18 Stunning Checkered Wallpaper Design Inspirations

Checkered Wallpaper Bedroom

If you’re looking to spruce up a room, checkered wallpaper may be the answer. Not only does this wallpaper feature a stunning design, the variety of colors available means it can work with any style!

Besides the normal black and white checkered wallpaper, there are numerous trippy designs and fun colors to choose from. For example, try a pink checkered wallpaper for a beautiful accent wall in a girl’s room or a blue checkered design for a boy.

If you’re worried about installing patterned wallpaper, you can opt for peel-and-stick options that don’t require glue. While you’ll still need to line up seems for a checkered wallpaper design, peel and stick makes it much easier!

Check out our favorite checkered wallpaper ideas below and get inspired today!

1. Black and White Buffalo Plaid Boys Room

Bedroom With Black And White Checkered Wallpaper Jpg
Photo: duet.studio.waw

This black and white checkered wallpaper accent wall uses a thicker print known as buffalo plaid. Buffalo plaid uses a wider overlapping pattern and is traditionally found in red and black colors. This more masculine print works great in a boy’s room like the one shown.

2. Neutral Small Checkered Wallpaper Hallways

Beige And White Checkered Wallpaper Hallway
Photo: mynavyhomeco

To give the hallway outside this kitchen a farmhouse look, yellow and white small checkered wallpaper is used. A rustic wood bench and planter are placed in front of the wallpaper softening the pattern and creating layers. When using busy patterns, it’s important to layer decor in front of the area to prevent the design from overpowering your space.

3. Country Aesthetic Checkered Wallpaper

Beige Checkered Wallpaper Bedroom
Photo: marianordlunddesign

The thick stripes and faded colors lend this wallpaper a country feel that accents the rustic decor in the room. Using light neutral-colored wallpaper is a great way to add a fun pattern to a room without adding too much color.

4. Black and White Trippy Checkered Wallpaper

Black And White Checkered Wallpaper Kids Room
Photo: paradoxpatterns

This nursery features a trippy aesthetic wallpaper that has us squinting at it! The blurry effect is caused by the pattern printed on the paper (not your evening beverage). Although after looking at this wallpaper for a few minutes, it has us wondering if we could have it in one of our rooms all the time.

5. Elegant Checkered Backsplash with a Navy Vanity

Black And White Checkered Wallpaper With Navy Vanity Jpg
Photo: peltierhome

This powder room uses a brown checkered wallpaper as a backsplash behind the navy blue cabinet vanity. If you plan to use wallpaper as a backsplash, find water-resistant paper to avoid mildew or damage as people wash their hands.

6. Classic Checkered Flag Wallpaper With Artwork

Checkered Flag Wallpaper Black And White
Photo: firwood.farmhouse

This black and white checkered flag wallpaper is the perfect pattern if you’re looking for contrast. A black console table and large artwork are placed on the wall to soften the busy print.

7. Farmhouse Dining Room with Neutral Wallpaper

Country Dining Room With Checkered Wallpaper
Photo: itzayana_guillen

This country dining room exudes a feminine style with floral decor and wood furniture. White wainscoting trim surrounds the room with a neutral beige and white wallpaper on the rest of the wall. Adding half-wall paneling is a great way to balance busy wallpaper since it covers part of the area with a solid color.

8. Black and White Farmhouse Plaid Wallpaper

Farmhouse Laundry Room Black And White Checkered Wallpaper
Photo: studio_m_interiors

This farmhouse laundry room with black herringbone tile and black countertops uses black and white checkered wallpaper to accent the colors in the space. Using wallpaper that has uneven lines and faded colors is a great way to give your room a country flare.

9. Green Checkered Wallpaper in a Baby Girls Nursery

Girls Nursery With Rustic Checkered Wallpaper
Photo: anna_correias

This white girl’s nursery creates an accent wall with white and green checkered wallpaper behind the crib. Using green and white balances the pink rug and accents around the room while still matching the white walls. White crown molding and trim surround the room for an intricate detail while matching floating shelves on the wall feature decor.

10. Bright Green and White Wallpaper in a Guest Room

Green And White Wallpaper In A Bedroom
Photo: thedesignory

Throw pillows on the bed match this room’s green and white checkered wallpaper. Neutral wood tones are added to the wall and the nightstand to help balance the green colors. When using bright-colored wallpaper, it’s important to add neutral decor that will help complement and soften the pattern.

11. A Gray and Neutral checkered Bathroom Wallpaper

Light Colored Bathroom Checkered Wallpaper Jpg
Photo: bowman.tilleczek.realtors

This white and black bathroom features a penny tile floor with a gray accent around the perimeter of the space. A gray checkerboard wallpaper accents the floor tile and complements this neutral bathroom.

12. Bathroom Accent Wall with Gray Wallpaper

Neutral Checkered Wallpaper Bathroom
Photo: whitehousedesigns.ca

A glass shower with white subway tile lets the attention focus on the gray and beige wallpaper with a checkered pattern. Those same colors are repeated around the bathroom with taupe tile and an off-white vanity.

13. Pastel Purple and White Checkered Accent Wall

Purple And White Checkered Wallpaper Accent
Photo: inspiredbythis

This apartment complements its checkered rug with a purple and white checkerboard accent wall. Only wallpapering part of the wall adds a fun pastel accent without overpowering the room with the pattern.

14. Yellow Checkered Accent Wall in a Green Bedroom

Trippy Checkered Wallpaper With Green Accents
Photo: robbowendesigngroup

This green bedroom features yellow and white checkered wallpaper behind the bed to add a neutral yet eccentric accent. Gold legs on the bed and lamps tie into the yellow hues on the wall. A large white rug and bedding contrast with the bathrooms black floor tile to brighten the space.

15. Black and White Farmhouse Bathroom Print

White And Black Buffalo Check Wallpaper Bathroom
Photo: harmonywallpaper

The white and black wallpaper in this bathroom accents the farmhouse style of the white cabinets and white cabinets with black hardware. Farmhouse-style spaces typically rely on a black-and-white color scheme, but adding decor is a great way to add pops of neutral or colorful hues.

16. Gray Checkered Wallpaper with a Matching Couch

Grey Couch And Wallpaper With White Accents
Photo: allen_braithwaite

The gray and white checkered wallpaper matches the grey couch in this neutral living room. Natural wood legs introduce warm tones that are continued by the hexagon-shaped coffee tables.

17. A Light Blue Nursery Accent Wall

Blue Checkered Wallpaper Nursery
Photo: miltonandking

This baby boy’s room features a white rug to help brighten the dark hardwood floors. The light and airy theme is continued by the light blue wallpaper accent wall that features similar hues to the rest of the room. A blue throw pillow on the green accent chair continues the room’s aesthetic.

18. Small Pastel Blue Tones in a country Bathroom

Small Blue Checkered Wallpaper Marble Bathroom
Photo: miltonandking

Marble countertops add a luxurious look to this bathroom with polished silver faucets and hardware. A light blue checkered wallpaper fills the space above the white subway tile backsplash. While full-height tile backsplash can give a bathroom a premium look, it’s also pricey. Using wallpaper above a tile backsplash is a great way to extend your design on a budget.

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