27 Floating Shelves Around Fireplace Ideas For Any Style

Floating Shelves around Fireplace

Whether you have an existing fireplace or are planning one for your space, you may be wondering what to do on either side of it. Adding floating shelves around a fireplace is the perfect way to complement any room while providing plenty of space for decor.

For a light and modern style, add white oak shelves that will bring brightness to your design. Or, for a rustic farmhouse look, use natural wood beams and white shiplap to bring the outdoors inside. No matter what your style, you can make shelves around your fireplace and TV work for your home.

When filling floating shelves around a fireplace with decor, be sure to accent the colors in the room. While you want to add a few contrasting pieces, more importantly, you want to complement the furniture, rugs, or flooring. This helps give your design a cohesive look and stick to your color palette.

See the gallery below of our favorite floating shelves around fireplace ideas for more inspiration.

1. Natural wood floating shelves next to a Black fireplace

Floating Wood Shelves On One Side Of A Black Fireplace
Photo: diyandlemonpie

White oak floating shelves next to the fireplace match the mantel and furniture in the room. Light woods add natural warmth to the space, while a red patterned rug adds color.

2. White fireplace with floating shelves on both sides

White Fireplace With Floating Shelves On Both Sides
Photo: sweethomesimmons

A printed white brick fireplace is flanked by natural wood shelves on both sides that accent the hardwood floors in the space. A white couch provides seating with leather reclining chairs across from it.

3. Tile fireplace with floating shelves on one side

Natural Wood Floating Shelves Around A Gray Modern Fireplace
Photo: pacifichearthandhome

This gray tile fireplace exudes a modern style with a recessed electric fireplace and wood shelves on one side. A vaulted ceiling with wood beams features basket pendant lights of various sizes.

4. White shelves match the Living Room molding

White Floating Shelf And Tv Next To Fireplace
Photo: reclaiminghomedecorating

Molding around the fireplace matches the white shelves floating on the wall nearby, while one side features an entertainment center with a TV. If you’re not a fan of hanging your TV above the fireplace, this design with an off-center entertainment area is a great idea.

5. Marble Fireplace with Floating Shelves

Black Marble Fireplace With White Veins And An Electric Fire
Photo: think_henck

This black marble fireplace features beige-colored floating shelves and cabinets on both sides that accentuate the room’s furniture. A grey couch and rug complement the marble while bringing lighter tones to the room.

6. Chevron Floors and Green Walls

Green Floating Shelves On Each Side Of Fireplace
Photo: tsrinteriors

Painting the shelves next to the fireplace green to match the rest of the room helps add to the floating appearance. Chevron floors add a stunning detail leading your eyes to the fireplace and large mirror.

7. Shiplap Fireplace with Floating White Shelves

White Floating Shelves With Fireplace In A Farmhouse Living Room
Photo: thomasinteriorsanddesigninc

The vertical shiplap behind the TV gives this room a farmhouse feel accented by the crisp white floating shelves and cabinetry. A wood mantel above the fireplace adds a rustic charm, while the shiplap ceiling adds a modern touch to the room.

8. Single floating Shelf Around A Fireplace

Single Floating Shelf Next To Fireplace
Photo: houseofshellbstyles

For a simple look, this living room has just a single floating shelf next to the fireplace. Keeping the shelf at a lower height draws your eye toward the electric fireplace.

9. Stacked stone and brown shelves

Stacked Stone Fireplace Around Floating Shelves With Decor
Photo: thehousebyness

This bright living room’s focal point is the stacked stone fireplace with a floating bookcase built into the wall next to it. Painting the bookcase the same color as the wall instantly makes it feel like part of the room, and the decor on the shelves matches the colors in the space.

10. Horizontal Shiplap with shelving

Brick Fireplace Hearth With Shiplap And Floating Shelves
Photo: kenna.rose.thompson

The whitewashed brick fireplace in this farmhouse living room perfectly matches the white cabinets and wood floating shelves on either side. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors when designing floating shelves around fireplace areas. A wood mantel on the fireplace in this living room is the perfect way to tie the whole room together.

11. Open shelves next to a tile fireplace

Gray Tile Fireplace With Mounted Tv And Floating Brown Shelves
Photo: urbantimber

While the gray tile fireplace surround gives this living room a modern feel, the warm brown shelves next to it help balance the space. If you’re worried about a space becoming too sterile, try adding warm and neutral woods that evoke a sense of coziness.

12. Floating shelves flanking fireplace

White Oak Floating Shelves With White Shiplap Fireplace
Photo: hamiltonburchhomes

Continuing the white shiplap walls behind the TV and floating shelves is a great way to create continuity in a space. The kitchen naturally flows into this living room, where beige pillows accent a grey couch.

