20 Stunning Black Bathroom Countertops That Wow

Black Bathroom Countertops

Black bathroom countertops add a stunning contrast to your space and are sure to wow your guests. While you may think black countertops are just for modern bathrooms, they can work in any style!

Create a luxurious look with black granite bathroom countertops that feature veining, or use a white bathroom vanity and a black countertop for a farmhouse look. Marble, granite, and quartz materials are all available in black colors to fit any countertop idea!

Check out the design gallery below of our favorite black bathroom countertop ideas (we love #8).

1. Black bathtub and Vanity

Black Bathtub With Black Countertops And Vanity
Photo: l.a.interior.design

A black and white bathtub perfectly complements the colors in this bathroom with mosaic floor tile. Gray subway tile on the wall contrasts the black floating vanity and countertops with a large mirror hung on the wall. A gold pendant light hangs over the bathtub adding warmth to the space, along with a wood end table in the corner.

2. Glass Sink with A Black Bathroom Countertop

All-Black Bathroom With A Dark Glass Bowl Sink
Photo: kler.d_group

The dark glass bowl sink in this black bathroom with wall tile blends into its surroundings, creating a beautiful space. This bathroom does a fantastic job mixing textures and materials with tile walls, wood trim, and a glass sink, all while sticking with the black color scheme.

3. Black Granite Countertops With White Cabinets

Black Countertops With Dual Sinks And White Cabinets In A Farmhouse Bathroom
Photo: limitlessrenovationsatl

This farmhouse-style bathroom has white cabinets with black handles matching the mirrors and sconces on the wall. A black granite countertop with white veining sits atop the cabinets, with black faucets continuing the farmhouse colors. Dark bathroom floors contrast the cabinets and match the countertops above.

4. White Bathroom Vanity with Black Countertops

White Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops
Photo: earthandimages

The white bathroom vanity with black countertops matches the penny tile floors in this classic bathroom. A similar mosaic continues on the wall with white and black subway tile giving this space a traditional feel. Small tiles with mosaic patterns are a great way to evoke a traditional style in any room. To modernize this look, add shaker-style cabinets and contemporary lighting.

5. Black Marble with White Veining

Black Marble Bathroom Countertop With White Cabinets
Photo: jennandjasonhatchette

If it’s within your budget, black marble with white veining is one of the most beautiful bathroom countertops. This high-end material gives an upgraded look to any space and matches the white cabinets with black handles in this bathroom. A bathroom is a perfect place to use more expensive materials like marble since the small size of the room means you’ll need less stone (and therefore will cost less). We took a similar approach when we installed herringbone gray tile during our laundry room renovation. Despite the increased cost, it didn’t hurt our budget since we needed less than 100 square feet of floor.

6. Neutral Bathroom with A Black Vanity

Wood Trim Behind A Mirror With A Black Vanity And Countertop
Photo: nasza_idealna_stodola

An open-concept shower with a glass panel connects to the black floating vanity in their neutral-color bathroom. Large grey tile in the floor creates continuity between the shower and the rest of the space, while lighting under the vanity and mirror brightens the room. Instead of drawers, this floating vanity features open shelving that holds towels.

7. Floating Black Countertops and Wall Tile

Black High-Gloss Countertops In A Tiled Bathroom
Photo: renci__interiors__design

This black double vanity takes the idea of floating to a new level, creating a stunning visual effect by continuing the floor tile up the walls. While installations for floating vanities are more expensive, they can make a high-end look.

8. Vertical Wall Tile with Light Wood Accents

Black Vertical Tile Bathroom With Black Marble Countertops
Photo: modernfolkstaging

Vertical black tile on the walls complements the black marble countertops with white veins. In addition, a white oak vanity is installed with gold accents throughout the room to bring warmth into the space. Light woods are an excellent way to balance black tiles and create a sense of richness.

9. Floating Vanity with a White Bowl Sink

Black Wood Vanity And Countertop In A Bathroom
Photo: fossbad_

A white bowl sink sits on top of a black wood vanity creating contrast. Off-white vertical wood trim installed on the wall adds dimension to the space and gives it a neutral look.

