31 Beautiful Half Shiplap Wall Ideas

Half Shiplap Wall

Adding a half shiplap wall can create a beautiful accent in any room. This simple design element adds depth and texture to any room in your home. So whether you’re creating a farmhouse bathroom or a modern living room, half wall shiplap can work with any style.

Shiplap uses tongue and groove wood panels that interlock to cover a wall. The planks can be arranged in a horizontal, vertical, or angled pattern to create different looks. The result is a beautiful accent to any room that adds texture without overpowering your design.

We love using shiplap and other moldings to cover large empty walls without breaking the bank. Installing half wall shiplap makes this DIY project even easier and cheaper!

Check out the gallery below for our favorite half shiplap wall ideas for inspiration!

1. Use a Half Shiplap Wall in a Bathroom

Horizontal Shiplap Half Wall Panels In A Bathroom
Photo: manymustardseedsinteriors

This small powder room uses a half-shiplap wall painted white to create depth. A grey farmhouse vanity with marble countertops contrasts the wall and complements the grey wallpaper that extends to the ceiling. Mixing half-wall paneling and wallpaper is an easy way to create a beautiful space while saving on costs.

2. Create a bathtub surround

Bathtub With Horizontal Shiplap Around It
Photo: gailbarleyinteriors

Wood-look tile warms this bathroom with a white bathtub and white shiplap extending to half the wall. Using panelings on the wall helps add depth to this space and echoes the farmhouse style of this room.

3. Contrast black with A white shiplap half wall

Black Painted Walls Above A Half Shiplap Wall In A Dining Room
Photo: Joyfulderivatives

Black walls contrast the white shiplap wainscoting in this country dining room. A large brown table has plenty of seating for family meals, and a patterned rug underneath adds a pop of color. This space does a great job of layering colors with a grey console table in front of the shiplap molding.

4. make rooms appear bigger with a horizontal shiplap half wall

White Shiplap Half Wall With Black Paint In A Bathroom
Photo: 5girlsoneboy

White shiplap half wall panelings in a bright bathroom are contrasted by black walls above. The black and white theme is carried across the space with a white vanity and black accents.

5. Mix wallpaper and shiplap

Half Wall Bead Board In A Small Bathroom
Photo: _houseonthemeadow

Busy wallpaper is complemented by the grey shiplap wainscoting beneath it in this small powder room. When designing walls with busy prints or patterns, it’s a great idea to balance the wallpaper with wainscoting. This helps ensure the pattern doesn’t overpower the room.

6. Contrast Black Tile with White Paneling

White Horizontal Shiplap Half Wall In A Bathroom With Black Tile
Photo: just.about.everything.joe

Black tile is contrasted by white horizontal shiplap in this bathroom that mixes styles. While the black tile in this space would usually give a modern feel, the shiplap helps provide more of a farmhouse style.

7. Use chair rail for formal spaces

Navy Dining Room With White Shiplap Wainscoting And Chair Rail
Photo: nikolestarrinteriors

This navy dining room features a brown table and patterned rug. White half-wall paneling is used to balance the navy paint and make sure it doesn’t overpower the room.

8. half wall shiplap breakfast nook

Half Shiplap Wall In A Breakfast Nook
Photo: shiplapshanty

Rustic furniture adds to the farmhouse look of this kitchen breakfast nook and is accented by a white horizontal shiplap on the wall. The chair rail extends around the shiplap, giving it a more formal look. If you’re concerned your shiplap will look too simple, try adding a chair rail that extends along the top of your paneling and adds a refined detail.

9. create a farmhouse dining room

Dining Room Half Shiplap Wall With A Wood Table
Photo: vintagerescued

This simple dining room features a wood table with bench seating on one side and metal chairs around the rest of the space. White vertical half wall shiplap complements the country style of this space, with vintage plates hung as decor on the wall.

10. complement wallpaper with half wall shiplap

Farmhouse Shiplap On Half The Wall With Wallpaper Above
Photo: homes_antiques

Busy wallpaper works well in this rustic dining area with a natural wood table and seating bench. Patterns are mixed throughout the space to give it a down-home feel. Light blue shiplap on one-third of the wall extends around the room to balance the wallpaper while sticking with the cottage feel.

11. add texture To bathrooms with half Shiplap Wall paneling

Horizontal Shiplap On Half The Wall In A Bathroom
Photo: mdesignsinteriordecorating

A home with white walls and brown hardwood floors uses black accents for contrast, while a horizontal shiplap on half of the bathroom wall adds texture to the space. A chandelier hangs in the bathroom, adding an elegant touch.

12. contrast white walls with grey planks

Grey Half Wall Shiplap In A Dining Room
Photo: interiors_by_kate

Painting the half shiplap wall grey in this dining room contrasts the white walls. A black buffet adds to the contrast and complements the wood benches with black feet at the table. When designing a room, it’s important to establish three or four colors that you echo throughout the space. This creates a purposeful design that is cohesive.

13. use white shiplap as backsplash

Shiplap Half Wall Paneling With Grey Cabinets And Marble Countertops
Photo: 613farmhouse

White shiplap wainscoting is used as a backsplash for this bathroom, with modern grey cabinets and marble countertops. It’s important to buy water-resistant shiplap or molding if you plan on using it as a backsplash or in rooms where it may be exposed to water or humidity.

14. accent a bathroom with dark tones

Dark Grey Shiplap In A Bathroom On Half The Wall
Photo: nextleveldesign_build

The grey half shiplap wall in this bathroom adds a beautiful contrast against the white paint color and brown vanity. The baseboards in the room are also painted the same color giving it a finished look. Natural wood shelves fill the space on the wall above the toilet.

