35 Subway Tile Showers For An Updated Bathroom

Subway Tile Shower

Subway tile showers have skyrocketed in popularity as a bathroom surface finish over the past decade because of their attractive design and hassle-free maintenance.

With subway tiles, you have limitless design options. You can choose from various colors or mix and match to make your space stand out. Whether adding contrast with black grout or using an eye-catching pattern like herringbone, subway tile can do it all.

If you’re not stuck on the classic white subway tile, try stepping outside the box by introducing unique tile designs like funky floral patterns or bright colors. Subway tiling also comes in special sizes above the standard 3×6-inch size. Larger subway tiles can be great in bigger spaces. The general rule of thumb for these tiles is the widths are twice that of their length for the best look.

Regardless of your style, subway tile showers are a great way to create a modern and refined look in your bathroom. With their low maintenance, longevity, and subtle texture contrasts when left unpolished, they offer lasting beauty that will never go out of style – streamlining any space with simple sophistication.

Scroll through our gallery of subway tile showers for inspiration for your home!

1. Mix Modern White Subway Tile with Natural Wood

White Subway Tile Shower With A Black Frame Door
Photo: cgcllc

If you want a simple modern space, this bathroom nails the mark with a white subway tile shower. The black glass panels accent the black vanity and pattern on the floor tiles. Gold accents add a pop of warm color and luxury to this bathroom.

2. Create a Simple Shower with Bronze Accents

White Tile Shower With White Grout And Black Hardware
Photo: hdrremodeling

While bronze is a more traditional finish, it adds an instant touch of luxury to this simple white subway tile shower. A black shower shelf is used for storage and features a small plant for a pop of color.

3. Use Large Gray Subway Tiles for a Big Shower

Large Grey Subway Tile Used In In Shower
Photo: turtlecovehiltonhead

Large gray subway tiles line this shower with white grout and white floors. Using a larger tile helps balance the big size of this shower. While smaller subway tiles work in most spaces, if you have a large shower or bathroom, try using a bigger tile, like 4×12 or 12×24.

4. Black Floors with White Shower Tiles Create contrast

Black Floors White Subway Tile Shower With Gold Faucet
Photo: creativetileimports

We love the use of black tile with white grout in this bathroom and shower. A white subway tile shower contrasts the floors while matching the grout color. In addition, gold faucets and hardware add to the high-end feel of this space.

5. Vertical Black Subway Tile makes a statement

Black Vertical Subway Tile Shower
Photo: mecdesigninstall

Vertical black subway tile is stacked in this shower to create a stunning visual effect. In addition, hexagon tile is used on the shower floor with white grout, and gold faucets are featured for a stunning effect.

6. Mixing and matching colors with Gold Accents

Black Subway Tile Shower In White Bathroom
Photo: mollyhowedesign

Don’t be afraid to mix wall and tile colors. This white bathroom does a beautiful job adding contrast with a black subway tile shower and white grout. Adding a white tile floor to the shower helps brighten the space. A gold vanity mirror matches the gold hardware in the shower.

7. Blue Subway Tiles for a Pop of Color

Blue Subway Tile Bathroom
Photo: mewsdesigns

For a pop of color, try adding blue subway tile like this bathroom. The stacked tiles are extended behind the toilet and beyond. Tiling around the entire bathroom adds beautiful detail, but it can be expensive.

8. Create a Farmhouse Shower with White Tiles

White Subway Tile With Black Grout
Photo: starkville_interiors

For a classic farmhouse subway tile shower design, mix white subway tiles with black grout to create a lot of contrast. This bathroom matches the high-contrast tile with white shaker-style vanity and black accents. Large penny tile floors create a mosaic in the shower.

9. Match black grout with dark paint colors

Glass Shower With Subway Tile
Photo: heatherm77design

This bathroom shower uses white subway tile to contrast the dark gray floor tile and black painted walls. While white subway tile with black grout is commonly used for farmhouse styles, this bathroom looks more modern thanks to the paint color and finishes.

10. Create a stunning shower with Marble Subway Tiles

Marble Staggered Subway Tile
Photo: pdkcontracting

We love the look of this marble subway tile shower with gold accents. By not extending the tile to the ceiling, it also helped this homeowner save on this bathroom.

