26 Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

Wood Trim Accent Wall in a Dining Room

If you have a large empty space in your house, a wood-trim accent wall is exactly what it needs! While you never want to overcrowd your home with decor, leaving blank walls is an easy way to make a space feel underdesigned. The solution is using wood trim and molding to add depth and texture!

With wood trim, your options are endless since you can customize the color, shape, pattern, and size of your molding. To introduce warm-neutral tones, use natural-colored wood, or for a clean, modern style, use white wood trim to create an accent wall.

We installed wood trim box molding in our upstairs hallway to fill a large empty wall we were struggling to style. It was an easy DIY project that took us less than a day and completely transformed the space.

For inspiration, check out the gallery below of wood trim accent wall ideas to find the right one for your house!

1. Use Wood Slats for a neutral accent wall

Slotted Wood Accent Wall
Photo: rugsdotcom

Natural woods are a great way to introduce warm neutral tones into a space. You can also stain wood trim to match existing wood furniture in a room for a cohesive look.

2. Add vertical strips for a modern look

Modern Wood Trim Accent Wall
Photo: gregghomebuilding

Adding vertical wood trim that extends part of the wall is a great way to add a modern flair to any room. This is also one of the easiest types of trim to install on an accent wall since it doesn’t require any complex angles. To install, you’ll want to nail or wood glue the strips to the wall and caulk the edges to give it a finished look. Once dry, you can paint your trim.

Using wood in a bathroom instead of traditional materials like subway tile is a great way to keep your budget down.

3. Design a Farmhouse Style bedroom with Accent Boxes

Barn Style Accent Wall Trim
Photo: ingahomerenovations

The design of your wood trim accent wall should complement the style of your house. For example, this farmhouse bedroom installed box molding with an “X” shape inside that evokes a barn-like design.

4. Add Box Molding for an elevated look

Wood Trim Box Molding On An Accent Wall
Photo: avenrodevelopment

Simple box molding adds height to this dining room accent wall, while the black paint contrasts the white walls. A wood dining room table brings in neutral tones and complements the brown wide plank wood floors.

5. paint box molding to create contrast

Box Molding On A Navy Wall
Photo: immoscout24.at

To create contrast, this accent wall is painted navy, balancing the orange and beige throughout the room. Box molding trim on the wall adds depth and doesn’t require a lot of home decor.

6. Use Wood Trim on a Double Height Accent Wall

Full Wall Board And Batten In A Double Height Living Room
Photo: ingahomerenovations

This double-height living room uses modern wood trim to create a stunning accent wall. Adding molding to tall rooms is the perfect way to fill all that wall space without breaking your budget. For taller areas, you’ll want to hire a professional since this requires scaffolding to install.

7. Use Board and Batten in an Entryway

Board And Batten Entryway Hallways
Photo: ingahomerenovations

A wood trim accent wall is painted blue in this simple entryway with tile floors. While the rest of the walls in the space are blank, the accent wall transforms the room, adding texture and color.

8. Angle Trim on an Accent Wall

Angled Wood Trim Accent Wall
Photo: libertyhomesto

Angled molding on this accent wall is the focal point of this home office, instantly drawing your attention. Creating a feature wall behind an office desk is a great way to create flow in a room.

9. Go horizontal for a simple design

Horizontal Wall Trim On An Accent Wall Next To A Staircase
Photo: ingahomerenovations

This staircase uses horizontal batten molding to fill the large walls beside it. Installing molding on stairs can be more difficult due to the angles you’ll have to work with. For example, where the molding meets the stairs, you’ll need to make precise cuts for a seamless look.

10. Create box molding to fill large walls

Square Wood Trim Accent Wall Design
Photo: belladsignsco

This light blue box molding wall adds a pop of color to an all-white room. Molding is the perfect way to dress up any space without spending a lot on decor. Most moldings can also be installed directly over drywall.

11. Use angles for a contemporary look

Angled Modern Wood Trim Accent Wall
Photo: argarconstruction

The Dramatic angles of this wood trim feature wall give it a modern look accented by navy paint and gold lighting. A small plant in the corner adds a pop of color.

12. Design a Modern Living room with Chunky Box Trim

Modern Box Molding On A Blue Wall
Photo: accentartcreators

If you are a fan of box molding but want a more modern look, try using thicker, flat pieces of wood. This will exude a shaker-style look that complements contemporary spaces.

