31 Black Subway Tile Ideas That Create Stunning Spaces

Black Subway Tile

Black subway tile is a unique look that creates contrast in any space. Whether you’re using it for a kitchen backsplash, a bathroom, or somewhere else, these tiles can add a moody and modern design anywhere in your home.

Subway tile is usually at least twice as wide as it is in height, giving it a long appearance; however, it’s available in various sizes and colors today. While white subway tile with black grout is the most common design in homes, it isn’t the only option. We’re seeing homeowners use different subway tile and grout colors like black and gray for a unique look.

To create maximum contrast, install black subway tile with white grout. This will help your tiles pop off the wall, framed by the grout. For a seamless look, use grey or black grout that will create minimal lines and instead let your tiles be the center of attention. No matter your style, using black tiles can work for you!

Check out the gallery below of our favorite black subway tile ideas for bathrooms, kitchens, and more!

1. Contrast A White Bathtub with Polished Black Subway Tile

Polished Black Subway Tile Behind White Bathtub
Photo: gina.keilen

To create contrast, this bathroom uses white subway tile with grey grout on the floor and black subway tile with black grout on the walls. Using the same type of tile in different colors and patterns creates a stunning space that highlights the white soaking tub.

2. Mix Shiplap with Subway Tile

Black Subway Tile With Black Shiplap Wall
Photo: missouritile

Natural white oak cabinets add warmth to this bathroom, and the black shiplap backsplash accents the hardware. Continuing the color scheme, black subway tile with white grout surrounds the shower.

3. Use White Grout with Black Subway Tile for Contrast

White Grout With Black Subway Tile Shower
Photo: dianasotointeriors

While using black tile can seem risky, it’s a great way to dress up small bathrooms. For example, the black subway tile perfectly matches the mirror and small sink in the bathroom above. Using the same hexagon floor tile in the bathroom and shower also helps make the room appear larger.

4. Accent Marble with Black Ceramic Tile

Black Marble Island With Black Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash
Photo: theocdmomma

The massive black marble island is flanked by dark cabinetry and accented by black subway tile backsplash with white grout. While using marble as a backsplash would look stunning in this design, it’s also very expensive. Matching subway tile to your countertops is a great way to keep costs down when renovating your kitchen.

5. Stack Tile vertically for a unique design

Stacked Vertical Black Subway Tile With White Grout Design
Photo: modernbymiles

Stacking the subway tile in this black shower vertically creates long grout lines that instantly draw your eye up. The gold hardware adds a luxurious look and warmth to the space.

6. Go all black for a moody look

All Black Bathroom With Floor To Ceiling Black Subway Tile And White Grout
Photo: brymactiles

This all-black bathroom with a white grout line exudes modern and moody tones. A white sink and toilet are installed, along with a gold planter to brighten the space.

7. Accent Glass Cabinets With Black Subway Tile Backsplash

Black Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash
Photo: julietaylorinteriors

White cabinets with glass inserts balance the black backsplash in this kitchen with busy granite countertops. Stainless steel appliances help give the space a modern look accented by the brushed nickel knobs on the cabinets.

8. Use Black Grout with Black Tile for a clean look

Black Subway Tile With Black Grout In A Marble Bathroom
Photo: oceandesignstudiolagunabeach

The black subway tile exquisitely frames this marble sink with exposed polished plumbing with black grout behind it. While the sink exudes elegant vibes, the backsplash gives a moody tone that perfectly balances the space. This is a design we’d expect to see in a restoration hardware catalog.

9. Contrast Black Tile with White Grout

Polished Black Kitchen Backsplash With White Grout
Photo: stellarhomestyling

White countertops are balanced by polished black tile backsplash with white grout. The stark look of this subway tile, combined with the reflecting light, creates a stunning effect.

10. Add Wallpaper to Black Tile for a unique look

Black Subway Tile With Wallpaper In A Bathroom
Photo: blacklacquerdesign

Combining floral wallpaper with this black subway tile bathroom creates a unique design that will wow any guest. Since the wallpaper features a black background behind the bright flowers, it naturally ties into the backsplash. This design is an excellent reminder that using black tile can still be feminine.

11. Bring natural tones into a butlers pantry

Butlers Pantry With Black Subway Tile And White Grout Backsplash
Photo: formandfunctionstyle

White oak kitchen cabinets with quartz countertops add warmth to this butler pantry. Patterned tiles on the floor match the full-height black subway tile walls. Gold shelves hang from the ceiling in place of upper cabinets.

12. turn your tiles sideways for a new look

Horizontal Herringbone Black Backsplash With Black Grout
Photo: sitaramceramics

This kitchen backsplash uses subway tile in a sideways herringbone pattern for a unique look. To tone down the design, black grout blends in with the tile.

13. Be original with a herringbone pattern

Vertical Herringbone Subway Tile With White Grout
Photo: tamworthtilehouse

The herringbone wall tile behind this toilet draws your eyes up, making this room feel larger. Open shelves next to the toilet feature a greenery that adds a pop of color against the black walls.

14. mix tiles for an industrial look

Black Bathroom Backsplash With Gold Fixtures
Photo: queen_city_stone_and_tile

This bathroom breaks all the rules by framing its mirror with herringbone subway tile and naturally blending it with painted black brick. This space is a great reminder to take risks when designing a room and not to be afraid of breaking away from the norm.

