34 Black Accent Wall Ideas for Stunning Contrast

Black Accent Wall in a Dining Room

A black accent wall may feel like a big risk in your home, but it’s actually one of our favorite ways to create contrast. Since white has become one of the most popular wall colors, black has surged along with it as a natural contrast that creates a striking design.

An accent wall is designed to stand out from the rest of your space, creating an area that instantly draws your eye when you enter the room. With its neutral color palette, a black accent wall works in any part of your house.

In addition, our favorite black accent wall living room designs also include wood trim that adds texture and dimension to your wall. While you don’t have to add trim to your walls, it’s a great way to fill large empty spaces without breaking your budget on art or decor!

Whether you’re creating a black accent wall living room or adding a bit of contrast to your bathroom, this design element can work for anyone!

See our gallery below for our favorite black accent wall ideas for any style!

1. A Black Accent Wall Entryway to Create Contrast

Black Accent Wall In An Entryway
Photo: thomeinthedesert

The black accent wall in this entryway complements the black trim around the white walls. A wood console table and gold mirror help to add warmth to the wall, matching the hardwood floors. A unique wood trim on the wall adds a further dimension.

2. A kitchen niche for small appliances

Black Accent Wall In A Kitchen With A Niche For Small Appliances
Photo: fashionablykay

This black shiplap accent wall features a niche that houses small appliances and built-in wood shelves for maximum kitchen storage. A wood butcher block cart matches the shelves and can be moved around the kitchen. Adding a black kitchen accent wall works exceptionally well for traditional farmhouse styles since it will complement black hardware on white cabinets.

3. A Modern Black and Gold Accent Wall

Black And Gold Accent Wall With Modern Trim
Photo: bainaccentdesigns

This black and gold accent wall uses wood strips to give it a modern design. This is one of the easiest wood trim ideas for DIY enthusiasts since it requires basic cuts. Once the wood is cut, you can either glue or nail the strips into the wall.

4. Subway Tile With Black Grout and Gold Accents

Black Bathroom Accent Wall With Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo: saragreencollective

White subway tile with black grout extends up half the wall as a backsplash in this small bathroom. A painted black accent wall on the top half of the walls gives the space a complete look while matching the grout. Since using tile or stone for your ceiling can be expensive, painting the top half of your wall is a great budget-friendly alternative.

5. Wood Shelves on A Black Wall

Black Accent Wall Next To A Small Kitchen With Green Chairs In Front
Photo: cooperandsonspainting_

This small kitchen meets an angled wall painted black to contrast the white cabinetry. Wood butcher block shelves match the coutnertops in the nearby kitchen. Green accent chairs in front of the black accent wall add a fun flair to the space.

6. A floral living room with pink pillows

Matte Black Accent Wall With A Beige Couch And Blue Accent Chairs
Photo: donice.designs

This floral design living room proves that black accent walls can even work in feminine spaces. Pink pillows fill the beige couch, along with gold accents that match the nearby glass coffee table and blue chairs. Adding gold accents to dark colors like black and navy creates a luxurious look that has become popular in recent years.

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7. Wood Accents in a Black and White Room

Black Board And Batten Behind A Wood Headboard With Light-Colored Carpet
Photo: houseofhanes

A wood headboard and nightstand add warmth to the black board and batten accent wall behind them. The black wall contrasts this bedroom with white walls and beige carpet. Wood accents are continued around the room with the blinds and accent chair. Finally, a gold chandelier matches the neutral tones in the space.

8. A Sloped Ceiling bedroom with A Black Accent Wall

Sloped Ceiling Bedroom With A Black Accent Wall Behind The Headboard
Photo: macfarland_painting

This bedroom with a black accent wall uses wood slats in a tall rectangular box pattern to accentuate the vaulted ceilings. Grey walls around the rest of the room balance the design and light-colored bedding. Rich hardwood floors are accented by the wood chest at the foot of the bed, adding a rustic touch.

9. Herringbone wood trim in a home office

A Home Office With A Black Accent Wall Featuring A Unique Design
Photo: sylviacastaldorealtor

A custom herringbone pattern accent wall is painted black to contrast this all-white home office. A leather chair introduced warm neutral colors to the space while complementing the manly design. A cowhide rug on the ground is grey and white, accenting the colors in the room.

10. White hardwood floors with a black accent

A Black Tile Fireplace Accent Wall In A Modern White Living Room
Photo: via_justine

A beige headboard on this bed appears even brighter against the black-painted accent wall behind it. White hardwood floors and bedding lighten the space even further, while wood stools at the end of the bed tie together the beige and black colors.

