32 Dark Hardwood Floors Inspirations and Designs

Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood floors can add an air of sophistication and elegance to any home that is tricky to match with other types of flooring. Not only can they enhance an array of interior design styles, from traditional to modern, but they can also give any space a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

We love dark wood floors because they hide dirt and smudges easier than light floors. They’re also super easy to clean; just use a simple swiffer or vacuum to get rid of dirt. So whether you’re looking at dark grey wood floors or dark brown wood floors, this style can work in any home!

Check out our gallery below of our favorite dark hardwood floors inspirations and designs.

1. Dark Hardwood Floors in a Sitting Room

Dark Hardwood Floors In A Sitting Room
Photo: imperfectinteriors

Dark hardwood floors in a sitting room are ideal for relaxing, socializing, and entertaining guests. The dark wood flooring gives the room an air of refinement and elegance while producing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

This kind of flooring is adaptable and can go well with both traditional and modern interior design styles. Combined with light-colored furnishings or walls, it can also offer a striking juxtaposition, making a strong statement in the space.

2. Brown Hardwood Floors With White Wainscoting

Cool Dark Hardwood Floors Contrast The Natural Elements Of Rattan And Plants
Photo: nationalfloors_easthamp

The warmth and richness of dark brown hardwood floors and the grace and simplicity of white wainscoting provide a beautiful and serene ambiance to a household. This style is often used in traditional or transitional interior design, where a balance of warmth and sophistication is desired.

3. Herringbone Brown Floors in a White Kitchen

Dark Hardwood Floor In A Chevron Pattern For A Contemporary Kitchen With Smart Design
Photo: decoist

A herringbone pattern is made when brown hardwood planks are angled to create a zigzag shape. It’s common to come across this design for dark hardwood floors in a kitchen. In addition, this pattern is often used in conjunction with a white kitchen, where the cabinets, walls, and countertops are predominantly white.

The stark visual effect produced by the juxtaposition between the herringbone pattern’s deep, rich colors and the white kitchen’s crisp, bright background can give the room more depth and personality.

4. Rustic Wood Floors and Wood Beams in a Dining Area

Dark Hardwood Floors With A Rustic Look In A Dining Room
Photo: flacks_flooring

Rustic wood floors and wood beams in this dining area add a touch of warmth and character to any household. The word “rustic” describes an aesthetic design that emphasizes using raw materials like wood, stone, and metal and is frequently related to country or farmhouse designs. Thus, this design for dark hardwood floors in a living room can pose perfectly as a warm and inviting place ideal for hosting guests or simply spending time with family.

5. Dark Brown Chevron Floors in a White Kitchen

A Herringbone Pattern Dark Hardwood  Floors Kitchen
Photo: tedtoddfloors

This type of flooring design is where dark hardwood floors, usually in a chevron pattern, are installed in a kitchen with predominantly white or light-colored cabinets and countertops.

Dark hardwood floors in the kitchen are a popular option for homeowners who want to give their home a classic, opulent appearance while taking advantage of the practical benefits of long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring.

6. Dark Walnut Hardwood Floors In A Kitchen

Dark Walnut Hard Wood Floors In A Kitchen With White Shaker Style Cabinets
Photo: Gabbygibbers

This dark hardwood floor has been stained with a dark finish, typically in walnut color, and installed in a kitchen space. It can provide a kitchen with durability, simplicity of upkeep, warmth, elegance, and sophistication. Dark-stained hardwood floors are a preferred option for homeowners as they go well with both traditional and contemporary kitchen design styles. Additionally, they can make a strong and dramatic statement when contrasted with light-colored walls, countertops, or cabinetry.

7. A Modern Living room with Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark Hardwood Floors With A White Sofa And A White Wall With A Black Round Mirror
Photo: daniela.pluviati

A modern living room with dark hardwood flooring is a contemporary space that features the beauty and durability of dark wood flooring. With its striking contrast to the room’s light-colored walls and furnishings, this flooring gives the space an aura of sophistication and luxury. Overall, a modern living room with dark hardwood flooring is a stylish and inviting space perfect for entertaining and relaxing.