15. create a stunning home bar with storage

Home Bar Shelves With Black Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo: janaschleifinteriors

This home bar features white marble countertops accented by open glass shelves for storage. The black backsplash adds a moody look to the space, which is lightened by the decor on the counter.

16. Go farmhouse style with black subway tile and white grout

Black Subway Tile In A Black And White Kitchen
Photo: blacowite

White cabinets with black countertops are accented throughout this kitchen, including the island chairs and large range. The backsplash is made of 3×6 subway tile with a polished finish reflecting light off the countertops. Sticking with black and white colors throughout this farmhouse kitchen emphasizes the design.

17. Contrast a white bathroom with a black shower

Black Subway Tile Shower In A White Bathroom
Photo: 2kdevelopment

This white bathroom contrasts the black shower that includes a window for natural light. The rounded texture of the shower tiles and black grout creates depth, while the glass doors help make this bathroom appear bigger.

18. add natural wood shelves for warmth

Black Subway Tile With Wood Open Shelves In A Kitchen
Photo: decobella_sa

This kitchen backsplash uses white vertical subway and black horizontal tiles for a stunning design. While this design has a lot of mixing, it perfectly executes the look with concrete countertops and wood accents.

19. use glass tiles for a luxurious look

Black Polished Tile Behind A Stainless Steel Stove
Photo: denalihomesllc

This black glass subway tile backsplash adds richness and complements the stainless steel stove top. Glass subway tile reflects light because of its polished surface. It’s also still low maintenance and durable, like traditional ceramic tile.

20. reflect light with polished finishes

Black Grout And Black Glass Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo: ndakitchens

This kitchen with granite countertops and white cabinets features a polished black tile backsplash that almost looks mirrored. A large stainless steel hood and stove top add to the luxurious look of this kitchen.

21. Use smaller tiles in a powder room

Powder Room With Black Subway Tile Accent Wall And White Grout
Photo: katiebeckerdesign

When designing smaller spaces like a powder room, opt for smaller tiles to make the area appear more prominent. Using 3×6 black subway tile as a backsplash fills the wall, adding height to the room.

22. Add a shower niche for storage

Shower Niche With Black Subway Tile And Gold Fixtures
Photo: harmonhomeco

The niche in this black subway tile shower with white grout continues the design while providing space. A white penny tile floor contrasts the black walls, and gold fixtures add a pop of color.

23. Balance white walls with a black subway tile shower

Natural Wood Vanity In A White Bathroom With A Black Herringbone Tile Shower
Photo: nicoleagerardo

This large bathroom with wood cabinets features black floor tiles that match the herringbone tile shower. White countertops contrast the shower and add brightness to the room.

24. Use small tiles for smaller areas

Small Black Subway Tile In A Laundry Room
Photo: homesweethorton

This laundry room with mosaic penny floors contrasts its white cabinets with black subway tile backsplash. The artwork on the wall complements the backsplash.

25. stack black subway tile in the shower for height

Stacked Horizontal Black Subway Tile In A Shower With A Glass Door
Photo: customized_tiles_granite

Stacking subway tile so that all the tiles line up creates straight grout lines and draws your eye upward. If you’re looking to add height to your room, stacking tile is a perfect way. To make this bathroom seem larger, this design also uses glass doors.

26. use matte black tile for a modern design

Vertical Black Subway Tile With No Grout Lines
Photo: nicole_subwaytilefactory

This moody bathroom uses matte black subway tile with a beveled design as a backsplash behind the white sink. Stacking the tiles and using black grout creates a textured accent wall instead of highlighting each tile.

27. complement concrete countertops with black backsplash

Black Vertical Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash With Wood Cabinets
Photo: minimalisthouse21

This rustic kitchen with wood cabinets and concrete countertops adds to the manly style with large black backsplash stacked in a vertical pattern. We love the industrial look of concrete in kitchens with black elements that help accent the style.

28. Add warmth to black with wood-look tile

Modern Shower With Vertical Subway Tile
Photo: carmel_builders

This black vertical subway tile shower with white grout features three shower niches for plenty of storage. Wood-look floor tile brightens the space, while a textured rock statue in the corner acts as decor.

29. extend black kitchen backsplash to the ceiling

White And Black Kitchen With Black Subway Tile
Photo: thresholdhomesmn

To make your kitchen seem taller, extend your backsplash all the way up to the ceiling. While this is also more expensive since it requires more materials and labor, it’s a great way to give your room a finished look. In addition, this kitchen layers natural wood shelves on the backsplash instead of cabinets for an open look.

30. use gold accents for an expensive look

Stacked Black Subway Tile Accent Wall
Photo: saraeizen

Are you tired of black-and-white color schemes? Instead, add warm tones with gold hardware and natural wood. This bathroom perfectly accents the black subway tile backsplash with a gold mirror and matching light fixture. The natural wood vanity with a white countertop also helps to brighten the space.

31. add marble floors to A black subway tile bathroom

Wood Ceiling Bathroom With Black Subway Tiles On The Walls With White Vanity
Photo: kaaterskillbuild

This bathroom features marble tile floors that add a luxurious element to this space, while a wood ceiling adds a rustic feel. Contrasting the bright floor and ceiling is a black subway tile accent wall that extends to the shower surround.

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