24 Curved Staircases for Design And Decor Inspiration

An Entryway with a black and white curved Staircase

Curved staircases are the focal point of any home since they break away from traditional functional stairs and add a fun flair. When most people think of curved stairs, they think of a grand palace with a massive entryway. This idea also means that seeing a curved staircase instantly makes you think you’ve entered a high-end home!

Since curved staircases are custom designed for each home, they’re more expensive than traditional straight stairs. You should expect to spend at least double on curved stairs than normal ones, but this price can quickly increase depending on the materials and finishes you select.

Whether you’re living in a palace or just want to add grandeur to your home, a curved staircase is a perfect way. You can create modern curved stairs using metal and glass materials or use traditional wood treads and spindles for a classic design. (P.S. To learn all the stair terminology, check out our parts of a staircase guide).

Browse our favorite curved staircases and ideas in the gallery below!

1. A modern Neutral and black Curved Stairs

A View Of A Set Of Curved Stairs With Wooden Steps And Metal Railing, Leading Upwards To The Next Floor.
Photo: kellybehunstudio

This modern home’s centerpiece is the curved staircase with open wood steps and black siding. To create an open look, one side of the stairs uses traditional spindles, while the other has solid paneling. Light beige tile, along with a planted tree, add to the outdoorsy feel of this entryway.

2. A White Contemporary Curved Staircase with Molding

Curved Stairs With Leading Upwards To The Next Floor In A White Wall Entryway With Molding
Photo: brightblack

This modern entryway features a white curved staircase with solid paneling on one side. The paneling’s unique angles add to the space’s contemporary feel, while the nearby wall is finished with traditional box molding that balances the look. In addition, Chevron wood floors are installed, adding to the luxurious look of this home.

3. Black Railings and Wood Treads on Circular Stairs

A Circular Wood Staircase With Metal Railings Leading To A Room With Brick Floors
Photo: archerbuchanan

This circular staircase perfectly blends old and new with wrought iron spindles, banisters, and classic wood treads. The brick floor in the space underneath adds to the rustic feel of this design.

4. Double-height Ceilings in a Large Living Room

A Double Height Living Room With A Curved Metal Staircase Leading Upwards And Downwards
Photo: rayhanahomes

This two-story living room design features curved staircases extending upwards and downwards to other floors in the home. Intricate square metal ballisters line the stairs adding an opulent feel. The black metal helps contrast the white walls in this home, while rich brown floors add a touch of warmth. Sconces on the walls next to the stairs add soft lighting and help fill the ample space.

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5. Intricate Tile and Stone Stairs

A Grand Curved Staircase With A Polished Wooden Handrail And Ornate Wrought Iron Spindles
Photo: stephanieparisistudio

This intricately curved staircase exudes historic European vibes with its intricate tile floors and ornate black ballisters. Brass railings add to the luxurious feel of these stairs and contrast the black metal ballisters. Teal and red accents in the mosaic tiles add a pop of color to the space.

6. Using Neon Lights as Decor Near Curved Stairs

Curved Stairs Leading Up To A Higher Level With A View Of A Neon Light That Says &Quot;I Left My Soul There&Quot;.
Photo: comedowntothewoods

Try adding a neon light like this space for a unique curved staircase decor idea. The light feature adds a fun purple hue to the room and helps make this traditional-style staircase feel more modern.

7. Carpet Stair Treads On a Curved Staircase

A White Entryway With Chevron Floors And A Large Curved Staircase With Metal Spindles And Wood Railings
Photo: kallistostairs

This curved staircase features grey carpeted treads with white accents contrasting the black ballisters. For a touch of warmth, neutral-colored railings are installed and accent the herringbone pattern wood floors in this entryway. A white and black marble table displays decor and matches the colors in the staircase.

8. Gold and Glass Ultra Modern Stairs

Glass Curved Staircase Aside With Tree And Green Plants
Photo: staircase_815

This curved floating staircase is embedded in the floor plan of this home, with a garden growing at the bottom. A nearby wall features traditional crown trim and large artwork that balances the contemporary feel of the staircase.

9. A Curved Glass Floating Staircase

Curved Steel And Glass Stairs, Awaiting Oak Treads With Wooden Background
Photo: Millersdaleprojects

This curved glass staircase has floating steps that enhance the openness of the design. A wood trim accent wall behind the stairs exudes neutral tones that brighten the modern white walls in this home. Glass staircases are great for smaller spaces or when you want to create a sense of openness.

10. Carpeted Curved Stairs with Wood Rails

The Stairs Start From The Bottom Left Of  Curve Upwards To The Right, And End At The Top Right.
Photo: katiearmour_designs

The cheetah animal print carpet stair treads on this curved staircase are certainly not for everyone, but they add a fun touch to this traditional design. Dark brown wood banisters match the wood floors in the rest of the home, while white ballisters add a bright contrast. When designing your stairs, it’s essential to consider the colors in your home, especially the rooms or landings around your stairs. Otherwise, your stairs can appear out of place, no matter how beautiful.

11. White Modern Stairs Leading to a Home Gym

Glass Curved Stairs Idea That Leads To A Home Gym
Photo: staircase_815

The ultra-modern circular floating staircase features built-in lights that highlight the unique design. Glass railings allow the stair tread design to stand out while you overlook the home basketball court as you head downstairs.