13. Light up floating shelves around an electric fireplace

Black Feature Wall With An Electric Fireplace, Shelves And A Television
Photo: cosyfires_ltd

For a contemporary look, add lights to your floating shelves like this living room that accents its blue fireplace surround with yellow strip lights. A recessed electric fireplace and TV add to the modern style.

14. Thin Shelves with vertical shiplap

Navy Vertical Shiplap Behind White Floating Shelves Around A Fireplace
Photo: impact_cabinet

Using thin shelves is a great way to fill space next to your fireplace without taking away from the room’s features. The navy shiplap behind these shelves adds a stunning contrast, and a green plant on the mantel adds a pop of color.

15. White oak floating shelves next to the TV

White Modern Fireplace With Floating Shelves
Photo: modernantiquityhomes

A white subway tile fireplace with a TV mounted above features natural wood shelves and neutral pottery vases as decor. A blue and white striped chair with a white pillow adds color to the space.

16. Modern tile fireplace with light shelves

Natural Wood Shelves Next To Fireplace With Art
Photo: katerinasaba

Instead of cabinetry under the neutral-colored floating shelves, this living room features two wicker stools that could be pulled out for extra seating. This area’s natural design helps balance the fireplace’s modern tile.

17. Vaulted ceiling with natural wood shelves

Modern Farmhouse Living Room With White Wash Fireplace And Wood Shelves
Photo: marcarellidesign

Natural white oak cabinets and shelves match the wood mantel next to them, while a whitewashed brick fireplace adds a rustic feel to this space. A green plant in front of the cabinets adds color to this neutral living room. Dark wood beams on the vaulted ceiling add to the earthy tones in this space.

18. Black and white fireplace with built-ins

White Shelves On Either Side Of A Black And White Fireplace
Photo: laura_abrams_design

Don’t feel like you need to stick to one color when designing your space. For example, this family room mixes and matches paint with black shiplap behind the TV, while the fireplace underneath is surrounded by white. The built-ins continue the white color with black hardware and decor to bring the room together.

19. Brown wood Electric Fireplace with bookshelves

Wood Shiplap Fireplace With White Shelves On The Side
Photo: _triedandtruecarpentry_

Antique chairs and a brown coffee table exude an old-world charm in this cozy living room, while the wood shiplap fireplace and white floating bookcases bring a rustic feel. Instead of decor, the bookshelves are filled with books giving the space a lived-in feeling.

20. Grey bookcase next to White Fireplace Wall

White Shiplap Fireplace With Gray Shelves
Photo: thomasinteriorsanddesigninc

This ultimate man-cave features gray built-in floating shelves and cabinets that act as a bar area on game day. The dark colors of the cabinets are balanced by the white horizontal shiplap fireplace wall with a wood beam mantel that offers warm tones.

21. Light wood floating shelves around fireplace

Subway Tile Fireplace With White Oak Shelves
Photo: sinahomesyyc

Adding floating wood shelves high on the wall with low bench cabinets underneath creates seating in cozy nooks next to the fireplace. A large piece of art sits on the white subway tile with a gray grout fireplace.

22. Grey Stone with brown accents

Grey Stacked Stone Fireplace With Wood Floating Shelves On Both Sides
Photo: rudd_homes_

The brown hardwood floors and floating shelves beside this stone fireplace make the room warm and inviting. Green base cabinets offer a pop of color while still fitting into the rustic style of this space.

23. Black Fireplace with Light wood shelf

Natural Wood Floating Shelves Around Black Electric Fireplace
Photo: tresors_du_lac

A warm wood mantel on this black fireplace matches the floating shelves and brings neutral colors to brighten the space. Shaker-style cabinets finish the design and offer plenty of storage.

24. Board and batten fireplace wall

Grey Board And Batten Fireplace With Natural Wood Shelves On The Sides
Photo: finepointsean

The brown floating shelves next to this fireplace add a warm tone that looks fantastic with the board and batten feature wall. Adding molding to a fireplace wall is a great way to fill the space without breaking the bank.

25. Modern green shiplap in a white living room

Horizontal Green Shiplap Fireplace With Floating Shelf Built-Ins
Photo: designs_by_dn

This modern living room uses light wood open shelving and baskets to contrast the dark green shiplap accent wall with an electric fireplace. A wall-mounted TV hangs above the fireplace and acts as the center of the room.

26. natural stone fireplace surround with shelves

Neutral Stone Fireplace With White Oak Built-Ins

Custom built-ins with white oak cabinets and shelves flank this white stone fireplace with earthy tones and a wood mantle. We love using white oak (as you can see from our hardwood floors) for its natural warmth and inviting color

27. whitewashed brick and matching shelves

Whitewashed Brick Fireplace In A Dining Room With Floating Shelves
Photo: __diydiaries

This dining room’s whitewashed brick fireplace and matching built-ins complement the all-natural table and hardwood floors. To create depth in this space, the owners painted the walls grey, making the fireplace wall pop without overpowering the neutral aesthetic.

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