11. Make a statement with Dark Green Stacked Subway Tiles

Dark Green Subway Tile In Glass Shower
Photo: hendricksonphoto

This green subway tile shower and bathtub surround is a great way to elevate a basic bathroom. Choosing a fun colored tile with stunning accents is a great way to elevate a drop-in bathtub. The gold door panels match the faucet and contrast with the green tile beautifully.

12. Watch the game with glass doors and a TV

Glass Shower With Subway Tile And Patterned Floors
Photo: lvremodel

The large subway tiles are perfect for this massive shower with a glass door that allows you to watch TV. The black accents in the shower match the patterned bathroom floor.

13. Use a Stacked Tiles Shower Surround for simplicity

Subway Tile Shower Surround With Black Grout
Photo: bengiliving

The silver door and faucet enhance the sleek and modern look of this white subway tile shower. The clean lines of the subway tiles are a timeless design choice, while the silver accents add an interesting modern twist that ties in effortlessly with other metallic accents in the room. The combination of white and silver creates a minimalist and calming atmosphere that will provide a relaxing escape for anyone who steps inside.

14. Go from boring to stunning with Marble Tiles

Marble Subway Tile Thin Grout
Photo: watertowntile

This shower uses white Carrara marble tiles to create a luxurious look without breaking the bank. While slabs of marble are expensive, using smaller tiles is more cost-effective for larger spaces like a shower or walls. The built-in niche is a nice added detail that matches the luxurious look of this shower.

15. Create a stunning Marble Bathroom with Natural Wood

Natural Marble Tile In A Glass Shower With Gold Accents
Photo: seabrightlane

This luxurious bathroom features earthy tones, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The walls are white, accented by marble subway tiles in the shower. The floor is covered in smooth, white marble tile and a grey vanity with gold handles adds some extra sparkle to the room. Windows flood the space with natural light making it feel bright and relaxing. Overall, this bathroom is ideal for relaxing and unwitting after a long day.

16. Use a glass door to highlight a White Subway Tile Shower

White Subway Tile With Black Grout In The Shower
Photo: curatedbyking

Using a glass door allows everyone to appreciate the beauty of this farmhouse shower with white subway tiles and black grout. In addition, the rainforest showerhead adds a modern touch to this classic design, while a black accent shelf is useful for storage.

17. Mixing White Subway Tiles And Black Floors

Gold Faucet And Handle With White Tile
Photo: torihuhninteriors

This large shower features a beautiful black marble floor contrasting the white subway tile shower. To create a clean design, white grout was used throughout the space. Gold hardware is used for stunning modern accents.

18. Used Vertical colored tiles for a unique design

Vertical Gray Subway Shower Tile
Photo: avidinteriordesign.au

The focal point of this bathroom is the blue vertical subway tile shower, which contrasts with the dark gold showerhead and built-in shelf. The polished finish of the tile reflects light creating a beautiful effect. In addition, the built-in shelf adds a functional touch to this otherwise sleek and sophisticated design.

19. Create contrast with Black Subway Tile and white grout

Black Shower With White Grout
Photo: tilejoint

This bathroom is modern and sleek, with black subway tile covering the walls and white grout in between. The uniform pattern of the tiles creates a bold and edgy look, while the bright white grout adds contrast and lightens up the room. This bathroom design is sure to be a statement piece in any home.

20. transition from shower to Bathroom with glass doors

4X8 White Subway Tile In A Shower
Photo: alairhomes.northyork

A large soaking tub and white subway tile shower accent the white marble look tile in this bathroom. Adding glass doors to the shower help make this bathroom look even more significant.

21. Accent your Farmhouse bathroom with a metal shower door

White Tile With Grout With A Black Glass Door
Photo: renovationqueenlife

This separate walk-in shower features white subway tile and black grout that matches the bathtub surround. A gray hexagon mosaic floor tile is used to contrast the white tile.

22. Use Beveled Subway Tile With Gold Accents to transform your bathroom

Beveled Subway Tile Shower With Gold Faucet
Photo: gardenstatetile

This modern bathroom features a luxurious shower with beveled subway tile in shades of gray and white, creating an elegant yet contemporary look. The shower floor is finished with hexagon tiles for a unique flair, while gold accents for a touch of glamour highlight the glass door. An exposed rainfall showerhead completes this stylish bathroom retreat.

23. Use Natural Wood to Accent White Tiles

Black Bathroom Floors With White Tiles And Wood Accents
Photo: thereesetribe

This modern bathroom features large black hexagon floor tiles contrasting the white walls and shower. The white subway tile shower uses white grout to create a more modern look, with a square black shower head that draws your attention. We love the natural wood vanity that adds warmth to this black-and-white bathroom.

