31 Cream Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas For A Stunning Home

Cream Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Shelves

Cream kitchen cabinets provide a soft hue that feels warm and inviting in any kitchen. And if you want to break away from the traditional white kitchen cabinets, cream or beige is an easy alternative.

Cream (which is sometimes called beige), is an off-white color with yellowish undertones. While cream is still a neutral shade, it offers more character than plain white cabinetry. These soft tones often lend themselves to a farmhouse-style kitchen, but as you’ll see below, beige cabinetry can also work for modern kitchen designs.

Check out our favorite cream kitchen cabinets with ideas and designs in our inspiration gallery below.

1. Dark Walls with Cream Kitchen Cabinets

Cream Kitchen Cabinets In A Kitchen With Chevron Floors
Photo: victorian.restoration

This kitchen features cream cabinets and a wood countertop that accents the herringbone wood floors in the space. Modern appliances are built into the cabinetry balancing the rustic country style of the room.

2. Beige Backsplash and Countertops with Wood Accents

Cream Beige Kitchen Cabinets With Beige Backsplash
Photo: yorkshire_homebird

This simple kitchen sticks with earth tones using pairing cream-colored cabinets with darker beige countertops and tiled backsplash. Using different shades of the same color is a great way to create a cohesive design that still has contrast.

3. Farmhouse Cream Kitchen Cabinets with Shelves

Cream Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Brown Wood Shelves
Photo: joleneunruh

This kitchen with cream colored kitchen cabinets uses butcher block wood shelves to offer warm tones and add storage. Open shelving is a great option to add upper storage while still saving since they’re less expensive than cabinetry.

4. Busy Granite Countertops and a Gold Pendant Light

Creamy Cabinets Compliment The Gold Hardware And Lighting
Photo: cs_cabinetry

A busy granite countertop with cream and gray tones complements the off-white cabinetry in this U-shaped kitchen. A built-in microwave adds a modern touch, while the gold pendant light matches the cabinet hardware.

5. Light Beige Inset Cabinetry in a High-End Kitchen

Cream Inset Cabinetry With Glass Inserts
Photo: 1701homes

These antique cream kitchen cabinets have an inset design that gives them a modern and updated look. While inset cabinetry is more expensive since it requires precise measurements, it instantly gives your kitchen a high-end look.

6. Shaker-Style Cabinets with Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher Block Countertops In A Beige Kitchen With White Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo: athomewithlia

White subway tile with white grout matches the farmhouse sink installed in this country-style kitchen. Beige cabinets subtly contrast the backsplash, while a butcher block wood countertop adds rich neutral hues to the space. We love using wood countertops since they add warmth to a room and are a fraction of the cost of stone counters.

7. Antique Cream Kitchen Cabinets in a Small Space

Beige Cabinets And Countertops In A Kitchen With Checkerboard Floors
Photo: renewedbyshauna

This small kitchen features a neutral palette with cream-colored cabinets, backsplash, and countertops. The checkerboard pattern floor tile highlights the brown undertones in the kitchen. Brass handles on the cabinets add a modern flair to the space while still matching the design.

8. Small Off-White Kitchen with Black countertops

Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Painted Off-White
Photo: sunshine_valley_wv

Pairing cream off-white cabinets with black countertops create a stunning contrast that matches the black hardware. A window over the sink brightens this tiny kitchen and features plants for a pop of color.

9. Shaker-Style Kitchen Cabinets with Marble Backsplash

Cream Shaker Style Cabinets With Marble Backsplash And Quartz Countertops
Photo: n.leaf_home

The marble tile backsplash reflects light creating texture in this cream cabinet kitchen. The shine from the tile balances the matte finish of the shaker-style cabinets. Open shelves above the sink match the cabinets and are the perfect place for displaying decor.

10. White Subway Tile Backsplash with Retro Beige Cabinets

Farmhouse-Style Kitchen Cabinet With A Distressed Cream Finish
Photo: hazim.hana

This retro-modern kitchen features flat cabinetry painted beige, evoking a 1980s sense of design that is contrasted by the black countertop and white backsplash. Stone floor with gold veining accents the colors in this kitchen.

