31 Beautiful Black Fireplaces To Transform Any Home

Modern Black Fireplace

The black fireplace is an attractive and versatile feature that can enhance any interior design. Whether you want to create a contemporary, farmhouse, or shabby chic feel, a black fireplace can be designed to fit any home.

Black is a timeless color that is sure to complement any interior design. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can choose to have a black surround or a simple mantel. This is a good option if you don’t have the budget to purchase an elaborate piece.

For a more traditional look, you can go with a wood beam mantel. This is an excellent contrast to the black wall. Plus, it doubles as a place to display seasonal decor too.

If you’re in the market for a new fireplace, we’ve gathered the most popular black fireplace designs we’re currently swooning over!

1. Classic Black Fireplace with Frame TV

Black Fireplace With High-Gloss Tile And Wood And Frame Tv
Photo: loveletters_blog

This stunning black high-gloss fireplace is balanced with a matte finish and black tile on the floor. This design contrasts the white molding and walls in the home.

2. Modern & Sleek Black Fireplace with TV Stand

Modern Black Fireplace With Tv Stand
Photo: liebe_wohnt_mit

A modern integrated fireplace design raised off the floor to contrast the grey tile. A matching black entertainment unit and tv stand sit next to the fireplace.

3. Black Fireplace With Patterned Tile

Black Fireplace During Christmas
Photo: blaven_interiors

An ornate black-painted fireplace with patterned tile and light wood on the floor. Decor and Christmas decorations add to the ambiance of the space.

4. Black Brick Fireplace with a Wood Mantle

Black Brick Fireplace With Wood Mantle And Wood Logs
Photo: annie_m_wright

This black brick fireplace with a wood mantle offers a classic charm and warmth in the home. The brick has been painted and features a wood-burning fire.

5. Charming Brick Black Wood Fireplace

Brick Fireplace Painted Black With A Wood Shelf And Mirror
Photo: theconnorcrew

A modern black brick fireplace has been painted to contrast the white walls in the home. The wood mantle and gold mirror provide a Parisian feel to the room.

6. Ornate High-Contrast Fireplace

Black Wood Painted Fireplace With Wood Carvings
Photo: zweidesign

Ornate black fireplace surround with wood carving details that contrast stark white walls and warm wood floors. Funky mid-century and 1970s furniture balances the old-world style design.

7. Stunning Black Marble Fireplace Mantle with TV

Black Marble Fireplace With White Veins And An Electric Fire
Photo: think_henck

Black marble fireplace surround with a mounted tv and integrated electric fireplace. White built-ins beside the mantle contrast the marble and provide an elegant appearance.

8. Modern Molding with Gas Fireplace

Shaker-Style Molding On A Black Fireplace Design With Built-Ins
Photo: aramana_atelier

This black fireplace features shaker-style molding integrated into the design with black built-ins next to it with shiplap backing.

9. High Ceiling Shiplap with Flush Fireplace

Horizontal Ship-Lap To The Ceiling In A Built-In With An Electric Fireplace And Tv
Photo: blacksuburbanfarmhouse

A modern horizontal shiplap black built-in with a flush fireplace, sound bar, and tv. The wood side tables and light white oak floors balance the modern features of the fireplace.

10. Modern Shiplap with a Wood Beam Mantle

Horizontal Shiplap And Wood Bream With Electric Fireplace In A Small Room
Photo: nickscustomwoodworks

The horizontal shiplap and flush electric black fireplace give this space a more modern feel. A wood beam mantle with a sound bar and mounted TV create a functional space.

11. Simple Woodburning Southwestern Aesthetic

Wood Burning Oven In A Black Mantle Within A Southwestern Room
Photo: smiths_at_home_

A simple wood-burning fireplace is placed inside a black mantle and vented out of the chimney. The patterned tile in front of the fire adds to the southwestern style of this space.

12. Charming Old World Black Fireplace

High Gloss Ornate Black Fireplace With Original Tile
Photo: ourlondoncottage

This ornate wood and cast iron black fireplace is over a hundred years old and gives this room an old-world charm. The original red and white floral tile surrounds the fireplace, along with the wide plank wood floor.

13. Black Brick and Stone Painted Mantle

Black Brick And Stone Painted Mantle
Photo: xalligriswold

A painted black brick and stone fireplace with a light wood mantle that matches the wood floors in the home. Painting a stone fireplace can help modernize a home’s look and contrast white features.

14. Black and White Tiled Fireplace Surround

Black And White Tiled Fireplace Surround
Photo: breakwaterinteriors

Large black tiles with white veins give this fireplace a high-end and modern look. Using large tiles instead of marble is a great way to create a high-end look while keeping costs low.

15. Black Brick Fireplace With Pyramid Design

Black Brick Fireplace With Pyramid Design
Photo: qstudios_photography

This black brick fireplace forms a pyramid chimney design in the home, which adds a unique design aesthetic. Painting the brick black also adds contrast to this smaller sitting room.

