14 Real Pictures of Sherwin Williams Iron Ore [SW 7069]

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Paint Color in an Office

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore is one of the most popular black paint colors on the market today. We love a deep black wall that can create contrast in any home, and this is one of our favorite colors. In the guide below, we’ll answer the top questions about Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams, plus show actual pictures of the paint!

What Color is Sherwin Williams Iron Ore?

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore paint is a neutral soft black color with grey undertones. In most lighting, the color will appear black or very dark grey; however, in bright spaces, the grey will shine through more.

If you’re visiting a Sherwin-Williams store, you can find Iron Ore under the code 7069.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore
Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Paint color in a living room – Photo: Sherwin Williams

What Colors Go With SW Iron Ore?

Since SW Iron Ore is a neutral paint color, it can go with just about any other color in the home. However, the best colors that complement Iron Ore are:

  • Nebulous White (SW 7063)
  • Extra White (SW 7006)
  • Cityscape (SW 7067)
  • Repose Gray (SW 7015)

14 Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Design Inspirations

1. Black Bedroom Accent Wall with a Box Pattern

Black Accent Wall Painted Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Black In A Bedroom With A Grey Rug
Photo: areiland_gentrygrouphomes

This bedroom featured a board and batten accent wall painted Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. The black tones in the paint help create contrast with the grey bed and rug underneath, while light oak floors add warmth to the room. A white planter in the corner matches the lighter pillows and drapes, continuing the contrast against the black wall.

2. Using SW Iron Ore on a Bathroom Door and Wall

Sw Iron Ore Behind A Gold Mirror In A Bathroom With A Matching Toilet Door
Photo: harmonhomeco

The SW Iron Ore painted door in this bathroom matches the accent wall behind the sink. Using the same color in both areas amplifies the contrast against the white walls and light wood vanity and creates a cohesive design. In addition, a gold mirror on the wall matches the faucet and adds a luxurious pop of color against the black tones.

3. An Arched Bookcase Painted Iron Ore

An Arched Bookcase Painted Sw 7069 Iron Ore
Photo: handry.home

This arched bookcase shows the grey tones in Iron Ore thanks to the abundant natural light in the space. While Iron Ore is a soft black color, with bright light, you’ll see some greyish tones appear.

4. A Corner Fireplace in All Black

A Corner Fireplace Painted Iron Ore Black
Photo: lailasukri21

This black fireplace fills the corner of this living room with a gray couch and light-colored rug. Placing the TV above the fireplace makes this the room’s focal point, while the black paint helps it blend into the area.

5. Black Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Dining Room

Black Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Dining Room
Photo: christy_branson

This black-painted dining room uses iron ore around the walls and upper trim while leaving the windows and baseboards painted beige. A black wood dining room table accents the walls and uses mixed-color chairs to complement the colors in the space.

6. A Double Vanity Bathroom with Black Accents

Double Vanity With Granite Painted Sw Iron Ore
Photo: 3rddegreepremiumpainters

This double vanity is painted iron ore black to match the faucets and mirrors in the space. Grey walls brighten the room while still matching the darker color palette. Wood-look tile is installed in the bathroom, adding a natural texture while retaining the tile’s durability.

7. A Dark Black Home Bar with Light Wood Shelves

Home Bar With Wood Shelves Painted Sherwin Williams Iron Ore
Photo: tracytato

The wood shelves in this home bar add warmth to the painted cabinetry and white quartz countertops. The natural light and surrounding colors give Sherwin Williams Iron Ore a blue hue in this image.

8. Two-Tone Kitchen with an SW Iron Ore Island

Kitchen Island Painted Sherwin Williams Black Iron Ore
Photo: zdesignathome

This two-tone kitchen features white oak lower cabinets with painted white uppers for a balanced look. Black hardware is installed on the cabinets creating a contrast that is continued by the black island-painted iron ore. To tie the island into the rest of the design, light wood chairs are offered for seating which matches the cabinets.

9. Modern Interior Accent Wall With Dark Floors

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Black Accent Wall In A Dining Room
Photo: whitneybuquoirealtor

This white dining room features a black wood trim accent wall creating contrast in the space. A natural wood dining room table features padded chairs and sits on a light grey rug to help break up the dark wood floors beneath. White baseboards are used consistently around the room for a cohesive design.

10. Iron Ore Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint on a Home

Exterior Of A House Painted Sw Iron Ore
Photo: harmonhomeco

While we’ve primarily showcased iron ore as an interior color, it’s also one of our favorite black exterior house paints! This stunning design mixes black iron ore siding with wood accents and a brick veneer. The result is a modern masterpiece with rustic undertones.

11. Vertical Shiplap Fireplace With an Electric Fireplace

Vertical Shiplap Fireplace Black With Wood Shelves
Photo: lauravanberkumdesigns

A black vertical shiplap design on this features a TV and electric Wood floating shelves around this fireplace are the perfect place to store decor, adding warmth that matches the wood floors.

12. High-Gloss Iron Ore Half-Wall Paneling

Half Wall Paneling Painted Black With Sherwin Williams Iron Ore
Photo: thestriplingfarmhouse

Half-wall paneling behind the headboard contrasts this farmhouse-style bedroom with rustic wood floors. Using high-gloss SW iron ore paint gives the wall its sheen, adding texture to the space. Semi-gloss or high-gloss paint has a luxurious look, but it’s best for accent walls since using it on an entire wall can overpower the room.

13. Vertical Shiplap Accent Wall in an Office

Vertical Shiplap Accent Wall In An Office Painted Iron Ore Sherwin Williams
Photo: gough_contracting

Sherwin Williams’s black paint gives this office a moody and masculine look, while the wood shiplap helps fill the large wall behind the desk. Using shiplap on big walls is an easy way to fill the space without breaking your budget on artwork. And painting your shiplap a dark color helps avoid too much of a farmhouse style.

14. Angled Wood Accent Wall Painted Black in a Gym

Angled Wood Accent Wall In A Gym Painted Black
Photo: adrestad

Iron Ore black paint covers the walls in this home gym, making it feel like you’re at an elite fitness space. To fill the large wall behind the weights, wood trim is installed in a geometric pattern adding depth and texture. This is an excellent idea for home gyms since it avoids hanging art that could fall off the wall during jumping or other exercises.

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