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12. A Modern Curved Staircase with White Plaster Sides

Curved Stairs With Neutral Color Planks And White Solid Railings
Photo: kogias_foreverhome

Neutral-colored treads and risers create a seamless look that blends with the hardwood floors in this home. Wood solid sides on the stairs have softly curved angles that add a modern look to this design. While you traditionally see banisters and ballisters, using solid paneling is a high-end look that can also be affordable.

13. Two Curved Stairs With a Crystal Chandelier

Double Curved Staircases With Dark Brown Treads And Risers And A Chandelier In The Center Of The Room
Photo: trimguy_interior_finishings

These split curved staircases (also known as dual staircases or bifurcated) feel like you’re entering a palace. The stairs are designed to match the home’s wood floors, creating a seamless look, while white wall molding adds a stunning contrast. In addition, a crystal chandelier hanging between the sets of stairs adds even more luxury to the space.

14. A White and Black Stairs Foyer

White And Black Wood Curved Stairs In A Home With Carpets
Photo: kallistostairs

These white and black stairs exude a classic style amplified by the curved design of the staircase. We love the look of black and white stairs and even attempted this look when we refinished our staircase. While it came out great, we still completely renovated our stairs for a different look. Regardless, we still swoon over the black and white stairs look.

15. Grey Marble Steps in a Modern Neutral Staircase

A Modern Curved Staircase With Grey Marble Steps And Wood Sides
Photo: custom.rail

This high-end design features grey marble steps with white veining. Using stone for your staircase is the ultimate in luxury and durability, but it also comes with a price tag. Natural stones like marble or granite are much more expensive than traditional wood treads. So you can expect to pay 3-4x the amount for your stairs, or even more, based on the materials selected.

16. An intricate Tread Design with Black Railings

Piano And Staircase
Photo: thestaircompanyfl

This floating curved staircase allows for a grand piano underneath, helping create a stunning landing area. Chevron wood floors with black detail add to the opulent look, while board and batten molding on the white walls create contrast against the stairs and piano.

17. A Black Iron Banister with wood treads

A Curved Staircase With Polished Wooden Steps, Iron Balusters And A Decorative Railing Leading Up To A Second Floor Landing
Photo: designerstaircases

This curved staircase railing is the centerpiece of the entryway featuring an ornate design handcrafted in metal. Using custom railings instead of traditional ballisters is a great way to upgrade the look of your stairs, but it’s also more expensive. Before deciding on your staircase design, you’ll want to consider how visible your stairs are in your home. For example, the stairs are the focal point of this foyer, so investing in their design is an easy way to create a beautiful space.

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18. An Open Staircase that hugs the wall

A Multi Floor Staircase Is Lit By A Stunning Chandelier Hanging From The Ceiling Above
Photo: kallistostairs

This open staircase feels like it keeps going on forever as it hugs the walls of this multi-floor home. However, lights built into the walls help you see the steps, especially at night. If you’re renovating your stairs, adding lighting on the walls or under the steps is a great idea, especially if there aren’t any windows around your stairs.

19. A simple curved staircase that matches the door

A Simple Curved Staircase With Black Treads And White Risers In A Beige Home
Photo: slbwoodworkllc

This simple curved staircase has black treads and white risers that match the nearby front door. The curved design adds an attractive design that elevates the stairs compared to a traditional staircase.

20. Two-Story Curved Staircase in a Fancy Home

Curved Staircase With Wooden Steps And A Wrought-Iron Railing
Photo: kallistostairs

This multi-level curved staircase creates continuity between the floors of this house using the same black metal ballisters and railing. A black table with flowers as decor is centered in the foyer, accenting the ballisters and contrasting the beige polished tile floors.

21. Modern Wall Molding Next to the Stairs

Geometric Wall Paneling On A Curved Staircase With Grey And White Treads
Photo: s_decorem

A modern accent wall with angled wood planks elevates this curved staircase giving it a contemporary look. Adding molding to the walls around your stairs is our favorite way to fill those large empty spaces.

22. Glass Floating Stairs with wood steps

Glass Sides On A Metal And Wood Curved Staircase Leading To A Room With Wood Floors
Photo: tina_stairs_railing_home

This curved staircase railing design uses silver metal on top of glass panelings that make the stairs’ black structure stand out. Brown wood open treads help balance this staircase’s modern look and match the home’s wood floors.

23. A Piano Decorating a Curved Stairs Foyer

A Curved Staircase In An Entryway With Polished Tile Floor And A Baby Grand Piano
Photo: kallistostairs

A black piano serves as the decor in this entryway with a large curved staircase. Black iron ballisters match the tones in the piano, while white treads and risers add a stunning contrast.

24. A Gold Chandelier with White and Black Stairs

A Curved Staircase In A White Entryway With Brown Treads That Match The Brown Wood Floors In The Room
Photo: kelcocarpentry

This curved wooden staircase has white risers (the front part of the stairs) to match the molding and walls around the foyer. A polished black table shaped like a hexagon adds a modern touch accented by the gold chandelier hanging above it.

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