19 Stylish filigree floor mirror Design Ideas [& Links]

Gold Filigree Floor Mirror

A filigree floor mirror is an ornate style mirror with a metal frame, typically in gold, and an ornate wire design at the top or sides. The filigree design gives this piece a classic style, and the best part is it can look great with any style!

Typically a filigree floor mirror is leaned against the wall, which gives the ornate design a more relaxed look. Plus, it will help your room look even bigger!

We love using a gold filigree floor mirror in your bedroom since it can also be used as a dressing mirror in the mornings. The design adds a beautiful accent to any room, especially if you choose a gold mirror that will bring warm neutral tones into your space. But don’t feel limited to only putting a filigree mirror in your bedroom. This ornate piece also works great in a dining room or living room, adding a touch of luxury to the space.

For inspiration, check out our favorite filigree floor mirror design ideas below (including links to our favorite bougie and budget picks at the bottom of this post).

1. A Gold Filigree Mirror on a Black Wall

Gold Filigree Floor Mirror Against A Black Wall
Photo: norwegianbydesign

The gold filigree floor mirror jumps off the black walls in this living room, adding a luxurious feel that accents the hardwood floors. Using gold and neutral decor, like the wood coffee table and candles in the corner, are a great way to balance dark rooms.

2. A Living Room with A Corner Floor Mirror

Gold Filigree Floor Mirror In The Corner Of A Living Room
Photo: sandraleestylez

Placing a filigree mirror in the corner of this modern living room accents the gold in the rug and throw pillows. We love putting mirrors in the corner of rooms since it helps the space appear larger and adds a unique piece of decor.

3. Wide Filigree Floor Mirror In a Dining Room

Gold Ornate Filigree Floor Mirror In A Dining Room
Photo: safavieh

This wide gold filigree mirror is placed at the head of the dining room table, helping the room look larger and also filling the large wall. Dining room walls are one of the hardest spaces to style since there’s a lot of empty space. Using a floor mirror is a great way to style one of the walls while breaking away from hanging artwork.

4. Create Layers with a Bar Cart and Plants

Two-Tone Entryway With A Bar Cart In Front Of A Filigree Floor Mirror
Photo: twentieshouse

Layering an ornate bar cart and plants in front of this gold filigree mirror with a thick frame helps create depth in the space and accents the luxurious style. When layering decor, you want to place the taller items, like the mirror in this space, towards the back. This lets the mirror stand out while still accenting the decor.

5. A Filigree Dressing Mirror for a Unique Look

Filigree Floor Dressing Mirror In A Living Room
Photo: furnitures_house1

Using multiple filigree mirrors, or in this case, a filigree dressing mirror, works great for larger spaces like this living room. The angles created by a dressing mirror also reflect light around the room, creating a brighter space. If you’re looking for a filigree dressing mirror, your best option is to check out estate sales and antique stores.

6. Wood Filigree-Style Bedroom Floor Mirror

Modern Filigree Style Floor Mirror Made Of Wood
Photo: zephyrhomeau

If metal isn’t your style, try a wood filigree-look-alike mirror that channels the same detailed feel but is made of natural wood. This wood floor mirror works great in rooms with wicker furniture or natural color schemes. You can find a similar mirror to the one shown at World Market (linked here).

7. Narrow Filigree Mirror with a Thick Frame

Tall And Narrow Filigree Floor Mirror In Gold
Photo: sufia_mehmoodi

Two plants and a stone statue act as decor in front of this narrow ornate gold floor mirror in the corner of this room. Neutral tones are continued by the artwork on the walls, while a patterned rug on the floor leads your eye to the mirror.

8. Bamboo Filigree Style Floor Mirror

Wood Filigree Style Floor Mirror In A Bedroom
Photo: koko.collective

This wood filigree-style mirror works well with the neutral-colored bed and end table, accenting the natural tones. Placing the mirror across from the bed also helps the room look bigger, reflecting the nearby decor.

9. Black Windows and a Gold Filigree Floor mirror

Large Filigree Mirror Dupe In A Dining Room
Photo: the_broadmoor_house

The wide filigree accents the wood chairs and hardwood floors in this space while helping it also look bigger. Black windows and doors in the room add a contrast that pops off the wall in this modern dining room.

