33 Stunning Herringbone Subway Tile Ideas For Your Home

Herringbone Subway Tile as Backsplash

Herringbone subway tile is a hot trend in home design right now. And for a good reason! Herringbone tile is a great way to transform mundane subway tiles into something unique and stylish. By arranging the tiles in an interlocking V-shape, they capture the eye and breathe life into any room. These tiles are perfect for small accents, such as shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, or bathroom feature walls; wherever to place them, herringbone subway tiles will bring a touch of sophistication.

Choose from glossy ceramic models for a modern atmosphere or old earthy versions for farmhouse charm. And with white grout for a contemporary look or darker grout for that rustic touch, you can easily change the style of your tile.

We recently installed herringbone subway tile in our laundry room and loved the statement it makes in this space. Keep reading to see how herringbone tile can transform spaces in your home.

1. Marble Herringbone Mosiac Backsplash

Marble Herringbone Mosiac Backsplash With Black Mirror
Photo: osborneceramiccentre

This marble mosaic herringbone backsplash adds a spa-like feel to this bathroom while still feeling balanced. The non-polished finish and small size of the tiles help to give this bathroom an understated look.

2. Classic White Herringbone Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

White Herringbone Subway Tile As A Kitchen Backsplash
Photo: decoramictiles

A classic white herringbone subway tile in a kitchen behind a farmhouse sink. Wood countertops and green cabinets with grey hardware add to the farmhouse des

3. Horizontal Herringbone White Subway Tile

Horizontal White Subway Tile With Gold Accent
Photo: eden.clay

This kitchen subway tile backsplash makes a bigger statement by turning the herringbone pattern horizontal. The rough-cut tiles also help give this kitchen a rustic look with plenty of design elements.

4. Black Herringbone Accent Floor Tiles

Black Tile Flooring With Green Cabinetry And White Walls
Photo: katie_and_co_

The Black floor tiles contrast the white grout used to create an art deco look in this entryway. Combined with the dark green paint used on the cabinetry, this space offers a moody but balanced look.

5. Full Height Subway Tile Backsplash Behind Stove

Off-White Tile Backsplash Behind Stove
Photo: annagraham_interiors

A full-height herringbone tile backsplash behind a built-in stainless range gives this kitchen a high-end look. Quartz countertops with wood accent decor and white cabinets add warmth to this space.

6. Shiny Subway Tile Backsplash

White Herringbone Accent Wall In Bathroom With Gold Faucet And Wood Mirror
Photo: jrs_propertyservices

Wavy herringbone subway tile with a mirrored finish is used as a backsplash in this bathroom, with a gold mirror hung on the wall. A veiny countertop is used on the dark-colored sink with gold hardware for accents.

7. Floor to Ceiling Mirrored Bathroom Wall Tile

High Gloss White Herringbone Tile Floor To Ceiling In Bathroom
Photo: nickglimenakis

Floor-to-ceiling large herringbone white tiles with a white bathtub give this bathroom a high-end look. The gold plumbing and patterned tile floors also add to this space.

8. Black Shower Wall Tiles That Make A Statement

Black Shower Tile With White Grout In Modern Bathroom
Photo: lanineill.interiors

This bathroom feels like a hotel by combining black herringbone subway tiles with white grout and natural accents. When using moodier colors like black and green, it’s essential to balance the design with natural tones to bring in warmth.

9. Moody Black Shower Tile With Black Grout

Black Shower Accent Wall With Black Floor And Black Grout
Photo: bare_en_my

This more modern design uses a black herringbone tile with black grout on the shower floor and wall. Combined with the large gold shower faucet, this bathroom provides a modern aesthetic.

10. Green Mirrored Tile for a Big Statement

High-Gloss Green Mirrored Tile In Shower With Patterned Floors
Photo: stonehub_group

The mirrored green herringbone subway tile combined with patterned flooring gives this shower and bathroom a fun and funky look. The stark shower design was balanced with marble wall tile along the rest of the bathroom.

11. Brown Herringbone Tiles for Earthy Tones

Brown Herringbone Subway Wall Tiles With A Marble Sink
Photo: alexandrameyn

By using brown subway tile behind the solid marble sink, this bathroom offers earthy tones that feel warm and inviting. This aesthetic is accented by antique hardware and bronze features.

12. Concrete Look Tiles with Classic Subway Backsplash

White Laundry Room With Farmhouse Sink And Concrete Tile Floor
Photo: ayshdesign

This laundry room uses concrete-look floor tiles in a herringbone pattern to balance the white cabinetry and classic white subway tile behind the sink. Black hardware and a black faucet accent the white tones in this room.

13. Small Green Mosiac Bathroom Backsplash

Green Mosaic Herringbone Bathroom Backsplash With Green Concrete Countertop
Photo: Mandarinstoneofficial

As a backsplash, a small green mosaic tile is laid in a herringbone pattern behind the sink. Combined with the green concrete countertop and worn vanity, this space offers a lot of character.

14. Half-Wall Grey Herringbone Accent Tile

Accent Wall With Tile Half-Way Up The Wall Behind A White Soaking Tub
Photo: fortheloveofdesign.interiors

Tile that goes halfway up the wall behind the bathtub helps reduce cost while still offering an accent. Herringbone wall tile is combined with hexagon white floor tile for a geometric look.

