24 Ideas For Butcher Block Shelves You’ll Want To Copy

Light butcher block wood shelves and subway tile backsplash

Butcher block shelves are an easy way to introduce warm tones into your kitchen design without breaking the bank. And with a variety of wood stains available, you can accent any style while still introducing warmth into your space.

We love using butcher block shelving to help fill spaces around windows and between cabinets that are typically tough to decorate. For a farmhouse design, use a rustic butcher block wood to bring in a country aesthetic. If you want a more modern design, use clean white oak shelves for a polished look that is bright and airy.

And don’t forget that butcher block shelves aren’t just for the kitchen! As you’ll see in our inspirations below, they can be used in your living room and even your bathroom!

Check out our 24 favorite ideas for butcher block shelves that will have your mind racing!

1. Accent Cabinets with Stacked Butcher Block Shelves

A Blue Kitchen With Multiple Height Butcher Block Shelves
Photo: customfloatingshelves

Multiple floating butcher block shelves accent the bright blue kitchen cabinets in this space, adding warm hues to the design. Installing wood shelves is a great way to add neutral tones to kitchens with white coutnertops, like this one. A wood bowl and cutting board are placed on the counter connecting the design with the decor on the shelves.

2. Bathroom Butcher Block Shelf Over A Toilet

Blue Shiplap Bathroom With White Subway Tile And A Brown Butcher Block Shelf Above The Toilet
Photo: sosartdesing

Try installing a wood butcher block shelf over your toilet instead of a traditional medicine cabinet. This design makes the space more open, which works great for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms. A wood mirror on the wall accents the shelf, while a blue shiplap on the upper half of the wall adds a cozy charm. White subway tile on the bottom half of the walls is an excellent idea since it’s more water-resistant than the wood planks used for shiplap.

3. Wood Shelving In a Brick Backsplash Kitchen

Light Wood Butcher Block Shelves Match The Countertop With White Brick Backsplash
Photo: fixrexperts

This industrial kitchen with metal accents uses butcher block shelves with black iron brackets to accent the style. In addition, a whitewashed brick backsplash adds texture to the space and makes it feel homier. While wood shelves can be mounted on standard walls (e.g., drywall), they look even better with full-height backsplash.

4. White Subway Tile and Natural Shelves

Floating Natural Wood Butcher Block Shelving With Pottery And Decor
Photo: oursouthwestnest

This kitchen uses natural wood block shelving above the stacked subway tile backsplash to extend the design higher. If installing a full-height backsplash isn’t within budget, adding wood shelves above your tile is a great way to make your design seem taller and fill the space. While you could also opt for traditional upper cabinets, shelves offer a more open look and can help your room feel larger.

5. Butcher Block Countertops and Matching Shelves

Butcherblock Countertop In A Small Kitchen With White Cabinets
Photo: knottyswoodwork

This small kitchen features butcher block countertops with matching open shelves next to the window that are used to store spices. When planning open shelves for your kitchen, it’s essential to consider what decor or items you’ll keep on them. Unlike cabinets, where your bowls and plates are hidden, anything you put on open shelves instantly becomes a part of your kitchen design.

6. Navy Cabinets and Butcher block Shelving

Butcher Block Countertop With Matching Shelves On The Wall
Photo: the.only.home

Rich wood countertops compliment the navy blue kitchen cabinets in this open design. Instead of upper cabinets, open butcher block shelves are installed on the wall next to the large window. Combining navy and wood tones is an easy design that will make your friends guess you hired an interior designer.

7. Subway Tile Backsplash and a Floating Butcher Block Shelf

A Floating Butcher Block Shelf With Black Metal Mounts Over A Matching Countertop With White Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo: acumencollection

A floating wood shelf adds to the farmhouse style of this kitchen and is the perfect area to decorate for the holidays. We love open shelves since you can easily swap decor based on the season or holiday, making your home always festive. This kitchen also helps fill the empty wall above the white subway tile with black grout.

8. Floating Shelves on One Side of A Range Hood

Grey Farmhouse Butcher Block Kitchen Island
Photo: fourbrothersdc

Butcher block floating shelves next to the range hood help connect the perimeter cabinets to the grey island with a wood countertop. When using two different countertops in your kitchen, it’s important to use accents to tie together the design. In addition to the shelving, this kitchen places a small white plate on the wood island that matches the white countertops around the rest of the area.

9. Wood Countertops and Butcher Block Floating Shelves

Butcher Block Open Shelves In A Small Kitchen With Wood Countertops And White Cabinets
Photo: madzia_home

This cozy farmhouse kitchen matches its wood countertops with open butcher block wall shelves that display a variety of pottery and cups. To create contrast, the wall is painted black behind the shelves, while a white subway tile with gray grout is used below them.

10. Under Shelf Lights for a Brighter Look

White Shaker Style Cabinets With Floating Butcher Block Shelves That Have Built-In Lights
Photo: acorn_barn_conversion

This kitchen adds built-in lighting under the floating wood shelves to illuminate the decor underneath and create a fun accent. Under-shelf or cabinet lighting is an inexpensive upgrade that can add the perfect ambiance. For example, during our recent kitchen update, we added under-cabinet lighting around the perimeter cabinets for under $300!