11. A Black tiled fireplace and window trim

Black As An Accent Color Has Been Trending In Our City
Photo: Kayvonboeckman

This black-tiled fireplace uses a wood shelf to complement the nearby floating wood entertainment center with a TV above it. Placing the TV next to the fireplace is a great way to make the dark color stand out. Black wood trim around the windows complements the fireplace and the striped rug.

12. Black Paint on a large bedroom wall

A Bedroom Black Wood Accent Wall With Thin Strips Running Vertically For Texture
Photo: ourhappyeverafterhome

A simple black accent wall adds a striking contrast to this large bedroom with a king-sized bed. Adding vertical wood planks every few feet adds dimension to the wall. Especially for large walls like this bedroom, it’s essential to add molding or large artwork; otherwise, it can feel under-designed.

13. Light-colored furniture in a basement movie room

A Geometric Accent Wall With Angled Wood Strips Painted Black For A Modern Look
Photo: kcbr_design_remodel

This basement accent wall exudes a modern style thanks to the sharply angled wood trim on the black accent wall. Recessed lights highlight the molding and further brighten this white and black room.

14. half wall black paneling in a bedroom

Modern Black Accent Wall Bedroom With Box Molding
Photo: theplywoodmom

Installing a black half-panel wall like this bedroom is a great way to extend the design of your headboard and add dimension to the wall. Only paneling half the wall also avoids overpowering the space for smaller rooms.

15. A country themed Masculine bedroom

Masculine Country Bedroom With A Black Accent Wall And Rich Brown Blankets And Pillows
Photo: whitneyparks_

This country bedroom uses black throw pillows to match the accent wall behind the rustic wood headboard. Rich brown tones are used across the space bringing in hues that remind us of the outdoors. Using dark colors combined with earth tones is one of our favorite ways to create a masculine space that still feels well-designed.

16. Black furniture that matches the accent wall

A Dark Dining Room With A Black Wall And Black Table And Chairs
Photo: hamiltonfinehomebuilding

This dining room design embraces dark colors with a black dining room table and chairs that match the nearby accent wall. Whicker seats on the chairs bring in neutral shades accented by the rug underneath and nearby console table.

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17. Grey and white bedding in a dark bedroom

A Black Accent Wall Behind A Grey Bed With White Bedding And Light Colored Carpet
Photo: tjc_masterpainters

This black bedroom accent wall is complemented by shades of grey and white throughout the space. White curtains match the bed comforter, while grey and white throw pillows fill the bed. White and grey tones work great with black since they’re all part of a neutral color palette.

18. Picture frame trim painted black

Modern Picture Frame Molding On A Black Accent Wall
Photo: handymanfelipe1

Picture frame molding gives this living room’s black accent wall a modern feel, continued by the chevron wood floors. Installing the molding with a double box pattern (one box inside of another) creates a higher-end look. Unfortunately, it’s also more time-consuming and expensive to install.

19. vertical Shiplap as a Bathroom Backsplash

A Vertical Shiplap Accent Wall With A Gold Mirror In A Bathroom With A White Sink
Photo: christianricearchitects

This white farmhouse bathroom uses a black vertical shiplap as a backsplash. Black faucets blend into the shiplap, while a gold mirror exudes warm tones into the space.

20. Black Partial Wall Shiplap as an accent

A Black Shiplap Half Panel Wall With A Desk And Chair
Photo: shedidthat.llc

This home office uses a black shiplap accent wall to accent the farmhouse design of the space and match the two-tone black and white walls around the room. Leaving the top part of the wall painted white without shiplap also blends with the rest of the room’s design.

21. Thin Black Wood Trim on a White Wall

A Wood Trim Black Accent Area On A White Wall To Create Contrast
Photo: ourlifeat23

Instead of filling the complete wall, this living room design adds a modern wood trim accent painted black to the corner, accenting the small end table. The dark color works well with the room’s light grey walls and grey couch.

22. Orange accents in a black and white bedroom

A White Room With A Black Accent Wall And Orange Accents
Photo: my.homosexual.audacity

Orange accents from the curtains and throw pillows jump out in this bedroom, with a black accent wall behind the headboard. Since black is a neutral color, it looks great with any color, including bright shades like orange!

