21 Two Story Foyer Chandelier Ideas

Two Story Foyer Chandelier

Do you have a two-story foyer and want to create a grand entrance for your home? Then, the addition of a stunning statement chandelier would be a game-changer!

With large ceiling spaces and ample horizontal height, a foyer can seem empty. However, a stunning chandelier can add an elegant touch to the ambiance and help fill that space. Nevertheless, choosing the right chandelier for a two-story foyer can be challenging.

There are tons of factors to consider, such as—the size and design of this light fixture, whether or not it compliments the rest of the decor, and the list is never-ending!

Check out 21 of our favorite two-story foyer designs and get inspired for your home!

1. hanging waterfall chandelier with spherical lights

This Two-Story Foyer Features A Bright And Open Atmosphere With White Walls And A White Two-Story Ceiling. On The Right Side Of The Foyer, A Mirror Is Placed, Reflecting Light And Giving The Impression Of An Even More Spacious Area. A White And Black Pot Is Also Present On The Floor, Adding A Decorative Element To The Space. The Wooden Floor Adds Warmth And Texture To The Space, While Also Grounding The Bright And Airy Atmosphere. The Overall Design Of The Foyer Is Clean And Modern, With A Focus On Minimalism And Simplicity. The White Walls And Ceiling Allow Natural Light To Fill The Space, Creating A Welcoming And Bright Atmosphere That Sets The Tone For The Rest Of The Home.
Photo: galilee_lighting

This chandelier features cascading disc-shaped lights that resemble a waterfall. This ensemble of glass elements is suspended from the ceiling and is an excellent addition to a foyer entrance.

It not only acts as the focal point of the space but also creates a stunning visual effect. The spherical disc lights add a contemporary touch to this elegant lighting fixture.

2. circular cage chandelier with a brass finish

This Two-Story Foyer Features A Dramatic Contrast Between The Black Railing And Cream-Colored Walls. The Black Railing Creates A Strong Visual Impact And Adds A Modern Element To The Space. The Cream-Colored Walls Provide A Neutral Background, Allowing The Railing To Stand Out And Make A Statement. The Contrast Between The Black And Cream Colors Creates A Sophisticated And Elegant Atmosphere In The Foye
Photo: Idhdesigns

A unique way of elevating the entrance for a two-story foyer is to include a contemporary chandelier with a circular frame made of brass.

This candelabrum’s arms are straight and effective in holding light bulbs or candles. The chandelier’s open cage-like frame and brass finish add a touch of elegance to the overall design.

3. geometric glass encased chandelier with gold accents

This Two-Story Foyer Features A Bright And Airy Atmosphere With Full White Walls And A White Railing. The White Walls And Railing Create A Clean And Modern Aesthetic, While The Wooden Floor And Handle Add Warmth And Texture To The Space. A Chandelier Is Suspended From The Ceiling, Adding A Touch Of Elegance And Sophistication To The Design.
Photo: charleston.sc.realestate

This chandelier features a geometrical arrangement of glass pieces, and where bulbs are kept within. The gold accent of the chandelier enhances the beauty of this aesthetically pleasing girandole.

The two-story foyer’s white and minimalistic color scheme lets the chandelier be the focal point of the space. Overall, this unique light fixture design exudes glamour and sophistication.

4. Modern cylindrical chandelier with crystal lights

The Two-Story Foyer Is Adorned With A Chandelier, While The Railing And Handle Are Made Of Wood, And The Walls And Railing Are Painted White.
Photo: welcometostuderville

This distinctive two story foyer design features a contemporary, sleek chandelier with a cylindrical body frame, and multiple miniature crystal lights adorn its interior.

The size and the striking design make a dramatic statement, and the minimalistic design makes it perfect for homeowners looking to add a statement decor to their foyer space without going overboard.

5. traditional shaded chandelier with a wagon-wheel base

White Railing With Wooden Handle, Wooden Floor, Big Black Door, Windows, And White Wall Light.
Photo: galilee_lighting

Any minimalistic space can be made grand with the addition of this traditional shaded chandelier. Its wagon-wheel base helps to attach the light bulbs and gives the overall design a vintage look.

The arms of the candelabrum adorn tiny shaded lamps, and the metal framework has a hint of gold that compliments the eclectic decor of the house.

6. stunning hybrid crystal chandelier in a spiral arrangement

Two-Story Foyer Chandelier, White Mirror, Black Railing, Two Paintings On Wall.
Photo: harrison.home.inc

This chandelier design screams elegance and grandeur. The spiral arrangement of the glass elements creates a striking visual that will draw the eyes upwards.

The bright white light emitted from this stunning light fixture brightens the entrance of the two-story foyer. Overall, this statement piece is a popular choice for anyone with a thing for bling!

7. Mini vintage lantern chandelier with a foliage design

White Wall With Wooden Stairs, Two-Story Foyer Chandelier, White Door, White Sofa, Two Deer Statues In Black.
Photo: georgiodesigns4u

This two-foyer entrance displays a minimalistic yet chic decor that is complimented by adding a mini vintage chandelier.

