37 Rug Under Bed Ideas for a Stylish Bedroom

White and Black Rug Under Bed in a Farmhouse Bedroom

Placing a rug under your bed helps create a defined area and breaks up the room. While it’s not required, adding a rug under your bed is a great way to elevate your bedroom design. Plus, it adds a coziness when you get out of bed instead of immediately stepping on hardwood floors or carpet.

When choosing a rug under your bed, you want to make sure you pick the correct size. For king beds, the best size is 9’x’12’ or 8’x10′, depending on how much you want the rug to show on each side. Queen beds should use an 8’x10′ or 7’x9′ rug.

Once you’ve found the right size, explore different styles to fit your design. For example, opt for a plush rug for a cozier design or a crisp gray or white rug for a more modern style.

Find your inspiration in the gallery below of rug under-bed ideas and designs!

1. A Beige Rug Under a Neutral bed

A Beige Rug Under A Beige Bed With Wood Accents
Photo: masterrugsau

This beige bedroom features a neutral-colored bed with a beige rug underneath that has a subtle texture. The carpet helps break up the rustic wood floors and create a defined space for the bed and nightstands.

2. Blue and Grey Accents Throughout the Bedroom

A Blue Bed Frame With Grey Bedding And A Modern Blue And Grey Rug Underneath
Photo: rug.com.au

This modern blue and grey bedroom features a matching carpet under the bed with an abstract pattern that draws your eye in. A grey accent chair in the corner has a blue ottoman placed in front of it, complementing the colors in the room.

3. A Patterned Rug under a Beige Bed

A Gray Molding Accent Wall Behind A Beige Bed On A Patterned Rug
Photo: jjonesdesignco

This elegant bedroom features a grey wall with box molding behind the beige bed and headboard. A neutral patterned rug with hints of brown accents the throw pillows on the bed and stools at the foot of the space.

4. A Farmhouse Bedroom with Shiplap

Vertical Shiplap Behind The Headboard Of A Wood Bed On A Patterned Rug
Photo: bigredhome

This farmhouse bedroom features an 8’x10′ rug under a wood queen bed with white bedding. A green vertical shiplap wall is installed behind the headboard with matching green and beige throw pillows on the bed.

5. A Black and White Striped Rug Under Bed

A Black And White Striped Rug Under A Bed
Photo: elorahomeinteriors

A black and white striped rug sits on the carpet underneath this black metal frame canopy bed with white sheets. A white nightstand is positioned next to the bed, with a small plant in the corner for a pop of color. Wood trim around the room contrasts the white walls.

6. Green Accents with a Blue and Beige Rug

A Blue And White Patterned Rug Under A Black Bed With Green Board And Batten Behind The Headboard

Photo Description

A green board and batten wall behind the headboard of this black metal bed adds a masculine feel to the space without overpowering the design. A blue and white patterned rug on the floor under the bed contrasts the solid white bedding.

7. Grey Hues Across the Bedroom

A Grey Rug Under A Light Grey Bed With Dark Bedding
Photo: liberty.interiors

A grey rug matches the grey bed above it with white sheets and a black comforter. The grey rug helps break up this bedroom’s light white oak wood floors. Simple brown nightstands on both sides of the bed add a modern touch.

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8. Large Beige Rug Under a Pink Bed

A Girls Room With Pink Bedding And A Large Neutral Rug With A Bench On It
Photo: therugtruck

This girl’s room features subtle hints of pink throughout the space with a white canopy bed and light pink comforter. A soft beige rug under the bed accents the neutral tones in the area, with a wood bench at the foot of the bed holding a pink throw blanket.

9. A Plush Rug for under A Tufted Bed

A Grey Tufted Bed On A Grey Plush Carpet With Pendant Lights Over The Nightstands
Photo: urbandecorwarehouse

A plush grey rug adds texture to this modern grey and white bedroom. A large grey tufted bed with a high headboard features plenty of pillows in different shades of white and gray. Gray wood nightstands continue the color scheme with pendant lights hanging above each side.

10. A Grey Rug under a White bed

A Plush Dark Grey Carpet With A White Bed
Photo: therugtruck

A fluffy grey rug under a white bed adds a dark contrast to the space, while orange, gray, and blue throw pillows ont the bed help ties into the space’s colors. A transparent acrylic bench at the foot of the bed lets the white bedding shine in this design.

