29 Two-Tone Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Two-Tone Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets

While using an accent color on your island has been popular for several years, the latest trend is mixing blue and white kitchen cabinets for a two-tone design! We especially love this concept if you’re not fully committed to a blue kitchen but want to bring in a pop of color.

Two-tone blue and white kitchens don’t have any rules you need to follow. Instead, you can choose how much of either color you introduce into your kitchen. One of the most popular approaches is to paint your kitchen island blue, creating an accent color. But your design doesn’t need to stop there. Combining blue and white cabinets on the same wall can create depth and contrast to make your kitchen feel even bigger. Plus, it’s an easy way to elevate your design and have your friends asking if you hired an interior designer!

Check out our favorite blue and white kitchen cabinet design ideas below for inspiration!

1. White Corner Cabinet in a Navy Blue Kitchen

Blue And White Kitchen Cabinets With An Island
Photo: sharonebanksrealtor

This stunning two-tone kitchen design relies mainly on navy cabinetry with a white corner cabinet that adds contrast against the brick backsplash. The blue island features veiny grey marble countertops to create more depth, while the perimeter cabinets have a navy countertop that blends into the cabinetry. Gold hardware on the cabinetry adds warmth to the space and accents the white oak hardwood floors.

2. Navy Blue Island with Stone Tile

A Navy Blue Island And White Kitchen Cabinets With Stone Floor Tile
Photo: stclairkitchens

White shaker-style cabinets are used throughout this kitchen, with a navy blue island. White countertops are used throughout the kitchen, with a prominent grey vein on the center island drawing your attention. Gold hardware is installed on the blue cabinetry to make the island stand out even more, while polished nickel is used on the white cabinets.

3. Light Blue Island and Matching Backsplash

Country Blue And White Cabinet Kitchen
Photo: theproperpeacock

Our favorite part of creating a two-tone kitchen is how many shades of blue you can choose. Instead of classic navy hues, you can opt for a lighter shade like this kitchen, making the island jump out from this design. Plenty of decor fills the island, adding to the country style of this space, while a busy patterned backsplash is used behind the white cabinets.

4. Blue Island and Accent Flowers

Small Blue Island With In A Kitchen With White Cabinets
Photo: palmandprep

Hydrangea flowers accent the pale blue color of this small kitchen island, while the rest of the space is filled with white farmhouse cabinets. Black hardware is used across all the cabinetry, with neutral-colored wicker chairs to introduce warm tones.

5. Two Tone Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets

Two Tone Blue And White Kitchen Cabinets
Photo: kitchensaver

Bright blue and white cabinets are mixed in this small kitchen to create a stark contrast. While we prefer a dark navy color for smaller spaces, this kitchen shows us that using two-tone cabinets can work in any home. Busy granite countertop matches the backsplash in this space, although a lighter color would likely work better to tie together the two colors.

6. Navy Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen With White Upper Cabinets With Navy Lower Cabinets And A Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo: our_surrey_home

A white beverage holder is integrated into the navy cabinetry, complementing the white cabinets above. White subway tile with black grout backsplash connects the two colors in this kitchen with a small stovetop. Brushed nickel hardware is used in the entire kitchen, creating a cohesive design.

7. A Large Navy Island in a White Kitchen

Two-Tone Kitchen With White Cabinets And A Blue Island With Clear High-Chairs
Photo: lauragreeneinteriors

Clear acrylic seats let the shale navy island be the center of attention in this white kitchen. Gold legs on the chairs accent the gold hardware on the cabinetry, while a black faucet and pot filler are installed, creating contrast. While mixing faucet and hardware colors can feel risky, it can actually create depth and dimension in your kitchen.

8. White and Blue Cabinets Kitchen

Navy Blue And White Kitchen Cabinets With Brown Hardwood Floors
Photo: kingstonkitchensdesignedbyron

The white backsplash focuses your attention on the blue and white kitchen cabinets filling this space. And silver hardware is installed on all of the cabinets and accents the stainless steel fridge and built-in microwave. Brown hardwood floor adds richness to this space and reflects natural light around the room.