13. Create an Accent wall Using Wood Trim

Slotted Wood Accent Trim Wall
Photo: browardaccentwallsdesign

Tightly spacing natural wood trim boards in this sitting area creates a visually stunning design that complements the nearby dining room table. In addition, the sloped ceiling in the space provides a natural geometric accent that works well with the wood trim.

14. Decorate a Nursery with Half Wall Paneling

Nursery Board And Batten
Photo: rapidresponsehm

Installing half-wall board and batten is a great way to introduce color into a nursery. Pictures hang on the wall accenting the natural wood crib to fill the space above the molding.

15. Use vertical Wood Trim for an Easy DIY Accent Wall

Vertical Trim Accent Wall Painted Black
Photo: reloveddesign

Installing vertical batten on a wall is one of the easiest ways to style a wall. Since there are no complicated angles, this molding doesn’t require a miter saw (usually needed for angled cutting). Instead, you’ll cut the wood at 90-degree angles, nail it to the wall, sand, and paint! We installed similar board and batten molding in our guest bathroom, and it only took a couple of hours.

16. Create Geometric Wood Trim for A Unique Design

Modern Design Accent Wall With Gray Paint
Photo: fit.organized.inspired

Use geometric wood trim on an accent wall for a unique look that will wow guests. The chevron pattern of this wall focuses your line of sight in the center of the room where a large live edge table is the focal point.

17. Mix angles for a modern style

Wood Trim Accent Wall With Angles In A Dining Room
Photo: wepitchinteriors

Mixing wood trim angles on this wall elevates this space with a modern touch. A black dining room table contrasts the gray color wall with trim.

18. Go custom for intricate designs

Intricate Green Custom Trim Wall In A Staircase
Photo: customtrimtn

Intricate trim gives any home a high-end look, but it isn’t for most DIY installers. For complicated designs, like this green stairway wall pictured, you’ll want to hire a custom trim company that specializes in this work.

19. Contrast White walls with Black wood Trim

Black Modern Wood Trim Accent Wall With Sconces
Photo: thebespokecraftsman

This black feature wall with angled molding perfectly contrasts this dining room’s white walls and furniture. Brown accents introduce warmth into the space, while gold sconces on the wall add a luxurious touch.

20. Repeat patterns for large spaces

Intricate Box Molding On A Tv Wall
Photo: flhomeinteriors1

When installing trim on large accent walls, repeat patterns to fill the space. This gives the trim a more intricate design since your eyes get lost following the pattern on the wall. A grey couch in this living room matches the accent wall.

21. Captivate guests with stylish designs

Angled Wood Trim On A Blue Accent Wall
Photo: trimdepot

A blue geometric accent wall with trim features a diamond design that is the centerpiece of this dining room. Creating a complex feature wall balances the rest of this minimalist dining room.

22. Install wood trim vertically for an easy accent

Vertical Green Accent Wall
Photo: asherartsllc_

Installing tightly spaced vertical trim pieces creates a stunning accent wall that is actually super easy to build! Use a wood block that you can place in between slats for even spacing every time, without the need to measure. We used this method in our home, and it came out perfectly!

23. Connect boxes for elevated farmhouse trim

White Wood Trim Accent Wall Bedroom
Photo: northislandmillwork22

To upgrade box molding, try connecting boxes as shown in this detailed design. While this will add work to the installation, it can also create a stunning accent wall. When installing molding, more wood pieces and cuts also mean more work since you need to fill the nail holes, caulk edges, and sand the pieces. This was the worst part of installing trim in our home, but we reminded ourselves that it was a one-time activity that would make our house look amazing!

24. Introduce natural wood for warmth

Diy Natural Wood Trim Accent Wall In An Entryway
Photo: 716accents

White oak wood slats contrast this entryway’s black console table and door. Introducing natural woods is an excellent idea if you’re trying to avoid a black-and-white color scheme while sticking with a classic style. Light woods like white oak offer neutral tones that bring warmth into a space.

25. Keep it simple with white boxes

White Box Molding Accent Trim Wall
Photo: luxe_architectural_moulding

This simple white box molding wall adds depth to the room, while one framed picture accents the dark hardwood floors.

26. Contrast Black Batten with Wood Paneling

Black Board And Batten With Wood Accents In A Dining Room
Photo: homecrushdesignsllc

The trim from this half wall board and batten extend around the space with neutral-colored wallpaper filling the empty space.

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