24. combine Grey grout with white subway tiles

Small White Subway Tile With A Built-In Shower Shelf
Photo: nyhis_

White subway tile with black grout is used as the bathtub surround in this bathroom. A Black showerhead adds to the farmhouse look of this simple but elegant bathroom

25. Mixing Colors For a Unique Look

Green Vanity With White Subway Tile Shower
Photo: hammannhomes

This bathroom is the perfect blend of modern and classic. The large grey subway-tiled shower adds a contemporary feel, while the green vanity adds a unique, eclectic touch to the room. A white hexagon floor tile completes the look, making it light and airy. Silver fixtures, such as the shower head and vanity faucet, add a touch of sophistication to this one-of-a-kind bathroom.

26. Add an Accent Strip for a statement

White Subway Tile Shower With Accent Strip
Photo: on_the_road_home_

This white subway tile shower uses an accent tile strip at eye level to create a unique design. The accent tile matches the white and black patterned floor tile and dark-colored vanity.

27. Use White Grout for a Seamless Look

Farmhouse White Subway Tile Bathtub Surround With Black Faucets
Photo: house.of.matchey

This simple bathtub features white subway tile with white grout for a clean look. Black faucets and hardware contrast the white walls and let this bathtub be used as a shower. A niche shelf made of subway tile is useful for storage.

28. Go floor to ceiling with Square Subway Tiles

White Square Subway Tile Used In A Shower
Photo: alythompsoninteriors

This beautiful bathroom offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. The large walk-in shower is lined with square subway tile, giving the space an updated and modern feel. The natural beige vanity provides an earthy and calming anchor to the room, creating an ideal environment for relaxation. Whether you’re getting ready in the morning or seeking a place to unwind, this elegant bathroom will make it easy.

29. Highlight Panels with Black Accents

White Subway Tile Shower Panels With Black Grout
Photo: laurenlappindesigns

The walls of this shower are lined with long white subway tiles with black grout. A small shower niche is lined with mosaic tiles and can be used for storing shampoo or soap. To complete the look, the glass door on the shower has black molding and a sleek black handle.

30. Go vertical for even more effect

White Vertical Subway Tile In A Shower
Photo: somethinggoodinteriors

This bathroom boasts a modern design with its vertical white subway tile shower and white oak vanity. The thin black grout provides subtle but unique accents that help tie the two pieces together. On top of the white toilet, a plant adds a welcome pop of color to the otherwise neutral palette. The combination of sleek tiles and the gentle grain of the vanity creates an inviting atmosphere for anyone who enters.

31. Transform your shower by mixing tiles and marble

Green Subway Tile In A Shower With Marble
Photo: fireclaytile

This modern shower features a stunning marble slab with earthy green and brown colors, giving the white-stacked subway tile a luxurious tint. Gold hardware accentuates the elegant design of the marble. We love the combination of natural stone and sleek tile that exudes a timeless charm.

32. Use a herringbone pattern for a statement

Herringbone Subway Tile Accent In A Shower With Black Grout
Photo: warmyourfloor

Try adding a herringbone pattern to take a white subway tile shower to the next level. This shower features a beautiful herringbone tile inlay that instantly draws your eye. Since herringbone designs are more expensive to install, this inlay is a great way to make a statement without breaking the bank.

33. accent the subway tiles with gold

Modern Bathroom With Subway Tile And Gold Accents
Photo: tilebar

This bathroom is a beautiful blend of styles. The white subway tile shower with grey grout extends around the bathroom’s walls, creating a crisp, clean backdrop accented by white and grey floor tiles. To complete the look, a warm wood vanity sits atop the floor with a gold faucet that matches the accents in the shower.

34. Use a Stack for a Modern Subway Tile Shower

Modern Black And White Tile Jpg
Photo: truenorthmasonry

Stacking high-gloss white subway tile in this shower gives it a modern look, while contrasting the black floors and shelf. The hexagon shape of the floor tiles adds an architectural design element.

35. use glass shower doors for even more contrast

Thick Subway Tile In A Shower With A Glass Door
Photo: teach_beag

This bathroom uses a glass door on the bathtub to make the room appear larger bigger and highlight the beautiful tile design. If you have a small space, using a glass door on the shower is a great way to make your bathroom seem bigger.

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