25 Stunning Black Shiplap Wall Ideas For Any Style

Black Shiplap Wall

If you’re looking to spice up your home, a black shiplap wall may be exactly what’s missing. While the color black scares off many homeowners because of its stark contrast, using it as an accent can make your room feel brighter and more designed.

We love using a black shiplap accent wall in white rooms to make your rooms pop while adding texture. When designing our home, we struggled with many large empty walls and used shiplap and molding to fill the spaces. You can easily add shelves and decor to help tie the wall into the rest of the room’s color scheme.

Whether you’re designing a farmhouse living room or a modern bedroom, a black shiplap wall can work in any space.

Check out the gallery below of our favorite black shiplap wall ideas for any room in your home!

1. Black Shiplap Wall with Shelves

Black Shiplap Accent Wall With Wood Shelves
Photo: linseywoods.home

This black shiplap accent wall creates contrast against the white baseboard trim and walls, while brown shelves accent the leather furniture in this space. In addition, the white decor on the shelves helps complement the colors around the room.

2. Black Shiplap Bedroom Wall

Hanging Bed With Black Shiplap Behind It
Photo: decorsteals

A shiplap wall behind the hanging bed adds a unique detail that matches the farmhouse style of this home. White nightstands contrast the black wall, while a wood bench at the end of the bed adds warmth.

3. Home Gym with A Black Shiplap Ceiling

Home Gym With A Black Shiplap Ceiling And Walls
Photo: swankbydesign

For a moody look, this home gym uses horizontal black shiplap on the ceiling and vertical shiplap on the walls. Painting an entire room black is a great way to create a moody or masculine style. That’s why you’ll often find it in home gyms, home bars, and mancaves.

4. Floating Wood Shelves with Shiplap

Electric Fireplace Feature Wall With Shiplap And Wood Shelves
Photo: melissa_designsceo

Adding floating wood shelves to a black modern shiplap fireplace wall is one of our favorite ways to add neutral tones to a design. If you’re worried about black walls being too dark, try adding natural wood to help brighten the design.

5. Vertical Black Shiplap Wall

Vertical Black Shiplap Accent Wall With A Mounted Tv
Photo: anotherpinkyhouse

Vertical black shiplap is a great way to add height to any room since it draws your eyes upward. It’s also a fantastic way to fill in a large empty wall. Instead of trying to find decor or picture frames for large spaces, you can easily add a shiplap for a designed look on a budget. To brighten the area, this living room has a white oak entertainment center with black trim to match the wall behind it.

6. Corner Fireplace with Vertical Shiplap

Corner Fireplace With Vertical Black Shiplap In A Bedroom
Photo: life_under_renovation

A corner fireplace can be a fantastic way to fill a space and incorporate black shiplap into any room. For example, the black in this bedroom contrasts the white oak floors and white bedding while still feeling warm and inviting. Not installing a mantel on this fireplace lets the shiplap be a focal point of the design.

7. Electric Fireplace Wall

Black Shiplap Electric Fireplace Wall
Photo: smp3dwalls

Using black shiplap on an electric fireplace wall is a fantastic way to add a modern touch to any room. The wood mantel complements the wood tones in the room and highlights the mounted TV above. Creating an electric fireplace wall is an easy DIY project, and adding a shiplap is a budget-friendly way to upgrade your design.

8. Black Built-in Surrounded by Shiplap

Black Shiplap And Cabinets With Floating Shelves
Photo: thebartlettblend

While built-in shelves are typically painted white, going black in this living room with shiplap around the cabinets creates a luxurious look. To balance the black accent wall, this design uses brown leather chairs to introduce warm tones. When designing a black wall or room, it’s important to add warm tones to accent the dark walls. Otherwise, you risk your living room looking like a dungeon!

9. Half-Wall Black Vertical Shiplap

Vertical Shiplap Half-Wall Paneling
Photo: _desertcottage_

This bathroom’s black half-wall shiplap paneling perfectly matches the black vanities with gold hardware. Only installing half-wall molding is a great way to create contrast. The bright white walls above the molding match the countertops and bring in brighter colors to ensure the space isn’t too dark. Especially for bathrooms where you may not have as much natural light, it’s essential to bring in lighter colors to balance dark tones.

10. Chevron Pattern Shiplap Wall

Chevron Herringbone With A White Fireplace Mantel
Photo: michaela_stambaugh

Horizontal and vertical shiplap aren’t your only options. This fireplace uses a chevron pattern that angles the shiplap planks upward, creating a unique design. Angling shiplap is typically used in more modern designs, but this living room shows it can work in any space.

11. Horizontal Shiplap On a Big Staircase Wall

Horizontal Shiplap Wall Next To A Modern Staircase
Photo: awrcontracting

Large walls next to stairs can be one of the hardest areas to decorate in a house. Molding, including shiplap, is one of the easiest ways to dress up those walls and give them a designed look. The black paint on the wall perfectly complements this modern home’s black doors and windows.

