22 Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets That Add Character

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Handles

Dark grey kitchen cabinets are one of our favorite ways to add character to your home and help break away from the normal white kitchen and countertop design. Now we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with bright white kitchens, but adding a pop of moody color with dark tones like grey and navy is a great way to elevate your design.

Since grey is a neutral tone in the black color family, it can easily be integrated into your kitchen design. And unlike brighter colors, grey adds a subtle contrast without too much color. For a modern and masculine look, use grey flat-front cabinets and dark countertops. Or, to create a lighter design, use grey kitchen cabinets with white quartz countertops. The grey tones in quartz perfectly accent the cabinets, giving a cohesive look to your kitchen.

For inspiration, check out our favorite dark grey kitchen cabinet ideas and designs in the gallery below.

1. Glass Pendant Lights Over a Dark Grey Island

A Kitchen With Concrete Countertops And Dark Grey Modern Cabinets With A White Backsplash
Photo: studiofabbri

Glass pendant lights hang over this kitchen island with light grey countertops and dark grey cabinets. Using different shades of grey for your cabinets and counters is a great way to create contrast while still sticking to the same grey color palette. To add brightness, a white vertical subway tile backsplash is installed with a butcher block wood shelf over the stove.

2. Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Green Accents

Dark Grey Used For Kitchen Cabinets
Photo: brayerdesign

Green accents add color to this space’s dark grey kitchen cabinets and island. To add warmth to the design, rustic wood chairs are used around the matching table. In addition, brass pulls on the cabinets and a built-in wine rack on the island provide warm hues. When designing spaces with darker colors, it’s important to introduce warm neutral tones to help the room feel warm and inviting.

3. Grey Marble Countertops with Inset Cabinets

Modern Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets With Grey Marble Countertops
Photo: zoopla

Light grey marble countertops accent the dark grey cabinetry in this modern kitchen. The busy veining on the marble balances the simple cabinets and appliances in the space. A concrete floor adds to the grey motif in this space, with plants scattered around the kitchen for a pop of color.

4. Elegant Cabinetry in a Dark Grey Country Kitchen

Dark Grey Cabinets Against The Marble White Counter Tops. ⁠⁠
Photo: everhot_cookers

Elegant cabinetry takes center stage in this farmhouse kitchen with chevron wood floors. Polished nickel hardware brightens the cabinetry, with white countertops installed around the kitchen. A large window behind the sink features blinds to help control the room’s natural light.

5. Brick Backsplash And a Sloped Ceiling

A Kitchen With Dark Grey Cabinets, White Countertops And A Brick Backsplash
Photo: round_our_place

A brick backsplash complements this kitchen’s dark grey cabinets and white countertops. A butcher block wood island adds a warm charm to this space and matches the hardwood floors.

6. Frosted Glass in a Grey Corner Cabinet

Dark Grey Painted Shaker Cabinets With Black Hardware
Photo: devixkitchens

This L-shaped kitchen features dark grey shaker-style cabinets and white countertops. Stainless steel appliances complement the design. One of the benefits of a grey kitchen is it easily matches stainless steel appliances and hardware.

7. Quartz Backsplash Extending to the Ceiling

Deep Wood Grains Paired With A Stunning Dark Grey Kitchen And Farmhouse Sink
Photo: helmut_usa

Quartz backsplash extends to the ceiling next to the dark grey cabinets for a stunning design. While using stones like quartz and marble as a backsplash is more expensive, it can instantly give your kitchen a high-end look. For example, we used the same quartz material for our countertops and backsplash during our recent kitchen renovation. But to help meet our budget, we only extended the backsplash to the bottom of our windows or about 24 inches.

8. Shaker-Style Grey Kitchen Cabinets

A Small L-Shaped Kitchen With Grey Inset Cabinets
Photo: nuimageinteriordesign

Shaker-style kitchen cabinets extend around the window in this space, offering extra storage. Utilizing every inch of upper space is a great way to maximize small kitchens like this one.

9. Modern Flat Door Cabinets with Brass Hardware

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets With Brass Handles And Black Appliances
Photo: 1990shouse

Large brass handles perfectly accent the dark grey cabinets in this space. For contrast, a white subway tile with grey grout is used as a backsplash behind the white countertops. If you’re worried that grey cabinets will look too dark in your kitchen, try using lighter countertops and backsplash.

10. Dark Grey Cabinetry with White Countertops

A U-Shaped Kitchen With Grey Cabinets And An Island With White Counteertops
Photo: kutchenhaus_romsey

The dark grey charcoal cabinets in this kitchen add a moody vibe accented by the dark tile floor. A farmhouse sink and white countertops brighten the appearance, while wood shelves beside the sink help ensure cabinetry doesn’t overpower the design.

