22 Gorgeous Arched Bookcase Ideas For Any Room

Arched Bookcases

One of the best ways to fill a space in a living room or dining room is with an arched bookcase. The rounded top adds soft curves to the room, and the shelves allow for plenty of decor.

No matter your style, you can find wood, metal, or painted arch bookcases for your space. We love this versatility of bookcases since they can work in any room in a home. For smaller areas, opt for a narrow open bookcase that gives a light and airy feeling. While for larger spaces, use tall black arched bookcases to create contrast against white walls.

For more inspiration, check out the gallery below of arched bookcase ideas to fill your home.

1. Arched Wood Bookcase in a Mid-Century Modern Room

Wood Arched Bookcase In A Mid-Century Modern Home
Photo: retrodigs

This wood-arched bookcase lends to the room’s mid-century modern style. A red patterned rug brings in a pop of color, while brown hardwood floors complement the natural wood tones.

2. Symmetrical Black Arched Bookcases In a Living Room

Black Arched Bookcases Next To A Stone Fireplace
Photo: agent_amy_homes

Two identical black arched bookcases flank the white stone fireplace in this beautiful living room. A white accent chair mirrors the hues in the fireplace, while decor on the bookshelves brings natural tones into the room.

3. Light Blue Corner Bookcase

Light Blue Arched Cabinet With Mirrored Back
Photo: modern_shaped

This light blue arch bookcase fits perfectly in the corner of this space, helping it appear bigger thanks to the mirrored backing. Gold legs accent the natural hardwood floors, tieing the room together.

4. Arched Black Bookcase with Glass Panels

Black Metal Bookcase With An Arch
Photo: thecuratedcape

This black arch-top bookcase is filled with neutral-colored decor helping it blend into the white walls behind it. When styling bookshelves, it’s more important to consider the room it’s in than the display itself.

5. Black Bookcase in a Modern Bathroom

Black Arched Bookcase In A Bathroom
Photo: sallylynnhome

This black arched bookcase with glass doors perfectly complements the large window in this high-end bathroom. Filling the shelves with towels and other bathroom-related decor helps transition this piece into the space. Marble tile is used on the floor, and a white soaking tub is the room’s focal point. An intricate chandelier hangs from the bathroom ceiling, adding light to the room.

6. Brown Arched Cabinet in a Room with Wainscoting

Brown Arched Bookcase Near A Window
Photo: velindahittinger_realtor

This brown arch cabinet perfectly contrasts the white wall paneling behind it while still adding warm tones to the room. The nearby window brings in plenty of light, highlighting this space’s beautiful chevron floors and decor.

7. Home Bar in an Arched Cabinet

Home Bar In An Arched Bookcase
Photo: househobbies_

Think bookcases are only for displaying decor? Think again. This black arch cabinet is repurposed as a home bar, with a countertop that matches the nearby dining table. For a DIY project, try searching nearby antique shops for a case where you can remove the shelves and customize the interior.

8. Built-in Bookshelves in a modern living room

Built-In Arched Bookcase Next To A Fireplace
Photo: stillcreekfarmhouse

Use built-in arched bookcases to add an exciting design element to your living room. When designing a space, mixing and matching geometric shapes is important. Adding arches to these built-in shelves balances the square cabinets and fireplace nearby.

9. Natural Wood Bookcase in a farmhouse home

Natural Wood Arched Bookcase In A Farmhouse Living Room
Photo: cedarcreakfarmhouse

This farmhouse-style arched bookcase features rustic wood that complements the nearby sitting area. A patterned accent chair with throw pillows and an ottoman is arranged closely.

10. Neutral decor in an arched bookcase

Black Arched Bookcase In A Dining Room
Photo: homeinteriortips

A black arched cabinet with glass doors fits perfectly in the corner of this dining room. White chairs at the table accent the decor found within the cabinet. A nearby entryway features shiplap walls and a rustic console table.

11. Marble and Gold Bookshelves for a luxurious look

Two Gold Arched Bookcases
Photo: TribeSigns

Two gold open bookcases with faux-marble shelves are placed next to each other to fill a space next to a leather couch in this living room. The gold accents help to create a luxurious look, while open shelves make the room feel bigger. While bookcases are a great way to display decor, they work best in large rooms since they take up so much space. For smaller areas, opt for open shelving that feels lighter.

12. Small green kids bookcase with toys

Kids Bookcase With Books And Toys
Photo: muldoonmade

This custom green bookcase is built around a heater and is perfect for storing books and toys in a kids’ room. The dark green color adds a moody touch that contrasts the white walls and hardwood floors.

13. White Bookshelves in a hallway

Built-In Arched Bookcase In A Hallway
Photo: casaraquelita

For a unique look, install bookshelves in non-traditional areas. For example, this built-in hallway arch shelving is the perfect nook for storing books and breaks up the long white walls in the space.

14. Tall Metal Bookcase with Glass Panes

Black Arched Bookcase With Glass Panes
Photo: theredbrickranch

This formal sitting area with antique furniture exudes an old-world charm with dark brown hardwood floors. The black metal arched bookcase reflects the style and includes old books and decor to accent the room.

15. Neutral Home Office with Black metal Doors

Built-In Neutral Bookcases In An Office With Black Glass Doors
Photo: katehomedesignandfindsnash

This neutral office makes us want to go to work! With a beige desk and chairs, the matching built-in bookshelves blend into the space while providing plenty of storage. Camoflouing the bookshelves into the wall using matching paint lets the focal point of this room be the large iron doors that highlight the view.

16. Low Cabinet for Showcasing Decor

Small Black Bookcase With Wood Backing
Photo: zorai_redesign

This low black cabinet is perfect for an entryway, thanks to its slim profile. The natural wood backing help balance the metal frame and adds warm tones to the room.

17. Small Arched Bookcase Near a Window

Small Metal Bookcase With An Arched Top
Photo: Wayfair

The narrow size of this arched bookcase means it can work in almost any space. However, when purchasing book cabinets, it’s important to consider the room size since larger items can quickly overwhelm a space. So instead, bookcases should be proportionate to the size and height of your room.

18. Tall Black Bookcase in a Moody Living Room

Black Crate And Barrel Arched Bookcase Next To A Plant
Photo: West Elm

We love the unique glass door design on this black metal bookcase from West Elm. While the black backing inside the case may seem dark, it can easily be lighted with neutral decor.

19. Feminine White and Natural Wood Design

White And Neutral Wood Cabinet With Glass Doors
Photo: Anthropologie

If you’re looking to break away from dark colors, try this white and natural wood arch bookcase that complements a feminine style. The large white doors expose the wood cabinetry that provides abundant storage. We could see a cabinet like this working well for a farmhouse or boho style.

20. Antique Goltic Shelves in a rustic space

Antique Gold Cabinet In Front Of A Green Wall
Photo: silo.hill

This antique arched bookshelf matches the rustic decor in this bedroom. In addition, the light frame of the piece helps the room feel bigger.

21. Board and Batten with a Classic Bookcase

Black Metal Bookshelf With Natural Wood Shelves
Photo: nb.restorations.nathanbridges

The board and batten wall perfectly accent the classic style of this sitting area with an arch bookcase. Decor fills the shelves, adding a pop of color and balancing the white walls.

22. Contrast White Walls with a Black Bookcase

Arched Black Bookcase With Wood Shelves
Photo: westlanedesignco

Wood shelves inside this black arch cabinet add a warm tone that matches this home’s hardwood floors and white walls.

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