9. Gold Hardware on White and Blue Cabinets

Two-Tone Shaker-Style Kitchen With Navy Blue And White Cabinets And White Backsplash
Photo: ohi.our_home_improvement

This shaker-style kitchen uses white kitchen cabinets that extend to the ceiling to brighten the space, while navy lower cabinets add a pop of color. Darker shades of blue, like the cabinets shown in this space, work best in kitchens with plenty of natural light since it highlights the depth of the color.

10. Stainless Steel Appliances in a Two-Tone Kitchen

Gold Handles On Navy And White Cabinets In A Modern Kitchen With Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo: christiebest_twk

Modern blue and white kitchen cabinets feature long gold pulls that add to the elegance of this space. A white waterfall edge island adds texture along with the high gloss backsplash. Mixing different stones and tiles is a great way to help balance the modern look of shaker-style cabinets.

11. Blue Lower Cabinets with White Uppers

A Small Kitchen With White Upper Cabinets And Navy Lower Cabinets In An L-Shape
Photo: signaturehomedesignsuk

White upper cabinets balance the lower navy ones in this small L-shaped kitchen. Brass hardware is installed on all of the cabinets, which ties together the design across the two-tone color scheme.

12. Wood Countertop in a Blue and White Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets White And Blue Painted With Wood Countertop And Shelves
Photo: benchmarx_brentwood

Dark blue upper cabinets flank open wood shelves that match the wood counters in this two-tone space. Butcher block countertops are an easy way to add warmth to any room and look fantastic with blue kitchen cabinets. Combined with the gold faucet and farmhouse sink, the wood elements give this space a country feel.

13. A Huge Navy Island In A White Cabinet Kitchen

Stainless Steel Appliances Installed Around White Cabinets With A Blue Island
Photo: lisaritchieinteriors

High-gloss paint and brass handles on this navy island give it a luxurious look as the focal point of this kitchen. White countertops on the island connect the design to the surrounding white cabinets that fill the space. Including gold accents in the glass pendant lights above the island helps tie the light fixtures into the rest of the design.

14. Dark Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets with Subway Tile

Two-Tone Flat Kitchen Cabinets In Navy And White With White Countertops And Backsplash
Photo: revamp.nqy

Painting the flat panel cabinets in a two-tone color palette prevents this modern kitchen from being too sterile. While contemporary style designs often feature all-white spaces that don’t feel warm and inviting, adding a splash of color is a great way to liven the design. A white subway tile backsplash is highlighted by the undercabinet lighting, which brightens the space.

15. Farmhouse Kitchen with Navy and White Cabinetry

White Subway Tile With Black Grout In A Farmhouse Kitchen With White And Navy Blue Cabinetry
Photo: techturedesigns

Painting the kitchen cabinets blue and white in this farmhouse-style space adds a unique contrast accented by the brown wood stools for seating. The subway tile backsplash with gray grout complements the stainless steel appliances and adds to this farmhouse kitchen.

16. Gold Pendant Lights Over a Navy Island

White Cabinets Extend To The Ceiling Above Navy Lower Cabinets With Gold Handles
Photo: tiffanyleighdesign

Two-tone blue and white kitchen cabinets use subtle brass hardware to highlight the dark blue cabinets. White quartz countertops and backsplash contrast the cabinetry while complementing the lighter-colored cabinets. To introduce warm tones, wood stools, and decor are placed around the kitchen. When using darker shades of blue, it’s essential to consider the amount of natural light in your home. Darker shades look best in rooms with plenty of light, which helps prevent your midnight blue cabinets from looking like black.

17. Different Hue Blue Cabinetry to Create Depth

Silver Hardware Is Installed On Navy And White Cabinets In A Kitchen With Brown Floors
Photo: terrafirmaind

This kitchen mixes shades of blue with a lighter color on the island than the cabinets flanking this kitchen. While using too many accent colors in a kitchen can become overwhelming, mixing cabinets works in this design because of the large size of the room. For smaller rooms, stick with two colors, a primary and accent color, to avoid cluttering your design.

18. Off-White Cabinets And a Dark Navy Island

Dark Navy Kitchen Island With Off-White Cabinets And White Countertops
Photo: ourvictorianhome_66

When considering your blue and white cabinet ideas, don’t forget about different shades of white to add depth to your design. For example, the off-white cabinets subtly contrast the subway tile backsplash behind the stove while standing out from the dark navy island.