8. Matching Wood Beams and Brown Floors

Dark Hardwood Floors With A Matching Wood Beam On The White Ceiling
Photo: lisafurtadointeriors

Matching wood beams and brown floors is a widely popular design technique, which involves integrating wood beams crafted from the same wood species and finished in the same hue as the dark brown hardwood floors. This method of interior design can give the room’s various components a unified, harmonizing appearance.

9. Dark Brown floors with a Wet Bar

Dark Brown Hardwood Floor With A Dark Brown Sofa And Multi Color Cushion
Photo: burkholdersfa

Dark hardwood flooring paired with a wet bar can create a luxurious and sophisticated look in any home. Whether entertaining guests or unwinding at home, dark brown floors make a stunning backdrop for a chic and practical wet bar.

10. A White bedroom with Dark Wood Floors

Dark Brown Hardwood Floors In An Apartment
Photo: armstrongflooring

A white bedroom with dark brown hardwood floors is a stunning interior design choice that combines the classic elegance of white decor with the warmth and richness of dark wood floors. The stark visual effect produced by the contrast between the white walls and furniture and the dark brown hardwood floors can transform any bedroom into a chic haven.

The room is grounded by the room’s dark brown hardwood floors, which further gives the room a feeling of depth and richness. This flooring option is practical for a bedroom as it can be extremely durable and simple to maintain.

11. Very Dark Brown Floors with A Wood Island

Dark Brown Hardwood Floors In A Kitchen And Dining Area
Photo: mullicanflooring

Very dark brown floors with a wood island typically refer to a design concept in which the hardwood floors are stained with a dark finish, resulting in a rich, almost black color. This is frequently combined with a kitchen island made of wood, which may be of the same or different species.

12. Antique Wood Floors with a Dark Stain

Dark Wood Floors In A Living Room With Minimal Furniture
Photo: thehardwoodco

Antique wood floors with a dark stain, such as dark oak hardwood floors, refer to wood flooring treated with a dark-colored stain to achieve a rich, aged appearance. These floors are a common option for homeowners seeking a traditional or classic look since they can add warmth, character, and sophistication to any space. In addition, the natural grain and texture of the wood is accentuated by the dark stain, giving the space a distinctive and enduring allure that can improve its design.

13. Beige Walls and Arches Over Dark Floors

Effortless Elegance In A Real Hardwood Floor With White Wall And The Pillar With Lighting.
Photo: reward_flooring

Design trends that combine warm, neutral tones with striking, dark flooring include beige walls and arches over dark grey wooden floors. Dark grey hardwood floors add depth and contrast, creating a bold and dramatic effect, while beige walls and arches offer a soft, calming background for the space.

This design style is adaptable and can be used in various areas, including living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. It’s a popular option among individuals who want to use their flooring to make a statement while still establishing a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

14. Dark Grey Hardwood Floors in an Open Entryway

Dark Grey Hardwood Floors In An Entryway
Photo: Emdmia

A stunning addition to an open entryway can be dark grey hardwood floors that give visitors a striking first impression as they enter your home. Dark grey hardwood floors are very long-lasting, sturdy, and attractive. In addition, an entryway’s open layout can highlight the flooring’s elegance, enabling it to stick out and become the room’s focal point. Overall, these floors can be a great option if you want to design a striking and fashionable entrance. Their timeless appeal and durability make them a practical and beautiful option for any home.

15. Dark Floors with a Black and White Staircase

Dark Hardwood Floors With A Black And White Staircase
Photo: Lanebuilders

A striking contrast between dark hardwood floors and a black-and-white staircase can lend a touch of sophistication and elegance to your house. The dark floors provide a sleek and modern backdrop, while the black and white staircase adds a bold statement that is sure to impress your guests.

From modern to traditional design styles, this combination can create a timeless appeal that is challenging to match with any other kind of flooring.