10. Ornate Mirror On A Box Molding Wall

Sams Club Filigree Style Floor Mirror
Photo: ozelhomes

Layering a filigree floor mirror over a wall with box trim creates a luxurious look that exudes old-world charm. Cream-colored carpeting brightens the room and is accented by a small planter in the corner.

11. A Filigree Mirror on a White Wall

Filigree Floor Mirror Leaning Against A Wall
Photo: fddesignco

This white and black kitchen uses a filigree mirror next to the black cabinets to add a touch of warmth and luxury. Baskets and planters are placed next to the mirror connecting the design to the space.

12. Modern Furniture and a Filigree Mirror

Living Room Filigree Floor Mirror 36X72 In Size
Photo: rustandtrust

Placing a filigree mirror next to the entertainment center and TV is a great way to add height to your decor. We love using mirrors in our designs because of their large size, which is a much better bang for your buck compared to large artwork. This grey couch living room uses neutral accents to complement the hardwood floors and balance the design.

13. Classic 36×72 Filigree Gold Floor Mirror

Modern White And Black Dining Room With A Gold Filigree Mirror
Photo: hays_residence

This standard 36×72 filigree mirror has the perfect proportions to accent the dining room table and chairs. Box molding and chair rail extend around the space adding a unique detail that layers well with the mirror. Because filigree style is so ornate, it goes best with classic stylings like box molding.

14. Narrow Filigree Mirror with an Intricate Frame

Narrow Filigree Mirror With A Thick Gold Border
Photo: makaocollective

A narrow filigree floor mirror sits next to a tall minimalist plan for a simple design that accentuates the height of the room. Tall mirrors are a great way to draw the eye up in your designs making your space appear taller.

15. Natural Floor Mirror with Wicker Accents

Filigree Floor Mirror In A Wicker Themed Bedroom
Photo: thetennesseehome

This wood-look filigree mirror combines the ornate details of classic metal pieces with natural wood that accents a farmhouse style. A nearby patterned rug and wood table add neutral hues, while a shiplap design on the door offers a country charm.

16. The Sams Club Filigree Floor mirror Dupe

Farmhouse Dining Room With An Ornate Gold Floor Mirror
Photo: glamour_decor_by_joy

The internet went wild for this Sams Club Azalea Park Filigree mirror (Linked here) that is a dupe of the Anthropologie one (Linked here). The biggest difference, the Sams version costs a fraction of the brand name mirror. As you can see, this is a stunning mirror that looks like it costs a lot more than $150! Don’t forget to check out our link list of budget mirrors at the end of this post!

17. Two Filigree mirrors with Long Drapes

Country Bedroom With Chevron Wood Floors And Two Filigree Floor Mirrors In The Corner
Photo: ozelhomes

Try using multiple filigree mirrors with different designs to fill large spaces, like this country bedroom with chevron floors. To fill the corner, two paned floor mirrors are placed next to each while the long drapes naturally flow in front.

18. Cozy Bedroom with a Gold Floor Mirror

Cozy Bedroom With A Filigree Floor Mirror Across From The Bed
Photo: temecuhouse

This cozy bedroom uses a filigree mirror to reflect natural light into the space from the nearby window. A wood seat and chair next to the window complement the antique gold mirror. Gold is one of the best colors for interior design because it offers warm tones and naturally complements wood tones.

19. A Black Filigree mirror with Beige Decor

Black Filigree Floor Mirror With Whicker Accents Around It
Photo: sbkliving

If you’re not a fan of gold, try a black filigree floor mirror (similar one linked here), like the space pictured above. To balance the dark design of the mirror, wicker baskets, and cushions are placed around the mirror.

Where to Buy a Filigree Floor Mirror?

When it comes to buying a filigree floor mirror, there are endless options. And while you can get lucky at a garage sale, your best bet is buying a new mirror online. We’ve included our favorite brand names and budget picks below:

Brand Name Floor Mirrors (Above $200)

Budget Filigree Floor Mirrors (All Under $200)

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