11. Dark Blue Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Tile Backsplash

Dark Grey Laminate Cabinets Create A Moody, Elegant Kitchen
Photo: bellmontcabinets

When choosing a shade of grey for your cabinets, it’s important to understand the undertones in your color. For example, this kitchen uses a dark grey with blue hues that add depth to the design.

12. White Quartz with Grey Cabinets and Nickel hardware

Dark Grey Kitchen With Ceramic Tile Backsplash And Quartz Countertops
Photo: nuimageinteriordesign

Nickel hardware in this farmhouse dark grey kitchen matches the stainless steel appliances. Carrying the silver tones across the space gives this kitchen a cohesive design, while the white polished subway tile backsplash adds a unique texture. Mixing and matching finishes and textures are essential to any kitchen design.

13. Brass Accents for a luxurious look

Dark Blue Grey Cabinets With Gold Hardware
Photo: homecabinetwestbury

Elegant cabinet molding matches the ornate brass hardware used throughout the space. A white tile floor contrasts the dark grey cabinetry with blueish hues. To brighten the design light colored countertops are used and match the flooring.

14. A Bronze Faucet Sink with Green Grey Cabinets

A Farmhouse Sink Next To Dark Grey Cabinets With Green Hues And A Marble Countertop
Photo: homecabinetwestbury

A white farmhouse sink adds a farmhouse accent to this stunning kitchen with marble countertops and a bronze faucet. Dark grey cabinetry is installed, adding character to this small kitchen. Wood cutting boards are leaned against the white tile backsplash adding warmth to the space. Using neutral wood tones is a great way to introduce warmth making your kitchen feel cozy and inviting. 

15. A High-end Stove in a Small Space

The Use Of The Handmade Backsplash Tile, Combined With The Dark Grey Cabinets, And Gold Accents
Photo: atozconstructioninc

A high-end wolf stove gives this kitchen with dark grey cabinets a luxurious look. Long gold handles introduce warmth and provide the space with a high-end look. In addition, using longer pulls on cabinets and drawers upgrades the look of your cabinetry. We used this concept during our laundry room renovation, opting for 10″ pulls on our drawers, and we love the look!

16. A Narrow Grey Island with Matching Lights

Dark Grey Cabinets With Stainless Steel Appliances And Nickel Hardware
Photo: wonderkitchenandbath

This kitchen takes the dark grey color palette to the next level matching the pendant lights above the island to the cabinets. Using a darker color on the cabinets helps balance this design with white floors, countertops, and backsplash.

17. Modern Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Recessed Lights

Silver Hardware On Dark Grey Cabinets In A Kitchen With White Backsplash
Photo: theneutralhome

Black appliances contrast the wall of grey kitchen cabinets in this modern home. Light wood floors help to brighten the grey hues, along with white backsplash and counters.

18. Dark Grey Charcoal Cabinets with Black Pendants

A Kitchen Featuring Real Wood Fronts In Dark Grey With Marble Backsplash
Photo: halo_interiors_horsham

These dark grey wood cabinets let the natural graining shine by adding texture to the design. Black pendant lights hang over the island with a white countertop, matching the built-in wine fridge. A white quartz accent backsplash acts as an accent wall in the space drawing your eyes to the veining.

19. Dark Grey Cabinets with Navy Hues and Brass Handles

Dark Grey Cabinets With Gold Hardware And White Tile Floor
Photo: marklohankitchens

White walls and countertops balance this narrow kitchen’s dark grey cabinets with open shelving. In addition, a large window over the sink provides natural light brightening the space. When choosing a shade of grey for your cabinets, it’s essential to consider the natural light in your area. For rooms with a lot of natural light, opt for a darker shade of grey that will appear lighter. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you have a darker kitchen, try a lighter shade of grey that will accomplish the same effect.

20. A Sleek Kitchen with Polished Grey Cabinets

Polished Dark Kitchen Cabinets In A Modern Home
Photo: niemannsa

Polished dark grey cabinets give this sleek kitchen a modern style that looks straight out of Miami vice. Butcher block countertops on the island add warmth to the dark cabinets, while black appliances continue the sleek look.

21. Light Wood Floors with Dark Grey Cabinets

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinet With A Sleek And Modern Design
Photo: our_grey_home_93

Dark grey kitchen cabinets with gold hardware are the focal point of this kitchen with tall ceilings; white countertops contrast the dark-colored cabinets, while a polished silver faucet on the island adds a high-end look. Dual ovens installed in the cabinets match the faucet and add to the luxury design of the space.

22. Rustic Wood Shelves Next to a Corner Cabinet

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinet With A Smooth And Glossy Finish With Nearby Floating Wood Shelves
Photo: terrace_onthe_green

Two rustic wood shelves with metal brackets give this kitchen with dark grey cabinets a farmhouse style. The herringbone subway tile backsplash adds an intricate detail showcased by the open shelving.

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