21 Beautiful Electric Fireplace Ideas With TV Above

Electric Fireplace with TV Above Ideas

An electric fireplace is a perfect way to bring in the ambiance of a fire without the headaches of gas or logs. And there’s no better way to enjoy the fire than mounting a television above your fireplace to create the ultimate feature wall.

Whether you’re creating a modern electric fireplace wall with black shiplap and accent lights or a farmhouse style with white paint and a rustic wood beam, you can style your fireplace to match your home. As you’ll see from the designs we’ve selected below, you can make your fireplace wall as simple or extravagant as you want!

Check out the gallery below of our favorite electric fireplace ideas with TVs mounted above for inspiration!

1. Add Accent Lights for a Movie Theater Look

Living Room Electric Fireplace With Tv Above
Photo: thefireplacecompanyuk

The wall-mounted TV is the focal point of this stunning living room, but we love the accent lighting on the ceiling and floor that help create a warm ambiance. Installing strip lights on your electric fireplace feature wall is an inexpensive way to add lighting. This basement takes the design to the next level with wallpaper around the TV, creating height thanks to the print and framing the TV.

2. Make A Modern vertical shiplap Accent Wall

Black Shiplap Electric Fireplace With Tv Above
Photo: jkc_designs_llc

Adding shiplap or board and batten around a built-in electric fireplace is one of the simplest design ideas to take your living room to the next level. A wood beam mantel balances the modern black color of the feature wall under the TV.

3. Use built-ins to bring in decor

White Living Room Built In With Electric Fireplace And Tv
Photo: silver_birch_media_walls

When installing your fireplace wall, don’t forget about adding built-ins which is a great way to complete the look and fill in empty space. To recess your fireplace, you’ll need to install a feature wall to house the unit. Since this wall will jut out, it’s a great idea to add built-ins on both sides, adding storage and giving it a finished look. Finally, when assembling your space, don’t forget about hiding cables for your TV and sound system since this is the easiest time to do it!

4. Add strip lighting to your electric fireplace with tV above

Accent Lighting Around A Tv Above A Fireplace
Photo: wbstoves

This living room frames their flat-screen TV with two strip lights adding ambiance and a cool feature. Installing the lights vertically also helps make the room seem taller – this same principle applies to tiles. We love the recessed shelves with built-in lighting next to the electric fireplace that let you showcase decor.

5. Create a rustic charm with natural wood

Electric Fireplace With Wood And A Tv Above
Photo: stylish_fireplaces

Natural wood is one of our favorite electric fireplace design ideas to create a warm and inviting space. A natural wood entertainment center around the electric fireplace accents the shiplap wall behind the large flat-screen TV. This is a great way to give your fireplace a built-in look without assembling a floor-to-ceiling feature wall. In addition, the entertainment center is the perfect place for a sound bar or cable box.

6. use light woods for a bright transitional style

Modern Electric Fireplace With Samsung Frame Tv Above
Photo: magikflamefireplaces

This living room uses white walls and natural wood shelves to create a light coastal style, while the intricate details on the mantle make you forget this isn’t a wood-burning fireplace. When designing your space, it’s essential to choose the right type of electric fireplace for your style. While modern glass fireplaces are stunning, they will look out of place if you’re trying to achieve a farmhouse style.

7. Frame Your TV for a farmhouse electric fireplace wall

Shiplap Fireplace Wall With Electric Fireplace And Tv Above Mantle
Photo: stylish_fireplaces

A white shiplap feature wall with a natural wood hearth and mantel gives this living room a farmhouse style. A Samsung Frame TV (linked here) hangs above the electric fireplace and can be used as artwork when not watching a show. We have a Frame TV in our living room and love it. While the installation can be difficult due to the required wiring, we love how seamlessly it blends in with our decor.

8. go modern with an electric glass fireplace

Modern Electric Glass Fireplace With Flat Screen Tv Above

This dual purpose entertainment center features a recessed electric fireplace with a mounted TV and plenty of decors. The long glass design of this fire elevates the space and gives it a modern style, while the decor around the room helps balance the look.

9. recess your TV and Fireplace for a Clean look

Flush Tv Above An Electric Fireplace With No Mantel
Photo: at_the_barkers

Consider recessing your TV and electric fireplace, so they are flush with the feature wall. This gives your room a clean, modern look, especially if you don’t install a mantel like this living room. While this installation typically requires you to build a new wall to house the units, you can customize the space to meet your needs. Also, consider using the empty space behind the TV for housing your cable box and wires.

10. Use lights to create an accent color

Modern Electric Fireplace Surround With Green Accent Lighting
Photo: homeandbeyonduk

Many electric fireplaces let you change the colors of the flames allowing you to create instant ambiance in your living room. To enhance this effect even more, add strip lighting in the ceiling. Then, with the lights off, your room will transform into a cozy movie theater.

