31 Coastal Beach-Themed Living Room Ideas

Coastal Beach Themed Living Room with White Walls

A beach-themed living room brings a light and airy style to your home, whether you’re right on the water or miles from the coast. And even if you don’t have that dream beach house just yet, you can still create the perfect beach-style living room on a budget.

Beach-style living rooms are known for lights of white, beige, and blue shades that mimic the colors you’d find on the beach. But don’t feel limited by these colors, you can add any accent colors or go in a completely different direction to fit the style of your home. For example, use more black, grey, and white tones to create a modern beach style.

Check out the gallery below for pictures of our favorite coastal beach-themed living rooms!

1. Light Blue Cabinets in A Beach Living Room

Light Blue Cabinets Around The Tv In A Beach Themed Living Room With A White Sofa And Wood Coffee Table
Photo: Theguesthousestudio

This small beach-themed living room features light blue cabinets around the TV, offering plenty of storage. A white sofa and accent chair are positioned around the wood coffee table, which brings in an outdoor feel. Large glass doors overlook a balcony and water view.

2. Neutral Accents and White Walls

Coastal Living Area With A White Sofa And Neutral Accent Chairs
Photo: rhdeewhycollaroy

This living room with white walls features an off-white couch and beige accent chairs that add a neutral hue. A similar colored coffee table and woven rug add to the neutral color scheme, with matching throw pillows on the couch to tie into the design. Large artwork fills the wall behind the accent chairs. A kitchen behind the living room with an open floor plan features butcher block wood shelves and white countertops.

3. Large Sliding Doors in a Beach Condo

Two Grey Couches In A Coastal Apartment With Open Slider Doors That Lead To A Balcony
Photo: holidayrentalspecialists

This beach apartment features shiplap paneling on the wall behind the TV to add texture to the space, while large door sliders open the living room to the balcony. A coastal-themed living room is all about introducing the outdoors to your area; lots of windows and open doors are the perfect way to accomplish that.

4. Light and Airy Neutral Chairs in a Beach House Nook

Two Neutral Seats With White Cushions And Teal Pillows In A Sitting Area By The Beach
Photo: beach_life_living

This beach house living room nook features two neutral-colored wicker accent chairs with white cushions. Blue, teal, and white accent pillows introduce beachy colors to the area and are accented by decor on the wood end table and coffee table. Large windows around the seats let you enjoy the ocean view from this stunning home.

5. Dark Wood Accents in a Small Coastal Living Room

Beige Sofas And Accent Chairs In A Small Living Room
Photo: moderndesignstaging

This beige living room with brown and white accent chairs shows that you can create a coastal beach theme without the traditional white and blue colors. Instead, use rich brown woods to create a pacific island theme that uses warm woods to bring the outdoors inside. A stacked stone fireplace at the end of this living room adds even more texture to the space.

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6. Light Furniture and Shiplap Walls at the Beach

A Beach Living Room With Large Sliding Doors Leading To A Balcony From The Living Room With Blue Accents
Photo: beach_life_living

White and light blue furniture fills this coastal living room with light wood floors and an abundance of natural light. Light blue chairs at the island continue the color scheme, while large doors expose the ocean view from this beach house.

7. Light Blue Accents and Neutral Furniture

The Room Features A Comfortable White Sofa With Blue And White Striped Cushions, Surrounded By Natural Elements Such As Wicker Chairs, A Rattan Coffee Table, And A Jute Rug.
Photo: margaritavilleresortnassau

Light blue and teal accents are carried across this Bahamas beachfront living room with a bright rug, artwork, and book on the coffee table as decor. Dark woods create a contrast against the bright colors while continuing the nautical themes. Rich wood colors in a coastal design introduce tones similar to a yacht or boat, enhancing your design.

8. Wood Ceiling Beams with a Hawaiin Theme

Brown Wood Beams And Tables In A Living Room With A Hawaiin Beach Style
Photo: chinchaparadise

Brown wood beams accent the wood floors and furniture throughout this space introducing a Hawaiian coastal theme. While we traditionally think of beach-themed living rooms as having white and blue tones, you can also add warm brown tones to channel a Hawaiian-like feel. These hues also help break away from the monochromatic look of white spaces.

