36 Stunning Over Kitchen Sink Lighting Designs

When designing your home, don’t forget the over the kitchen sink lighting! This task light is key to brightening dark corners and injecting some serious style into the room. Whether you’re going bold with a chandelier or subtle with pot lights, plenty of options will match whatever aesthetic vibe you have in mind.

Installing lighting over the sink is a great way to make sure you have enough visibility when washing dishes or preparing food. Plus, having a light source there makes it easier to cook confidently, knowing you can see what you’re doing.

While pendant and pot lights are standard for over the sink lighting, there is an abundance of options available for your kitchen (We love #15 below).

Keep reading for 36 beautiful over the sink lights and ideas to give your kitchen a beautiful and unique look.

1. Gold Sconces For a Luxurious Look

Gold  Sconces Over The Kitchen Sink With White Cabinets
Photo: home_decor_daily

The luxurious kitchen uses two gold sconces above the sink for lighting. The sconces match the gold hardware and accents used throughout the kitchen. In addition, black and marble countertops help to accentuate the gold fixtures.

2. retro vibes with simple lighting

Retro Kitchen With Smeg Fridge And Gold Sconce
Photo: colourful_kitchens

This retro kitchen with blue cabinets uses a simple off-center light above the sink. The brass light fixture feels very old-fashioned in this simple space.

3. Clear Edison Light Over the Kitchen Sink

Edison Bulb Over Sink Lighting Sconce In Green Kitchen
Photo: homebunch

A clear glass Edison light fixture is used for over kitchen sink lighting in this eccentric kitchen. Since the glass on the fixture is clear, it easily matches the black and gold island lighting.

4. Double Sconces For Over Kitchen Sink Lighting

Double Sconces In A Neutral Kitchen
Photo: themodernhive

As pictured above, double sconces above your sink are a great way to tie into a farmhouse decor vibe. The subway tile and black fixtures match this beautiful kitchen’s hardware used on the cabinet.

5. Brass Light Fixture for Over the Sink

Brass Over The Sink Kitchen Light Fixture
Photo: the.new.build.house

A dual light fixture over the sink points the light bulbs outwards instead of down to the sink. This can help light the room instead of just above the sink.

6. Clear Edison Light in An Eccentric Kitchen

Eccentric Kitchen With Pattern Wallpaper And Edison Light
Photo: medfordremodeling

This eccentric kitchen with patterned wallpaper uses a simple Edison bulb light fixture over the sink for easy lighting. Since this kitchen has many design elements, using a simple over kitchen sink light is perfect.

7. Gold Over Sink Lighting in Warm Kitchen

Gold Over Kitchen Sink Light With White Cabinets
Photo: the.mini.crew

Gold over sink lights helps add to this kitchen’s warmth and match the cabinets’ gold fixtures. In addition, gold is a great color if you have light hardwood floors in your kitchen since it can tie in nicely.

8. Wood Kitchen beauty

Black And Gold Over Sink Pendant Chandelier
Photo: emmerealtor

This kitchen relies heavily on wood for the ceiling and countertops, so the black and gold chandelier helps to break up some of the colors. Plus, the black light fixture matches the metal frame window behind it.

9. basket weave chandelier Over the Sink

Over Sink Basket Weave Chandelier
Photo: kitchens_of_insta

With this white kitchen, the owner added a neutral-colored basket weave chandelier over the kitchen sink. This fixture helps to add color and texture to the design without overpowering it.

10. Gold Art Lighting Above the Sink

Art Lighting Used Over The Kitchen Sink To Match The Gold Hardware
Photo: mmlighting

This blue kitchen uses three art lights above the sink for a unique design. Art lights often provide softer light which is perfect above a sink.

11. Feminine Sconce Above the Sink in Floral Kitchen

Feminine Kitchen Design With Light Gold Sconce Above The Sink
Photo: colourful_kitchens

A dainty over kitchen sink scone highlights this very feminine kitchen. The rose gold on the sconce adds to the floral and feminine design.

12. Gold Sconce lights over Kitchen Sink

3 Gold Sconces Above The Kitchen Sink
Photo: pjstagingdecor

Gold sconces over the sink match the warm wood floors and island cabinets. White cabinets and countertops add a clean and bright look to this kitchen.

13. Dual Gold Sconces Above Sink in White Kitchen

Two Sconces Used As Over Kitchen Sink Lights
Photo: rsdesignmanagement

Two gold sconce lights over the sink give this bright white kitchen a luxurious and modern look. Warm wood floors and natural wood chairs on the island help add to the warm tones in this kitchen.

14. Swing arm lights over the Kitchen Sink

Swing Arm Lights Over The Sink
Photo: eve.ostr

Gold swing arm scones are a unique choice for over sink lights and can add a delicate texture to a kitchen. The thin arms on the lights also contrast the chunk farmhouse sink.

15. Modern chandelier above Island Kitchen sink

Chandelier Over Kitchen Sink In Marble Island
Photo: avaloninteriorshome

A marble countertop and backsplash give this kitchen an opulent look, while a simple chandelier over the sink balances the design. While over kitchen sink lighting can be a fun way to make a statement, we love simple light fixtures for kitchens with many design elements.

16. Under cabinet lights for task lighting

Built-In Task Lighting Under The Cabinets
Photo: ledpont

This kitchen uses under cabinet lighting over the sink and across the countertop for a sleek look. This type of task lighting is excellent if you don’t have a light fixture wired into the ceiling since you can easily install strip lights under your cabinets.

17. Earth Tone Kitchen with a Cozy Vibe

Sconces Above The Sink For Task Lights
Photo: 1.linedesign

This kitchen with earthy tile floors uses sconces for over kitchen sink lighting. Soft light bulbs help to add a warm and cozy tone to this space.