19. Herringbone Floors in a White and Blue Kitchen

Two-Tone Blue And Off-White Cabinets In A Kitchen With Chevron Wood Floors
Photo: 1909kitchens

This kitchen with a blue island and white cabinets that almost look gray, uses white countertops to create contrast and focus your attention on the stunning colors in the space. Chevron floors add a beautiful detail accented by the blue stools with wood legs placed at the island.

20. White Range Hood with Light Blue Cabinets

Power Blue Kitchen With A White Range Above A White Ornate Oven With Gold Accents
Photo: The Cheerful Home

A white range hood and La Cornue range are the centerpieces of this powder blue kitchen with a french-country style. Ornate brass hardware on the cabinets matches the oven and pot filler tieing the design together.

21. Quartz Countertops With Light Blue Accents

A Light Blue Kitchen Island With Quartz Countertops Across From White Kitchen Cabinets
Photo: kitchensolversgulfcoast

A powder blue backsplash matches this space’s light blue and white kitchen cabinets. While this teal blue color is not for everyone, this kitchen design does a great job of carrying light blue accents across each kitchen area for a cohesive look.

22. Sleek cabinetry in a Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen With Navy Blue And White Cabinets That Don'T Have Any Handles
Photo: tksdesigns_thekitchenshop

This minimalist kitchen uses a two-tone navy blue and white design to add depth without overcrowding the space. Using flat panel cabinets with no hardware adds to the contemporary style, while brass light fixtures add warmth to the area.

23. Dark Navy and Off-White Cabinets with Marble

Luxury Kitchen With Marble Backsplash And Blue And White Cabinets With Gold Handles
Photo: craneproperties

Shaker-style navy cabinets are installed, creating a stunning accent wall with natural wood shelves and marble backsplash. If your kitchen features cabinets on different walls, consider using one section as an accent area.

24. Glass Inserts in a Corner Cabinet

A White Corner Cabinet With Glass Inserts Is Next To A Full-Height Navy Blue Cabinet In This Kitchen
Photo: 1909kitchens

A white corner cabinet in this blue kitchen connects the perimeter cabinets to the white center island for a connected design. White countertops with grey walls add a subtle contrast that lets the cabinets be the center of attention in this kitchen.

25. Navy Island with Seating and Storage

A Navy Blue Square Island With Seating In A Kitchen With White Shaker Style Cabinets
Photo: howdensjoinery

This open-concept kitchen uses the blue island to create a contrast that breaks up the spaces across the room. Gold hardware on the island accents the wood floors and nearby taupe-colored dining area, while a white countertop connects the design to the rest of the kitchen.

26. Off-White Cabinets with Subway Tile Backsplash

Two Tone Off-White And Blue Kitchen Cabinets With A Farmhouse Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo: featheringournest

Off-white cabinets balance the navy island with a farmhouse sink in this country kitchen. Wood decor across the space helps add warm tones that create a homey feel. With so many shades of white available, don’t feel like you need to use the same stark white color as every other kitchen. Instead, branch out and sample different shades of white to find the right color for your home.

27. Ceiling High Two-Tone White and Blue Cabinets

Navy Blue And White Kitchen Cabinets On The Same Wall With Built-In Ovens
Photo: 1909kitchens

White and blue kitchen cabinets share the same wall in this modern kitchen with a large white island. Built-in ovens installed in the blue section of cabinetry helps create a separation between different areas of the kitchen.

28. Two Islands in a Dual-Color Kitchen

Two Midnight Blue Islands In Front Of White Cabinetry In A Kitchen With Brown Wood Floors
Photo: kitchendistributorsinc

Two large blue islands contrast the white cabinetry around this kitchen, with dark hardwood floors creating a moody style. Grey and white marble countertops add a luxurious feel, while gold faucets brighten the design and add a luxurious feel.

29. Shiplap Backsplash with White Shelves

Shiplap White And Blue Kitchen
Photo: woodharbor

White shiplap backsplash and shelves balance the navy shaker-style cabinetry in this farmhouse kitchen. Built-in appliances add a modern touch that is elevated by the brass hardware installed.

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