11. Rustic Wood Shelves and vertical shiplap

Modern Shaker Style Coffee Area With Beige Cabinets And Vertical Shiplap Backsplash
Photo: naszurahome

Rustic wood shelves with a vertical shiplap backsplash add a rustic touch to the cream cabinets. We love using these types of kitchen nooks as a coffee bar or mini bar (whichever you like more)! Glass cabinets on both sides of the shelves can be used to display mugs or glassware, while the center area can store any small appliances.

12. Brown Backsplash with Black Countertops

Retro Kitchen Cabinet With A Cream Color
Photo: athomewiththe_hunts

This small space pairs cream colored kitchen cabinets with black granite countertops to create contrast without overpowering the area. The brown tile backsplash has undertones of red that add a pop of color to the space.

13. Modern Floor to Ceiling Cream Kitchen Cabinets

Beige Cream Colored Cabinets That Extend Floor To Ceiling
Photo: wymarzonyzony

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets painted beige fill this kitchen with a warm and inviting look. White quartz countertops with grey veining add a luxurious feel along with the gold faucet and hardware. While cream-colored cabinets have been replaced by white in terms of popularity, they still offer a unique look that can work with any style.

14. Small Country Kitchen with Subway Tile and Wood Counter

A Modern Kitchen Cabinet With A Sleek, Cream Finish
Photo: little_but_lovely_home

This tiny kitchen space shows you don’t need a big area for a beautiful design! Pairing cream cabinetry with wood countertops gives the room a farmhouse feel the subway tile backsplash continues that. White cabinets and black hardware are commonly found in a farmhouse style design, but using an off-white color is a great way to add a bit of character to the design.

15. Retro Beige Kitchen with Black Countertops

Kitchen Cabinet With A Cream Color.
Photo: ournumber378

This retro-style kitchen combines black countertops with flat front cabinetry for a contemporary look. Black and metal bar stools at the island complement the style, while wide plank wood floors add a rustic feel.

16. Cream Color Cabinets And Brick Backsplash

Brick Backsplash Behind A Beige Cabinet Kitchen
Photo: foxwoodkitchensandbaths

The brick backsplash adds an industrial charm to this kitchen with cream antique cabinets. Black hardware is accented by the black pendant lights above the island and nearby chairs. A stainless steel farmhouse sink and appliances add a modern look to this space.

17. grey Granite with inset cabinets

Dark Cream Colored Kitchen Cabinets With A Grey Granite Backsplash
Photo: tippers_luxury_showroom

Grey granite countertops match the silver hardware on the cream-inset cabinets in this kitchen. Coordinating the undertones of your countertop material with your hardware or other decor is a great way to create a cohesive kitchen design.

18. Stainless Steel Appliances and Black Countertops

Stainless Steel Appliances And Black Countertops With Beige Cabinets
Photo: traybrownx

A stainless steel range hood and island stove top are the focal point of this kitchen, with cream-colored cabinets and black countertops. Pairing black counters with light-colored cabinets is a great way to create a stark contrast.

19. Earth tone Marble Backsplash in a Beige Kitchen

Marble Backsplash With Brown Veining In A Kitchen With Beige Cabinets And Gold Handles

A marble backsplash with brown veining and earthy undertones perfectly complements this kitchen’s antique-style cream cabinets. Since marble is one of the most expensive stone materials, using it as a backsplash can get pricey. This design does a great job of limiting the amount of marble used by installing a matching soffit across the top of the stovetop.

20. Subway Tile Backsplash with Lower Beige Cabinets

Beige Lower Cabinets With Wood Countertops And No Upper Cabinets
Photo: dom.mojasloneczna

Instead of upper cabinets, this design pairs subway tile backsplash with lower beige cabinets. Black hardware contrasts the light-colored cabinetry while complementing the white and black mosaic tile floor. A wood countertop adds warm neutral tones to the space and accents the cream hues.

21. A navy Island In a Cream Colored Kitchen

A Cream Wooden Kitchen Cabinet With A Farmhouse Sink
Photo: featheringournest

A navy kitchen island contrasts the cream perimeter cabinets and chevron wood floors. Brass hardware is used throughout the space, adding a warm accent and creating a cohesive look across the room.

