32 Easy Kitchen Island Decor Ideas For Any Style

A kitchen island is the center of any kitchen, where friends and family gather and memories are made. And to make this space even more inviting, you need the right kitchen island decor.

Our favorite part of decorating kitchen islands is finding all the fun knick-knacks, vases, and bowls you can put on your countertop. Whether you’re adding decorations for a holiday like Halloween or Christmas or just sprucing up your year-round style, your possibilities are endless.

In this post, we’re showing 32 of our favorite kitchen island decor ideas as inspiration for your own home!

1. Match Colors to your Kitchen Cabinets

Beige Sticks Used As Decor Match The Kitchen Cabinets
Photo: roombyroomdublin

Use florals and neutral decor to match your kitchen cabinet colors for a cohesive design. For example, this kitchen uses beige straw that compliments the taupe colored shaker cabinets. The jars used for the decor also complement the hardwood floors in this kitchen.

2. Match Your Decor and Pendant Lighting

Two Planters On A Kitchen Island Match The Pendant Lighting
Photo: neptune_weybridge

Pendant lights hang above this dark green kitchen island with two large plants that help close the empty space between the lights and the countertop. White subway tile with gray grout adds to the modern style of this kitchen. Using tall plants with pendant lights is a great way to give your kitchen a more decorated look. We often associate empty space with a lack of decor, so filling this void helps complete the design.

3. Coordinate Your kitchen Island Decor with Nearby Art

Kitchen Island With Decor And Large Artwork
Photo: thelinentownhouse

If you have artwork nearby, try matching your kitchen island decor to the colors found in the art. For example, the small plants on this island perfectly complement the wall art without overcrowding the countertop.

4. Add earthy tones for a natural look

Wide Planter And Bowl As Kitchen Island Decor
Photo: interiorspickle

The large worn bronze vase on the island complements this dark green kitchen. The greenery in the planter also helps bridge the space to the pendant lights above. This kitchen uses earthy tones to contrast the green cabinets while staying in the same color palette.

5. Decorate Kitchen Island Chairs

Christmas Wreaths On Neutral Kitchen Island Chairs
Photo: threetimesahome

Don’t forget about your chairs when looking for kitchen island decorating ideas! We love the mini-Christmas wreaths on these neutral-colored high chairs. This is also a great way to add decor without taking over too much island counter space.

6. Use a Cutting Board for Neutral colors

Navy Blue Island With Cutting Board And Flowers
Photo: alexmirshahi

The cutting board on this navy kitchen island perfectly accents the wood bar stools and adds warmth to this kitchen. If you’re looking to bring natural tones into your kitchen, using a cutting board as decor is one of the easiest ways. Especially since most people already have one in their kitchen!

7. Match your kitchen island wood with bowls

Brown Vases Matching The Brown Kitchen Island
Photo: urbaneinteriors.studio

Large pendant lights with a gold finish hang over this brown-stained island. Brown vases on the island are used as decor and match the wood stain used on the island. Adding decor that matches the colors already in your kitchen and is cohesive is a great way to keep the focus on statement pieces like the lights or island in this space.

8. Use tall plants with pendants for an elevated look

Tall Flowers And Candy Jars On An Island
Photo: holywoodhome

The white flowers on this island are the kitchen’s focal point, while glass jars on the opposite side balance the room. We’d recommend decorating the sides of an island used for space, like this one, to avoid cluttering the area. This will let you still use your island for eating dinners or entertaining guests.

9. Swap Kitchen Island Decor for the Seasons

Fall Flowers And Decor On The Island
Photo: erirose_home

This simple tray, bowl, and vase setup allows you to swap out decor based on the season quickly. For example, try swapping the pumpkins for moss balls in the spring and ornaments in the winter. These easy updates make your home continuously feel decorated with minimal effort.

10. Use florals as a Centerpiece for a feminine look

Colorful Flowers And Vases On An Island
Photo: suzannezinggstyle

This french country kitchen perfectly uses bright florals to accentuate its feminine design style. Layering the vase on a cake stand and several cutting boards adds dimension to the space.