16. Blue Walls With Brown Floors

Dark Hardwood Flooring Adds A Sophisticated Touch To This Living Room
Photo: floormaxfloors

Dark hardwood floors and blue walls can make a stunning juxtaposition in any space. In addition, the blue walls can make a strong, contemporary statement that is both creative and elegant when combined with brown floors.

When used properly, this combination can produce a sophisticated and uniform appearance in a range of design styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Ultimately, the secret to using dark hardwood floors and blue walls effectively is to balance the colors and textures in the room, making sure that they blend well together to create a unified and welcoming atmosphere.

17. A purple Couch with Dark Floors

A Purple Sofa On Dark Hardwood Floors With White Walls
Photo: Katekaliszewska

Dark hardwood floors and a purple couch can make a striking and fashionable statement in any sitting area. The purple couch adds a splash of color and personality to the space, while the dark hardwood floors provide a traditional and chic background.

A balanced and harmonious appearance can be achieved by pairing dark floors with colorful furnishings, allowing each element to stand out on its own.

18. Brown Cabinets That Match the Floors

Brown Hardwood Floors In A Kitchen With Brown Cabinets And White Countertops
Photo: curtishomesllc

Brown cabinets that match the floors can create a seamless and cohesive look in any kitchen or living space. In addition, the cabinets can easily blend in when coupled with dark walnut hardwood floors, creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

The brown cabinets give the space depth and texture, while the dark walnut hardwood floors provide a rich and opulent background. The mixture of coordinating cabinets and floors can produce a sense of harmony and continuity, expanding the sense of space and bringing the room together.

19. A grey Sofa on Dark Hardwood Floors

Plain White Wall With Dark Hard Floor In Living Area.a Grey Sofa
Photo: thestephanieodonnell

A grey sofa on dark hardwood floors can create a chic and modern aesthetic in any living space. The dark hardwood floors complement the grey sofa’s neutral tones, which create a timeless and tasteful background.

This combination can be easily complemented by a variety of decor and accessories and works well in both traditional and modern design styles.

The contrast between the light couch and the dark floors can also make a strong visual statement, giving the space more depth and dimension.

20. Off-White Walls Contrast Dark Floors

Dark Brown Hardwood Floors In An Open Floor Plan Living Room And Dining Room
Photo: cristinageorgia85

Dark hardwood flooring contrasted with off-white walls can give any space a timeless and elegant appearance. The off-white walls give the room a fresh, airy feel, while the dark hardwood floors provide a rich, comfortable foundation.

Off-white walls and dark hardwood floors can also produce a neutral background that opens up a variety of decorating options and makes it simple to swap decor styles over time.

21. Dark Brown Chevron Floors in a White Modern Kitchen

Dark Hardwood Chevron Floors In A Kitchen
Photo: Monika_Djuranovic

In a white contemporary kitchen, dark brown chevron floors can add an opulent touch and striking contrast. The clean and simple white kitchen cupboards and countertops are complemented by the dark hardwood floors, which offer a warm and welcoming aura.

The chevron pattern gives the design a trendy, modern touch while simultaneously providing the room with a feeling of depth and movement. Dark hardwood floors in a kitchen can create a unified and stylish appearance that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing when paired with contemporary fixtures and appliances.

22. A grey Living room with Hardwood Floors Stained Brown

Brown Hardwood Floor Living Room
Photo: themwambagroup

Every residence can look stylish and modern with a grey living room and dark-stained hardwood floors. The hardwood floors stained brown provide a warm and cozy feel to the room, while the grey walls create a sleek and sophisticated backdrop. The contrast between the dark floors and the light grey walls can produce a visually arresting effect that makes the space feel both warm and elegant.

23. Brown Modern Cabinets with Brown Dark Flooring

Rich Brown Hardwood Floors In A Kitchen With Matching Cabinets
Photo: mvp_cabinetry

Brown modern cabinets with dark hardwood flooring can create a sleek and sophisticated look in any kitchen or living space. The dark hardwood flooring serves as a classic and elegant foundation, and the brown modern cabinets add a dash of contemporary flair.

