41 Shiplap Bathroom Accent Wall Designs To Stun

Shiplap Bathroom Accent Wall

A shiplap bathroom accent wall can transform your bathroom by adding a unique focal point that instantly captivates guests. So whether you’re styling a guest or master bathroom, there are plenty of shiplap ideas for you.

Shiplap is wood paneling applied to walls in a horizontal, vertical, or angled pattern. This paneling adds depth to your walls and helps fill empty spaces without crowing your space with decor.

For more inspiration, check out our favorite shiplap bathroom accent wall ideas below!

1. Contrast Black with White Half Wall Shiplap

White Shiplap Half Wall With Black Paint In A Bathroom
Photo: 5girlsoneboy

This farmhouse bathroom contrasts black walls with a white horizontal shiplap that extends two-thirds up the wall. Using wainscoting ensures that the dark black walls don’t overpower this bathroom. Gold accents and wood decor add a pop of warmth to the space.

2. Balance Wallpaper with Wainscoting

Half Wall Bead Board In A Small Bathroom
Photo: _houseonthemeadow

A grey shiplap bathroom accent wall is met by busy floral wallpaper halfway up the wall. When designing a small space with patterned wallpaper, using paneling to balance the design is a great idea. Otherwise, your bathroom can feel takeover by the wallpaper.

3. Try A Chevron Shiplap Accent Wall Pattern

Chevron Shiplap Pattern On Bathroom Accent Wall
Photo: northislandmillwork

If you’re tired of traditional shiplap, try a unique pattern like this bathroom’s accent wall. The chevron pattern gives the space a modern look that will wow your guests.

4. Simple White Bathroom With Shiplap Accent Wall

Bathtub Shiplap Accent Wall
Photo: cortpm

A shiplap accent wall is an easy way to fill bathrooms with a lot of wall space. Without any paneling or decor, your bathroom can look under-designed because of empty wall space. However, adding shiplap instantly transforms your bathroom from boring to beautiful!

5. High-Gloss Black Shiplap Backsplash for a Lux Look

Black Shiplap Accent Wall In A White Bathroom
Photo: capitollighting

Black high-gloss shiplap gives this bathroom a high-end look balanced by the marble countertops and wood vanity. Gold lighting and faucets complement the vanity while adding warm tones to the bathroom.

6. Add a pop of color with painted shiplap

Blue Shiplap Bathroom Accent Wall
Photo: ufpedge

The navy shiplap accent wall in this bathroom complements the blue-patterned floor tile, while a gold mirror adds warmth to the space. A rich wood vanity looks great with the blue accents and balances the white toilet and bathtub.

7. Farmhouse Bathroom with White Shiplap

Horizontal Shiplap Half Wall Panels In A Bathroom
Photo: manymustardseedsinteriors

The white shiplap half wall in this small bathroom accents the grey wallpaper above it. A plant on top of the toilet brings a pop of color, while the marble countertop matches the colors on the wall.

8. Powder Room Shiplap Accent Wall

White Bathroom Shiplap Accent Wall With A Blue Vanity
Photo: lindseybsullivan

A blue vanity is a focal point in this tiny powder room with a white shiplap accent wall. Adding shiplap in small spaces is a great way to add depth, making the room feel larger.

9. Horizontal Shiplap Next to Bathroom Cabinets

Small Bathroom Shiplap Accent Wall Behind The Sink
Photo: nextnest_realestatemedia

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry provides plenty of storage in this bathroom where shiplap runs from the cabinets to the wall making the room feel wider. When installing shiplap, you want to run the planks in the direction you want to draw the eye. In this case, putting them horizontally draws your eye to the side, making the room appear bigger.

10. Shiplap around the bathtub for a cozy style

Bathtub With Horizontal Shiplap Around It
Photo: gailbarleyinteriors

Wood-look tile adds warmth to this bathroom with a modern soaking tub. Shiplap surrounds the tub on half the wall to fill the large white walls. A large window brings in natural light to brighten this space even more.

11. White Shiplap with Black Floor Tile

White Horizontal Shiplap Half Wall In A Bathroom With Black Tile
Photo: just.about.everything.joe

A white shiplap accent wall and silver hardware contrast black tile with white grout. Installing molding on the long entrance to this bathroom is a great way to fill the space without spending too much. However, while subway tile is a popular choice for bathroom walls, it’s much more expensive than shiplap.

12. Black and White Farmhouse Bathroom

White Shiplap With Angled Mirrors On It In The Bathroom
Photo: bellaviadesign

A farmhouse-style bathroom features white vanities with black accents that match the angeled mirrors on the wall. Black sconces hang on the white shiplap accent wall behind the sinks. Shiplap is a staple of farmhouse design and a great way to complete your room without overspending.

