37 Throw Pillows For Grey Couch Ideas For Any Living Room

Throw Pillows for Grey Couch

If you’re looking to spice up your grey couch, throw pillows are always the place to start! We’re rounding up our favorite throw pillows for grey couches for every style.

After we purchased our grey sectional, we almost regretted buying a dark fabric. We knew we wanted a dark couch to resist stains from kids and pets, but we also love a light and airy living room. So our first step was to add throw pillows, which instantly transformed the space.

Whether you’re styling a farmhouse living room with white and black accents or a modern grey couch with black pillows, the options are endless.

Check out the gallery below of our favorite throw pillows for grey couches!

1. Add Leather Pillows for Texture

Brown Leather And White Accent Pillows On A Gray Couch
Photo: ourbohocondo

Using brown leather throw pillows on this grey couch helps match the wood parquet floors and other furniture. When designing a space, it’s important to carry your accent color across the space.

2. Use Beige Throw Pillows to Brighten a Grey Sofa

White Accent Pillows On A Grey Living Room Couch
Photo: bhgrealestate

Beige throw pillows are used to lighten this grey couch and match the decor on the coffee table. If you want to make your grey-colored couch appear lighter, try adding beige accents.

3. Add a Pop of Color with accent Pillows

Dark Grey Couch In A Living Room With Yellow Throw Pillows
Photo: nest_number_9

Yellow accent pillows are layered with white and grey pillows on this gray couch. The white and black accents are carried through to the rest of the space, while the yellow adds a pop of color. Adding a pop of color is a great way to elevate a modern living room.

4. Match accent chairs and throw pillows

White Throw Pillows For A Grey Couch
Photo: kandlinteriors

This simple living room uses beige blankets and pillows to brighten the grey couch and carpet. The throw pillows also match the accent chairs in the corner of the room.

5. Mix and Match Textures to add dimension

White Throw Pillows On A Grey Couch
Photo: theclosetmoth

Using pillows with different designs on this couch helps add texture to the space. While too many pillows can make your couch uncomfortable, you still need enough to create an inviting space.

6. Use matching throw pillows for a fluffy look

Grey Pillows On A Fluffy Grey Couch
Photo: moebel.de

One of the easiest throw pillows for grey couch ideas is simply matching the color. This couch shows how comfy a space you can create by using pillows the same color as your couch. It also creates a cohesive look without much effort. Of course, the best way to find matching pillows is through the manufacturer. Many sofas come with one or two accent pillows included, but if not, you can ask the producer to see if they sell them.

7. Patterned throw pillows for grey couches

Light Grey Couch With Black And White Pillows
Photo: decoist

Black and white zig-zag throw pillows add a modern accent to this grey couch. A similar pattern is continued on the rug, which helps pull this black, white, and grey space together. The end table features a light wood top that adds a warm neutral tone.

8. Try adding black accents for a moody look

Gray Sectional Sofa With Fluffy Throw Pillows
Photo: coricraft_sa

Black accents are a great way to make a space feel modern, as shown by this living room with a black and wood coffee table. A black throw pillow is layered with beige and grey pillows and helps tie into the table.

9. Contrast Grey Couches with Beige Throw Pillows

Beige Pillows On A Dark Grey Couch
Photo: ahomeforsix

This beige living room with light wood floors brightens their dark gray couches with lots of beige throw pillows. While the fabrics on these sofas are very dark, you can see how much brighter they look thanks to the pillows.

10. Don’t be Afraid of colorful accent pillows

Dark Grey Sofa In A Living Room With Red Accent Pillows
Photo: noko.interiordesign

Red throw pillows on this sofa create a unique accent that matches the artwork in the room. If you’re redecorating your living room, coordinate accent colors across your pillows, artwork, and decor. This creates a cohesive look and makes your room appear more high-end.

11. Add black throw pillows for a modern look

Dark Gray Couch With Black Pillows
Photo: oh_my_greys_home

This modern living room with a grey couch uses black furniture and accents to create contrast. Black throw pillows with white piping help them tie into the decor in this space.

12. Add Lighter Greys for a cohesive look

Gray Sofas With Light Grey Pillows In Front Of A Fireplace
Photo: home_at_ivy_corner

White oak wood legs on this grey sofa and coffee match the wood logs in this white fireplace. Gray accent pillows with white stripes tie into the rug in this living room.

13. Mix textures for a comfy vibe

Two Matching Sofas With Furry Grey Pillows
Photo: staged2sellco

Mixing different materials throw pillows on two grey couches adds texture to this living room with a gray and black fireplace. Warm accents and wood floors help the room escape its monotone color scheme.

14. Patterned throw pillows on a dark grey couch

Patterned Throw Pillows On A Gray Sofa
Photo: danavrealtor

This light gray couch uses patterned throw pillows to add a bit of flair. With simple living rooms, adding fun patterns is a great way to spice up your design. Plus, pillows can easily be changed out when you get tired of them.

15. Different Pillows in a Modern Grey Living Room

Modern Grey Couch Living Room With Patterned Throw Pillows
Photo: lennarbayarea

A large gray sectional features white and grey pillows with different patterns accenting wood-look floors. An accent chair in the corner matches the decor in the room, while green plants add a pop of color.

16. Simple Pillows on a Sofa and Armchair

Gray Couch And Armchair With Pillows
Photo: molmic_sofas

Keeping the decor simple on this gray sofa and armchair focuses the attention on the living room. When designing a room, it’s essential to determine what you want the focal area to be.

17. Use pastels for a neutral pop of color

Light Grey L-Shaped Sofa In A Living Room With White Walls And Accent Pillows
Photo: organizedhomedecor

This light gray couch features pink and blue pastel throw pillows that add a subtle pop of color while still matching the neutral color palette in this living room. A beige patterned rug accents the cashmere blanket sitting on the sofa.