16. Simple Wood Fireplace with a Parisian Feel

Simple Wood Fireplace In A Room With Molding And Chevron Floors
Photo: sheremadness

A simple black fireplace with ornate white molding offers a luxurious and modern look. Chevron flooring in the home also adds to the European look of this home.

17. Stunning Tile Surround with Mounted TV

Tile Accent Wall With Integrated Fireplace And Mounted Tv
Photo: caputodesign

Grey and green glass tile is featured on an accent wall with a built-in black electric fireplace. A mounted TV above the fireplace matches the black design.

18. Veiny Black Tiled Mountain Fireplace

Veiny Black Tiled Mountain Fireplace
Photo: thehillarystyle

This dark black marble fireplace with thin white veining is accented by black wood furniture. The black elements contrast with the white walls and light-colored sofas and chairs.

19. Easy Shaker Style Wood Molding Surround

Small Fireplace With Black Molding Built-In, Wood Beam And Brick
Photo: white.desert.farmhouse

This brick fireplace was painted black and features a black wood built-in with simple box molding to bring the design to the ceiling. A wood mantle and gold lighting help to provide warmer tones to the design.

20. Black Marble Tile Stone Fire Surround

Mountain House With White Decor And A Black Fireplace Stone Surround
Photo: thehillarystyle

This high-contrast design features a black marble fireplace surround with a wood mantle that matches the wide plank wood floors. The white furniture, kitchen, and paint balance this mountain house’s dark black mantle.

21. Herringbone Black Tile Fireplace Design

Herringbone Tile On A Corner Fireplace In A Small Living Room
Photo: alexis.mbrink

The herringbone tile design of this corner black fireplace features a wood mantle that accents other wood features like the tv stand and floors. This is an excellent example of a black surround in a small space.

22. Mid-Century Modern Black Fireplace

Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Design With Wood Paneling
Photo: interieurdetail

This mid-century modern design features a simple flat black fireplace with white rocks inside that match the carpet. The natural wood paneling on the accent wall adds to the mid-century design.

23. Simple Shiplap Built-in With Gold accents

Horizontal Black Shiplap With A Wood Beam And Gold Decor
Photo: blondestgirlintheroom

A simple black horizontal shiplap built-in surrounds this gas fireplace with a wood beam mantle. Gold artwork and lighting add to the design of the home.

24. Horizontal Shiplap Fireplace Surround

Black Wood Shiplap Fireplace With A Mounted Flat Screen Tv And Wood Beam
Photo: jessyrhome

A tall shiplap black fireplace surround that extends to the ceiling adds height to this living room. The wood beam on the surround acts as a mantle with the TV above it.

25. Sleek and Flat Fireplace Surround

Modern Flat Fireplace Surround With Vaulted Ceilings
Photo: ballantyne_builds

While shiplap and molding are popular, a simple smooth black fireplace surround that extends to the ceiling offers a very modern design in this living. Square black windows and a modern coffee table also accent the colors in the room.

26. Moddy Green Office with Black Fireplace Screen

Black Tile With Molding And Black Fireplace Screen In A Library Sitting Room
Photo: blaven_interiors

A black brick fireplace with a black screen and surround add a moody design with dark green walls in this sitting room. Old wood floors help to add to this charming room filled with character.

27. Ornately Carved Fireplace Surround

Ornate Wood And Metal Fireplace Surround With Gas Burning Unit
Photo: trumeaustones

This ornate black wood fireplace features wood carvings with an old-world charm. The unit has been updated to a gas fireplace which offers a modern contrast to the design and space.

28. Gorgeous Vertical Shiplap Fireplace Built-in

Vertical Shiplap Fireplace Surround With Art Lighting Above Tv
Photo: elpetersondesign

This gorgeous vertical shiplap helps make these already high ceilings look even higher. The wood beam and feature lighting above the TV help balance the size of the wood surround. If you’re looking to make a room look taller, vertical shiplap is a great way.

29. Amazing Textured Built-in with Black Fireplace

Black Stone Fireplace With Textured Surround And Seating Area
Photo: moderndesertliving

This large black textured surround feels modern and balanced by the built-in black stone fireplace. A white stone seating area adds function and contrasts to this design element.

30. Black Brick and Stone Country Fireplace

Black Painted Stone Fireplace Surround In Mountain House
Photo: amyhowardhome

This brick and stone fireplace was painted black, which helps make it more modern while still keeping its rustic charm. If you have a large stone surround, painting it black is a great way to give the space a contemporary feel.

31. High Contrast Fireplace with Black & White Built-ins

Black Textured Paint Fireplace With White Built-Ins
Photo: myhousefromscratch

A black fireplace surrounded by white built-ins gives this space a luxurious feel. The furniture in the living room features black-and-white elements to match the built-ins.

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