36 Eyecatching Backsplash Behind Stove Ideas

Kitchens are the heart of your home, and your stove takes center stage, so be sure to highlight it with a beautiful backsplash. That’s why we’re rounding up our favorite backsplash behind stove ideas.

The possibilities are endless, from modern homes with clean white tiles to luxury kitchens with stainless steel and marble backsplash. When designing your kitchen, it’s essential to understand your style and incorporate your appliances, countertops, and backsplash to meet your vision.

We recently renovated our kitchen and decided to extend our quartz countertops to the backsplash. This has transformed the space giving it a high-end look that gets complimented by almost every visitor.

Check out our gallery of beautiful backsplash ideas for behind your stove.

1. Accent Stainless Steel Appliances with Marble

Marble Backsplash Behind A High End Stove
Photo: absolut.stone

Using white marble as a backsplash creates a stunning look that instantly draws your eye in. Solid stone backsplash is more expensive than traditional tile, but it can be great as an accent piece behind your stove. Limiting where you use marble or other solid stones can keep the cost down while still elevating your kitchen.

2. Use Subway Tile Behind Your Stove for a classic look

Whitesubway Tile Backsplash Behind Stove
Photo: mpfinteriors

This kitchen pairs white cabinetry with white subway tile backsplash and grey grout for a clean and simple look. The grout helps to accent the stainless steel stove, while open shelves were placed in front of the windows and provide the only upper storage in the kitchen.

3. Go Dark and Moody with Black Marble Kitchen Backsplash

Black Marble Backsplash Behind Built In Stove
Photo: mteixeirasoapstone

To create a moody contrast, black marble is used as a kitchen backsplash behind the stove and matches the countertops. White veining in the stone accents the white walls, while natural stained wood helps bring out warm tones. When designing a dark kitchen, it’s important to add natural hues to add warmth.

4. Add a Unique Design with Herringbone Pattern Tile

Herringbone Marble Tile Stove Backsplash
Photo: alittlebitofsugar_ms

For added detail, this kitchen arranges the tile in a herringbone pattern behind the stovetop. While the same subway tile is used throughout the kitchen, changing the way it helps make the stove the center of this space.

5. Display Artwork with glass behind your stove

Hanging Spoons And Wall Art Behind Stove
Photo: roggmard

Instead of a backsplash, why not hang artwork behind your stove? This can be accomplished by adding a pane of glass over the art to protect it from grease. Using art is a unique idea and a great way to add pops of color.

6. Use White vertical Tile for Stove Backsplash

White Vertical Subway Tile Stove Backsplash.
Photo: serpaprotile

This kitchen accents the stainless steel stove with black grates using white vertical subway tile and black grout. The black accents throughout this farmhouse kitchen help contrast the white cabinetry.

7. Find a unique pattern to make a statement

Carrara And Black Marble Basketweave Backsplash
Photo: tilebuys

For smaller spaces, try using a unique pattern tile. While this kitchen keeps to its black and white theme, the basket weave design tile adds a fun element you can’t stop staring at.

8. Use colorful tiles as a backsplash behind the stove

Colorful Backsplash Tile In A Small Kitchen
Photo: tilevera.co.za

If you want ideas for a backsplash behind a stove that isn’t white, try using colorful tiles. This works best with southwestern-themed spaces like the kitchen shown but can also pair well with an eclectic style.

9. backsplash behind stove and open shelves for a clean look

Chevron Pattern Tile With Stainless Steel Stove And Black Hood
Photo: tilebar_go2girl

The open shelves flanking the black hood help focus your eyes on the beautiful stainless steel stove and white chevron backsplash. Extending the tile to the ceiling also draws your eye up and gives this kitchen a high-end look.

10. try glass tile for a unique look

Glass Subway Tile Backsplash With Pot Filler
Photo: tabletalkwithsyd

For a unique design, this kitchen uses a glass tile backsplash. This tile’s high-gloss appearance reflects light and makes the space seem lighter. In addition, the subtle hues in the tile focus all your attention on the wolf stove.

