21 Functional Built-In Microwave In Island Ideas

Built-In Microwave in Kitchen Island

Having a microwave built into a kitchen island is an easy way to avoid cluttering your countertops. In addition, a built-in microwave is an easy way to upgrade any kitchen and help keep it looking clean!

When designing a kitchen island with a microwave, you’ll need to choose between a drawer style that allows access from above or a classic door microwave. The most significant advantage of a drawer-style microwave on an island is you don’t need to bend over each time you use it. But in comparison, a classic-style model can allow for easy access by kids.

Check out the gallery below for more built-in microwave in island ideas for your home!

1. Green Island with Built-in Microwave

Green Kitchen Island With A Built In Microwave
Photo: carrie_bethn3boys

This greek kitchen island features a built-in microwave right next to the farmhouse sink for easy prep. The veiny countertop accents the stone fireplace in the background, while wood beams span the vaulted ceiling.

2. Dual Speed Oven in Island

Two Built-In Microwaves In Island Pained Green
Photo: ldckitchens

Two speed ovens are featured on this small island in a kitchen with chevron floors. Putting the speed ovens on the island is a great way to maximize space in your cabinets. A hanging shelf provides additional storage.

3. Wood and Quartz Island with Built-in Appliances

Wood And Quartz Island With A Built-In Stainless Steel Microwave
Photo: mjkhomesinc

This kitchen island features quartz countertops with a separate wood butcherblock area for prep. Under the counter, a microwave is built into the island with stainless steel accents that match the brushed nickel hardware on the cabinetry.

4. Drawer-Style Microwave in Island

Light Green Kitchen Island With Microwave Built-In
Photo: durasupreme

A drawer-style microwave opens under this green kitchen island with grey countertops for easy heat-ups. A stainless steel farmhouse sink and dishwasher on the island match the microwave.

5. Microwave at the end of a brown island

Microwave Built Into The End Of A Kitchen Island With Brown Cabinets
Photo: lewiscustomwoodwork

A uniquely placed microwave at the end of this brown island offers easy access without crowding the stove and oven area for cooking. Light hardwood floors brighten the space, while busy granite countertops accent the tones in the room.

6. Two dishwashers and a Microwave Oven

White Kitchen Island Black Hardware With Two Dishwashers And A Microwave Built-In
Photo: elmhurstcabinets

This white island features two dishwashers on either side of the sink, making us instantly fall in love with it. But, let’s face it, you can never have too many dishwashers. The microwave is placed at the end of the island next to the seating making it easily accessible for anyone to quickly use it without interrupting someone doing dishes.

7. Wine Fridge and Recessed Microwave

Wine Fridge And Microwave Built Into A Brown Island
Photo: portraitpics.ca

This kitchen features a recessed microwave in the island that helps hide it, while the stainless steel beverage fridge matches the other appliances. Black sconces hang over the sink matching the hardware on the cabinets.

8. Two built-in Island Microwaves

Two Microwaves Built Into A Kitchen Island
Photo: vine.street.design

A light wood coffered ceiling contrasts this brown island with two microwaves. While we’ve heard of having two dishwashers, two microwaves is a new idea! But if you’ve got the space and want to avoid a line for the microwave, go for it! The stainless steel finishes match the wolf range with a blue subway tile backsplash.

9. White cabinets with a brown island

In Island Microwave Surrounded By Brown Cabinets
Photo: brudercabinets

White cabinetry with rustic subway tile backsplash features a tile accent behind the stove, while red pots and pans add a pop of color. A microwave drawer in the island is conveniently located across from the sink. While we love having a microwave in low-traffic spaces, this location makes it easy to use when cooking a meal.

10. Small island with stainless steel Microwave

Blue Kitchen Island With Microwave Built-In
Photo: dasocustomcabinetry

You don’t need a big island to have built-in appliances. This small blue kitchen island made of one row of cabinets features a built-in microwave that matches the rest of the appliances.

11. Pendant Lights Over a Microwave Island

Built-In Microwave In Island With Pendant Lights Above
Photo: stayinggraceful

Gold pendant lights hang over this island with white quartz countertops and fruit as decor. Handle pulls on the cabinets accent the black and grey appearance of the microwave in the island. When considering an in-island microwave, remember the height. Since they are under the counter, you will need to bend over to use them. This is why drawer microwaves are so popular – since you don’t need to bend over every time you want to heat something.

12. High-end Built-in Appliances in a Sleek Kitchen

Stainless Steel Microwave In Island
Photo: timwhitehomeimprovements

This high-end kitchen wows at every turn with light blue inset cabinets and a large stainless steel refrigerator. The built-in microwave installed on the island even features a light blue inlay that matches the cabinetry.

13. Dark Green Island with a Drawer Microwave

Drawer Style Microwave In A Dark Green Island With White Countertops
Photo: dhd_cary

Dark green cabinets with gold handles surround the drawer microwave under this island countertop. Blue tufted seats offer seating in the kitchen, while a white oak buffet brings neutral tones into the space.

14. White cabinets and countertops with flush microwave

Microwave In Small Kitchen Island Jpg
Photo: pattis_kitchen_and_bath

This white shaker-style island features a recessed microwave built into the island, giving it a sleek modern look. Unfortunately, while we love the flush appearance, we’re not sure we’d be able to find any buttons on this microwave!

15. Farmhouse island with a built-in microwave

Farmhouse Kitchen Island With Built-In Microwave
Photo: brookside.brothers

This farmhouse kitchen features a white shiplap island with black hardware and a drawer-microwave to warm food quickly. LVP floors connect the space to the living room’s brick fireplace, which adds a rustic charm to the room.

16. Small island with Wood accents

Slim Island With A Built-In Microwave
Photo: fairfieldgladehomes

This small island is the perfect place for a built-in microwave, but since this isn’t drawer-style, you’ll need to bend over each time to use it. However, an advantage of lower-height microwaves is they’re easily accessible to kids. Instead of asking you, small children can heat their own food. You just need to make sure they are old enough not to burn themselves.

17. Modern Brown Kitchen with a Microwave In The Island

Brown Kitchen With White Countertops And A Microwave In The Island
Photo: innovativecustomwoodwork

This modern brown kitchen with European-style cabinets puts the microwave in the island to avoid cluttering the white countertops. A white subway tile backsplash with gray grout contrasts the cabinets and softens the contemporary style of the space.

18. Stainless Steel Microwave For A Island

White Island Cabinet With Microwave Built In
Photo: cher.at.home

This sleek kitchen put the stainless steel microwave right under the countertop on the white island. The microwave across from the stove makes it easy to use multiple appliances when cooking dinner.

19. Black Accents in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen With A Black Sink And Built-In Microwave Oven
Photo: prestigewoodworks

A black farmhouse sink and microwave built into this white island match the pendant lights hanging above. Black hardware on the cabinets matches the appliances and adds to the contemporary farmhouse design of this space.

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