32 Waterfall Kitchen island Ideas for Inspiration

A Waterfall Kitchen Island with Brown Accents

A waterfall kitchen island is a high-end finish that has become synonymous with luxury designs. And let’s face it, the abundance of stone countertop material in a waterfall island just feels fancy!

Waterfall islands feature countertops that extend down the sides of the island, making it appear like the entire thing is made of stone. This design element gives any kitchen a high-end look, emphasizing your countertop. So whether you’re creating a farmhouse kitchen with a white quartz waterfall island or a contemporary design with black marble, this style can work for any home.

The one drawback of a waterfall island kitchen is that they’re more expensive than traditional islands. Because you need almost double the amount of stone to cover the island, you can expect your cost to increase significantly. However, this is also why waterfall edge islands are associated with high-end kitchens.

For inspiration, check out the top waterfall kitchen island designs in our gallery below.

1. Quartz Waterfall Kitchen Island With Blue Chairs

A White And Grey Quartz Waterfall Island With Blue Chairs
Photo: razerstone

This quartz waterfall kitchen island adds a luxurious feature to this space, with blue accent chairs at the Island providing seating and a pop of color. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets maximize storage and add to the high-end look of this kitchen.

2. A Large Grey Granite Waterfall Countertop

A Grey Granite Island With A Waterfall Edge
Photo: bradleystone_ind

A large gray granite countertop fills this kitchen with a polished finish that adds a modern touch. White shaker-style cabinets surround the kitchen’s perimeter, balancing the island’s gray color.

3. A Glass Extension on a Quartz Island

Thick Grey Veins On The White Quartz Island That Has Plenty Of Seating With A Glass Overhang
Photo: authentic_custom_homes

This white and gray two-tone kitchen accents the same colors on the quartz countertop waterfall island. A glass countertop connects to the quartz and extends the size of the island for extra seating. This is a unique way to make your island even bigger without splurging on additional stone countertop material.

4. A white Farmhouse Kitchen with a Waterfall Edge Island

A White Kitchen With Silver Hardware And A Large Waterfall Kitchen Island
Photo: teffanie_danby_interiors

This all-white kitchen continues the color scheme with a white waterfall edge island in the center of the space. White and black chairs positioned at the island contrast the design while still complementing the colors in the room. A large window over the sink provides plenty of natural light, brightening this area.

5. A Wood Trim Accent Wall near the island

A Waterfall Edge Granite Countertop Near Natural Wood Cabinets
Photo: citytilestone

This modern kitchen features a gray granite waterfall island, contrasting the white cabinets and light wood in this space. In addition, a wood trim accent is installed on the corner cabinet, complementing the white oak floors in the area.

6. A Marble waterfall Island with Green Kitchen Cabinets

A Marble Waterfall Edge Island With Brown Wood Accents And Green Cabinets
Photo: rachaelelisedesign

Dark green cabinets fill this kitchen with a white and gray marble island at the center of the space. The same marble stone is used as the backsplash behind the cabinets to create a cohesive design with a luxurious touch. Dark brown floors are accented by the barstools placed near the island.

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7. Black Pendant Lights Over a White Island

A White Kitchen With Floor-To-Ceiling Cabinets And A White Marble Countertop Island
Photo: tuskanandco

This farmhouse-style kitchen uses a classic black-and-white color scheme complemented by the marble waterfall island. Black veining on the island accents the hardware and pendant lights hanging above. Brown leather stools with black legs add a warm touch that still fits the rustic charm of the space.

8. Earth Tone Natural Marble in a Modern Kitchen

An Elegant And Modern Kitchen With A Stunning Waterfall Countertop Made Of White Marble
Photo: miriamsdecor

Beige and brown earthtones in the marble countertop island and backsplash add a unique flair to this kitchen. The blue front on this island also contrasts with the white cabinet surrounding the perimeter of this space.

9. Gold Pendant Lights Over a Grey Island

A White Waterfall Marble Countertop Island In A White And Gold Kitchen
Photo: colleen_underhill

This white and gold kitchen features a large waterfall edge island made of white and gray marble. Brown hardwood floors add a rich look to the room and help balance the white cabinetry. Gold pendant lights hang over the island, matching the hardware.

