wall paneling and wallpaper is a great way to give a room a finished look.

8. Half-Wall Paneling Ideas for an Entryway

White Painted Half Wall Paneling With Two Sconces
Photo: thefarmhouseinterior

This painted half-wall paneling is the perfect way to accent the green buffet in this entryway. Adding sconces to wall panels is a great way to give it a high-end look.

9. Wall Paneling in a Green and Pink Foyer

Green And Pink Country Bathroom With White Wainscoting On Half The Wall
Photo: catherineupcyclelane

This foyer uses pastels to create a beautiful country style, with a green farmhouse door and yellow vanity that immediately greets you when you enter. White wainscoting on the wall helps to provide a bright accent that breaks up all of the colors in this space.

10. Green Shaker Style Molding for a modern look

Green Half Wall Paneling On A White Wall
Photo: buyahousemakeahome

This classic green board and batten adds depth to this wall with two white sconces above. The wood nightstand in front adds warmth to the space while giving it a farmhouse look.

11. Elegant Paneling on Half the Wall

Grey Detailed Half Wall Molding In A Living Room
Photo: heartoftheharrishome

Painted wainscoting is featured on this home’s wall and accents the grey armchair in the living room. Frames are resting on the chair rail of the molding and a pop of color.

12. Mirror Over Wall Panels in a Hallway

Cream Colored Partial Wall Molding On A White Entrance Way Wall
Photo: our_wildflowerhome

This bright entryway contrasts the black console table with a cream-colored half-wall board and batten. While painting molding trim white is typical, using a different color, instantly turns your panels into an accent wall.

13. Kids Nursery with green Half Wall Paneling

White Walls With Half Wood Paneling Painted Green In A Nursery
Photo: livingatlanas

This nursery uses green-painted paneling to add a pop of color to the space, while accents around the room emulate the green tone. A white crib sits in front of the wall with carpet underneath. The kid’s toys lay around the room.

14. Grey Wainscoting around a crisp white bedroom

White Bedroom With Grey Half Panel Wood Walls
Photo: 613farmhouse

Extending this board and batten two-thirds of the way up the wall helps this farmhouse bedroom look taller. The vertical strips in the molding draw your eye up like the canopy bed.

15. White wainscoting with herringbone floors

White Wainscoting With Herringbone Floors In A Living Room
Photo: the_ordinary_home

Simple shaker-style wainscoting balances the herringbone wood floors in this living area. Black accent tables add to the modern farmhouse style of this space. A tufted leather couch sits in front of the molding.

16. Using Wall Panels as Backsplash in a Bathroom

Shiplap Half Wall Paneling With Grey Cabinets And Marble Countertops
Photo: 613farmhouse

Instead of traditional backsplash, this bathroom uses shiplap wall paneling that accents the marble countertop. Using wood paneling instead of stone or tile is a great way to save money on a backsplash, but be sure to use water-resistant materials.

17. Simple Paneled Mudroom Area with wood accents

Wall Paneling With Natural Wood Farmhouse Accents
Photo: bartlett.farmhouse

A bench in front of the white molding halfway transforms this area into the perfect drop zone. Black hooks attached to the paneling give you a place for your coat, while a shelf was added to the top for storage. If you’re tight on space, this is a great way to transform any hallway or nook into a mudroom.

18. White Wood Paneling with Holiday Decorations

Farmhouse Half Wall Paneling Ideas With Christmas Decorations
Photo: happiness_is_homemade_designs

Adding decor to a wall with a chair rail is a great way to style your house for any holiday. However, when installing half-wall paneling, it’s important to consider how wide you want your chair rail or the ledge at the top. A thinner ledge will give a sleeker look but won’t allow for decor.

19. Wood Batten Panels Behind a bed

Farmhouse Wood Paneling On Half Wall In A Tall Bedroom
Photo: ourcrazylife.boyd

Wall paneling doesn’t need to be intricate to be beautiful. This easy DIY bedroom uses 1-inch wood strips attached to the wall to create a stunning accent. Additionally, painting the batten the same color as the wall creates texture while still matching the interior design.

20. Painted Blue Half Wall Shiplap in a hallway

Blue Half Wall Wood Paneling In A Brick Hallway
Photo: kristinacrestindesign

The brick floor in this cottage-style home is accented by green shiplap molding throughout the space. A mudroom bench is built into the hallway, while hooks provide a place for your coats.