11. Match Island Lighting with Tall Vases

Industrial Pendant Lights Over A White Vase With A Green Plant
Photo: nuproperty

Don’t be afraid to use tall vases as kitchen island decor. While it may feel like it crowds the space initially, a tall vase can perfectly complement pendant lights. The marble countertops on this island blend seamlessly with the white vase, while the greenery inside creates a pop of color.

12. Use Nearby Bowls for Quick Kitchen Island Decorating Ideas

Bronze Bowl Used As Decor On A Shiny Island
Photo: bia_love_decor

Use pots or bowls you have on hand for a quick way to add decor to your kitchen island. To add height, try layering your bowls on top of cookbooks. Decorating your kitchen doesn’t need to take hours, you can find ideas for your home!

13. Add Glass jars for a clean look

Glass Jar With Flowers On A Simple Kitchen Island
Photo: ldckitchens

A glass jar is used as a vase with bright red flowers for decorating this green kitchen island. Keeping the decor on this island simple lets this island and the beautiful herringbone floors remain the centerpiece of this home. A built-in microwave adds functionality to this island.

14. Repurpose old glass jugs as planters

Jug With Flowers In It On A Tray In The Kitchen
Photo: farmshenanigans

Placing artificial flowers in a glass jug or other vessels is an easy way to create kitchen decor that will last for years. This kitchen layers the piece with a rustic wood cutting board that adds texture.

15. Accent your island with flowers and decor

Tall Flower On A Kitchen Butcherblock
Photo: oldrectonewoldrec

A tall plant in a low-white bowl helps to fill the space between this navy island and the glass pendant lights. Keeping the decor simple on this island is the perfect way to focus attention on the beautiful cabinetry in this home. In addition, the blue island features gold accents and shaker-style molding, adding even more detail to this space.

16. Keep it simple for busy countertops

Tall Plant On A Black And White Marble Island
Photo: avaloninteriorshome

Try adding simple but elegant decor to island countertops with a lot of patterns. Since this marble kitchen island is a statement piece on its own, you don’t need a lot of decor. Instead, the white geometric vase and sticks add height to the space while still keeping your attention on the stunning marble.

17. match wood tones across your kitchen counters

Wood Accents In A Kitchen
Photo: akira.interiors

This modern kitchen matches wood bowls across countertops to create a cohesive style. The wood tones in the decor also accent the stools and high-chair on the island. Using similar colors or woods across your decor is an easy way to make it look like you hired a high-end interior designer.

18. Let your kitchen island make the statement

Grey Countertop Island With Simple Vase

Don’t be afraid to use less kitchen decor. This kitchen does a great job of letting the beautiful wood island shine. White and wood vases are used as decor, letting your attention stay on the grey countertops and stunning cabinets.

19. Use a cheeseboard for kitchen island decor

Cutting Board Used As Decor On A Kitchen Island
Photo: homephilosophysg

Instead of placing decor directly on your kitchen countertop, use a cheeseboard or cutting board. This adds texture to your space and lets you keep your kitchen decor in one area. Placing your decor on a cheese board or cutting board makes it easy to move if you need the space for food prep. This kitchen uses a light wood cheeseboard that matches the cabinets to hold a glass jar and picture frame.

20. Add a bouquet of flowers for a farmhouse kitchen

Bouquet Of Flowers On A Kitchen Island
Photo: home_on_hamilton

A glass vase with colorful flowers sits on a wood tray that can also be used for extra storage or other decor on this island. This navy island’s intricate molding also lends to a feminine farmhouse design, while the white cabinets with white countertops balance the space.

21. match decor on open kitchen islands

Low White Bowl And Greenery On A Wood Island
Photo: hello.farmhouse.style

This kitchen design boasts a small open prep island beautifully decorated with white bowls and vases. Adding neutral pottery is a great way to give an open island a farmhouse style while still leaving plenty of room for cooking.

22. Update your kitchen island decor for every holiday

Glass Lids With Garland And Christmas Decor On A Modern Island
Photo: kbbmagazine

Decorating your kitchen island for every holiday is a great way to make your house feel warm and inviting. Plus, nothing says the best house on the block, like decorations for every holiday! This flat granite countertop is the perfect canvas for holiday decor like the garland pictured. Glass lids can add height to the space with decor inside that can easily be switched for every season.