9. A Neutral Beach Themed Living Room

Two Beige Couches On A Blue Rug In A Living Room Overlooking The Ocean
Photo: Refinedstagingandinteriors

This small water-view living room uses beige couches for a light design that is accented by the dark blue rug. Using blue and teal colors is a great way to introduce ocean-like colors and create a coastal design.

10. Two Accent Chairs and a Water View

Two Beige Accent Chairs With Large Windows Behind Them That Face The Ocean
Photo: lovecoastaliving

This beach house sitting area keeps it simple with two grey accent chairs and a white coffee table. Flowers on the table act as decor with subtle blue accents on the throw pillows. Windows behind the seats expose the water view and act as the space’s centerpiece.

11. Off-White Accent chairs and A Gold Chandelier

A Sitting Room With A View Of The Ocean And Four Beige Accent Chairs Arranged Around A Coffee Table
Photo: lovecoastaliving

Four white accent chairs surround a matching coffee table with wood decor. Light brown throw pillows match the decor, while soft blue artwork on the blue exudes a beach house feel into the room.

12. A brown accent wall with modern furniture

Coastal Living Room Decor With A Painting Paired With Sofa Multicolored Cushions.
Photo: latanyamcgriggs

This apartment living room uses a light white sofa with a brown wood paneled accent wall to create a Polynesian-like beach theme. The chrome and black accent chairs add a modern flair to the room.

13. A Grey Modern Beach House Design

A Coastal Theme Living Room With A Modern Grey Couch And Furniture
Photo: theroomedit

This modern grey beach house proves you don’t need to stick to a white and blue color scheme. Navy throw pillows on the grey couch and accent chair complement the ocean view, while tall curtains let you control the amount of light in the space.

14. AWhite and Black Beach House Living Room

A Black And White Coastal Living Room That Matches The Black Trim Around The Windows Overlooking The Ocean View
Photo: lovecoastaliving

This black and white themed living room exudes a classic style with two white sofas and accent chairs creating a seating area. The black legs on the coffee table and dark-colored throw pillows accent the black window trim that stands out on the white walls.

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15. Neutral Wood Trim in a White Space

A White Accent Chair Next To A Grey Sofa With White Pillows In A Beach House
Photo: cnchomedesign

Neutral wood trim around the doorways balances this living room’s light beachy color scheme. A grey couch features a white throw pillow that complements the nearby white accent chair. The decor on the coffee table continues the light colors with a light wood tray to bring in the sense of nature.

16. Blue and White Accents for a Coastal Theme

A Grey Sofa Across From Two Nautical Themed Accent Chairs In A Small Coastal Living Room
Photo: aptsforrent

The blue and white decor on the built-in shelves next to the TV creates a coastal style in this living room. The beach vibe is continued with the blue and white rug and nautical-themed accent chairs.

17. Lots of Windows in a Beach House Living Room

A White Living Room With Lots Of Windows And Natural Light And Beige Sofas
Photo: strittdesignandconstruction

This beach house living room is flooded by light thanks to the abundance of windows surround the room. This natural light helps brighten the beige couches and white accent chairs around the wood coffee table.

18. Light Blue Accent Chairs and A Wood Coffee Table

Blue Accent Chairs Around A Wood Coffee Table In A Beach Themed Living Room With Wood Floors
Photo: therivierahouse

Light blue accent chairs with matching throw pillows add a subtle pop of color against the white dresser and console table. Grey wood floors add texture to the space along with the matching wood coffee table and dining table.

19. Wood Beams with Beige Coastal Curtains

Brown Wood Ceiling Beams In A Living Room With Grey Accent Chairs And Sofa
Photo: lindydewaalinteriors

Rich wood ceiling beams match the trim around the large doors that lead to the balcony in this coastal living room. Dark grey accent chairs add contrast to the light grey couch and white walls in the space. Wood legs on the glass coffee tables in the center of the room accent the wood trim in the area.

20. A Two-Story Living Room with Modern Furniture

A Grey Sectional In A Modern Coastal Themed House With Two Story Windows
Photo: homedecorationmaster

This modern white living room exudes beach vibes thanks to the sleek grey sectional and warm hardwood floors. Plenty of natural light gives the space a light and airy feeling thanks to the two-story windows.