11. bring stove backsplash to the ceiling

White Marble Look Tiles Floor To Ceiling Backsplash
Photo: lighting

This modern kitchen uses square marble tile as a stove backsplash, extending the look to the ceiling. Next to the stove, art lighting is added for a unique design that ties into the gold accents in the rest of the kitchen.

12. create a statement with green granite backsplash

Green Granite Backsplash With Large Stainless Stove
Photo: keystonecarvings_nh

This white kitchen uses a busy green granite backsplash behind the stove to make a statement. Using unique stone slabs is a great way to add color to neutral-colored kitchens.

13. hang utensils for a functional look

Diamond Shaped Tile Backsplash With Utensils Hanging
Photo: europastone

Hang utensils behind your stove using a stainless steel rod to make your backsplash more functional. This lets you quickly grab whatever you need when cooking and matches the stove.

14. mix and match patterns

Patterned Backsplash Behind Stove And Hood
Photo: thaddeusdrewremodel

Mixing patterns and tiles for the backsplash is a fun way to make a statement. For example, the herringbone tile used as a stove backsplash draws your gaze toward it while still matching the colors used in the rest of the kitchen.

15. add open shelves for an airy vibe

Tile Backsplash Behind Stove With Open Shelves
Photo: ourpharmland

Adding open shelves next to your range hood is a great way to bring in natural wood colors. This kitchen coordinates the white oak hardwood floors with the shelves, while the marble subway tile backsplash matches the quartz countertops. If marble slab backsplash behind your stove is out of your budget, marble tile is a great option.

16. add an inlay behind stove backsplash

White Subway Tile With A Picture Inlay As Backsplash
Photo: mercurymosaics

Using an inlay with artwork is a trendy way to add a focal point to your backsplash behind the stove. The decorative design matches the accent colors in this brown kitchen with ceramic tiles.

17. use patterned tile behind your stove and range

Patterned Tile As Backsplash In A White Kitchen
Photo: mccreightphotointeriors

This white kitchen creates a statement with patterned tile above the stainless steel range. The black design on the tile contrasts with the white backsplash perfectly.

18. black and white backsplash tile in a small kitchen

Black And White Patterned Tile Behind Old Stove
Photo: tilevera.co.za

The black and white pattern tile behind the stove act as a backsplash and create a statement with the small antique-style oven.

19. Add metal behind your stove for texture

Italian Tile Backsplash Behind A Stove
Photo: mytwogirlshome

The stamped metal inlay backsplash behind this stove exudes an old-world Italian style with intricate details. In addition, the worn black and white tile around the metal help blend with the range.

20. Create a Focal Point with Patterned Tile Inlay

Small Kitchen With Pattern Tiles Surrounded By White Tile
Photo: darlinghomelooks

Using patterned tile behind the stove in a small area makes a beautiful statement against the white backsplash. Adding a patterned tile inlay can upgrade your kitchen even if you don’t have a lot of space.

21. Add Copper to your Stove Backsplash

Metal Copper Backsplash With Grey Tile
Photo: copparttr

This unique large-tile grey backsplash features a copper inlay behind the stove. The orange and blue in the worn metal add a fun pop of color to this modern kitchen.

22. Create a Clean Look with Vertical White Subway Tile

Vertical Subway Tile
Photo: serpaprotile

White tile with white grout creates clean lines behind the stainless steel stove in this kitchen. White cabinetry and countertops add to this space’s bright and airy feel.

23. Balance Moody colors with cabinetry and tile behind the stove

White Subway Tile Backsplash Behind Stove With Cabinetry
Photo: neptune_weybridge

White subway tile with grey grout is used as a stove backsplash, while white cabinets surround the area. Using cabinetry with glass inserts around the stove transforms the space into a beautiful place to display plates or glassware.