23. Semi-gloss black trim in a breakfast nook

Black Molding On An Accent Wall In A Dining Room
Photo: roomyoulove

A black accent wall in this dining room contrasts the cream-colored walls around the room. The chairs around the wood dining table feature black legs that match the dark-colored fence, while the beige cushions fit the rest of the room.

24. Black built-ins with A brown leather sofa

Black Built-Ins And A Fireplace On An Accent Wall With A Large Mirror
Photo: miso_studios

This living room takes black accent wall design ideas to another level with built-in bookshelves and a fireplace! Since this area is already the room’s focal point, painting it black only adds to the contrast. A brown leather couch continues the warm tones introduced by the decor around the room.

25. A White stacked stone Fireplace with black accents

A White Stone Fireplace With Accent Walls On Both Sides For Contrast
Photo: angela__realestate

This living room flanks the stacked stone fireplace with black accent walls on both sides, making the stone appear even lighter. The beige and black hues are continued around the room with a dark tufted coffee table and two matching grey sofas. Grey and plaid throw pillows on the couches blend the colors to complement the room.

26. A Black Accent Wall bedroom with matching pillows

Thick Box Molding Behind A White Bed For Contrast With Black Pillows On The Bed To Match The Wall
Photo: mels.abode

Black and white accent pillows on the light-colored bed match the black wall behind the headboard. While it can feel intimidating to use dark or black tones in your home, creating contrast is one of the core principles of interior design. Without contrast, colors can blend together and lose their character.

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27. Horizontal Black Shiplap behind the TV

Black Horizontal Shiplap Painted Semi-Gloss In A Living Room
Photo: the.modernden

A black shiplap accent wall painted with a semi-gloss finish reflects the light in this off-white living room. A rich wood entertainment center adds warmth to the dark wall and stands out against the dark brown floors. A black coffee table on a beige rug helps tie together the wall colors creating a cohesive design.

28. A filigree mirror against a black accent wall

A Black Living Room With A Filigree Mirror And Built-Ins
Photo: mckenziehowarth

A filigree mirror and neutral decor contrast the black built-ins and fireplace in this black-and-white living room. Using light-colored decor is a great way to brighten a black accent wall.

29. Beige bedding against a dark black bedroom

Black Board And Batten Behind A Beige Bed
Photo: johnston.escapes

This white and beige bedroom set adds bright tones to the black wall behind it. White trim and walls around the room brighten the space and blend with the nearby bathroom with penny tile flooring.

30. White oak and Black cabinets in a Home Bar

A Black Accent Wall With Rectangular Boxes In A Home Bar With White Oak Cabinets And Floors
Photo: Em2Properties_Chicago

This home bar areas feature white oak and black cabinets for a stunning two-tone design. The black cabinetry and hardware are complemented by the nearby black accent wall helping to break up the light white tones across the room. White oak hardwood floors add to the modern and warm look of the space.

31. Black Dining Chairs with a Wood Table

Black Accent Wall In A Dining Room With Matching Chairs At A Wood Table
Photo: withloveyami

Black dining room chairs at this wood table match the accent wall nearby. A matching wood console table helps soften the dark color of the wall, with a large gold mirror adding even more neutral hues. Adding neutral colors like gold and natural woods is an easy way to brighten your design and make it feel more natural compared to stark white and black spaces.

32. Modern Geometric wood trim painted black

A Modern Black Accent Wall Behind A Grey Bed With Light Colored Bedding
Photo: renovationgirl_utah

A grey bedroom set matches the nearby fireplace with a wood mantel that acts as a shelf for vases. The grey color scheme complements the modern geometric accent wall behind the bed. To complement the black paint color, dark nightstands are placed on both sides of the bed with white and gold lamps to brighten the design.

33. Angled wood planks for a modern trim design

A Green Couch In Front Of A Black Wall With Angled Wood Trim
Photo: Cltouchofelegance

A small green sofa sits in front of a modern black wall with white windows. The light agreeable grey walls in the rest of the room complement the black accents while still brightening the wall. A plant in the corner of the room adds texture while matching the green color scheme of the sofa.

34. Brown Accents with a Black Entertainment Wall

Black Accent Wall With Wood Trim In A Colorful Living Room With A Fireplace And Tv
Photo: construction2style

Brown leather furniture exudes an earthy style that balances this living room’s black wood trim entertainment wall. Wood slats around the fireplace add texture to this design with a large mounted TV. Adding wood trim fills the space on the large walls and avoids needing a lot of decor or artwork to complete the design.

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