25 Living Room with Fireplace and TV Designs

Living Room with TV and Fireplace

A living room with a fireplace and TV is the heart of any home, where your family can gather and enjoy your favorite shows or warm up by the fire. That means you also want to make sure that your space is perfectly designed to be stylish while still meeting your family’s needs.

Not only can you customize the look of your fireplace and TV, but you can also change the layout of your living room. How you arrange your living room furniture is usually influenced by the size of your room. For example, in a small living space, you want to create a sense of openness, so that an L-shaped section couch may work best. In comparison, you want to make the space feel cozy for a large living room, so adding accent chairs or multiple sofas looks great. No matter your style, you can find a living room design that’s right for you.

For inspiration, check out the gallery below of our favorite living room with fireplace and TV designs!

1. White Shiplap Living room with Fireplace and TV

White Shiplap Living Room With Fireplace And Tv
Photo: smp3dwalls

This living room with a white shiplap fireplace features a TV mounted above the wood mantle. To add an outdoorsy charm, the fireplace features a stone surround. When designing a rustic cabin style, stone is an easy way to bring the outdoors inside. An L-shaped grey couch offers plenty of seating and a view from the massive living room windows.

2. Narrow Living room layout with fireplace and TV

White Fireplace With Floating Shelves On Both Sides
Photo: sweethomesimmons

This narrow living room creates a cozy seating area with a sectional couch facing two leather recliners. While you’ll typically want to face the sofa at the TV for most family rooms, this living room layout encourages conversation. In addition, the white brick fireplace has open shelves on both sides that bring plenty of decor to the space and accent the colors in the room.

3. Open layout kitchen and living room

Open Floor Plan Living Room With A Tv Mounted Above A Brick Fireplace
Photo: pddtexas

Two matching sofas and blue accent chairs are arranged in this open layout living room and kitchen area. Arranging the accent chairs facing the fireplace and TV creates a more open space allowing for movement in the area.

4. Red Living Room Furniture with a Black Fireplace

Living Room With A Black Electric Fireplace And Tv Near A Red Couch
Photo: mara.blacksmith

A red sofa adds a pop of color in front of the black fireplace in this living room. While this style isn’t for everyone, the design does an excellent job of sticking with a common color palette (grey, black, and beige) while adding an accent color (red) with the couch.

5. Minimalist Living Room with a Grey Fireplace

Natural Wood Floating Shelves Around A Gray Modern Fireplace
Photo: pacifichearthandhome

This modern living room with a TV and electric fireplace is flooded by natural light, helping to balance the dark accents. White walls and a beige couch add to the brightness of this space. While the vaulted ceiling with white oak wood beams already makes the room feel massive, using only a few pieces of furniture amplifies this design.

6. Small Farmhouse Sitting Area with a Recessed TV

Small Living Room Layout With A White Fireplace Wall And Tv
Photo: our_houseinbloom

Open white oak shelves beside the fireplace and TV help make this small living room feel larger. The natural look of the wood ties into the rustic theme of this space with a leather couch and dark hardwood floors.

7. Farmhouse Shiplap Living Room with Black Accents

White Floating Shelves With Fireplace In A Farmhouse Living Room
Photo: thehousebyness

This living room’s vertical shiplap fireplace design is accented by a wood beam mantle adding a warm charm. The shiplap ceiling continues the farmhouse style, while a white built-in next to the TV has plenty of space for decor.

8. Grey Fireplace with TV Connecting A Kitchen and Living Room

Grey Fireplace Wall Connecting The Modern Living Room And Kitchen
Photo: laceywoodphoto

This modern living room features a gray fireplace differentiating between the living room and kitchen in this open floor plan home. While open floor plans are stunning for their large spaces, creating separation between the rooms is important.

9. Modern Fireplace in a Living Room with Wood Floors

Small Living Room With A Grey Fireplace And Tv And Hardwood Floors
Photo: cameo.collection

Brown hardwood floors are accented by the mantle on this grey fireplace with a TV, while the living room continues the neutral-colored theme. An accent chair and geometric coffee table add texture to the space, with two leather stools placed in front of the fire for a pop of color.

10. Stacked Stone in a Two-tone Room

Stacked Stone Fireplace Around Floating Shelves With Decor
Photo: thehousebyness

This living room with fireplace and TV design uses a tufted couch for seating without overcrowding the small space. Using a sofa perpendicular to your fireplace is a great way to create openness in your living room layout.

11. Accent Chairs Arranged in Front of The TV

Neutral Living Room With Large Windows And A Tv Recessed Above The White Oak And Black Fireplace
Photo: oxbowandolin

Wood beams help make this narrow living room layout with a fireplace and TV feel even larger. To maximize the space, the design places accent chairs in front of the fire facing toward the couch, creating a cozy sitting area. While these chairs aren’t great for watching TV, it is a great way to add seating in a small space.

12. White and Black Fireplace with an L-Shaped Couch

White Shelves On Either Side Of A Black And White Fireplace
Photo: laura_abrams_design

A large L-shaped sectional with a matching tufted coffee table faces this family room’s black and white fireplace. For additional seating, a blue accent chair and two poofs are placed in the front of the room facing the sofa. Poofs are cushioned stools, as pictured above, that can be used as footrests or seats for additional guests.