This candelabra has a lantern-shaped design with tiny foliage motifs adorning its frame. The light bulbs are encased within the tiny metal chandelier, whose frame exudes a rustic brass finish.

8. modern glass chandelier with a chic gold accent

The Two-Story Foyer Is Fully Adorned In Wood, With A Grand Wooden Staircase And Matching Wooden Walls And Handle. On Either Side Of The Staircase, Black Marble Statues Add A Touch Of Elegance And Grandeur To The Space. Underneath The Stairs, A Comfortable Sofa Provides A Cozy Seating Area. The Walls Are Painted White, Creating A Stark Contrast Against The Rich Wooden Tones Of The Space.
Photo: sandirealtor_mb

This modern geometric glass chandelier strikes a visual contrast to this overall elegant two story foyer entrance. In addition, this light fixture’s unique longitudinal design and the minimalistic golden accent add a touch of sophistication to this decor.

In broad spectra, this new-world sconce is a great addition to the space as it uplifts the mood and aesthetic of the ambiance.

9. elegant sputnik chandelier with a golden hue

Architectural Mill Work Makes Such A Statement On Big Open Walls. These Homes With Two-Story Grand Foyers Really Benefit From This Treatment. I’m Uncertain Of The Designer, But This Looks Fabulous!
Photo: becker_home

The simplicity of this two-foyer entrance is enhanced by suspending a mid-size ceiling light.

With its size, shape, and overall design, this candelabrum adds a touch of elegance to this white-washed, minimalistic environment.

10. antique shaded chandelier with A black & white theme

Round Window With Two-Story Foyer Chandelier, White And Black Walls. White Marble With Black Boarder In The Wall
Photo: the_real_houses_of_igg

Glitz and glam might not always be the right approach for home decor, and this simplistic sconce is a great example. This antique shaded chandelier with a black and white hue perfectly compliments the overall aesthetic of the two story foyer.

The tiny shaded lamps are a classy way to enhance the visual interest of a suspended chandelier.

11. triple white Caged ellipsoid chandelier

White Walls With White Railing And Black Handle, Wooden Floor, Plants, And White Two-Story Foyer Chandelier.
Photo: wellhouseandco

This two story foyer chandelier design features three large ellipsoids painted a serene white color with a caged body. These ellipsoids are suspended from the ceiling and are far from each other.

This light fixture design exudes minimalistic with a chic twist. It is a one-of-a-kind sconce design that is a popular choice among homeowners who enjoy a laid-back ambiance.

12. statement white Spherical designer chandelier

Black Railing With White Handle And Pillar, Wooden Floor, Two-Story Foyer Chandelier, And White Wall With Glass Round.
Photo: afewcoastalhomes

These five white artistic spheres suspended from the ceiling at a sparse distance create a visually aesthetic ambiance for a two-foyer entrance.

This modern chandelier design is an excellent way of adding a touch of elegance to the space and creating an inviting and visually aesthetic ambiance.

13. modern minimalistic lantern-style chandelier

Modern Elegance: White Railing With A Sleek Silver Cylinder And A Stunning Two-Story Chandelier In The Foyer, Set Against A Pristine White Wall With A Contrasting Dark Brown Handle.
Photo: flippinthelou

This chandelier design features a sleek, dainty lantern-style light fixture with a naked metal framework that encases tiny candles or light bulbs.

This statement piece’s minimalistic design emphasizes the chandelier’s function and simplicity. On the other hand, the silver hue of the framework adds a touch of contemporary sophistication.

14. traditional empire chandelier with glass beads

Classic Sophistication: A Stunning Two-Story Chandelier Hanging From The Ceiling Of A Grand Foyer, Illuminated By Natural Light Streaming Through Floor-To-Ceiling Windows. The Chandelier Is The Centerpiece Of The Space, Complemented By A Pristine White Wall With A Sleek White Railing And Wooden Handle, Complete With Glass Panels For A Touch Of Timeless Elegance.
Photo: pccbuilder

A classic traditional empire chandelier features an elegant flow of tiny glass beads covering the entirety of this light fixture.

When the light shines through these tiny beads, a beautiful sparkle and shimmer radiate throughout the space. Overall, this sconce adds an elegant touch to any two story foyer entrance.

15. antique shaded chandelier with rustic Branched arms

Modern Minimalism: A Striking Black Staircase With Wooden Steps Leading Up To A Second Floor, Illuminated By A Mix Of Black And White Lighting. The Focal Point Of The Space Is A Breathtaking Two-Story Chandelier Hanging Directly Under The Stairs, Casting A Warm Glow Across The Wooden Floor. Above The Chandelier, A Stunning Painting Adds A Pop Of Color And Artistic Flair, While A Sleek Black Flower Pot Brings A Touch Of Nature To The Space.
Photo: retreat_interiors

In this rustic chandelier design, the arms of the light fixture are branched in such a way that they resemble the branches of a tree. At the same time, the shaded lamps provide a visual contrast to the overall aesthetic.

Adding this sconce to a two-story foyer entrance can elevate the ambiance naturally while blending in with the overall rustic decor of the household.