21. Vertical Shiplap behind a bed

Half Wall Shiplap Paneling Behind A Bed
Photo: homey.farmhouse

Using a shiplap behind your bed is a great way to make your headboard seem even larger, giving the room a luxurious feel. This trend has become popular in the last few years since the wall behind your bed is typically a large blank space that most people struggle to decorate.

22. green Shiplap with white walls

Green Shiplap Half Wall Paneling
Photo: roomazen

Green shiplap meets white shaker-style cabinets to create a subtle contrast. Depending on your taste, painting wall molding is a great way to accentuate your style without needing to paint an entire room.

23. Dining Room with Beautiful Ceilings and Paneling

Dining Room With Coffered Ceiling And Half Wall Paneling
Photo: bengkelpropertybandung

This farmhouse-style dining room features white wainscoting around the perimeter. Black accents are used throughout the space, adding to the farmhouse look, while a coffered ceiling adds dimension.

24. Country Farmhouse Bathroom with Pink Shiplap

Pink Beadboard Paneling In A Bathroom With Wallpaper
Photo: bramleyandbear

Adding tongue and groove wall paneling is a great way to dress up small spaces like bathrooms or hallways. The pink pastel color of the shiplap in this bathroom, combined with the busy wallpaper, transforms this powder room into a beautiful space.

25. Grey Shiplap Panels with Grey Walls

Grey Wainscoting In A Bathroom On Half The Wall
Photo: bengkelpropertybandung

This rustic bathroom features natural hardwood floors and a small white vanity. Around the room, a grey shiplap accents the grey walls.

26. Board and Batten in a Farmhouse Dining Room

Grey Paneling For Half The Wall In A Farmhouse Dining Room
Photo: pepperspad_

Simple half-wall board and batten in a cozy dining room with white walls. A blue and natural wood table sits on the brown carpet with grey chairs. The heater is painted to match the wall molding extending the accent beyond one wall.

27. Grey Paneled Wall in a Bedroom

Grey Half Wall Paneling Behind Bed
Photo: cominghomebtq

A black iron bed gives this room a farmhouse design accented by the grey shiplap on the wall. Plenty of pillows and blankets sit on the bed, making this space feel inviting.

28. Simple Chair Rail in a Dining Room

White Paneling In A Dining Room
Photo: ourthriftylife

For easy molding, this dining room has a chair, rail, and board that extends around the perimeter. Painted in trim white, this wainscoting helps brighten the room. If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to decorate a large wall or even a room, try adding molding.

29. Stunning Dining Room with White Wainscoting

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room With White Wainscoting And Wallpaper
Photo: renovationhusbands

This beautifully designed dining room features classic wainscoting that extends up the walls and is accented by a floral green wallpaper. The busy print in the wallpaper matches the rug under the table, while green tones are carried across from the adjacent room. A brown-stained dining room table and chairs give the space a contemporary look.

30. Half Wall Panels in a Farmhouse Entryway

Half Wall Paneling In A Hallway With White Oak Floord

Herringbone wood floors with beige rugs exude natural hues in this entryway, while a black console table contrasts the white wainscoting. Beige wall paint is used to tie into the wood floors and accents.

31. Eccentric bathroom with Beadboard Backsplash

Green Beadboard Panels As Bathroom Backsplash With Jungle Wallpaper
Photo: easipanel

A dark green shiplap is used behind the bathroom sink and around the room, creating a moody feel. The floral wallpaper lightens the style of the room with lots of bright colors. Mixing and matching dark and light colors is a great way to elevate a room’s look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Half Wall Paneling Called?

Half wall paneling is also called wainscoting, and despite its name can range from one-third to two-thirds of the wall (so not always half). Traditionally wainscoting is painted white with a sem-gloss or gloss finish, however you can paint it any color you like to create a beautiful statement.

Does Half Paneling Make a Room Look Smaller?

No, half paneling or wainscoting makes a room look larger since it creates depth and dimension on your walls. It’s also a great way to make a wall look styled without any decor or art. Blank walls look smaller when they have small art or other decor that doesn’t fill enough of the wall. In comparison, wainscoting or molding helps to decorate the wall making it appear larger.

What Types of Molding Can You Add to a Wall?

The most common types of wall moldings are shiplap, board and batten, box molding, chair rail or wainscoting. Elements of each of these styles can also be mixed and match depending on your home and the area you’re decorating.

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