22. A Glass Ceiling with Commercial Appliances

Glass Roof In A Beige Kitchen With Stainless Steel Appliances
Photo: kariyoung.interiors

The glass ceiling in this apartment kitchen offers plenty of light, with plants scattered around the space bringing in an outdoors vibe. Commercial appliances give the space a high-end look but are balanced by the soft cream cabinets and dark island. Grey marble countertops are used throughout the space, adding a mode n touch.

23. Cream Off-White Kitchen Cabinets and Wood Counters

Wood Countertops On Cream Colored Cabinets In A Small Kitchen With Silver Handles
Photo: clayto .corner.at.no.1

This small corner kitchen features a wood countertop with light cream cabinets for an all-neutral color scheme. While white cabinets have been popular for the last few years, they can look sterile at times, that’s why we love using off-white shades like beige or cream.

24. Green Walls And White Beams in a Country Home

Farmhouse Cream Kitchen Cabinets With Wood Countertops And White Wood Beams On The Ceiling
Photo: cosyrosiecottage

This farmhouse-style country kitchen uses off-white cabinets with exposed hinges to bring a rustic feel to the space. A polished wood countertop echos the rustic charm of the space, along with the white wood beams running across the ceiling. A vase of flowers on the island act as decor and match a similar arrangement next to the sink.

25. Under Cabinet Lighting in an Off-White Space

Cream Kitchen Vibes  In Trends.
Photo: butterfly_place_bamburgh

This kitchen is all about the lighting, with cabinet lights installed beneath the upper and lower cabinetry. Glass pendant lights continue the trend over the island, illuminating the light beige cabinets around the room. Under-cabinet lighting is a great way to add ambiance to your space without being too bright. During our recent kitchen renovation, we installed light strips beneath our upper cabinets and love the look.

26. Black Hardware on Beige Cabinets

Small Cream Colored Kitchen With Black Handles And White Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo: littleavonhouse

Black handles on the beige kitchen cabinets give this kitchen a farmhouse look that feels warm and inviting. Similar cream hues in the countertop echo the neutral color, while the white subway tile backsplash brightens the space.

27. Wood Shelves between Off-White Cabinets

Glow Your Kitchen With Cream Color Cabinet
Photo: acorn_barn_conversion

Wood shelves spanning across the upper cream cabinets in this kitchen give the space an open feeling and are the perfect place for decor. While shelves don’t provide as much storage as cabinets, they are more affordable and help avoid your space feeling overcrowded by cabinetry.

28. Arched doorways in a Cream marble kitchen

Obessed With Cream Kitchen Cabinets
Photo: designerstudio____

This modern kitchen features a thin shaker-style inset cabinet that is absolutely stunning the space. Wide plank white oak floors match the neutral tones of the cream cabinet colors, while arched doorways allow plenty of natural light. Beige marble countertops and backsplash nearly match the color of the cabinets with brown veining in the stone, adding a natural contrast.

29. Rustic Wood Beams in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Cream Kitchen With Beautiful Oak Beams On Show
Photo: minervadesign__

This down-home kitchen uses an abundance of natural wood to bring in a rustic style that is complemented by the cream-colored cabinets. A farmhouse sink and wood shiplap sliding door add to the charm, while beige floor tile matches the neutral shades in the space. Silver hardware on the cabinets adds a subtle contrast without standing out too much.

30. Cream Colored Kitchen Cabinets with brick

That Kitchen Morning Light Perfrctly With Cream Kitchen
Photo: katherinelaurendesign

The exposed brick in this cream kitchen adds a unique texture that complements the white subway tile backsplash. Neutral hues from the wood floors are carried forward with the cabinets and white countertops.

31. A Country Cream Cabinets Kitchen

Modern Creamy Kitchen In Trends.
Photo: elleandjamesco

This simple farmhouse kitchen features beige cream cabinets without any handles for a clean look that emphasizes the neutral color. White countertops and backsplash are the perfect backdrops to brighten this space with a mixer and cutting board displayed as decor.

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