24. Hang utensils and tools for a layered look

Red Island With Black And White Polka Dot Backsplash

This eclectic kitchen with a red island features a black and white polka dot backsplash. To add depth, utensils hang from the tile next to a backsplash.

25. Contrast Black Appliance with White Stone

Black La Cornue Range With Gold Accents And Quartz Backsplash
Photo: alexanderjames_shop

White quartzite is used as a backsplash behind a large black La Cornue stove with gold accents. The stone backsplash extends to standard height with similar colored tile going to the ceiling. Using stone for partial height backsplash with tile to the ceiling is a great way to save when renovating your kitchen.

26. Create contrast with black subway tile

Black Subway Tile Backsplash With White Grout Behind A Stove
Photo: micheleplachterdesign

Black subway tile is used as a backsplash with tiny gold accents that match the natural wood cabinets in this kitchen. Black and white marble countertops accent the tile, while white grout lines help brighten the space. Contrasting your counters is one of our favorite stove backsplash ideas since it helps to break up your color palette.

27. install your tile with a herringbone pattern

White Herringbone Tile Backsplash In A Sleek White Kitchen
Photo: uandidesigns

This small space uses herringbone subway tile on the kitchen walls and backsplash. Matching the white cabinetry with the tile creates a cohesive look accented by black stools. In addition, the durability of subway tile is perfect for behind your stove since you can easily clean off stains or spills.

28. match your countertops and backsplash

Marble Backsplash Behind Stove In A Natural Kitchen
Photo: vivirdesign

Using the same stone as your counters for the backsplash is a sure way to elevate your kitchen design. This kitchen keeps costs down by extending the backsplash to 15″ (standard height). This is a great way to save since stone is expensive and can quickly add up if you use it to go from counters to ceilings.

29. use marble behind your stove for a stunning look

Marble Backsplash With A Black Stovetop
Photo: brepurposed

This brown wood cabinet kitchen features a black stove with gold accents. Grey natural stone backsplash is used and features tones of black and grey, giving this space an old-world charm.

30. match your island and backsplash with stone

Marble Island And Backsplash In A High-End Kitchen
Photo: crowntopsyyc

Matching your kitchen island with your stone backsplash gives your space a cohesive look without too much effort. This kitchen’s stunning white and black marble steals the show and contrasts the black cabinetry around the stove.

31. coordinate your range hood with your backsplash

White Carrera Marble Used As Countertop And Backsplash
Photo: studiogild

Extending quartz from the backsplash behind the stove to the range hood gives this kitchen a luxurious feel. Sleek cabinetry blends in and lets the counters shine.

32. go clean and white for a modern kitchen

White Backsplash In A Modern Kitchen
Photo: thepodcanberra

This modern kitchen uses a white high-gloss backsplash behind the stove that matches the cabinetry. For increased durability, you can use quartzite, which is easy to clean and maintain.

33. balance wood-stained cabinets with white tile

White Quartz In A Brown And White Kitchen
Photo: 13interiors

The quartz backsplash behind an electric stove is the focal point in this brown and white kitchen. The natural stone elevates the minimalist design of this space, also used on the kitchen island with a sink.

34. add decor for neutral hues

White And Grey Subway Tile Backsplash Behind Stove
Photo: blossominginteriors

White and grey subway tiles are used behind the stove, with plenty of decors around to bring warmth into this kitchen. White cabinets and gold hardware match the set.

35. mix and match styles for a unique look

Marble Gloss Backsplash In Shaker Style Farmhouse Kitchen
Photo: coletteinteriors

A white oak kitchen island adds warmth to the cream-colored cabinetry and white countertops. Shiny porcelain tiles are used as the backsplash and beautifully reflect light.

36. Use Brick Backsplash for A Natural Look

Brick Backsplash Behind Stove In A Farmhouse Kitchen
Photo: hearthandhomestone

This farmhouse kitchen features a beautiful brick backsplash that adds texture to the space. Bringing in natural elements like brick or stone is a great way to balance cabinetry in your kitchen.

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