23 Captivating Green Accent Wall Ideas

Dark Green Accent Wall in a Bedroom

A green accent wall is a perfect way to add a pop of color to your space without breaking the budget. While green may not initially come to mind for an accent wall, the various shades of green let you find the right color for your style.

An accent wall is when you paint a single wall a different color from the rest of the room, creating a focal point in your design. You can also add wood trim or paneling to your wall for texture.

Whether you’re looking to create a moody dark green accent wall bedroom or a modern sage green accent wall in your dining room, the possibilities are endless. We’d recommend using darker shades of green (like forest green or hunter green) to create a more sophisticated look, while lighter shades (like sage or olive green) typically evoke an eclectic and youthful style.

For more inspiration and tips, check out our top green accent wall design ideas below!

1. Add a Mint Green Accent Wall for a pop of color

Mint Green Accent Wall Behind A White And Black Bed
Photo: aninspiringhome

This bedroom’s mint green accent wall adds a pop of color that works well with the black and white bed frame and night tables. For texture, box molding is installed on the wall. A gold piece of metal artwork is hung on the accent wall, helping it tie into the lamps nearby, which feature gold bottoms.

2. Create a DIY Green Accent Wall in A Bedroom

Diy Green Accent Wall In A Bedroom
Photo: thebespokecraftsman

Painting a green accent wall in your bedroom is an easy DIY project anyone can tackle. And if you’re looking to add molding, the box design pictured in this bedroom is where you should start. Since modern box molding doesn’t require any miter cuts, it can easily be handled by first-timers!

3. Use Darker Shades of Green for a Moody Design

Dark Green Accent Wall With Diagonal Wood Trim
Photo: maven.investment.group

This dark green accent wall bedroom adds sophistication, while the geometric wood paneling helps give it a modern flair. Gold end tables are the perfect everyday accent, especially for darker shades of green.

4. Design an Artistic Green Accent Wall Living Room

Black And Green Accent Wall In A Living Room With Hardwood Floors
Photo: vanesa_v_interior_design

Don’t feel like you must paint your accent wall all one color. This living room accent wall uses green, black, and beige to add contrast while still complementing the light wood tones found throughout the room.

5. Use Bright Green for a Boho Look

Bright Lime Green Accent Wall Bedroom With Picture Frame Molding
Photo: i_heart_decor

Create a boho style with bright shades of green like this bedroom that features eclectic patterned furniture. We love using picture frames painted to match the lime green accent wall instead of traditional molding. Plus, this is an easy way to add depth without dealing with wood trim.

6. Create Mountains On a White and Green Accent Wall

White And Green Accent Wall Bedroom Designed To Look Like Mountains
Photo: rehab2fabdesigns

This unique bedroom accent wall features green wood trim outlining the shape of mountains against the white wall. This is the perfect design for a mountain cabin or if you want to bring an outdoorsy vibe to your bedroom. A two-tone white and green accent wall also helps complement the light-colored bed in this rustic space.

7. Accent a Forest Green Wall with Gold Mirrors

Dark Olive Green Accent Wall With Filigree Mirrors Hanging On It
Photo: ourmountaintopfarmhouse

The interior designer created a small gold filigree mirror gallery wall to brighten the forest green accent wall in this sitting room. The bright gold frames warm the space and perfectly contrast the dark green wall. Using multiple small mirrors on an accent wall is another great way to add texture and make your area feel larger on a budget.

8. Paint Beadboard green to Add Texture and Color

Emerald Green Beadboard Accent Wall With A Gold Sconce
Photo: savmorris_

This beadboard green accent wall complements this living room’s neutral-colored entertainment unit and white walls. To accent the warm tones in the room, this design hangs gold and white sconces on the beadboard wall. Adding wall sconces is one of our favorite ways to add depth to a wall and help fill empty space. And even if you don’t have existing wiring, adding a light isn’t too tricky.

9. Complement Curtains with Green Half-Wall Paneling

Green Half Wall Board And Batten Accent In A Bedroom
Photo: __untapped_potential__

The green half-wall board and batten in this bedroom looks fantastic against the bright white walls and curtains. Building and painting half-wall molding for smaller spaces is a great way to add an accent without overpowering the room.

10. Build a Dark Green Accent Wall with Molding

Box Molding On A Dark Green Accent Wall With Sconces In A Room With A Daybed
Photo: interior__decorr

A dark green accent wall with full-height box molding creates a cozy nook with the day-bed positioned in front and a nearby window. Box molding or picture frame molding is an easy way to add texture to your accent wall. We’ve installed this molding in our living room and hallway to help fill large blank walls. Instead of buying expensive artwork, molding is the perfect way to add depth, and it’s inexpensive.