23. Add White Decor for an even brighter kitchen

White Roses In A Glass Jar With White Christmas Trees On A Kitchen Island
Photo: our_grey_bungalow

This kitchen features a large white island with flowers in a glass jug and small Christmas trees as decor. Keeping the decor monotone lets this kitchen retain its style while still decorating for the holidays.

24. match colors with your island for a seamless look

Red Kitchen Island With Earthy Colored Pottery As Decoration
Photo: hello.farmhouse.style

This bright red kitchen island uses accents and pottery with red undertones as decor to keep a similar style across the room. When using unique colors in a kitchen, it’s important to accent the colors (and undertones) in the decor to tie the room together.

25. Coordinate decor and flowers on your kitchen island

Flowers In A Old Metal Scale On A Kitchen Island
Photo: suzannezinggstyle

When it comes to kitchen island decor, the sky’s the limit! This country kitchen uses an old farm scale as a planter, with colorful flowers balancing the industrial look of the piece. To create layers, the planter is on a wood cutting board with glassware that brings in a pop of color. Unlike your kitchen island or cabinets, decor can easily be switched out, so don’t be afraid to try new styles!

26. Use a metal tray for a luxurious vibe

A Gold Tray With A Flower Under Gold Kitchen Pendant Lights
Photo: jaimistyleconnection

The simple metal tray on this kitchen island creates a luxurious look that accents the cabinets’ pendant lights and gold hardware. We use a similar tray on our home bar for utensils, and drink-making tools, since it can be easily moved whenever we make a drink.

27. coordinate decor across countertops

Low Planters And Decor On A Two-Tone Navy Island
Photo: devolkitchens

This kitchen features a navy island with wood accents that add warmth to the space. The white vases on both countertops match and contrast the brown wood part of the island used for seating. Brick-look herringbone floors match the warm colors in this kitchen.

28. add a pop of color with fresh flowers

Purple And White Flowers On A White Kitchen Island With Gold Accents
Photo: my.millennium.maison

Purple floors add color and act as kitchen island decor in this beautiful space. The navy island with white countertops is accented by gold pendant lights over the sink for a luxurious look.

29. use a modern vase for a clean look

Tall Green Plant In A White Case On A Modern Kitchen Island
Photo: iarrangeinteriors

If you’re looking for ideas for decorating your kitchen island, remember a simple vase and greenery can work wonders. This modern kitchen features hardwood floors and dark cabinetry contrasting the white countertops. Silver chairs are used for seating and match the stainless steel appliances.

30. add neutral kitchen island decor for a transitional style

Neutral Colored Planters Used A Decor On A Blue Island
Photo: my.millennium.maison

This navy and white kitchen uses gold accents and neutral wood decor to bring warm colors into the space. The warm colors also match the herringbone wood floors in this kitchen.

31. Match Kitchen island decor to open shelves

Wood Tray On Kitchen Island Jpg
Photo: stonecabinetworks

Kitchens with open shelves should match the color of their decor to give their space a designed look. For example, the wood bowl on this kitchen island with quartz countertops matches the stain on the open shelves next to the stove and is an excellent place for decor.

32. Use a small tray to hold your decorations

Light Wood Tray Used As Kitchen Island Decor
Photo: alphamartsus

This small kitchen island uses a light wood tray with candles and plants to create a warm and inviting space for guests without using too much countertop space. Using a tray also lets them quickly move the decor off the island when entertaining.

33. Introduce Black Vases for contrast in white kitchens

Black Planter Accent Decor Kitchen 1
Photo: homestylednashville

Large black vases contrast the white oak kitchen island and white cabinets while matching the stools used for seating. Adding black decor is a great way to create contrast in neutral-colored rooms.

34. Use Leftover Baskets as cozy island decor

Shiplap Kitchen Island Decor
Photo: littlelovenest

The hanging basket on the side of this shiplap island perfectly complements its farmhouse design. The brown colors in the basket also match the planter on the island, next to a white vase sitting on a large tray.

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