15. add white shiplap for a bright look

White Half Wall Shiplap With A Navy Vanity
Photo: nextleveldesign_build

If you want to add brightness to a room, stick with a white shiplap that still adds texture without darkening the space. Since this bathroom already features a pop of color with the navy vanity and off-white countertops, the shiplap serves as an accent, not a focal point.

16. Bring in natural woods for warmth

White Half Wall Shiplap Bathroom
Photo: beauplacelikehome

Natural woods are a great way to introduce warmth into bathrooms which can often be sterile from all-white finishes. This bathroom combines the wood vanity with shiplap on half the wall to create a farmhouse style that feels warm and inviting.

17. Use half wall shiplap in a hallways

Blue Half Wall Wood Paneling In A Brick Hallway
Photo: kristinacrestindesign

Hallways are notorious for having large blank walls that are difficult to style. Instead of worrying about pictures and decor to fill every inch, try adding molding or shiplap. This brick-floor entryway uses a blue-painted shiplap extending up half the wall to give it a finished look. Black hooks hang from the shiplap for coats and bags.

18. Design your Nursery with Shiplap Ideas

Nursery With White Shiplap And Art Behind A Crib
Photo: rachwessjack

Building a half-shiplap wall is an easy way to create a stylish nursery without breaking the bank. Paneling behind a crib is an easy way to create layers, and the shiplap can be painted to match your color scheme.

19. Bring in colors with decor

Bookcase With White Horizontal Shiplap On Half The Wall
Photo: simplymarypeltier

Use decor on nearby shelves in your space to bring in pops of color and accents instead of crowding walls. Installing a shiplap on half a wall is a great way to give your room a finished look without overcrowding it with hanging pictures or other items. For example, this living room uses a bookcase filled with neutral-colored items to accent the colors in the room, while the shiplap half wall behind it adds subtle detail.

20. Use wallpaper to make guests say wow

Bathroom With White Half Wall Shiplap And Patterned Wallpaper
Photo: kristylentinedesign

If you’re worried about wallpaper being too busy in a bathroom, try adding wainscoting that fills part of the wall. This will balance the wallpaper’s print while still letting you make a big statement for guests!

21. Use half wall paneling next to a crib

White Shiplap Half Wall In A Kids Room
Photo: alexa.at.home

Wallpaper can be expensive, so installing partial wall paneling like shiplap looks fantastic and can save your budget. This nursery features a colorful bunny wallpaper that is elevated by the elegant wainscoting around the room.

22. Go halfway up the wall with paneling

Bathtub With Half Wall Vertical Shiplap Around It
Photo: willmarkcustomhomes

For larger spaces, like around a bathtub, use molding instead of tile to save money while creating a beautiful space. While we love white subway tile in a bathroom, it can get expensive for big areas. Instead, use a vertical shiplap on the part of the wall for a simple but beautiful design.

23. Build a shiplap banquette

Kitchen Banquetter With Horizontal Shiplap On Half The Wall
Photo: mdesignsinteriordecorating

This kitchen banquette uses a half-shiplap wall to create seatbacks for the benches installed. This creates a distinctly separate space and adds a beautiful design element to this kitchen.

24. Extend your headboard with paneling

Half Wall Shiplap Paneling Behind A Bed
Photo: homey.farmhouse

Adding a half shiplap wall behind your bed is a fantastic way to make your headboard appear larger. This bedroom installed a vertical shiplap between the two windows on either side of the bed to create the appearance of a large farmhouse headboard. Two sconces on the wall above the bed add to the design and give it a high-end look.

25. use plants for a pop of color

Bathroom With Vertical Shiplap On The Wall And A Plant
Photo: elisecalderon

Add plants for a pop of color in front of your shiplap boards. While white shiplap adds a beautiful texture, it’s important to bring in color with decor for a cozy look. For example, the wicker basket on this plant adds neutral tones while the vibrant green leaves jump out against the white wall.

26. Brighten any room with white painted shiplap

White Bedroom Half Shiplap Wall
Photo: makingitinthemountains

Adding a white shiplap half wall to this bedroom helps transform this space into a farmhouse style accented by the black door handle and hinges. Farmhouse style spaces typically use a lot of black-and-white color palettes and shiplap for a barn-like feel.

27. paint shiplap to accent wallpaper

Pink Beadboard Paneling In A Bathroom With Wallpaper
Photo: bramleyandbear

Painting this bathroom shiplap wainscoting pink accents the floral colors in the wallpaper above it. A small shaker-style vanity adds to the country feel of this space.

28. mix bright colors with molding

Light Blue Walls With White Shiplap Wainscoting
Photo: elitetrimworks

Light blue bathroom walls are balanced by shiplap paneling painted white. For bright colors, adding half wall shiplap is an easy way to tone down the look and avoid overpowering the room.

29. Install Chair Rail for a Finished Look

Chair Rail With Horizontal Shiplap In A Hallway
Photo: jcsignaturedesigns

Chair rail is an easy way to give shiplap molding a finished and elevated look. For example, this hallway uses a wood shiplap on the bottom half of the wall to help fill the space.

30. Use half wall molding in the bathroom

Grey Half Wall Wainscoting With Shiplap

Grey vertical shiplap wainscoting surrounds this rustic bathroom with natural wood floors and a small sink area. Darker grey walls accent the earthy tones in this space.

31. Create a farmhouse bathroom with Horizontal shiplap

Farmhouse Bathroom With Rustic Vanity And Shiplap On Half The Wall
Photo: mdesignsinteriordecorating

A rustic nightstand is converted into a vanity for this farmhouse bathroom with shiplap half wall molding. The faucets for the sink are installed directly into the shiplap for a modern look that balances the rustic farmhouse style.

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