11. Grey Patterned Rug under a king bed

An Intricately Patterned Rug Peeking Out From Under The Bed, Adding Texture And Warmth To The Room'S Decor
Photo: laurenashleyhansen

This grey bedroom features a dark grey accent wall with box molding behind the headboard and rich brown wood floors. A grey patterned rug continues the color scheme, while the pattern helps to break away from the solid textures in the space. Along with mixing and matching colors, it’s important to mix textures, including patterns and designs, across a room.

12. Vertical Shiplap and a beige rug

A Beige Rug With Texture Accenting The Orange And White Bedding On The Bed
Photo: aurugs

A beige rug under this bed features a subtle criss-cross design repeated on the throw pillow on the bed. A vertical shiplap wall behind the bed helps fill the large wall while still matching the light color scheme of the room.

13. A Striped rug under a twin bed

A Twin Bed With Blue And White Striped Design
Photo: aurugs

A blue and white striped rug fills the room while a twin bed is in the corner. Wood paneling at the head and foot of the metal bed frame adds a farmhouse feel to the design.

14. A Wood Frame Bed with a Beige Carpet

A White Rug With Thin Black Stripes Below A Wood Bed With White Bedding
Photo: aurugs

A white rug features thin black lines creating a criss-cross pattern in this neutral bedroom. A light wood bed with white bedding adds neutral tones that feel warm and inviting. Natural light from the nearby windows helps make the room look even brighter.

15. Boho-style bedroom with orange accents

A White Bed With Orange Accents And A White Rug Underneath The Bed
Photo: aurugs

This boho-style bedroom features a beige rug with a southwestern design and tassels at the end. The bed, which matches the rug, has plenty of orange accents that are continued on the nightstands.

16. A large patterned 8×10 rug under a queen bed

A Beige Rug Under A Wood Frame Bed With A Blue Comforter And A Brown Blanket
Photo: aurugs

A large grey rug with a subtle pattern blends into this bedroom with light wallpaper behind the bed. A wood headboard adds neutral tones to the space, while the bed is filled with blue and orange accents.

17. A rug in the center of A girl’s room

A Patterned Pink Rug In The Center Of A Girls Room With A Pink Bed And The Letters &Quot;Layla&Quot; On The Wall
Photo: aurugs

A pink rug is centered in this girl’s room, with a twin bed with matching pink bedding. A white dresser with gold handles adds to the stylish design of this room. A vertical wood shiplap wall introduces a farmhouse design with script letters for a fun detail.

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18. A plaid Farmhouse Rug under the bed

White Partial Wall Shiplap Behind A Black Metal Bed With Beige Bedding And A Plaid Rug Underneath
Photo: livingwithnic

A white shiplap half-wall design behind this neutral bed adds texture to the large green walls. Beige and white checkerboard throw pillows sit ont the bed and complement the plaid rug underneath with similar colors.

19. A Glam Design with Plush Textures

A Plush White Carpet Under A Grey Tufted Bed With A Grey Comforter And A Pink Throw Pillows
Photo: inspireyourhomewith_vanessa

This glamorous master bedroom features grey and white patterned wallpaper that matches the bed, while a pink furry throw pillow adds a feminine touch. A white plush rug under the bed helps to match the bedding while not overpowering the accent colors in the design.

20. Matching your rug and bedding

A Grey Mosaic Rug That Complements The Cherry Blossom Design On The Bed Comforter
Photo: sartorialinteriors

This unique rug features hints of red and grey that match the cherry blossom design on the bed’s comforter above. The bold colors are continued on the white, blue, and red curtains nearby.

21. Grey Hues for a Contemporary Design

A Grey Bedroom With White Bedding And A Grey Rug
Photo: bigredhome

This grey bedroom sticks to a neutral color palette that gives the space a clean look. A light grey and white rug under the bed has an abstract design that adds a pattern to the room, contrasting the solid bedding and pillows.

22. A Black and White Striped Farmhouse Rug

Farmhouse Bedroom With A Criss-Cross Rug Design Under A Bed With Lots Of Pillows And Throws
Photo: farmhouse.decoration

This farmhouse-style bedroom features a white rug with black stripes for contrast. Off-white and neutral tones are used throughout this bedroom, with a rustic shiplap wall behind the bed. Neutral-colored mirrors designed to look like doors are hung on the wall and match the bedding.

23. A Small Rug under a King Bed

A Neutral Colored Rug Under A Blue Frame Ed With Brown Bedding
Photo: contemporary.rugs

This ultra-modern bedroom uses a sizeable teal bed and headboard that extends to the ceiling to make a statement. Light wood floors and a neutral rug under the bed balance the design, while dark sheets on the bed add contrast.

