25 Black Marble Bathroom Designs

Black Marble Bathroom with White Walls

It’s tough not to drool over the luxury of a black marble bathroom with its spa-like feel. But this stunning design doesn’t need to be reserved only for the rich and famous!

Whether you’re designing a large black-and-white marble bathroom or a small powder room, using black marble is a great way to upgrade your space. And to save when building your area, use smaller black marble tiles instead of slabs of natural stone. Generally, when using marble, as the size of your tiles decreases, so does your price. In other words, big marble tiles are expensive, smaller ones are cheaper. So regardless of your budget, you can design the black marble bathroom of your dreams!

For inspiration, check out our favorite black marble bathroom design ideas in the gallery below!

1. Black Marble Bathroom with White Penny Floor Tile

Modern Black Marble Bathroom
Photo: multipanel_it

Matte black marble wall tile gives this bathroom a modern look balanced by the white penny tile floor. However, using a more classic tile like the penny style helps prevent this bathroom from being too modern. Black trim around the room adds to the stunning detail.

2. Black Marble Accent Room with Patterned Tile

Black Marble Bathroom Floor
Photo: falkenarq

The black and white mosaic floor tile accents the white veining in the black marble vanity and accent wall. Continuing the marble up the wall behind the vanity is a great way to make the space feel taller, while the lights behind the mirror highlight the natural beauty of the stone.

3. Herringbone Marble Subway Tile

Black Marble Bathroom
Photo: innerspacelondon_ltd

Black marble subway tile laid in a herringbone pattern creates a striking contrast against the white sink with brass hardware. Two sconces next to the mirror add light to the room and highlight the black accents.

4. An Illuminated Mirror with a floating vanity

Black And White Marble Bathroom
Photo: tingidastone

This black marble bathroom accent wall behind the toilet makes this space feel luxurious and spa-like. Keeping the rest of the room simple with clean, modern finishes helps to avoid it feeling too busy from the white veining in the marble.

5. Floor-to-Ceiling Black and White Marble

Black Marble Bathroom Walls And Floors
Photo: ateliernc

This bathroom uses the same black marble tile on the floor and walls to create a stunning black-themed space. In addition, a brass sink, toilet, and accents are installed around the room, breaking up the black tile for warmth.

6. Black Marble Tile with White Walls

Black Marble Tile Bathroom With A Glass Shower
Photo: thefarmhouseatparkhallfarm

This black and white marble bathroom features 12×24 tiles with white grout to achieve its look. Using white grout with black marble is an excellent idea since it blends with the natural veining in the stone. If you don’t like the look of grout lines, you can opt for black grout that will blend with the marble.

7. Grey and Black Tile with a White Toilet

Black Marble Wall Tile
Photo: Tona_Bathroom_Furniture

Grey hues in the black marble wall tile help accent the polished grey accent wall behind the toilet. The white bath towels continue this color scheme with a grey stripe next to the soaking tub. Repeating your accent color several times across your space is a great way to create a cohesive design.

8. Farmhouse Wood Floors with Brick and Marble Walls

Black Marble With White Veins And Wood Floors
Photo: abbuilding

This modern farmhouse bathroom features rustic hardwood floors that lead to the black marble bathtub surround and accent wall. A brick accent wall behind the black vanity adds even more texture. Mixing materials and textures is a great way to balance your bathroom design and save on cost!

9. Mixing Black and White Marble in a Bathroom

Black Floor Marbles Idea With White Marble Walls
Photo: pfmstone

White marble walls surround this small bathroom with a glass shower and metal vanity. A black marble floor tile with white veins contrasts the walls. We love mixing black and white marble to create a balanced yet luxurious space!

10. A Black Bathtub and Glass Paneled Walls

Black Marble Bathroom With A Bathtub Niche
Photo: carenpardovitch

This luxury black marble bathroom uses the natural pattern of the tile to lead your eyes towards the black soaking tub. Glass partitioned walls with black accents separate the tub from the shower and sauna. In contrast, the wall tile is continued to give the space a cohesive look.

11. A wood Bath Niche in a Black Marble Accent Wall

Black Marble With White Bath Tub  And A Wood Niche
Photo: marblelinked

A wood niche built into this black marble bathroom accent wall helps add a touch of warmth to the space. A white soaking tub with polished silver hardware contrasts the accent wall behind it. Using wood with marble exudes spa-like vibes into your home and can help the space feel cozier.