13. Black Vanities in a White Bathroom

Shiplap Accent Wall In A Modern Bathroom
Photo: jaimebydesign

A white shiplap accent wall is added to this tile bathroom with a built-in bathtub and beige-colored floors. Black vanities and accents exude a farmhouse style, but the gray tile bathtub helps to mute it.

14. Add Green Shiplap with Natural Shelves

Green Half Wall Shiplap In A White Tile Bathroom
Photo: mydreamhome_usplus6

For a pop of color, consider painting your shiplap accent wall. This light green still fits within a neutral color palette while still bringing in a beautiful accent color. Natural wood shelves help balance the look.

15. Contrast White Walls with Shiplap Wainscoting

Grey Shiplap Wainscoting Accent Wall
Photo: bragetdesign

A wood vanity with a modern sink sits in front of a vertical shiplap accent wall in this small bathroom. The mirror overlaps onto the half-wall paneling helping to connect the two portions of the wall. When decorating an accent wall with half-wall molding, remember to blend the areas using decor.

16. Make your room appear longer with horizontal shiplap

Horizontal Shiplap Accent Wall In A Bathroom
Photo: meulenberg_painting

A brown wood vanity rests on the horizontal shiplap accent wall in this bathroom with white fixtures. A Black framed mirror hangs on the shiplap, offering contrast, while a plant on the counter provides a pop of color.

17. Create a Modern Spa Feel

Shiplap Behind A Modern Bathtub
Photo: grandlivinghomescarolinas

Adding an accent wall behind this bathtub is a great way to break up the large white walls around it. When designing a space, you want to avoid too many blank walls. While you shouldn’t cram your walls with art or decor, adding molding is the perfect way to fill large spaces.

18. Use Wood for Warmth

Horizontal Shiplap On Half The Wall In A Bathroom
Photo: mdesignsinteriordecorating

Brown hardwood floors and a matching ladder add warmth to this black-and-white farmhouse-style home. A shiplap half-wall in the bathroom adds texture while still adhereing to the color palette.

19. Hang towels on Shiplap

Shiplap Wainscoting In A Bathroom With Towel Hooks
Photo: ourpolishedhome

Installing hooks on this shiplap accent wall adds functionality, while a hanging plant offers color. Layering textures and colors on shiplap is a great way to dress it up, as shown in this picture.

20. Use Shiplap behind your sink

White Shiplap Accent Wall That Extends To The Ceiling Behind A Bathroom Vanity
Photo: weaberlumber

This white vanity with a busy granite countertop sits on a white shiplap accent wall. Wood mirrors and baskets bring neutral tones to this all-white bathroom.

21. Mix Simple shiplap and Exciting Wallpaper

Bathroom With White Half Wall Shiplap And Patterned Wallpaper
Photo: kristylentinedesign

Patterned wallpaper accents the beige tones in this bathroom’s white oak hardwood floors. With busy wallpaper adding half-wall paneling helps tone down the pattern.

22. Continue Shiplap from the Ceiling

White Bathroom Shiplap Accent Wall That Matches A Shiplap Ceiling
Photo: ihsbuilding

The white shiplap accent wall in this bathroom matches the shiplap on the vaulted ceiling. In addition, the paneling adds a unique contrast to the blue marble tile used in the shower and on the floors.

23. Accent Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom With Wallpaper And Half Wall Shiplap Paneling
Photo: champagne_and_chalk

This small guest bathroom with wallpaper has a half-wall shiplap accent wall that complements the colors in the vanity and marble floor tile. Adding marble is a great way to tie it all together for bathrooms with white and grey tones.

24. Use floating vanities for a clean look

Shiplap Accent Wall Behind A Floating Vanity
Photo: sky_ridge_farmhouse

A natural wood floating vanity brings a rustic feel to this farmhouse sink area. A white shiplap accent wall behind the sink is used as a backsplash with black sconces and a mirror to complete the design.

25. Add gold accents for a high-end design

White Shiplap Accent Wall In Grey Bathroom
Photo: thriveallprojects

A floral arrangement hangs on a bathroom shiplap accent wall with a mirror next to it over the vanity. Brown hardwood floors bring in warmth and add to the country feel of this space.

26. Let decor warm your space

White Shiplap Behind A Bathroom Sink With A Gold Mirror
Photo: home_and_huffman

Neutral-colored decor fills the countertop of a brown vanity in this bathroom, while white shiplap backsplash extends to the ceiling serving as an accent wall.