24. A grey Rug with Burgandy Accents

A Grey Rug Under The Bed With Burgundy Accents Around The Room
Photo: contemporary.rugs

A light grey rug under this burgundy color bed lets the dark red accents across the space be the centerpiece of this design. If your bedroom already has plenty of color and statement pieces, try a light-colored rug that will blend into the design. Otherwise, add a fun rug to make a statement if you have a fairly simple bedroom!

25. A Pink and Blue Kids’ Bedroom

A Pink Bed On Top Of A Blue And White Striped Rug In A Kids Room
Photo: aelfie_

A blue rug contrasts a pink kids’ bed with colorful sheets with white stripes. The carpet under the bed helps break up the wood floors in the room and adds even more color.

26. A pink Fairytale Bedroom with Tall Curtains

A Pink Bed With A Pink Rug Underneath In A Fairy Tale Themed Bedroom
Photo: dimplesbaby123

This bedroom looks straight out of a fairytale, with tall ceilings and light curtains that accent the pink bed. A matching pink rug under the bed fills the space covering the hardwood floors, which can be seen on the room’s edges. When choosing a rug size, it’s essential to consider the size of your room and how much flooring you want to cover.

27. Two carpets under the bed

Two Fluffy Carpets Under A Queen Sized Bed With A White Dresser
Photo: dzidzorfurniture

Two long plush carpets are placed under the queen bed to fill this bedroom’s floor, exposing only a small sliver of hardwood floors. In addition, modern white furniture in the space means you can install almost any color rug based on your design.

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28. A large white plush carpet with a matching bench

A Plush White Rug Under A Feminine Tufted Bed With A Matching Bench At The Foot Of The Bed

This feminine bedroom features a white tufted bed and bench with a plush white rug underneath. A pastel pink comforter with a subtle design adds a pop of color that still blends with this light-colored room. Mirrors and polished silver decor next to the bed continue the glam style of this space.

29. A Brown and White Faux Fur Rug

A Gold Frame Bed With White Sheets And A Beige Rug Under The Bed
Photo: rustyroostervintage

A gold metal bed frame adds a classical look to this bedroom with a wood accent wall that features green accents. A beige faux fur rug under the bed continues the neutral theme of this space while adding texture.

30. A pink Rug with Matching Accents

A Pink Rug Under The Bed For A White Comforter With A Beige Headboard
Photo: bedsandbedrooms

A fluffy pink rug under the bed in this girl’s room design matches the plush pink desk chair nearby. The pink shades are continued with a throw pillow and blanket placed on the white bedding. Repeating your accent colors across several areas is an easy way to create a cohesive design.

31. barn Doors in a farmhouse bedroom

Farmhouse Bed With A Rug Underneath And A Sliding Barn Door In The Background
Photo: susan.marie.design.favorites

A white and grey patterned rug under this bed adds to the farmhouse design of this space. Barn-style doors with black handles add a rustic charm along with the hardwood floors under the carpet. A simple wood bench at the end of the bed is filled with throw pillows accenting the room’s colors.

32. A Beige Rug Under the Bed with Matching Pillows

A Beige Tufted Headboard With A Beige Carpet Under The Bed
Photo: rachelmarkshome

A beige rug matches the light beige bed frame in this neutral-colored room. In addition, the beige colors help to brighten the dark brown wood floors in the room.

33. A light carpet in a dark bedroom

A Grey Rug Under The Bed With A White Bedframe
Photo: superior_beds1

A grey furry rug adds texture to this sleek bedroom with a modern bed frame. The tall tufted headboard extends up the black wall with two paintings hanging above to fill the space to the ceiling.

34. Pink Shiplap and a Red Rug

Pink Bedroomshiplap
Photo: peony_and_fig

A red rug under this grey bed matches the throw pillows on the bed, while a pink shiplap wall behind the headboard accents the colors in the space. Using different shades of the same color (in this example, red) is a great way to use different colors that still match each other.

35. A Checkered Rug with Bunk Beds

A Rustic Bunk Bed Made Of Reclaimed Wood, With A Ladder And Guardrails For Safety
Photo: sagestylehome

A checkered rug under the queen bed accents the texture of the wood trim around the built-in bunk beds. Similar grey hues are used across all of the beds to create a cohesive design with plenty of dimension.

36. A Patterned Rug in A Farmhouse Design

Wood Beams White Shiplap Bedroom
Photo: growingupgowler

A grey rug with a tufted bed helps soften the wood floors in this farmhouse bedroom design. Neutral colors around the space add to the bright feeling, while black framed windows add contrast.

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