11. Add a Bench with Pillows to Create Layers

Sage Green Half Accent Wall In A Board And Batten Design
Photo: lindseyleshea

A black tufted bench and decor create layers in front of this entryway green accent wall with white trim. A wood chair rail on top of the green board and batten adds a rustic touch and matches the brown hardwood floors.

12. Mix Wallpaper and a Green Accent Half-Wall

Half Wall Board And Batten Painted Green In A Nursery With Wallpaper
Photo: carterhomestudio_

A green board and batten accent wall with wallpaper above add a sophisticated pop of color to this nursery. Since the rest of the space sticks to a black-and-white neutral theme, using darker green paint on the accent wall helps it blend with the room. Adding a dark blue or green accent wall to a neutral nursery is the perfect way to introduce color without overpowering the rest of the space.

13. Paint Vertical Shiplap Olive Green for a Farmhouse Look

Green Vertical Shiplap Accent Wall With Green Hooks
Photo: maven.investment.group

This olive green accent wall with vertical shiplap helps break away from the traditional farmhouse style of this mudroom area. Gold hooks are mounted on the accent wall for a warm touch, while the surrounding area is filled with white shaker-style cabinets and black hardware.

14. Add a Green Subway Tile Accent Wall in The Shower

Herringbone Green Subway Tile Accent Wall In A Bathroom With Marble Floors
Photo: mcmillandesigninc

For a luxurious look, this marble bathroom uses a herringbone green subway tile accent wall. A large shower niche extends the length of the glass enclosure with a soaking tub positioned at the end.

15. Use Herringbone Green Tile in A Bathroom

Powder Room With A Green Herringbone Tile Accent Wall
Photo: asap_propertysolutions

This small powder room uses a herringbone green tile accent wall to add depth behind the marble sink with gold accents. White-painted walls brighten the rest of the room and match the fixtures.

16. Create a Green Wallpaper Accent Wall

A Wood Entryway Table In Front Of A Green Wallpaper Accent Wall With A Gold Mirror
Photo: fortywestdesigns

Instead of a painted accent wall, try using wallpaper to add a fun pattern. This green wallpaper accent wall adds a luxurious feel, while the brown console table in front of it helps add natural tones. A brass mirror matches the table lamps for a neutral pop of color.

17. Go Modern with Geometric Wood Trim

Modern Geometric Green Accent Wall With Wood Trim
Photo: kindandabell

This bedroom design sets the mood with orange and grey blankets on top of the comforter that matches the green accent wall behind the headboard. Modern wood paneling on the wall gives it texture, with two natural wood picture frames centered behind the bed.

18. Use Olive Green Vertical Wood Trim for a Sleek Look

Wood Trim Painted Sage Green In A Hallway With Concrete Floors
Photo: smithandsonswarrnambool

To create a modern look, an olive green wood accent wall is installed near the doorway. While the concrete floors give this home an industrial look, the olive green color helps add a homey feel that still fits within the color palette.

19. Use Lighter Shades of Green Colors To brighten A Space

A Simple Green Painted Wall Behind A White Bed
Photo: thelifestiles

This simple bedroom shows that a light green accent wall can bring calmness to any space with the right decor. To help blend the wall into the room, a blanket with similar pastel green hues is placed on the bed. And for contrast, pastel pink curtains provide a soft addition of color.

20. Add a Modern Accent Wall in A Dining Room

Modern Olive Green Accent Wall Dining Room With A Natural Wood Table
Photo: from.vintage.to.modern

Positioning the table perpendicular to this dining room’s green accent wall with diagonal wood trim makes it the room’s focal point. Green plants around the room complement the accent wall’s color, while a natural oak dining table adds a modern rustic style.

21. Create A Focal Point in Your Living Room

Modern Wood Trim Accent Wall Painted Green With A White Fireplace In A Narrow Living Room
Photo: stagingspacesdesign

This narrow living room uses a green accent wall to highlight the whitewashed brick fireplace and add a modern flair. Wood planks run up and down the wall adding texture, while a warm wood mantel accents the wood furnishings around the room. When designing an accent wall, it’s important to add elements on or around the wall that tie into the rest of the room. This will help give your space a cohesive look.

22. Use Forest Green Shiplap Accent Wall in a Bedroom

A Forest Green Vertical Shiplap Bedroom Accent Wall
Photo: enjoy.smiling

Forest green is one of our favorite colors for a bedroom accent wall since it evokes cozy vibes. However, this bedroom’s forest green accent wall takes the idea to the next level using vertical shiplap planks to create a subtle detail. Shiplap or tongue and groove planks are installed with a small slot between each piece to create dimension. We also love how easy shiplap wood is to install and can be painted to fit in with any accent wall.

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