18. Modern and Retro Farmhouse Design

Pendant Chandelier Centered Above A White Kitchen Sink
Photo: oldebricklighting

The simple gold and white kitchen sink light in this farmhouse design helps add an elegant feeling. In addition, the light blue cabinets in this kitchen feature gold hardware that adds to the beautiful design.

19. Brushed sconces in a warm kitchen space

Gold Sconces In A Shake Style Modern Kitchen
Photo: fromtheanvil

We love this transitional kitchen design featuring shaker style cabinets with mixed hardware. For over kitchen sink lighting, the brushed metal sconces provide a simple design that draws your attention upwards toward the wood beams.

20. Two pendant lights above Island Sink

Two Pendant Lights Above Quartz Kitchen Island Sink
Photo: clearcutandco

Two pendant lights are used above the island for over kitchen sink lighting in this beautiful kitchen. We love the use of gold light fixtures that match the gold tones in the stone waterfall island.

21. Swing arm sconces for over kitchen sink lighting

Swing Arm Sconces For Over Kitchen Sink Lights
Photo: aderawindowsanddoors

This kitchen mixes and matches styles with elegant hardware and a farmhouse sink. Three swing arm sconce lights are used over the sink and help to match the sink faucet.

22. simple ceiling light that matches the cabinets

White And Nickel Light Fixture Above The Kitchen Sink
Photo: curatedhomesbyhelen

This simple brushed nickel and white over kitchen sink light matches the cabinets but offers more than a normal can light. We love using a simple sink light that balances the statement pendant lights over the island.

23. feature spot light above kitchen sink

Feature Spot Light Above The Kitchen Sink
Photo: ai_kitchen_design

You can highlight a specific area around your sink using a feature light above the kitchen sink. While a simple option, feature lights are a great alternative to can or pot lights.

24. gold and white sconce in wood kitchen

White And Gold Sconce Above White Farmhouse Sink
Photo: pureandsimplestyle

Over kitchen sink lighting doesn’t need to be complicated to look amazing, and this kitchen proves it. This simple white and gold sconce perfectly matches the warm design of this kitchen and helps highlight the huge farmhouse sink.

25. gold pendant light over the kitchen sink

Gold Pendant Chandelier Light Over Kitchen Sink
Photo: blesserhouse

Matching your over kitchen sink lighting to your hardware is important if you plan on having similar colors. This kitchen does a great job of coordinating the light with the sink faucet for a seamless design.

26. Beige over kitchen sink lighting in a neutral kitchen

Beige Over Kitchen Sink Lighting In A Modern Space
Photo: world_of_ronati

This neutral kitchen is draped with earthy natural tones, including the taupe-colored over sink light. The stone floors and shiplap style cabinets highlight the cottage feel of this kitchen.

27. Hanging Light in Antique Kitchen

Hanging Light Fixture Above Sink In An Antique Kitchen
Photo: storiecollective

Sometimes simple is the best. This basic wire strung over kitchen lighting matches this space’s vintage and antique design.

28. Art Lighting Over Kitchen Sink With Wood Cabinets

Art Light Centered Above Kitchen Sink
Photo: lizmearns

We love art lights, and using them above a kitchen sink is a unique design element that will be a conversation starter in any home. The horizontal design of the light also compliments the long cabinet pulls. So if you’re looking for affordable over kitchen sink lighting, consider an artwork light.

29. Stunning Over Kitchen Sink Chandelier

Star Light Chandelier Over Kitchen Sink
Photo: annalovesneutrals

This modern starburst light over the kitchen sink makes a huge statement contrasting the classic style of this space.

30. Small Gold Can Light to Elevate

Simple Gold Can Light Off-Centered To Kitchen Sink In A Green Kitchen
Photo: home_decor_daily

This gold light fixture takes can lights to the next level without hanging to low. And the off center design still looks great thanks to the matching gold accents.

31. Simple Gold Sconce Over the Kitchen Sink

Simple Gold Sconce In A White Kitchen With Gold Sink And Hardware
Photo: curatednest

A simple gold sconce above the sink balances the gold farmhouse sink that is the centerpiece of this kitchen. When designing a kitchen with over sink lighting, it’s essential to determine what the focal area of your kitchen will be.

32. Matching Black Sconce in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Black Sconce Above Farmhouse Sink That Matches The Island Lighting
Photo: theshortstyle

A classic black and white farmhouse design doesn’t mean you need to have boring lighting. We love the black industrial farmhouse over kitchen sink lighting in this space. Plus, the white oak kitchen island adds warmth to this space.

33. Simple Chandelier Over a Stunning Sink

Simple Chandelier Over Kitchen Sink Lighting
Photo: devolkitchens

We love a great sink, and this marble farmhouse sink is absolutely stunning. A simple white chandelier over the sink compliments the contrast created by the sink and black countertop. In a space like this, where there are many design elements, we love a simple over sink light.

34. Glass Pendant Over Silver and White Sink

Glass Pendant Over Kitchen Sink Lighting Above White Countertop
Photo: selectblinds

For a simple design, this glass chandelier matches the silver sink faucet and blends into the background. While we love over kitchen sink lighting that makes a statement, blending into the background is also helpful in certain spaces.

35. White and Black Farmhouse Chandelier

Black And White Farmhouse Kitchen With Over Kitchen Sink Light
Photo: white_pine_cottage

A simple black chandelier pendant light above this farmhouse sink looks beautiful with the shiplap backsplash.

36. Luxurious Wallpaper Kitchen with Gold Accents

Green Kitchen Cabinets With A Gold Sconce Next To The Sink
Photo: carterfamilyranchhome

If you don’t have a light fixture above your sink, an offset light next to your sink is also a great option. This kitchen features a beautiful gold and white sconce that matches the cabinet hardware.

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