11. A Gold Sconce over Brown Wood Kitchen Shelves

White Subway Tile Backsplash With Wood Countertops And Butcher Block Shelving
Photo: thehylandhomestead

White shaker-style cabinets with brass handles are accented by rich brown wood countertops that add to the farmhouse design. Butcher block kitchen shelves with brass mounts are installed on the brick backsplash to accent the counters. A hanging plant adds a pop of color to the space that looks great with the wood tones.

12. Butcher Block Shelves with White Countertops

Butcher Block Kitchen Shelves Against White Subway Tile Backsplash And White Countertops
Photo: urbandi.co

This kitchen, with a full-height subway tile backsplash, uses butcher block shelves to fill the space around the window. Using wood shelves is a great way to add warmth to kitchens with white countertops and backsplash. White plates and bowls on the shelves accent the counters and bind the design together.

13. Metal Brackets with Rustic Butcher Block Shelves

Jars Of Spices On A Wood Butcher Block Shelf In A Kitchen With Black Countertops
Photo: pagesofemma

For a rustic charm, visible metal brackets are used to fasten the butcher block shelves to the wall in this kitchen. The dark color of the brackets helps accent the black granite countertops in the space, while the white tile backsplash brightens the look.

14. Wood Shelves in a Cozy Cofee Bar

Butcher Block Shelves In A Coffee Bar With White Countertops
Photo: mamofboys

Using wood shelves is a great way to make items easily accessible in an area like this coffee bar. For example, instead of guests trying to guess which cabinet your sweeteners are stored in, you can beautifully display them in jars on the open shelves.

15. Corner Butcher Block Shelves in a Living Room

Corner Butcher Block Shelves In A Living Room With Decor And Plants
Photo: inspiredspacesinc

Butcher block shelves aren’t just for the kitchen! This design features white oak shelves to fill the corner of their living room. Light woods like white oak are a great way to introduce neutral tones while still achieving a modern style. While white oak is traditionally more expensive, you can achieve the same look for under $30 with white-stained shelves like this one from Ikea.

16. Butcher Block Wall Shelves in a Cozy Space

A Kitchen With White Cabinets And Open Wood Shelves That Match The Butcher Block Countertops
Photo: wuohomedecor11

This farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets and black hardware features brown natural countertops to create a cozy feel. Thin butcher block shelving matches the counters and offers an alternative to upper cabinets.

17. Shelves on Both sides of A Stove Hood

Floating Butcher Block Shelving On Both Sides Of A Large Range Hood In A White Kitchen With An Island
Photo: stylemeghd

Matching butcher block shelves on both sides of the shiplap hood add warm tones to this white kitchen. Wood accents are continued across the black and white countertops and high chairs on the island. When adding wood accents to your kitchen, it’s important to add decor with similar stains across the space to help tie the design together.

18. Simple Block Shelves Above A Couch

Brown Butcher Block Floating Shelves Above A Grey Couch
Photo: sosartdesing

This simple living room installed two floating butcher block shelves above their grey couch to help fill the large empty wall. While they likely could of opted for longer shelves, this is still a great look that helps decorate a large space on a budget. In addition, the bright decor on the shelves matches the throw pillows on the couch for a cohesive design.

19. Navy and White Kitchen with Wood Accents

White Oak Butcher Block Wood Shelves In A Navy And White Kitchen With Herringbone Backsplash
Photo: pad_london

This two-tone navy and white kitchen uses two butcher shelves to connect the different colored cabinetry and add warm hues to the aesthetic. Marble countertops add a luxurious feel accented by the herringbone subway tile backsplash below the shelves.

20. Wood Shelves to Fit a Sloped Ceiling Kitchen

A Kitchen With A Sloped Ceiling And Wood Counters That Match The Open Shelving
Photo: designadd2

A butcher block wood shelf works perfectly in this kitchen with a sloped ceiling. Because of the odd angle of the roof, it would be difficult and costly to get custom cabinetry to fit in the space. Adding the shelf is an easy way to fill the space while matching the light wood countertops.

21. Match Window Blinds with your Shelving

A Farmhouse Sink Kitchen With White Subway Tile Backsplash Uses Short Wood Butcher Block Shelves Next To The Window
Photo: wnetrzablog

This kitchen with a window over the sink uses two natural color butcher block shelves to accent the wood blinds. White subway tile backsplash helps brighten the space, and wood decor is placed on the light-colored countertops continuing the accents.

23. Black Cabinets and White Oak Shelving

A Light Colored Butcher Block Shelf In A Kitchen With Black Cabinets And White Countertops And Backsplash
Photo: taystefullymade

A single butcher block shelf adds a touch of warmth to the black kitchen cabinet and white coutnertops in this home. In addition, wood cutting boards and decor are placed leaning against the white subway tile backsplash to further introduce warmth and connect the design.

23. Floating Shelves Around A Fireplace

White Fireplace With Floating Shelves On Both Sides
Photo: sweethomesimmons

Adding butcher block floating shelves around a fireplace is a great way to add warmth and fill the negative space without investing in built-ins. This is an easy DIY project most homeowners can tackle, while the custom size will give your space an upgraded look.

24. White Oak Cabinets and Matching Block Shelves

All White Oak Kitchen With Grey Countertops
Photo: anaberdesign

Matching butcher block shelves and white oak kitchen cabinets create a warm and modern design that is sure to stun guests. While oak cabinets are more expensive than painted plywood ones, you can achieve a similar look by installing white oak shelves in your kitchen.

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