18. Pink Pillow on a Grey Couch

Pink And White Throw Pillows On A Light Grey Couch
Photo: florbarcina_arquitectura

A pink pillow is layered on this light gray couch for a feminine touch. This light living room features white oak floors accented around the room.

19. Neutral Pillows for a farmhouse style

Gray Couch On A Grey Rug In The Living Room With Colored Pillows
Photo: beydindesign

This loft seating area features a gray couch with a beige rug and ottoman that exude neutral tones matched by the different size pillows on the sofa. Mixing and matching the size of pillows creates a cozy space that makes you want to sit down.

20. Orange accent pillows in a modern living room

Large Rug With A Gray Sofa On It In A Modern Living Room And Colorful Pillows
Photo: stagingsistersto

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your pillows – especially since they can easily be changed. This gray sofa shows how easy it is to add bright colors without disrupting your design. We love how the orange pillows match the wood coffee table and accent chair, bringing in warm tones.

21. Throw Pillows and stunning marble

Marble Fireplace With Grey Tufted Sofas
Photo: kaluinteriors

While the marble fireplace in this apartment steals the show, the grey tufted sofa provides plenty of seating to appreciate the view. Adding pillows to this structured sofa helps it feel softer and more inviting.

22. Manly Living room with dark colors

Large L Shaped Couch In A Modern House With Grey Throw Pillows
Photo: molmic_sofas

For a manly design, add dark-colored pillows to your grey couch. This design uses gray, navy, and black accents that match its moody style.

23. Add Plaid Pillows for a rustic style

Plaid Throw Pillows On A Grey Couch
Photo: edelweiss_home

The best throw pillows for a grey couch help accent your style, as evidenced by the plaid cushions in this farmhouse living room. The white and gray color scheme is continued throughout the rest of the room.

24. Add a matching blanket to go with pillows

Small Gray Couch With Leather Chairs And A Clear Coffee Table
Photo: styleitwithjackie

The beige matching blanket and pillows help brighten this grey couch and accent the textured rug. A glass coffee table lets the furniture in the room shine, while leather chairs add a pop of color.

25. A lone pink throw pillow on a grey couch

Gray Couch With Marble Coffee Tables And A Pink Accent Pillow
Photo: liberty.interiors

The single pink throw pillow on this couch matches the decor and flowers in this living room. Choosing a fun color and carrying it through your room is a great way to create colorful contrast.

26. Dark green pillows on a light grey sofa

Green And White Throw Pillows For A Grey Couch
Photo: claircodesigns

Dark green pillows on this couch add a moody vibe and match the faux tree in the corner. A wood coffee table matches the floors, while white chair molding extends around the walls.

27. Buffalo Check pillows in a farmhouse living room

Buffalo Check Throw Pillows On Gray Sofas
Photo: beauty4ashes_home

Buffalo check pillows create a farmhouse style in this living room with a gray couch. The colors are used to accent the busy black and white carpet.

28. Yellow Accent pillows that match the walls

Yellow Accent Pillow On A Grey Couch
Photo: staybenebu

This bright living dresses up its gray couch with mustard yellow accent pillows that match the walls in this room. A light-colored rug accents the colors around it, adding to the design.

29. Use lighter pillows to brighten the space

Light Grey Couch With A Padded Coffee Table And White Pillows
Photo: acornhillhome

To create an even brighter family room, add pillows and decor that are a lighter color than your couch. For example, this light gray sofa features white and gray pillows that make the room look even lighter, thanks to the natural light.

30. match pillows to your living room rug

Big Comfy Gray Sofa On A White And Black Rug With Accent Pillows
Photo: st.sofas

The pastel and white pillows on the couch accent the dark colors of this living room rug. Plenty of natural light fills the room thanks to the large bay window.

31. go dark and moody with green throw pillows

Green Throw Pillows On A Grey Couch
Photo: annes_cosy_little_flat_

Green throw pillows on a grey couch add character to this living room. A low coffee table has decor and a plant.

32. Accent your living room Art with throw pillows

Green And Beige Accent Pillows On A Gray Leather Couch
Photo: romazdecor

White and green throw pillows fill a gray leather couch and match the lampshade nearby. This living room perfectly mixes textures across the sofa, stools, and rug to create a beautiful interior design.

33. Keep it modern with simple designs

Open Floorplan Home With A Grey Sofa In The Living Room And Blue Pillows
Photo: molmic_sofas

This light gray modern couch uses different grey and blue pillow combinations. In addition, a dark rug adds contrast while still matching the colors used.

34. Don’t be afraid of orange accents

Grey Sofa With Orange Accent Chairs In A Living Room With Light Floors
Photo: cooperrobinsoninteriors

Orange accent chairs match the bright pillow on this grey couch, adding a fun modern flair to the room. Adding color pillows is a great way to create a modern vibe.

35. Even Pink Pillows Work with a Grey couch

Pink Living Room With A Light Grey Couch And Pink Accents
Photo: sofacompanyofficial

A pink accent wall is carried through to the lamp and throw blanket in this living room. A green coffee table and rug balance the pink and add to this colorful room.

36. Layer patterns for a stunning design

Gray Patterned Sofa On Gray Carpet With Blue And White Pillows
Photo: stylestatements_co

Layering patterns is a great way to create depth in small spaces. For example, this couch uses throw pillows and blankets on a grey couch to make the room seem even bigger while still being inviting.

37. Yellow throw pillows that match nearby art

Two Tufted Grey Couches On A Grey Rug With Yellow Throw Pillows
Photo: life.of.reema

Two tufted couches with bright yellow accents sit on a grey and white rug. The yellow is accented in the artwork behind the couches, carrying the look throughout the space.

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