16. contemporary caged oblate spheroidal chandelier

Timeless Elegance: A Stunning Oval-Shaped Two-Story Chandelier Hanging From The Ceiling Of A Grand Foyer, Casting A Warm And Inviting Glow Across The Space. Against A Pristine White Wall, A Striking Black Door And Black Staircase Railing Create A Bold Contrast, While Glass Accents Add A Touch Of Sophistication And Sparkle. The Decor Is Sleek And Minimalistic, Allowing The Chandelier To Take Center Stage And Create A Truly Breathtaking First Impression.
Photo: haydenhomestudio

Adding this modern, sleek oblate spherical chandelier is the easiest way to enhance the vast open space of the two foyer entrances.

The caged body frame and the copper hue create an aesthetically pleasing statement piece that is perfect for anyone looking to elevate the space without traditional heavy lighting fixtures.

17. vintage empire chandelier with silver accents

Classic Charm: A Pristine White Wall With Sleek Black Railings Running Along A Grand Staircase, Creating A Timeless And Sophisticated Look. On A Wooden Table To The Right Of The Stairs, A Beautiful Jasmine Flowers Pot Brings A Touch Of Nature And Elegance To The Space. The Decor Is Simple And Refined, Allowing The Beauty Of The Staircase And Wall To Shine Through.
Photo: meadowbankteam

This classic empire-style chandelier features ornate crystals and a silver-plated framework that exudes luxury and glamour.

The size of this light fixture creates a dramatic statement, and the decorative elements make it look timeless and elegant. Overall, this sophisticated chandelier is the perfect fit for any foyer space.

18. rustic beaded chandelier with a wagon-wheel base

Coastal Chic: A Pristine White Wall With A Sleek Black Railing And Wooden Handle Creates A Clean And Classic Look, While A Rope Accent Adds A Touch Of Coastal Charm. A Stunning Two-Story Chandelier Hangs From The Ceiling Of The Grand Foyer, Casting A Warm And Inviting Glow Across The Space. The Decor Is Simple Yet Stylish, Perfectly Capturing The Relaxed And Sophisticated Vibe Of Coastal Living.
Photo: our_olde_stone_home

The base for this chandelier is called a wagon wheel style. It is infamous for being utilized in two-story foyer spaces and supports the suspended elements of the chandelier.

The rustic beads are strung together to create a stunning cascading effect. In addition, the decor of this candelabrum adds a touch of warmth to the overall ambiance of the space.

19. mini crystal chandelier with floral motifs

Rustic Charm: A Warm And Inviting Cream-Colored Full Wall With A Beautiful Wooden Handle And White Railing Creates A Cozy And Welcoming Atmosphere. A Stunning Wooden Two-Story Foyer Chandelier Hangs From The Ceiling, Adding A Touch Of Natural Elegance To The Space. Under The Stairs, A Rustic Wooden Clock Adds A Charming And Functional Touch, While The Decor Is Minimalistic And Tasteful, Allowing The Beauty Of The Wood And Chandelier To Take Center Stage.
Photo: sharonlee_ga400living

This chandelier is characterized by using crystals and floral decorative elements throughout its framework. The miniature size of this sconce makes it look elegant and chic.

Overall, this kind of lighting fixture acts as a focal point of the room and adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to the two story foyer entrance. The curved staircase in this entryway accents the foyer’s style.

20. empire-style chandelier with a Glided glamour

Opulent Glamour: A Grand And Majestic Golden Two-Story Foyer Chandelier, Adorned With Sparkling Candles, Hangs From The Ceiling Of A Grand Foyer, Casting A Warm And Inviting Glow Across The Space. Against A Pristine White Railing And Wooden Handle, A Stunning Floral Wallpaper Creates A Beautiful Backdrop, Adding A Touch Of Color And Whimsy To The Decor. The Space Exudes An Air Of Opulent Glamour And Sophistication, Inviting Guests To Bask In The Luxurious Surroundings.
Photo: anndeckerdesign

This vintage empire-style chandelier is characterized by the statement golden hue and the intricate designs carved on its framework.

On the other hand, the candles or light bulbs perfectly uplift this candelabra’s glided glamour. All in all, this chandelier creates an air of grandeur and elegance in the overall minimalistic entrance of a two-story foyer.

21. contemporary geometric chandelier with a silver hue

Modern Monochrome: A Sleek And Stylish White Wall With A Striking Black Door And Black Window Creates A Bold And Minimalist Look In The Foyer. Against A Backdrop Of A Grey Two-Story Foyer Chandelier, A Black Railing Adds A Touch Of Industrial Chic, While Candle Covers On The Chandelier Bring A Touch Of Old-World Charm. The Decor Is Simple Yet Striking, Creating A Contemporary And Sophisticated Atmosphere In The Space.
Photo: asavva_design

This modern chandelier has a unique asymmetric geometry and a shiny silver finish. The light fixture is suspended from the ceiling of a two-story foyer and strikes as the space’s focal point.

Overall, this candelabrum creates an aesthetically pleasing statement in the space and exudes simplicity and sophistication.