27. Extend shiplap to the ceiling

Bathroom With A Shiplap Accent Wall And A Vaulted Ceiling
Photo: wd_custom_carpentry

A large black window frames the white and black soaking tub as the focal point of this bathroom. To accent the vaulted ceiling, the shiplap extends from the floor to the roof’s peak, drawing your eye up at the tall space.

28. compliment wood paneled walls

Wood Paneling Opposite A Shiplap Wall In A Bathroom
Photo: vintagetub

This rustic bathroom uses a mounted sink on the shiplap accent wall for a minimalist farm design. The vintage bathtub complements this style, while white hexagon floor tiles bring a modern touch.

29. Infuse Rustic charm with country finishes

Farmhouse Bathroom With Rustic Vanity And Shiplap On Half The Wall
Photo: mdesignsinteriordecorating

For a unique design, consider installing your faucets directly into the shiplap. This rustic-style design works perfectly with the repurposed nightstand used as a vanity.

30. Use grey and white colors

Farmhouse Bathroom With A Grey Vanity And Shiplap Behind The Sink
Photo: blisshomeinteriorspei

Horizontal shiplap boards act as backsplash with a white vanity. Black handles on the vanity give the space a farmhouse style. Farmhouse designs typically use black-and-white color schemes that emphasize elements you would find in a barn or a country home.

31. Add natural wood cabinets for a neutral space

White Shiplap Accent Wall In A Cathedral Ceiling Bathroom With Wood Cabinets
Photo: afterthought_construction

White oak cabinets fill this bathroom with marble floors and a large soaking tub. Across from the cabinets, this bathroom designer used white shiplap to fill the empty wall. While the homeowners could have extended the marble to the ceiling for a luxurious look, this would have been very expensive. Swapping the marble for shiplap is a great way to fill the space without breaking their budget.

32. Try farmhouse sinks in the bathroom

Navy Vanity With White Shiplap Backsplash And Black Mirrors
Photo: themontanamodern

Think farmhouse sinks are just for the kitchen? Think again! This bathroom uses a custom blue vanity with farmhouse sinks to bring a rustic feel into the space. A white shiplap accent wall behind the sinks adds to the farmhouse design.

33. Modern look with gold accents

White Oak Vanity With Marble Backsplash And Shiplap
Photo: tiffanyleighdesign

When designing a shiplap bathroom accent wall, it’s essential to consider the style you’re trying to achieve. For a more modern look, try bringing in natural woods and gold fixtures that warm the space. This space does a great job of mixing textures and colors so that no element overpowers the design.

34. Yellow Shiplap in a cottage bathroom

Yellow Shiplap Bathroom Wall With A Floating Sink
Photo: amymorrisinteriors

A yellow shiplap bathroom accent wall features a floating black and white sink for a rustic look. The vintage picture frame mirror adds to the style and offers character to the space.

35. Shiplap accent wall in a small bathroom

Powder Room With Black Backsplash Behind A Floating Vanity
Photo: cvi_design

Instead of using traditional white shiplap, this bathroom design contrasts the white walls and natural vanity with a black shiplap accent.

36. Wood Shiplap With Marble Tile

Spa Like Bathroom With Marble And Wood
Photo: siparila

This spa-like bathroom uses large marble tiles on the floor and walls that transform the space. To balance all of the stone, this designer used rich wood to create a shiplap look on the walls and ceiling.

37. High Contrast Space with Black and White

Vertical Shiplap Half-Wall Paneling
Photo: _desertcottage_

To create a stark contrast, install a black shiplap accent wall in a white bathroom. Creating contrast is a fundamental principle of design and can instantly transform spaces. While we often focus on matching colors when designing spaces, creating contrast is just as important.

38. Black shiplap accent wall in a tiled bathroom

Black Subway Tile With Black Shiplap Wall
Photo: missouritile

This bathroom mixes black subway tile in the shower with a vertical black shiplap behind the vanity. The result is a stunning mixture of textures complemented by the natural wood vanity with black handles.

39. Matching Cabinetry hardware to Backsplash

Horizontal Shiplap Painted Black With Natural Cabinets In A Bathroom
Photo: audreycrispinteriors

Black shiplap wall treatment acts as an accent wall in this bathroom with a wood vanity. Adding natural-colored cabinets are a great way to balance dark tones in a space.

40. Twin Sconces for a beautiful look

Black Shiplap Backsplash In A Bathroom
Photo: knoxfarmhouse

This black shiplap bathroom accent wall also acts as a backsplash behind the wood vanity and sink. When installing shiplap or wood paneling as a backsplash, it’s essential to ensure the materials are moisture-resistant. This will help prevent mold or mildew from developing when exposed to water and humidity.

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