15. Blue Shower Tile That Pops Off The Wall

Blue Tiles In Shower With 90 Degree Straight Herringbone Design
Photo: reinhardttile

Blue shower subway tile is laid in a 90-degree vertical herringbone pattern. The mirrored effect on the tile also adds to this statement design.

16. Green Shower Wall Tile That Pops with Gold Accents

Green Tile Behind Bathtub
Photo: houseno.24

Green mosaic subway tiles with built-in shelves and gold hardware in a bathroom shower. This design offers an art-deco feel while still being modern.

17. Classy Black Mirrored Subway Tile with White Grout

Black High-Gloss Subway Tile With White Grout In Home Bar
Photo: osborneceramiccentre

Black subway tile with white grout is used as a backsplash for a home bar. The mirrored tile finish reflects the glassware above the bar and includes built-in electrical outlets.

18. Large Grey Bathroom Floor Subway Tile

Large Black Floor Tiles In White Bathroom With Bathtub And Marble Shower
Photo: southhavenbuilders

Long black tile is used as bathroom floor tile and helps to balance the white soaking tub and white cabinetry. A marble shower and silver hardware add a touch of elegance to this bathroom.

19. Big Black Marble Shower Tiles

Large Black Marble Shower Tile As Accent Wall
Photo: bennecasa

Large black marble tiles with veins are used as an accent wall in the shower, while other walls are covered in white marble tiles. The contrast of this shower is highlighted by gold hardware.

20. Large Grey Bathroom Floor Tiles

Large Wood-Look Tiles In Bathroom
Photo: rusmurfloors

Large grey wood-look tiles are laid in a herringbone pattern for a bathroom leading to the bathtub. Grey walls and a white bathtub accent the flooring.

21. White Textured Floor Tile with Shiplap

White Large Tile In Classic Style Bathroom
Photo: affirmation_interiors

Large white rustic tile in a bathroom with shaker-style cabinets and white countertops. The wall behind the vanity is accented with shiplap wood.

22. Light Blue Shower Wall Tile with Natural accents

Modern Bathroom With Light Blue Herringbone Subway Tile
Photo: frontporchproperties

Light blue shower wall tile with white countertops and bamboo accents gives this bathroom a light and airy feel. The round floating sinks and minimalist faucets give this bathroom a modern look.

23. Bright Green Shower Tile With Gold and Black Accents

Bright Green Tile With Gold Accents In Shower
Photo: living.in.den.haag

Bright green mirrored tile laid in a herringbone pattern in a white bathtub-shower combination. The natural wood vanity helps to warm up this space.

24. Concrete Look Floor Tiles That Add Texture

White Modern Laundry Room With Concrete Looking Tile On The Floor
Photo: kennedyco__

Concrete look small tile is used in this white laundry room. The texture of the floor tiles adds character to the white cabinets and laundry machines.

25. Partial Wall Herringbone Bathroom Backsplash

Partial Herringbone Backsplash In Bathroom
Photo: the_foreverhome_project

Partial-wall tile behind a bathroom sink helps protect against spills without costing too much. The white navy vanity features a white quartz countertop, and gold cabinet pulls.

26. Marble Herringbone Subway Tile Pattern in Kitchen

Marble Herringbone Pattern Tile In Kitchen
Photo: sparkandbell

Marble subway tile installed behind a stove top as kitchen backsplash in a geometric pattern. A gold and white accent light is installed on the tile.

27. Herringbone Subway Tile Fireplace Inlay

Herringbone Subway Tile Fireplace Inlay
Photo: timelines

Thin mosaic tile is used as fireplace inlay alongside grey-painted columns. Dark wood floors and large grey tiles in front of the fireplace add contrast.

28. Mixing Subway Tile Patterns in a White and Black Bathroom

Mixing Patterns With Subway Tile In A Modern Bathroom
Photo: stone_masters

Large black floor tile and a natural wood vanity with a white countertop in front of an accent wall with white subway tile and black grout. Black-painted walls and a high-contrast shower add to this bathroom.

29. Tile Backsplash for Mudroom Dropzone

Using Tile As A Backsplash For A Mudroom Dropzone With A Bench And Hooks
Photo: milliganhomes

Using herringbone tile as a backsplash for this mudroom dropzone adds a geometric pattern while being durable. In addition, the wood bench and black hooks break up the pattern and add function to this space.

30. Natural Tones Mixed with White Tile

Floor To Ceiling White Tile In Modern Bathroom
Photo: meir_singapore

Shiny white tile is used as a backsplash on the wall of this bathroom, with two mirrors hung on it. Double vanities with floating sinks and a thick marble countertop on a natural wood vanity are featured.

31. Bathtub Herringbone Tile Accent Wall

Accent Wall With A Double Herringbone Pattern
Photo: clearcutandco

White tile is used as an accent wall in a bathroom with white walls and grey tile. The tile in this bathroom is shown in a double herringbone pattern where two pieces of tile go in the same direction. A large floating bathtub, black cabinetry, and a natural wood chair are also in this space for contrast.

32. Thick Rough Cut Tile for Sink Backsplash

Wavy Subway Tile With Rounded Edges Behind A Toilet
Photo: simplestories

Thick and wavy white tile with high edges behind a classic toilet with silver and white handles. A marble tray with a candle and flowers is on top of the toilet for decor.

33. Simple Herringbone Wood Look Tile

Light Herringbone Tile
Photo: posh_specs

This wood-look tile gives a warm appearance to the space while providing durability. Grey cabinets and marble countertops add a luxurious look to this room.

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