11. Add angled shiplap for a modern living room

Black Angled Shiplap Fireplace Surround With Tv
Photo: asherartsllc_

This living room features an angled shiplap that gives the electric fireplace surround a modern feeling. Painting the wall black showcases the eye-level TV and fireplace and contrasts the white walls in the space. When mounting your TV, it’s important to consider the height of your couch, so it’s comfortable for everyone watching. Too high of a TV can cause neck strain, while too low can look awkward.

12. Showcase decor on mantel fireplaces

White Shiplap Wall With Electric Fireplace And Tv Above
Photo: artistginae

Just because you install an electric fireplace doesn’t mean you can’t have a stunning mantle. The wood mantel and tile surround in this living room creates a warm and inviting space that frames the fireplace unit. Layering decor on your mantel is the perfect way to tie in the colors around your room and create a cohesive look.

13. Hide cables Behind a feature wall

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace With Tv
Photo: carolinaelitefire

This simple electric fireplace with a TV above reminds us that your design doesn’t need to be extravagant. Instead, the best electric fireplace for your home is the one that fits your style and space. Plus, the heater in this unit will warm up the room while providing ambiance.

14. add shelves to highlight decor

Stacked Stone Electric Fireplace Surround With Built-Ins And A Tv
Photo: goodfellastone

The open shelves next to this stacked stone fireplace wall perfectly complement the neutral tones in the room. In addition, a large flat-screen TV and sound bar are mounted on the wall making this space great for movies on a Friday night!

15. add a large wall-mounted TV for the Big Game

Subway Tile Wall With Electric Fireplace And Tv
Photo: harwoodbuilders

For larger TVs, use a wider fireplace and feature walls that are proportionate to each other. This is a great way to avoid your living room being dominated by the 75-inch TV your husband desperately wanted. The modern hearth of this space is complemented by the ottomans in the center of the room, while leather couches provide plenty of seating.

16. Use Wall Tile for Tall Ceilings

Tall Feature Wall With A Full-Size Electric Fireplace And Flat Screen Tv
Photo: dimplex_northamerica

For double-height living rooms, consider using wall tile to fill the space to the ceiling. For example, this living room features 12×24″ tiles installed vertically on a feature wall to help bridge the gap between the electric fireplace and the ceiling. For a high-end look, consider using marble for your surround, or for a budget-friendly option, use vertical shiplap!

17. Use accent lights for cozy nights in

Black Feature Wall With An Electric Fireplace, Shelves And A Television
Photo: cosyfires_ltd

This living room frames its built-ins with strip lighting around each shelf. The yellow tones in the light perfectly complement the blue feature wall with a recessed TV.

18. Go Coastal with White walls

Recessed Electric Fireplace With A Tv Above
Photo: champagne_and_shutters

This traditional living room reminds us not to be afraid to mix and match styles with its modern fireplace. The beige tones throughout the room help to balance the contemporary glass fireplace while the decor accents the classic style of this home.

19. Use an electric fireplace insert for ambiance

Modern Apartment With A Section Couch And Electric Fireplace
Photo: stylish_fireplaces

When choosing your electric fireplace unit, it’s essential to understand how much light and heat it gives off relative to your space. Light is important since it can create ambiance in your living room or bedroom, and many units today can even change colors. For heating, you’ll want to understand how many BTUs (British Thermal Units) your unit puts out. The higher the number, the warmer your room will get.

20. Recess shelves for a sleek style

Living Room With Recessed Tv And Electric Fireplace
Photo: envy_furnishings

The recessed shelves in this living room add a sleek design without feeling too modern, with warm decor filling the nooks. Beige furniture and carpeting help to balance out the space.

21. Use Natural Woods for a Warm Touch

Wood Feature Wall With A Recessed Electric Fireplace And Mounted Tv
Photo: dutchcharmwoodworks

To add warm tones, layer natural wood planks on your fireplace wall. Not only does this introduce warmth and texture to a space, but it also helps add height, drawing your eye up to the mounted TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Electric Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

Yes, electric fireplaces give off heat that can be remotely controlled. You can also choose whether your unit gives off heat or shows flames, meaning you can enjoy a fire in the summer without sweating!

The amount of heat your unit produces is determined by the BTU measurement. For example, a standard electric fireplace produces 5,000 BTUs, which is enough to heat about 100 square feet.

Can You Mount a TV Above an Electric Fireplace?

Yes, if your electric fireplace uses a blower at the bottom of the unit, it is perfectly safe to mount a TV above it. The blower is part of your unit that sends heat into the room. If the blower is at the top of your fireplace, it may be too close to your TV and could cause damage.

How Far Should a TV be Above an Electric Fireplace

While the distance may vary based on the heat output of your fireplace and the TV, we’d recommend mounting your TV at least 12 inches above your unit. This will prevent your TV from getting too hot and won’t look too crowded.

Is a Gas Fireplace Better than an Electric?

No, a gas fireplace isn’t necessarily better than its electric counterpart. The only benefit of a gas fireplace is you can use it when the power goes out. Unfortunately, with an electric fireplace, you won’t be able to rely on it for heat.

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