10. A Modern Marble Island with High-End Appliances

A Busy Marble With Lots Of Veining Is Installed On This Waterfall Kitchen Island
Photo: stage7design

The busy marble stone used on this waterfall island is the centerpiece of this open-layout home. In addition, a high-end stainless steel stove is installed against the wall adding a luxurious flair to the space.

11. Grey Cabinets with a Polished Countertop

A Grey Modern Waterfall Kitchen Island With A Stainless Steel Sink
Photo: slabstone_atlanta

The light gray marble countertop on this large island accents the darker cabinets painted a similar shade of gray. A stainless steel sink on the island makes this the perfect area for food prep. A white subway tile backsplash with black grout adds a farmhouse touch to this kitchen.

12. A brown Cabinet Waterfall Island Kitchen

The Marble Waterfall Island Accentuated By Dark Wood Cabinets And Stainless Steel Applainces
Photo: childressinteriors

Brown cabinets give this kitchen a warm vibe balanced by the contemporary marble waterfall island. Natural-colored wood floors add to the texture of the space, while stainless steel appliances add to the high-end look.

13. Black Cabinets with a Dark Marble Waterfall edge Island

A Black Cabinet With Gold Accents And A Dark Marble Waterfall Island
Photo: _matthew_shaw_styling_

Black cabinets are complimented by the black marble countertop island in this kitchen. Gold hardware across the space adds a luxurious contrast that also introduces warm tones, while the rustic wood floors help to balance the contemporary look of this kitchen.

14. A Waterfall Kitchen Island with Seating

A White Quartz Waterfall Kitchen Island With Light Wood Floors
Photo: michaeltung.homes

This white kitchen with white countertops continues the light color scheme on the quartz waterfall island with gray veining. Neutral-colored barstools are placed at the island matching the white oak hardwood floors in this kitchen. A brown dining room table behind the island creates an open floor plan design.

15. Wood Beams in a Modern Kitchen

Rustic Wood Beams Over A Green Kitchen Island With White Waterfall Countertops
Photo: tarastanek_interiordesign

Wood beams extend across this open-concept home, adding a rustic charm continued by the stainless steel farmhouse sink on the kitchen island. A white countertop contrasts the dark cabinets on the island and extends down the sides, creating a waterfall effect.

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16. White Oak Cabinets with A Modern Quartz Island

White Oak And White Painted Cabinets With A White Quartz Island With A Waterfall Edge
Photo: bybrittdesign

This two-tone kitchen combines white oak cabinets with black hardware and white-painted cabinets with gold hardware for a unique style. A large white quartz waterfall island with gray veining is situated in the center of the room, helping to tie together the design. A beige vase placed on the island as decor also features neutral accents that match the white oak cabinetry.

17. A Grey Waterfall Island in an Apartment

A Modern Apartment Kitchen With Grey Granite Countertops And Backsplash Including A Waterfall Island
Photo: arminastone

This city apartment features a gray marble countertop island that is the kitchen’s focal point. The same marble is used in the rest of the kitchen and backsplash, creating a cohesive design. Floor-to-ceiling windows surround the kitchen providing stunning city views.

18. Black Accents in a Modern Marble Kitchen

A Marble Waterfall Island In A Black Modern Kitchen
Photo: smallbone.devizes

White marble countertops and backsplash contrast the modern black wood cabinets in the kitchen design. Built-in lights under the cabinets highlight the natural beauty of this marble stone.

19. A White Waterfall Island with Oak Cabinetry

White Oak Kitchen Cabinets Next To Two Islands One Of Which Has A Waterfall Countertop.
Photo: stonecoveringsofhouston

The countertops differentiate the two islands in the kitchen, with one featuring the waterfall edge and the other featuring a traditional look. The rest of the kitchen continues the two-tone look with white oak cabinets and white-painted cabinets on separate walls. Mixing cabinet colors is a great way to create a unique look and avoid overpowering a large space with one color.

20. A Wide Waterfall Island with Seating

A White And Grey Granite Waterfall Design Island In A White Cabinet Kitchen
Photo: quartzco.ca

This wide waterfall edge island uses white undertones in its granite countertop to match the white shaker-style cabinets in the rest of the kitchen. The black hardware on the cabinets compliments the black and gray stools placed at the island for seating. When designing a kitchen, using accent colors in different areas of the space is essential to create a cohesive design.