12. Modern Living Room with Black Accents

Modern Shiplap Fireplace Wall
Photo: smp3dwalls

If your home has black window trim, adding a black accent wall is an easy way to complement them. This living room takes that idea to the next level bringing in black accents with a checkered rug, coffee table, and light fixture.

13. Mudroom Bench with Black

Black Vertical Shiplap Mudroom Area
Photo: gmconstructiontpa

Adding a black shiplap wall to your family’s mudroom isn’t just beautiful; it’s functional. Using black shiplap in one of the dirtiest areas of your house lets you give it a designed look and hide all the mud that tracks in from outside. While many people opt for a white-painted dropzone bench, this can be pesky to maintain since it will get scuffed over time.

14. Bathroom Backsplash Made of Black Shiplap

Black Shiplap Backsplash In A Bathroom
Photo: knoxfarmhouse

Using black shiplap as a bathroom backsplash is an inexpensive way to upgrade your design without using tile. Extending your backsplash to the ceiling is an easy way to give your bathroom an upscale look. But it also is pricey since it usually involves using tile or stone. With shiplap, you can achieve the same look for a fraction of the price.

15. Natural wood and black accents

Horizontal Shiplap Painted Black With Natural Cabinets In A Bathroom
Photo: audreycrispinteriors

The natural wood vanity in this bathroom uses small black hardware to match the black horizontal shiplap wall in the space. A black subway tile floor complements the wall, while a white rug brightens the room.

16. Powder Room with Shiplap

Powder Room With Black Backsplash Behind A Floating Vanity
Photo: cvi_design

A black shiplap wall doesn’t need to be for big spaces! This powder room shows it can be the perfect accent for small spaces. To balance the dark color, this design has a natural wood floating vanity that adds warmth to the area.

17. Black wood shiplap Ceiling in a Bedroom

Wood Black Shiplap Ceiling In A Bedroom
Photo: jacypainterkellyinteriors

For a rustic design, paint natural wood ceilings black turning them into shiplap! While these may not be traditional tongue and groove shiplap, painting the planks, black gives the same effect without a big renovation.

18. Shiplap Accent wall with gold frames

Black Shiplap Nook With Gold Framed Pictures
Photo: jaimebydesign

A small nook in your home is a great place to experiment with a black shiplap wall. Layering gold frames with black and white pictures adds a pop of color, while the rug and bench underneath bring neutral tones.

19. Backsplash in a home gym Kitchen area

Home Gym With Black Shiplap Near A Wet Bar Area
Photo: nativetrails

Think black shiplap doesn’t belong in a kitchen? Think again! This kitchenette area in a home gym uses a vertical black shiplap as the backsplash. Not only does this create a stunning look, but it’s also much cheaper than traditional tile backsplash.

20. Black Shiplap Wall Bedroom

Horizontal Black Shiplap With A Grey Bed
Photo: ufpedge

The wall behind your bed can be one of the most difficult to style, but adding shiplap is an easy way to upgrade your space. Painting the shiplap black in this bedroom gives it a modern style that contrasts the brown furniture and white bedding.

21. Gold and Black accents

Black Shiplap Accent Wall In A Bathroom With An Oak Vanity
Photo: elpetersondesign

Gold accents have surged in popularity in the last few years and are a great way to balance a black shiplap wall. This bathroom features a gold mirror and decor to brighten the black accent wall.

22. Vertical shiplap in an All Black Room

Vertical Black Shiplap Sunroom With A Mounted Tv And Glass Doors
Photo: swankbydesign

Consider adding black shiplap to create texture if you’re set on an all-black room. This moody space features black tiles, walls, and trim, exuding a masculine style softened by neutral-colored decor.

23. Natural bathroom vanity with black walls

Vertical Black Shiplap With A Natural Vanity
Photo: jkath_designbuild

Adding a neutral wood vanity is one of our favorite ways to complement a black shiplap in a bathroom. In addition, the white hexagon floor tile adds to the bright feeling of this space.

24. black shiplap fireplace wall

Black Shiplap Fireplace With A Wood Mantel
Photo: nickscustomwoodworks

This electric fireplace wall with a TV uses horizontal shiplap to add a modern touch, while a natural wood mantel matches the LVP floors. While you don’t need a mantel on a fireplace wall, it’s a great way to complement your room’s style.

25. modern fireplace wall with white built-ins

Living Room With A Beige Couch And Black Shiplap Fireplace Wall
Photo: jessyrhome

White built-ins contrast the black shiplap fireplace wall in the center of this living room. Black accent pillows on the nearby chairs help complement the shiplap without overpowering this bright living room.

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