12. Circular Mirrors over a Floating Black Marble Vanity

Black Marble Accent Wall Behind The Vanity
Photo: pinsforinteriordesign

Lights behind the large round mirrors highlight the natural white veining in this busy black marble. A floating vanity made of the same marble continues the design and makes it seem like the vanity doesn’t even exist. White stone walls around the rest of the room contrast the black accent wall, making it jump out as the room’s focal point.

13. A Spa-Like White and Black Marble Bathroom

Black And White Marble Bathroom With A Soaking Tub
Photo: qratededition

The black zebra stripe of this marble stands out and creates a luxurious look that is continued on the floor and walls. Using the same stone on your bathroom floor and the wall is a great way to make your space feel larger since the eye has trouble differentiating where each area starts.

14. Tiled Walls with a Polished Black Vanity

White Marble With Black Wall
Photo: kakias_concept

Black marble walls match the black toilet and vanity, giving this bathroom a dark and moody look. In addition, large white marble tiles with dark accents are installed on the floor to brighten the space.

15. Black Marble Tile in a Glass Shower

Black Wall Marble With White Bath Tub
Photo: kitchencentral_atx

This floor-to-ceiling black marble bathroom shower features white veining across large tiles. When using marble tiles, it’s essential to match the veins as much as possible during installation. This will help your tiles feel like large book-matched marble, which refers to natural slabs. Unfortunately, while book-matched marble is also an option, it’s costly.

16. Black Marble Vanity with Ceramic Walls

Black Marble Bathroom Vanity With White Stone Walls
Photo: asquaredesigns

The black marble countertop accents the polished black vanity in this luxurious bathroom. Using a black vanity is a great way to contrast the white marble walls. Whether you have wall tile or just white-painted walls, adding black accents is a great way to balance your design.

17. Large Corner Windows Over a Soaking Tub

Black And White Marble With White Bath Tub And Small Square Floor Tiles
Photo: shantgiragossianinteriors

Gold strips installed between the black marble wall tiles match the faucet and other hardware in this bathroom. Two large corner windows let in plenty of natural light and help brighten the appearance of the black tile. Instead of using marble, this black floor bathroom features a small black square tile with used with white grout.

18. Gold Accents in A Black Marble Bathroom

Black Marble Floor Tiles With Gold Accents
Photo: villa_katrin_klis

This black marble floor bathroom continues the same tile onto the walls highlighting the gold veins in the stone. A brass wall mirror and accents around the room complement the gold veining in the black tile.

19. Busy Marble with lots of veins

Black Marble Used In A Small Bathroom With Plants
Photo: shropshirelodge

This small black marble bathroom features fixtures built directly into the wall tile and a large stone sink that looks like a planter. Integrating the black faucet into the wall is a great way to create an understated bathroom style.

20. Brass Hardware in a tiled shower

Black Marble Shower With Brass Hardware
Photo: ana_interiors_blog

Brushed gold fixtures jump off the wall in this matte black shower with marble wall tiles. Laying the tile in a vertical pattern and thin grout lines helps the space feel bigger. While this pattern is commonly seen with vertical subway tiles, it works with large tiles too!

21. Antique Brass Fixtures in a Black and White Bathroom

Black Marbles With A Mirror And Antique Brass Hardware
Photo: samanthavogesdesign

A gold antique-style faucet adds an elegant look to the black marble countertop with white veins that match the porcelain sink. A grey cabinet vanity contrasts the counter while still bringing depth.

22. Bathroom Faucets Installed Directly on Marble

Black Marble Floor With White Veins 1
Photo: fg_interiors

Polished black marble tile contrasts this bathroom with white marble walls and a large soaking tub. To fill the entryway of this bathroom, a long black bench is positioned next to the wall with flowers.

23. A wood vanity with Black Countertops

Black Marble Wall Tile With A Wood Vanity
Photo: floorworksusa

Black marble tile adorns the walls around this brown wood vanity with dark countertops. Lights behind the vanity mirrors highlight the veining in the stone, while black grout gives the design a seamless look.

24. White marble subway tile with a black vanity

White Brick Wall With Black Marble Vanity
Photo: haydnsandomprojects

A black marble floating vanity features light white veins that match the white subway tile backsplash. Built-in lighting under the vanity adds ambiance to the space and highlights the dark grey floor tile.

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