21. A Coastal Sitting Area with Ocean Views

A Beach House Window Nook With Seating And A Sofa Looking Out The Windows To The Ocean
Photo: completelycoastal8

This cozy seating area features a bench with a light blue cushion built into the bay window overlooking the water. A wood coffee table adds a nautical texture to the space with accent chairs around the area for additional seating.

22. Neutral Sofas and a Whicker Light

Beige Furniture In A Living Room With A Grey Rug Surrounded By Windows Overlooking The Ocean
Photo: pineappleparkhome

This stunning beach view living room uses beige furniture to bring in hues similar to sandy beaches. White walls with large windows let in plenty of natural light and let you enjoy the ocean views. Along with blue and white colors, using beige in coastal style designs is common since it replicates the colors you’d find on the beach.

23. Light Blue Artwork and Accents

Pops Of Blue And Green With Throw Pillows, Curtains, And A Beach-Inspired Painting In This Living Room
Photo: visioninteriors_orangecounty

The brown couch in this living room uses teal and yellow throw pillows to accent the floor rug and nearby blue chair. Artwork on the wall with lots of blue hues continues the coastal feel of this space.

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24. A Blue Couch with Teal Accents

A Blue Sofa With Teal Accents In A Coastal Themed Living Room
Photo: completelycoastal8

Teal wall art matches the nearby glass lamp, adding an ocean-like feel to this space. A light blue L-shaped couch continues the color scheme in this beach-themed living room.

25. White Walls and a Light Grey Couch

A Light Grey Sofa With Neutral Furniture Accents In A White Coastal Living Room
Photo: beautifulchaos.home

This open floor plan coastal themed living room uses natural wood decor and furniture throughout the space to emulate the outdoors. Beige throw pillows on the grey couch complement the wood, while white wicker chairs in the kitchen add a beachey feel. Navy blue kitchen cabinets introduce contrast to the kitchen.

26. A Small Beach Themed Living Room

White And Grey Furniture In A Sitting Area With Large Sliding Windows Overlooking Blue Ocean Water
Photo: lovecoastaliving

The highlight of this small coastal living room is the expansive water views from the large sliding glass doors. The blue water from the ocean adds a pop of color to the space that perfectly complements the grey and beige color scheme. In addition, a natural wood shiplap ceiling adds to the beach feeling of this bungalow. When designing a beach living room, it’s essential to consider the views in your color scheme.

27. An All White Beach House Living Room With A Blue Rug

A Two Story Vaulted Ceiling Living Room With White And Blue Furniture In A Beach House
Photo: thepolishedpineapple_

This light living room uses two small white sofas across from each other with two blue accent chairs for a pop of color. Two wicker stools are positioned next to the coffee table for extra seating. Using stools or ottomans is a great way to have plenty of seating for guests without breaking the budget. A blue and white patterned rug adds to the beach theme of this space.

28. White Shiplap with Nautical Striped Chairs

A Framed Picture On A Shiplap Wall With White And Blue Striped Accent Chairs For Seating In Front
Photo: thecabanachandler

A white shiplap accent wall features a framed photo of the ocean that introduced a nautical theme to this living room. Four blue and white striped accent chairs continue the beach-style design with a white coffee table in the center of the room.

29. Ocean Artwork in a Nautical-Themed Nook

A Beach Themed Living Room Nook With Blue And White Striped Pillows And Artwork Showing The Ocean
Photo: sealavieliving

Blue and white striped pillows under a large piece of ocean themed artwork gives this small seating nook a beach theme. A white-painted wood basket is filled with light blue towels and a book to complement the color scheme.

30. Open Walls for a Coastal Living Room

A Grey Plush Sofa And Ottomans With Large Open Sliding Windows Creating An Indoor Outdoor Space
Photo: casually.coastal

Sliding windows create a completely open living room in this beachfront home for an indoor-outdoor design. White furniture with beige accents matches this space’s outside wood furniture and hardwood floors.

31. A Small White Beach Theme Sitting Area

Light Grey Furniture And A Wood Coffee Table On A White And Blue Striped Rug In A Living Room
Photo: hamptonsinhighfields

A picture with a wood frame hangs above the white fireplace in this coastal design sitting area. A wood coffee table matches the picture frame, while light-colored furniture adds to the bright design. A white built-in next to the picture is filled with decor that accents the colors in the space.

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