21. Black Lighting above a White Island

A Waterfall Edge Marble Countertop With Straight Cut Edges That Show A Seam
Photo: boldfort_

A black chandelier above this marble island creates a stunning contrast while providing lighting that showcases the light grey veining of the stone. A fireplace with a TV above it fills the wall at the end of the island, making this the perfect gathering place for everyone.

22. Contemporary Quartz Countertops with a Waterfall Design

 The Waterfall Design Seamlessly Connects The Countertop To The Floor, Creating A Smooth And Elegant Look.
Photo: midulstergranite

This kitchen island with a waterfall edge features brown veining in the white marble countertop helping it match the beige-colored floor tile. Flat front cabinets give the island a contemporary look accented by the lack of handles.

23. A farmhouse Design with A Modern Island

A Wide Waterfall Kitchen Island With Metal Bar Stools And Grey Cabinets Undernath
Photo: gramarstonecenter

This farmhouse kitchen features a ceiling-high backsplash made of rough-cut grey and white tiles. A waterfall island has a grey countertop that complements the backsplash. Metal stools placed at the island accent the farmhouse style of the space.

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24. Black Cabinets with a White and Grey Island

A Large Black Kitchen With A White And Grey Quartz Waterfall Island
Photo: arminastone

This kitchen waterfall island features a dark navy accent front that matches the blue wall cabinets. A paneled fridge is disguised to blend with the cabinets, while a stainless steel range and ovens add a high-end look.

25. A contemporary Kitchen with Lots of Contrast

Marble Worktops And Splashback With A Matching Central Waterfall Island Used In Kitchen.
Photo: smallbone.devizes

This waterfall marble kitchen island exudes luxury, with built-in lighting highlighting the dark brown cabinetry underneath. Using dark cabinets with white walls and countertops creates a stunning contrast. Bar shelves above the island provide storage for glassware, adding to the opulent look of this space.

26. A Grey Granite Waterfall Island Kitchen

A Waterfall Edge And Extra Thick Slab Used In In Kitchen
Photo: zoomcasa

Grey busy granite with a waterfall design on the island in this L-shaped kitchen matches the colors in the glass backsplash. Using similar colors across different materials is a great way to create a connected design that doesn’t repeat itself. Polished brown cabinetry adds a modern flair to the space.

27. Green Cabinets with A Waterfall Style Kitchen Island

Green Cabinets With A White Waterfall Countertop Edge
Photo: hummingbirdsdesign

This green kitchen island is surrounded by white and grey Calcutta quartz, adding a luxurious look. The same quartz is used on the perimeter cabinets and backsplash, helping tieing together the two areas.

28. Brown and Gold Veins in a Grey Granite Stone

A Grey Granite Waterfall Island With Beige And Brown Veins
Photo: classicgraniteva

Brown and gold veins add an earthy look to this granite island, with black chairs adding contrast. Rich brown cabinets fill the rest of the kitchen with natural wood floors adding to the neutral hues.

29. A Modern White Island With Gold Accents

White And Grey Veining In A Modern Counter Island With White Chairs
Photo: daymewaltherdesign

This large waterfall island features white quartz with light grey veining. Grey chairs with beige cushions accent the colors on the countertop. The walls are painted grey around the kitchen, with white trim complementing the design.

30. Two Grey and White Marble Islands

Two Islands With Matching Marble Stone And Black Veining
Photo: hausofdesign.hod

Two large islands run parallel to each other in this high-end kitchen. The first island contains built-in appliances and a sink, while the second is built for seating. This is an excellent idea if you have the space since it provides plenty of place for prep space and guests!

31. A blue Accent on this Marble

Thick Polished Countertop On A Waterfall Island With A Blue Accent And Wood Cabinets Around The Kitchen
Photo: alkadesignbuild

This island is painted blue, adding a bright pop of color against the white and grey polished marble countertop. Barstools placed at the island feature brown legs that match the nearby floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

32. Polished Tile Floor with a Waterfall Island

Black Thin Veining In The White Countertop On This Waterfall Island In A Kitchen With White Polished Stone
Photo: lolyndecor

This all-white kitchen uses bright marble with thin black veining to create a focal point of the space. A waterfall edge design introduced even more natural stone into this kitchen with a matching marble backsplash.

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