24. Dark Brown Wood Floors in a Bedroom

Dark Floor With A Black Metal Bed And Green And White Pillows
Photo: riterugflooring

Dark brown wood floors, also known as dark hardwood flooring, can create a warm and inviting ambiance in a bedroom. The rich, earthy tones of the wood can provide a sense of grounding and stability, making it an excellent choice for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, dark hardwood flooring can make a stunning backdrop for a variety of interior design motifs, from rustic to contemporary.

25. Brown Trim and Floors in a Large Living Room

Dark Wooden Floor With Dark Brown Pillars And A White Wall
Photo: carpetcaravan

Brown trim and dark walnut hardwood floors can make a big living room feel cozy and welcoming. The brown trim gives the room depth and dimension, while the dark hardwood floors provide a rich and opulent foundation. Dark walnut hardwood floors combined with brown trim can produce a warm and inviting atmosphere ideal for entertaining guests or spending time with family.

26. A white Living Room with Floral Accents

A Dark Hardwood Floor Living Room With A White Couch
Photo: ourlittlewhitebungalow

A white living room with floral accents and dark hardwood floors can create a beautiful and inviting space. The dark hardwood floors provide a rich and warm foundation for the white walls and furniture, while the floral accents add a touch of color and charm to the room. You can unwind and calm in style by combining elements of light and dark. This atmosphere will be harmonious and peaceful.

27. A modern Two-Story living Room with Dark Hardwood Flooring

A Tile Fireplace In A Two-Story Living Room With Dark Floors
Photo: russo_residential

A dramatic and opulent ambiance can be produced in a contemporary two-story living room with dark hardwood flooring. The living room’s double-story height adds a feeling of majesty and space, while the dark hardwood floor gives it a polished appearance.

A statement chandelier or a sizable work of abstract art can improve this combination of modern furniture and minimalist décor. In addition, dark oak flooring in the living room can unify the area and create a consistent design theme throughout the house.

28. A bright Home with Light Furniture

Brown Hardwood Floors In A Living Room With White Couches
Photo: amfloorsource

Dark hardwood flooring can complement a bright house with light furnishings, creating a lovely contrast that gives the room depth and warmth. While the dark hardwood flooring grounds the space and lends it a sense of sophistication, the light-colored furnishings give the space a feeling of spaciousness and openness. This mixture can produce a warm, welcoming atmosphere that’s ideal for hosting visitors or unwinding with family.

29. Brown Natural Cabinetry and Flooring

Brown Hardwood Floors In A Kitchen With Natural Brown Cabinets
Photo: hjmartinandson

Brown natural cabinetry and flooring, specifically dark oak hardwood floors, can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any home. Rich, earthy wood tones offer a timeless, natural appearance that blends well with a variety of interior design trends, from rustic to contemporary.

Brown natural cabinetry and dark oak hardwood floors can be great choices for your home, whether you want to go for a cozy cabin vibe or a sleek, modern look.

30. Dark Floors in a Farmhouse Style Entryway

Dark Entryway Wood Floors Leading To Double Doors
Photo: farmhouseismystyle

A farmhouse-style entryway with dark brown hardwood floors may create a cozy and inviting ambiance combining rustic appeal and contemporary sophistication. Dark floors give the room depth and richness, and farmhouse-style accents like shiplap walls, an antique console table, and a woven rug lend a pleasant countryside vibe. The combination of dark brown hardwood floors and farmhouse-style décor can create a unique and inviting entryway that sets the tone for the rest of the home.

31. A White and Black Bed on Dark Brown Wood Floors

Dark Wood Floors In A Bedroom With A Black Metal Frame Bed
Photo: hjmartinandson

A white and black bed on dark hardwood floors can create a sleek and modern look in a bedroom. The room’s dark hardwood floorboards serve as a warm and supportive foundation, and the white and black bed adds a modern element.

32. An Intricate Entryway with Rich Wood Flooring

Brown Wood Floors That Match The Curved Staircase In An Entryway
Photo: garrisoncollection

An intricate entryway with rich dark hardwood flooring creates a grand and welcoming entrance to this home. Detailed molding surrounds the room matching the brown floors.