13. A Frame TV Above a Neutral Fireplace

A Living Room With White Walls And A Mounted Frame Tv Above The Neutral Colored Fireplace
Photo: cameo.collection

The black frame on the TV adds a stunning elegance above the limestone fireplace. This living room uses a grey accent chair and matching tufted coffee table to bring in textures while still sticking to the neutral color scheme. A restoration hardware bookshelf is placed in the corner with gold handles that accent the nearby chair and table.

14. Marble Electric Fireplace Surround with Shelves

Living Room With Hardwood Floors And A Marble Fireplace With Shelves Next To It
Photo: ecclestonecc

This living room arrangement focuses your attention on the marble fireplace with a TV while the surrounding shelves and artwork accent the space. Using beige-colored furniture helps brighten the dark hardwood floors and focuses your attention on the black accents.

15. Built-in Bookshelves around A White Fireplace

Modern Electric Fireplace With Samsung Frame Tv Above
Photo: magikflamefireplaces

This luxurious living room design with a fireplace and TV uses recessed built-in shelves to display decor, helping to fill the negative spaces. While the grey couch and wood coffee table in the area are simple, this design does a great job of using decor to elevate the look.

16. Wood beams and a Brick Fireplace

Whitewashed Brick Fireplace With A Tv In A Living Room With Vaulted Ceilings
Photo: thosefarmhouseideas

The rectangular open-layout living room uses an oversized sectional couch to furnish the space in front of the whitewashed brick fireplace and TV. The sofa also helps differentiate between the living room and the kitchen featuring a light blue island.

17. Tall Living Room With A Tile Fireplace And TV

Tall Feature Wall With A Full-Size Electric Fireplace And Flat Screen Tv
Photo: dimplex_northamerica

This double-height living room uses a vertical tile fireplace to draw your eye upward toward the ceiling. Instead of facing the large couch towards the fireplace and TV, this layout has it placed looking outwards at the windows.

18. White Living Room Setup with A Fireplace and TV

Horizontal Ship-Lap To The Ceiling In A Built-In With An Electric Fireplace And Tv
Photo: blacksuburbanfarmhouse

This white living room with a black shiplap fireplace and TV perfectly balances modern and farmhouse styles. A chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling adds to the rustic charm, while a hanging swing in the corner is a fun accent chair.

19. Stone Fireplace Wall Design in Double-Height Room

Stacked Stone Fireplace With Mounted Tv And Wood Mantle
Photo: kldinteriors

If you’re struggling with how to arrange living room furniture with a fireplace and TV, don’t feel pressured to face your sofas directly toward the TV. Instead, place couches and chairs next to the fireplace facing each other. This elevates your living room and makes it more conversation based.

20. Open Layout Living Room with Tall Ceilings

White Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling Living Room With A Tall Fireplace Wall And Tv
Photo: susan.marie.design.favorites

This white farmhouse living room with a fireplace and TV on the same wall furnishes the area with a leather L-shaped couch and two accent chairs. This layout is common in living rooms and creates an open space that is inviting to guests

21. Living Room TV Next to the Stone Fireplace

Grey Stacked Stone Wall Fireplace With Light Wood Beams
Photo: bigstyledesign

This open floor plan living room has a fireplace and TV on different walls, with the sofa facing the television. This arrangement also lets the fireplace be a focal point from the dining room table nearby.

22. All White Modern Living Room with TV

White Living Room With Fireplace And Tv
Photo: followthefireflys

This modern white living room uses a black TV and fireplace to contrast the bright-colored furniture and rugs in the space. A gold chandelier in the double-height ceiling and nearby mirrors add a touch of warmth.

23. Rustic Wood Beams and a Stacked Stone Fireplace

Stacked Rectangular Stone Fireplace In A Bright Living Room With A Tv
Photo: ns_interiordesigns

This cabin living room uses rustic wood beams and a stacked stone fireplace with a TV to create a cozy space with plenty of seating for everyone. Instead of a large section, this layout uses two sofas with two leather accent chairs next to each other. While this arrangement offers similar seating to a sectional, it allows for a more open look thanks to the space between the sofas.

24. small living room layout with White fireplace and TV

White Farmhouse Living Room With A Fireplace And Tv Between Bookshelves
Photo: vermontrealestatecompany

This small farmhouse living room features built-ins next to the shiplap fireplace for maximum storage. A wood mantel below the TV matches the ceiling beams and hardwood floors for a cohesive look. A light grey sofa and accent chair are used for seating to balance the rustic tones.

25. Metal Chandeliers in a Living Room with Stone

Stone Fireplace With Built-Ins And Decor
Photo: alairhomes.aurora.newmarket

This cozy living room with a fireplace and TV features stone accents to add a rustic feel. Two couches face each other next to the fireplace, with two coffee tables to fill the space between them. The patterns and colors of the coffee tables are accented by throw pillows on each of the grey couches.

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