10. Farmhouse Sinks and Rustic Shiplap

White Farmhouse Sinks With Black Countertop And Wood In A Bathroom
Photo: 1028home

While using white farmhouse sinks may not be at the top of your list of black countertop ideas, this bathroom shows how it’s done! Rustic vertical shiplap panels on the vanity add to the country look of this space, while black countertops add a modern touch that contrasts the light colors.

11. Luxurious Black and White Bathroom Idea

Black Floating Vanity And Countertops With A White Sink
Photo: vannistuudio

Matching metal accents on the floating single vanity and mirror create a luxurious look in this powder room. The colors are accented by the geometric floor tiles featuring various shapes.

12. Gray Wall Tile with Black Quartz Countertop

Grey Tile Bathroom With Black Countertops
Photo: riluxa

Grey wall tile complements the black accents and countertops in this space. In addition, a faucet is installed directly into the wall tile for a seamless design. While the high-gloss countertop looks stunning, it can be challenging to clean since it will easily show water and fingerprints.

13. Black Sinks and White Marble

Black Floating Vanity In A Marble Tile Bathroom
Photo: interiorparmo

White marble wall tile creates the perfect backdrop for this bathroom’s black countertops and vanity. In addition, grey concrete sinks are installed on the vanity, complementing the veining in the marble. Using natural stone in a bathroom creates a spa-like feel in the comfort of your own home.

14. Mirrored Backsplash with Black Marble

Black Marble Countertops With White Veins And Mirror Backsplash In A Bathroom
Photo: kvinteriorsinc

A mirrored tile backsplash helps this small powder room feel larger and offers a unique design element. The brown floating vanity is finished with a black marble countertop with thick white veins leading to the sink. Rock crystals are displayed on the vanity as decor, bringing in earthy textures.

15. All-Black Bathroom with Wood Accents

Black Wood Trim Around A Bathroom With A Black Floating Counter
Photo: wetroomsonline

A chrome faucet feeds into the light wood sink atop this black concrete countertop. Natural wood is continued throughout this bathroom and balances the black accent walls and bathtub. A plant in the corner provides a pop of color that stands out against the large windows.

16. White Bathroom with Gold Accents

Black Granite Countertop With Gold Accents In A White Bathroom
Photo: corieraedesigns

Gold sconces on both sides of the matching mirror hang above the wood vanity with a black countertop. Gold faucets and accents are continued throughout this design.

17. Earthy Bathroom Design with a Black Vanity

Neutral Bathroom With Light-Up Mirroras Over A Black Counter
Photo: fossbad_

This natural-style bathroom brings the outdoors inside with a large plant in the corner and concrete floors. A black floating double-vanity hangs on the wall with two small mirrors. Wood beams in the vaulted ceiling are painted to match the walls continuing the earthy colors.

18. Rich Wood and White Walls

Black Countertops Over A Wood Bathroom Vanity With White Walls
Photo: manchenconstruction

The rich hues in this wood vanity balance the black floor tile and countertop in this bathroom. White walls and trim brighten the space, with a large mirror hanging.

19. A Black Sink and Black Countertops

Black Tile Wall In A Bathroom With A Black Sink And Countertops
Photo: jpbuilding_renovations

This bathroom uses gray and black colors to create a neutral color palette without being too dark. White walls in the shower meet gray floor tile with a glass door. A black bowl sink on the floating vanity with black countertops adds to the moody feel of this space.

20. Black Accents with White Oak

Bathroom With Wood Cabinets And A Black Countertop With White Veining
Photo: classicgraniteva

Gray square tiles are used as a backsplash in this bathroom with wood cabinets. Black handles on the vanity match the black countertops and faucets, while white sinks contrast the dark colors.

Is black a good color for A bathroom vanity?

Black is a timeless color for bathrooms and a great way to create contrast in your bathroom. While homeowners have traditionally stuck with white bathrooms that feel light and airy, adding a black vanity creates a contrast that upgrades your design!

Will black Vanities go out of style?

No, black vanities are a part of the neutral color palette and will remain in style for the foreseeable future. However, as styles change, you can easily add decor to accent your black bathroom elements.

Are Black Bathroom Countertops Hard to Keep Clean?

No, black bathroom countertops will show fingerprints easier but will hide other dirt and debris better than white countertops. Depending on your material, you can easily clean black countertops using household products to keep them looking beautiful!

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